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My Rulebook To Rea-Living In Harry Potter? by inlovewithpadfoot
Chapter 11 : Rule #9:Safety First, Slytherin Gits Second.
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“I warned you, little girl. I'm just here to collect my dues.” She tilted her head to the side.

“I see, and are you so weak that you need five henchmen to protect you while you're collecting them?” I looked behind her and saw Malfoy, Snape, Regulus and two people I didn't recognize.


“Are you suggesting I'm weak.” She hissed pulling out her wand.


I followed suit. “So, you're telling me, that if you start to loose, one of your little bitches won't stop me? Because it seems to me that you're scared and need extra protection, just in case.”


She growled, “Get back. And don't touch her. She is mine.”


“You don't really mean that, do you Bella?”


Crucio!” She screamed and I ducked out of her way just in time.


She did not waste time, did she?


Impedimenta! Reducto!” I retaliated both bouncing off her harmlessly.


Bellatrix cackled, “Is that the best you can do, little girl? Minor jinxes?”


Seriously? She couldn't come up with a better insult than 'little girl'?


She shot a non-verbal and I put up my Shield charm just barely.


Confringo!” This time, the curse hit her shoulder and she gasped in pain. I took the opportunity to Stun her but once again, she blocked it and sent me flying into a wall behind me.


I felt my ribs crack and groaned out in pain. She then blasted the wall so that it would topple over me but I rolled away just in time.


If I lived through this, I would thank James for all those harsh hours of Quidditch training.


Damn, where was Molly Weasley when you needed her?


One thing was clear, I was no match for Bellatrix LeStrange. She knew more curses than I had hair on my entire body, and she knew the deadliest of them all.




This time I didn't see it coming and couldn't react in time; pain erupted in my body. It felt like a thousand flaming needles were piercing me from every side and icicles were jabbing themselves in my back. I writhed on the ground screaming like I had never done before. My hands, face, legs, all were on fire and yet at the same time felt like ice was jabbing at my lungs knocking the breath out of me.


So this was how it felt to be tortured.


It was worse than anything I had ever imagined. My ability to think straight was gone and the only thing that mattered was holding onto my wand; my only chance to survive this.


She stopped after some time only to give me the false hope that I might survive this torture.


I lay panting on the ground, looking at her through my teary eyes.


She looked satisfied that I wouldn't duel back and walked closer to look me in the eye.


She tilted my chin so I could see her clearly, “Didn't I tell you that you should be trembling? And look, now you are.


She was so close, it was my last chance. My eyes were drooping shut and behind her I saw Lucius Malfoy's sneering face and Snape's expressionless one. But the one that surprised me was Regulus', he looked terrified and was clutching his wand so tightly I thought it would break.


I looked back at Bellatrix and with all my remaining will power I cast the first spell I could think of non-verbally: Sectumsempra.


She collapsed and let out a scream so terrible and high pitched that I was sure even dogs could hear her.


At first, her other followers didn't seem to realize what was happening, until Snape saw the blood and his eyes widened in shock.


He looked at me briefly and rushed to help Bellatrix.


It was my only chance, while they were all doubled over Bellatrix, I ran.


I ran like hell were chasing me. And I didn't stop until I reached the Shrieking Shack.


I stumbled into the entrance and knocked over the broken table and chairs stubbing my toe in the process. I didn't stop at all, and ignored any pain I might have felt. This pain was nothing compared to what Bellatrix has put me through only a while back. I pounded down the passageway and into the tunnel.


Luckily, I was small, so I could move faster. I didn't know if they would follow me but I took no chances.


I didn't stop until I had safely climbed out the Whomping Willow and pressed the knot.


I crawled a safe distance away seeing the twinkling lights of the castle before everything went black.


“How much longer until she comes to?”

“Hard to say, it could take another hour, or maybe even a few more days.”


“Few more days? She's been out for three days straight.”


“Can't you speed it up a bit?”


