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Rebel in love by RegulusSiriusGirl
Chapter 16 : The Virgin Weasley and Arguable Arguments
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"What the hell is he playing at!" I growled while pacing my room. James sat on the bed watching me with a bemused look on his face.

"I mean, okay, he's hurt" I held up a finger "but that gives him no right to do that to Rose! And in my bedroom!" I ranted. James looked down, "Put yourself in his shoes love"


James jumped but sighed at me, "How would you feel if you were the daughter of Malfoy, and you were dating me? The whole world would be against you because your family was a threat to the man who brought peace to the Wizarding World, and then to hear your boyfriend doesn't want to introduce you to his family because it would upset his folks after you had went through the same ordeal with yours" James shrugged "I feel for him but your right, making out with Ama doesn't justify it".

I bit my lip, "I'm just so angry, him and Rose are the perfect couple in my book" I sat on the bed next to James "and I hate I know and she doesn't".

James reached for me and drew me in for a one-armed hug, "I know," he said soothingly and kissed the side of my head "I'll beat him up later for you".

I looked up at him, "Why aren't you losing your head now?", I was really surprised he hadn't pounced on Scorpius and beat him to a bloody pulp.

"Because Rose would demand to know why I did and then would kill me for not telling her," he raised an eyebrow "and besides Rose will do more damage than me".

The music could be heard from my room, I glanced at my watch: it was quarter to one, time for it to end. I stood up and held out a hand to James, "Come on, I promised my Dad we wouldn't party all night and have the place tidied for him".

It was hard to believe ten minutes ago I was buzzed but now after seeing my best friend's boyfriend snogging one of my friends, I was stone cold sober.

I headed into the living room and glanced about, Ami, Rose (Ami had convinced her to return and she was determinedly ignoring Scorpius), Matt, Joey and Lily were talking seriously about something while Tia and Ama and Dom were dancing in the corner and Albus was talking to Scorpius and Lucas and Devon were nowhere around.

I went over and turned off the music, "Aw Aly!" Dom whined in a slur, she had on a shimmery silver dress that went to above her knee, "I like that song".

I rolled my eyes, she obviously had too much to drink, "Sorry guys, time to wind down and clean up" everyone looked at me and nodded, "and if anyone wants to crash tell me know, so I can send an owl to my Dad".

The guys including James, started to move the furniture back while the girls started to clean up the cups and food and anything that spilled. I sat at the table and started to write a owl to my Dad. I was planning to phone or text but he told me he would be at the Ministry tonight.

But before I could get started someone sat next to me.

"Alix?" It was Ama, I felt rage in my blood but I kept writing, "can we talk about earlier?". I looked up and gave her my worst glare, "Earlier? Oh you mean when you were straddling MY best friend's boyfriend in MY room on MY bed?".

Ama winced and nodded, eyes full of tears, "I'm so sorry, we were both drunk and began discussing our love lifes then he spilt his drink and we thought we were-"

She couldn't say anymore because I had slapped her face, "Don't you dare, don't you dare make exscuses!" I hissed, thankful no one saw me slap her, "I actually felt sorry for you, but how could you kiss Scorpius when he was with Rose, when you know how it feels to be betrayed?".

Ama just looked down, "Just get out" I said, "and stay away from Scorpius". Ama got up quickly and left, Tia watched her go with a frown and came over "What was that about?" she asked, sitting in the seat Ama had just vacated. "Nothing" I stabbed at the parchment, "you staying?".

Tia tilted her head and looked at me, "Sure, but whats up?". I looked up "Tia, not now, can you ask who else wants to stay?".

Turns out Rose and Tia were the only ones who wanted to stay: James was still in the doghouse (not that Dad would be pleased he stayed over), Albus and Lily had to go home, Ami had promised her mum she would come back home so did Matt, Dom was out of the question (I will not be responsible for a horny, drunk Veela) Scorpius was also out of the question, Joey was staying at the Potter's (to be close to Lily I suspect) and Devon had left in a foul mood for some weird reason.

I just hope Lucas hadn't mucked things up.

"I'll see you on Friday" James smiled, he came over and hugged me "try not to fret lovie" he whispered in my ear and I knew he was meaning the whole Ama and Scorpius thing.

Albus, Lily and Joey waited for him next to the fire which was of course hooked up for Floo'ing. I hugged James harder, just when things looked up for us something came along to ruin it, first Eve and now Ama.

"See you then" I smiled, I waved to the others and and blew James a kiss before he left, he caught it and and beamed before disapering in the green flames.

It got pretty quiet after that, five minutes later Teddy had shown up to pick up Dom, Matt's big sister Aislinn came and picked up him and Ami. Lucas just looked at me sadly and left closing the door behind him.

Then there were three.

"You okay Rosie?" I asked, true I always considered Tia my best friend but Rose came a close second.

She sniffed "Why can't he understand the difficulties" she asked sadly, "I love him, but it would crush my Dad me just coming out with it. He thinks it's just fun, me being rebelious, but it's not!" her face crumpled "I love him".

I instantly felt a nauseus feeling in my stomach, Rose would be crushed if she found out, and even more crushed if she found out James and I knew.

Tia sighed "Mabye we should all get some sleep, eh?" she looked at me and Rose in turn "We'll be able to handle this tomorrow".

We scoured the house for as many blankets and pillows without having to take them from my Dad's room (he does like his bed in a paticular way and would immediantly notice if a pillow was missing) and made a huge bed on the floor next to the balcony. Since the girls had no nighties or pyjama's, I lent them some. Rose was the first to fall asleep, her knees up toward her chest and strands of her gorgeous flaming hair covered her face, she looked so young specially in my faded teddy bear nightie.

Tia looked at her sadly before giving me a weak smile, "Night Alix" she murmured before settling down, her breathing became relaxed and I knew that she had nodded off.