“No, I can't speed it up.” A woman's voice snapped.


They were all shouting now.


Or were the voices just inside my head?


It didn't matter, they were all giving me a headache.


I tried to open my mouth to tell them to shut up, but all that came out was gibberish.


“Did she say something?

Yes! I tried to answer.


“Shuup.” I know, I'm very eloquent.


“She said something! Madam Pomfrey! She said something!”


I heard footsteps coming closer.


I felt my hand being picked up. And then my temperature being checked.


After what felt like hours, I finally began to pry open my eyes. The effort felt like trying to part my superglued eyelids. Once open, I groaned from the sudden brightness and threw my arm across my eyes to shield them.Someone got the hint and closed the curtains.


The room was mercifully dim when I reopened my eyes. The first thing I saw were a pair of concerned gray eyes.


“Sirius?” I asked immediately wishing I hadn't.


The question made my head hurt.


“Hey,” he said softly. “How are you feeling?”


“Like shit.” Again, the sharp pain.


He chuckled, “Good to hear you talk again.”


“My head hurts,” I said to no one in particular.


Madam Pomfrey pushed him aside and I was sad to see Sirius' face go. It was a pretty face.


“Here, drink this.” She ordered.


I did as she told and after a lick of the potion, I promptly spit it out.


“Well what did you expect? Pumpkin juice?” She asked irritably.


I didn't answer her and gulped down the potion along with the fifty others she made me drink.


All varying in taste and vileness. Really, if they wanted to make medicine more bearable, the least they could do was make it taste better.


Like grape flavored Tylenol.


After I had downed the last of my potions, my head felt light headed and slumber took over me again.


When I woke up again, it was nighttime and the Hospital Wing was empty except for a dark form sitting in the chair next to me. I peered and saw that it was Lily.

She looked so peaceful huddled in the chair like that breathing evenly, her hair falling into her eyes.

I wondered what day it was.


The Hospital Wing door creaked open and I quickly reached for my wand irrationally expecting Bellatrix.


“Lumos,” I whispered and shone the light in the direction of the door. “Snape.”


He didn't say anything, but looked beyond me to the sleeping figure in the chair and pain flashed across his face.


“What are you doing here?” I hissed at him.


His eyes slid back to me slowly and he came closer, “I won't hurt you.”


Muffliato,” I whispered in Lily's direction, and looked back at Snape. “I know you won't hurt me, Lily's here.”


He looked shocked and I enjoyed a silent glory for a millisecond.


“I didn't think you would be awake. I only came here to-” He broke off unsure of what to say.


I knew what he wanted to ask me, but I waited for him to ask me himself.


“How did you know the curse?”


“Which one are you talking about? Confringo? Impedimenta? Or Reducto?”


“No, none of those. You know which one.”


I smirked, “That's my secret Snape. One which I'm not at liberty to reveal to you. Tell me, who were the other two with you that night? Other than Regulus, Malfoy and you?”


“As if I would tell you,” He curled his lip.


“You would, if you don't want Lily to find out you were there that night with Bellatrix and Lucius Malfoy,” No, I was not above blackmail, “I see the way you look at her, and I may not have been here since first year, but I know-”


“You know nothing,” he cut me off and looked at Lily.


“Have I struck a nerve, Sev?”


He didn't say anything.


“You pushed her away all by yourself, Snape. You put too much faith in her ability to see good in people. You thought she would look past everything and would be fine with you being a Death Eater. And then what? What did you think was going to happen? You would get married and you would become a Death Eater and she would be a member of the Order and you would pretend everything was fine fighting on two different sides?”


“Shut up,” He grabbed my throat and pushed against my wind pipe.


“You won't do it, Snape. Maybe one day you'll become the killer Voldemort wants you to be, but not now. And definitely not here.” I gasped against the pressure.


And just like that, he let go of me as if I had burned him and said, “Karkaroff and Crabbe.”


I looked at him blankly, not understanding what he was saying but before I could clarify he left with one last fleeting look at Lily.


I sat back rubbing my throat thinking about what had just happened.


Karkaroff and Crabbe had been the other two Death Eaters. Did that mean that Regulus and Snape were already one of them? Or were they with Bellatrix that night to get a little preview?


So many questions. And no one to answer them.


I looked at Lily to make sure she was still sleeping and that our little conversation hadn't woken her up.


It hadn't. She was still sound asleep, no doubt the Muffliato was till in effect.


I threw off my covers and sat on the windowsill to get some fresh air. The grounds were silent and the half moon shone brightly against the dark castle and the Forest and reflected off the still surface of the Black Lake.


The lake where I had met Bellatrix only a few short weeks ago and I shuddered to think what she would do to me the next time we met. I wounded her; physically and mentally. I had hurt her pride.


She would come back with renewed vengeance, I knew, and I would have to be prepared for her the next time.




“Lily, hey, why are you awake?” I smiled at her.


“I could be asking you the same thing. Why aren't you in your bed?”


“The bed becomes a bit boring after four days. I wanted to stretch my legs.” I shrugged.


She walked over to me and sat on the sill facing me, “Sirius will kill me if he finds out I let you get out of bed.”


“Sirius is not my father.”


“No, but he is very protective of you. You have no idea how much we tried to convince him to sleep in his bed these past couple of days. He wouldn't even listen to James. Finally Dumbledore all but banned him from the Hospital Wing.”


I rolled my eyes, “He's ridiculous.”


“Yes, he is. Then again, they all are.” She smiled thoughtfully.


I didn't say anything, but I had a strong hunch who 'they' might be.


“Kayla, I-I want to apologize for the other night”


“What are you apologizing for?” I asked.


“We should have come with you, that night, to make sure you didn't get hurt. I'm so sorry. We didn't think-” She looked down ashamed.


“Lily, you have nothing to be sorry for. What happened was not your fault, it was all mine. If I hadn't instigated Bellatrix to-”


Lily's head snapped up so fast, I heard her neck crick, “Bellatrix Black was there?”


“Yeah. She found me just as I was walking out of Three Broomsticks. And then I taunted her about not being able to defend herself because she had fi- four other people with her. And, well, here I am.” I smiled sadly.


“How did you get away?” she whispered. “I mean, it's Bellatrix and there were four others with her.”


“After I taunted her, she told them not to touch me. I think they were just following orders. And after I cursed her with- I don't remember, it was a non-verbal, so after I cursed her, I ran and got back to the castle from the tunnel under the Whomping Willow.”


“You...ran?” I nodded. “You ran away from Bellatrix Black, and four other Death Eaters and they let you?” She was incredulous.


“Like I said, I think they were following her orders to leave me be if she started to loose the duel. I don't think I did much damage to her, though. I may have only angered her further. She's probably going to come at me with an army the next time I see her.”


“And we'll be with you whenever she does,” Lily promised and hugged me tightly.


I felt a sharp pain in my chest and I gasped. My broken ribs. How had I not felt them before?


What else hadn't I felt? My escape had driven all thoughts of pain out of my mind and I wasn't even sure which parts of my body were hurting.


“Lily, can I ask you something?”




“How hurt was I when they brought me here? And who brought me here anyway?”


“Hagrid found you on the grounds. We were looking all over for you when you didn't catch up with us. We even went back to the village, but you weren't there and then we got back to the castle and alerted McGonagall and she sent out a search party for you. Sirius and James were about to blow a gasket when Hagrid told us he found you passed out by the Whomping Willow. And you looked like hell. You had three broken ribs, a punctured lung because of the broken ribs, a long cut along you side.”

I picked up my hospital gown and looked down. I did indeed have a long scar running from the bottom of my ribcage to my hip.

“And cuts and bruises all over your face and hands, but they healed when you were still completely knocked out along with a concussion she didn't know about until you came to yesterday and told her your head hurt. And Madam Pomfrey could tell you had been tortured. James, Sirius and Remus don't know about that part. We thought it best not to tell them.” She bit her lip as she said this.


“But I'm fine now, I don't have any after effect of the curse. Say, will have this scar? Or will it fade?” I was trying to steer the topic away from the torture.


“Yes, it's from a curse so it'll stay.”


Cool. I've always wanted a scar! It'll be like Harry's ligh-” I stopped mentally kicking myself.


“Harry who?”


“Harry Pippin,” I told her lamely, “He went to Salem with me.”


Um...what? Pippin?


“Oh, I see. Say...who were the other Death Eaters there?” She asked it casually, but her tone suggested that she hoped Snape hadn't been there.


“Malfoy, Crabbe, Karkaroff and...Regulus,” I lied easily, “But don't tell Sirius. He'll be-”


She shook her head and placed her hand on mine, “I won't. But you should get back in bed. It's almost dawn and Madam Pomfrey will murder me if she finds out I let you sit out of bed for so long. She wants you on complete bed rest.”


I laughed but let her walk me over to the bed and tucked myself under the covers.


“Oh no!” I groaned.


“What? What is it? Does it hurt anywhere?” Lily asked immediately.


No, I missed my first and last Hogwarts's Halloween Feast.”


She laughed, “That's okay. I'm sure James and Sirius will throw you a personal one when you get out of this Wing.”


“This is bullshit! You can't keep me in here until the end of the week, that has to be illegal or something.”


“Language, Ms. Nichols, and I can and I will. Your ribs have yet to heal fully, and your lungs are still weak. You can't keep a headache away without potions, you just regained full consciousness only last night. I will not allow you to go gallivanting around the castle while you are still weak.” Madam Pomfrey was fretting over me.


“I won't go gallivanting, I promise. No more gallivanting. Professor, please!” I pleaded to Dumbledore who was standing behind Madam Pomfrey.


“I'm afraid Madam Pomfrey is correct in keeping you here till Saturday. You do have a tendency to gallivant around and you need to be fully recovered soon.”




“No buts. You are to stay in here until I give you a clean bill of health. And I can assure you, that won't be until Saturday.” She said and closed her office door behind her.


I sat back in my bed disgruntled and ignored the Headmaster's amused look. “This is not funny.”


“Oh, I can assure you it is very amusing from my point of view,” he told me.


“I'm sure, you aren't the one in bed being forced to down nine hundred potions everyday.”


“No, that I am not. Ms. Nichols, now that you are better, I must ask you about what happened Sunday night, in Hogsmead.” He said with all seriousness.


I looked around the room to make sure no one was around and launched into the same story I told Lily last night, but with more details.


After I had stopped he looked at me thoughtfully, “And what curse did you use to over power Bellatrix Black?”


I flushed red and didn't say anything. Sectumsempra was Dark Magic and I didn't want him to think I resorted to Dark Arts, but I couldn't hide it from him either. “Sectumsempra.”


He furrowed his eyes, “I don't think I'm familiar with this curse.”


“It's Severus Snape's creation, sir. I read about it in the book.”


He would understand what I meant by the book.


“I see. What does this curse do exactly?”


“I...I'm not proud of using it, sir, you must understand that. I really had no other choice and that was the first curse that I could think of. And, she wasn't in any danger. Snape was right there and he knows the counter curse.”


“I won't judge you for self-defense, Kaleahni, now, what does this curse do?”


“It creates cuts all over the person's body causing them to bleed copious amounts of blood.” I said ashamedly. “Bleed to death, I think that was the idea behind it. But, like I said, Snape most likely cured her immediately.”


“And how do you know that?”


“Because he was there. He was one of the five others who were with Bellatrix. Him, Lucius Malfoy, Igor Karkaroff, Crabbe and Regulus Black.”


“And they didn't try and stop you when you ran?”


“No, they were following Bellatrix's orders.”


He looked at me intensely with his blue eyes, no doubt trying to ascertain if I was telling the truth or not. After a few moments he seemed satisfied and said, “Very well. Get some rest, and Ms. Nichols, please refrain from using anymore Dark Magic.”


I looked at him with wide eyes, “No, sir, never. I wouldn't-it was only a one time thing.”


“Alright,” He cocked his head to the door, “I am sure your friends are eager to talk to you, so I shall leave.”


As soon as he left, Sirius, James, Remus, Marlene, Mary and Alice all tumbled in.


Lily had left some time ago when Madam Pomfrey woke up to freshen up with the promise that she would be back with some real food.


“How are you?”


“Are you feeling better?”


“Do you need anything?”


“What happened?”


“Lily wouldn't say anything.”


“She told us that you told her about that night.”


I held up my hand to silence them, “I have enough of a headache without you all chattering at the same time.”


They all quieted with sheepish grins.


“And to answer your questions, I am fine, and feeling better and Lily is bringing me some food in a bit so I don't need anything at the moment.”


Mary sat on the edge of my bed, “Kayla, we are so sorry we weren't-”


“Nonsense, I told Lily last night and I'm going to tell you too. It was not your fault.” I said cutting her off.


“What happened?” Alice asked.


I sighed, “Bellatrix happened. She cornered me outside Three Broomsticks and we dueled.”


“Was she alone?” said James.


“No, but she had ordered the others to leave me to her.”


James blinked, “What? Why?”


“Because I told her she didn't have the guts to take me on alone.” I grinned.


They groaned simultaneously.


“What? It was better that way! I had a higher chance of getting away.”


“Kayla,” Remus pinched the bridge of his nose, “you do realize that she's going to come back for you now?”


“I know that, but at least I can be more alert next time.” I told them.


“Who else was there?” Marlene, who was farthest, looked over at me.


“Just Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe and Igor Karkaroff.”


I couldn't tell them Snape was there or it would leak to Lily and I couldn't tell them Regulus had been there either.


“It's lucky they didn't touch you or I don't even want to think about what might have happened.” Mary shuddered.


“I'm fine. Trust me, she won't be able to get to me for a while now. Really, you guys are over reacting.”


“We are not overreacting! You were gone for eight hours-” James cried.


“I was on the castle grounds for about six of them! All you had to do was look by the Whomping Willow. That was the closest way to get back, you three of all people should have realized that.” I glared at him, Remus and finally at Sirius who had yet to say anything to me.


James noticed my look and turned to everyone else, “Right, well, we have to get to class, but we'll drop by later with food and homework and all that fun stuff.” He shuffled everyone outside and gave Sirius a meaningful look.


Once the door had closed behind them he took Mary's seat on my bed, “Hey.”


I gulped although I had no idea why, “Hi.”


“You gave me-us a scare.”


“I'm sorry, I don't know anyone by the name me-us,” I smiled.


“I...just don't do that again.” He was playing with a stray thread on my sheets.


“Yes, because I volunteered to be Bella's plaything for the night.”


“That isn't what I meant. Although how anyone could run into the likes of Bellatrix Black twice in three weeks is a conundrum,” his lips twitched.


“She found me!”


“I know that. All I'm saying is that your my- you're one of my best friends and I care about you as much as I care about James, Peter and Remus. And seeing you like that on the bed, it was maddening knowing I couldn't do anything to help you.”


My heart melted at his words, “Sirius, I promise I'll be more careful. And I won't taunt Bellatrix again either, although that was the only reason I got away in the first place.”


“Okay, but promise me another thing.”




“Whenever you go to Hogsmead, please make sure either I, James or Remus goes with you.”


I gave him a horrified look, “You want someone to escort me to Hogsmead when I work?”




No. Besides, Dumbledore wouldn't let you.”


His lips twitched up in a half-smile, “I already talked to him and he thinks it's best.”


“He couldn't have.”


“He did. Look, we only want to look out for you,” he reached out his hand to take mine.


I snatched it away ignoring the flash of sadness in his eyes, “You're trying to baby me. You're acting like my-my mother!”


“Well someone has to,” He snapped.


“What's that supposed to mean?”


“Just that you don't have any family here, in fact I don't think I've ever seen you write a simple letter to them.”


“Transatlantic owls are expensive and I don't want to wear out Noite.” I mumbled.


“That's rubbish and we both know it. And I'm not going to ask you about them again, Merlin knows I won't get a straight answer out of you. I understand you might have had a falling out with them-”


“We didn't have a falling out,” I hissed.


“Fine, but there's something about your family you aren't telling me, and if you don't want to talk about it, I get it. But don't act as if you don't need anyone,” he had jumped off the bed and was shouting.

“I never said I don't need people, I just don't need you acting like my mother.” I was shouting now too.


“Then what do you want me to act like?”


“Like a friend,” I said softly.


Truth was, I didn't know what I wanted him to be, but friend just seemed like a safe answer.


“Kayla,” he sighed. “I am your friend, but sometimes you just- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have shouted at you. I'm looking out for you, that's it.”


“I know,” I rubbed my forehead trying to curb the oncoming headache, “I know. I'm sorry for telling you to stop acting like my mother. You don't, really. I don't want to be taken to and from Hogsmead like some defenseless damsel.”


“I know you aren't defenseless, you proved that last weekend. But, you can't deny you have a tendency to be a bit reckless.”


I'm reckless? Have you looked in the mirror lately? It's like Black calling me a kettle.”


“Don't you mean a pot calling the kettle black?” Sirius arched an eyebrow smiling.


“No, I mean just what I said.” I crossed my arms across my chest and stuck my tongue out at him.


He laughed his bark like laugh and sat back down on my bed, “Shouldn't you be sleeping now?”


“Nah, sleep's for losers. I'm waiting for Lily to bring me some real food, then Poppy will down some more potions down my throat and put my back into my slumber.”


He gave me a bemused look and I leaned forward and tilted my head to one side, “Think you can nick me some Butterbeer? You can put it on my tab at Rosa's.”


“No. If Poppy caught me slipping you Butterbeer she'd confine me in here too. Unless that's your plan? To get me alone in here?” He grinned.


I rolled my eyes and flipped my head to move my hair out of my eyes without using my hands. It didn't work so well. “Yes, my master plan was to get you caught while getting me Butterbeer so I could have you here as company. Sorry, but I wouldn't deprive the rest of the female population of your vibrant company like that.”


He reached across and tucked my hair behind my ears, “Well, you have me here right now and the other females are being deprived of my vibrant company.”


His breath tickled my face and I could smell a hint of peppermint, and spices, and the faintest sweet smell of lavender. It was like that was his scent.


“Well, you should get back then,” I lowered my voice slightly, struggling to keep the tremor out of it.


“Maybe I don't want to,” he was leaning forward.


“But you should.”


“But I don't want to.”


“But you should,” I said looking into his gray eyes. I could see my reflection in them.




“Because...” I didn't know what I was going to say.


His gray eyes looked like the sky outside, like a storm was brewing.


“Because?” He was only a couple of inches away now and all I had to do was lean a bit forward.


I opened my mouth to answer him when the Hospital Wing door opened with a loud bang.


“Sorry I'm late, the house-elves were- oh!” Lily stopped short when she saw Sirius and me.


I leaned away swiftly ignoring the sudden pain in my head and Sirius turned around to face Lily.


“I-uh... erm...was just..I'll come back later.” She turned around.


Sirius sighed running a hand through his hair, “No, it's okay, I was just leaving and Kayla needs to eat anyway. I'll see you later.” He told me and left.


Lily watched him leave, then turned to look at me curiously and I avoided her gaze searching for a way to change the awkward conversation that was sure to follow.


“What was that about?” She asked.


“Oh, good. You brought chicken, I've been craving chicken all day. Do you have a fork? Because I can't eat chicken without a fork, or curry. Is there curry here?” I lifted the lid of a bowl.


She slapped my hand away and sat down where Sirius had been sitting only moments before.


“Don't try and change the subject. What was that?”


I sighed, “It was nothing.”


“Didn't look like nothing to me.”


“Yes, well maybe you need to get your eyes checked. Now let me eat.”


“My eyesight is perfectly fine! You two looked like you were about to-”


“No, we weren't. It was just Sirius being Sirius. Now, food please.”


She gave me my food but continued the questioning, “What do you mean 'Sirius being Sirius'?”


I took my time chewing, “You know.”


She raised her eyebrow so high, it was in danger of disappearing into her hair line,“No, I don't know.”


I waved my fork around as if the fork would effectively answer her question.


I swallowed, “Flirty. Like he is with everyone.”


“He is not like that with everyone,” She argued.


“Yes, he is,” I countered.


“Name one person.” She narrowed her eyes at me.


“Ha! I can name three! Andrea, Rachel, Marlene, and that Hufflepuff in Three Broomsticks the other day. Wait...that's four”


“Marlene doesn't count.”


Now it was my turn to narrow my eyes, “And why not?”


“Because she's his friend.” She said smugly as if that was the most perfect answer in the history answers.


“So am I. If what you say is correct, then I don't count either.”


She frowned spotting the flaw in her theory, “Yeah, but she's his ex. He's obligated to flirt with her.”


“Fine, but what about the other three?”


She didn't answer.

“See Lily, there's nothing between us.”


“No,” she shook her head, “I see the way he looks at you.”


“And I see the way James looks at you.” Finally changing the topic for good.


She blushed, “That's different.”


“You're right, it is different. James actually likes you Lily. And he's been devoted to you his entire adolescent life.”


“He just sees me as a challenge, is all.”


“And what proof do you have to support that brilliant theory?” I asked.


“What do you have to the contrary?” She shot back.


“Plenty. Like how he hasn't hexed a single person at all this year, or how he takes his Head boy responsibilities very seriously.”


“Because you keep him in line.”


I kept plowing on, “And how he hasn't asked you out at all this year even when he really really wants to. He listens when you talk and if you're in the room, nothing else matters to him. If you laugh, he laughs and when you're upset he wants to know what's wrong. He is crazy about you; but for some reason, when it comes to him, you, the person who can see good in anyone, even Snape, somehow convince yourself that he's not telling the truth about his feelings.”


She didn't look at me.


“What are you so afraid of?” I asked her.


“Of falling,” She whispered.


And there it was: the confession.


“But he'll be there to catch you.”


“You don't know that.” She looked out the window onto the grounds.


“Yes, I do. I know he'll never let you fall, and will never let you go, and won't give up on you. No matter how much you push him away.” I said kindly.


She kept her gaze stubbornly on the pitch.


“Tell you what. You prove to me that James' feelings for you aren't genuine and I'll believe your Sirius theory. But for that, you have to give James a chance.”


Lily looked at me with horror filled eyes. “No.”


“Yes, if he asks you to the career ball thingy in December, which he will, then you have to accept and give him a chance. If after that night you still don't believe that he's gaga over you, then you can laugh and say I told you so in my face and then forget all about him.”




“No buts.” I waved my fork at her. Because forks are very dangerous objects.


“All I was going to say is that, if James' feelings for me are true, like you say, then I will find a way to prove to you that Sirius has feelings for you too.”


“Oh Lilybobilly, you can try all you want. It won't happen.”


“How do you know?”


“Because, I know these things.” I said simply.


She rolled her eyes at my inadequate response and I finished my lunch in peace trying not to think too much about the color gray.

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