I contemplated my situation, should I tell Rose? I didn't want to be the one to tell her the bad news but she needed told ... didn't she? I hated being in this situation, but I knew if one of the girls had witnessed James cheating I would want to be notified immediantly.

I tried to find a comfy position to snuggle down and sleep, but couldn't.

I tried counting sheep to help me to fall asleep, but it didn't work.

I tried to think of a solution to my problems without hurting anyone, but I didn't.

All this thinking and finding and counting must of worked as eventually I did nod off, but it seemed like I had just closed my eyes when there was a banging on the door.

"All right, all right I'm coming" my Dad yawned tiredly, I glanced at the clock and was surprised it was only nine am.

As soon as he opened the door someone came flying in, "Where is she? Is she here?" I recognized that voice; it was Ron Weasley, and when I felt Rose pull the covers over her head and lie still I knew she recognized him too.

"Can I help you?" Dad asked still sounding a bit sleepy, "Mr Weasley, you kinda did wake me up and the girls are trying to sleep in the living room".

Heavy footsteps and the living room door creaked open, I sat up and raised my eyebrows in surprise at Ron. He looked like he had no sleep and he looked livid as he glared at the couch, I followed his gaze and my blood froze: there was an empty bottle of Firewhiskey lying innocently there.

Damn me for not doing a thorough search.

"ROSE EMMELINE WEASLEY" Ron thundered, Tia and Rose and I all jumped at his roar, "DID YOU DRINK?!".

My Dad was standing next to Ron in a second, "I don't appreciate you shouting in my home," his voice was very dangerous, "and I don't remember inviting you in".

I glanced at Rose who had sat up, she hadn't removed all of her makeup last night and it was smudged, she also reeked of booze and .. I sniffed ... SMOKE!?

"Don't talk to me Riordan, the world would be a safer place with you and your family locked up, Ellen was right to leave you!" Ron sneered. I stood up not caring if I was facing one of the Wizarding World's Saviour, one of my Best Friends Dad's or my boyfriend's uncle.

Or the fact I was wearing an Cookie Monster t-shirt that said "Yummy Yummy"!

"Don't talk to my dad like that" I snapped, Ron looked at me in surprise, "not with me around!".

Ron just sighed, "Alix, how about you just keep out, this is between me and my daughter". Speaking of, who had just got up and was determinedly not meeting her fathers eyes.

Seeing her, Ron looked angry again, "How could you stay out all night drinking and," his eyes narrowed "smoking?".

"Dad, I told you I would be at Alix's" Rose said trying to be calm, but I could hear anger, never cross a horomonal Weasley who had just had a fight with her boyfriend whom her father slates at every chance.

"You never mentioned sleeping over!"

"Could you not use your brain and think?" Rose looked up looking mad "oh wait, I forgot, Mum's the one with the brains".

Ron grew livid "Don't you dare take that attitude with me, your coming home right now!"

"No I am not!"

Giving the rest of us a glance, Ron glared at his only daughter "Rose, come talk to me in the hall please".

Looking incredibly angry with her Dad, Rose got up and closed the living room door with a bang. Dad looked so confused "What just happened?" he asked sleepily.

He came and sat down behind me, "Lets make a promise not to ever argue like that?". Tia giggled and I snorted.

"Can't promise that Father Dearest, I am a horomonal teenager". The shouting got louder and louder, I felt so bad for my Dad, he had to go work with Ron later and I knew it would be awkward

Dad cleared his throat "I'll em .. leave you girls to it" and hastily went to make a coffee. Poor Dad, I bet he was counting his blessings it wasn't him in Ron's shoes.



"GROW UP RON, I LOVE HIM!" there was a silence before she added in a spiteful voice "I would choose him over you anytime!".

There was a bang on the door, and I knew Ron had left. Rose came back into the room, her face was flushed and her hair seemed static and ready to electrucute if touched.

"I hate him" she whispered, throwing herself down onto the blankety bed.

"Rose how could you say that?" Tia asked angryily, "you know your Dad thinks the world of you!"

Rose laughed "Exactly! I'm sick of him putting me up on a pedastal and expecting me to suceed in everything I do!" she shook her head, "I just don't care and I'm not letting him get inbetween me and Scorp, and if he doesn't like it .." she hesitated but ploughed on "then I guess we won't see each other a lot anymore".


Tia's Mum came and picked her up around about ten, so that left me and Rose, and my concious.

"So, you going home at all?" I asked, Rose hadn't mentioned anything and was actually settling down on one of the black leather couches to watch another movie.

She raised an eyebrow, "If you want me to leave, you just need to stay". I threw a pillow at her which she caught smiling.

"Don't be stupid, I just don't want another argy-bargy happening in my Dad's house".

Rose looked guilty, "I'm so sorry about that" she sighed "I think I'm starting to believe the Weasley Temper isn't a myth" she rubbed her temple and looked exhausted. This wasn't the Rose Weasley I was used too.

"It's fine, freaked my Dad out though".

Rose and I ended up watching re-runs of old tv shows, till her Mum came knocking on the door. "Hey Rosie" she smiled, she like her daughter looked tired, "I told your father you would be staying at Alix's but you know how he is".

"Doesn't mean he can come raging like a bull and shout at Alix's Dad and I like that" Rose spat out angryily. Hermione sighed, "Well, your Dad is at work and Hugo is round at a friends, how about we have a girly day?".

I felt a little pang, suddenly missing my Mum. Rose looked up through her hair which Hermione instinctively brushed back from her face, "Sounds like a plan" Rose agreed smiling softly at her Mum.

"And Alix, in case I don't see your father, tell him he has my deepest apologies for Ron's behaviour". That reminded me of the comment that Ron made, something about the world being safe if he and his family were locked up?

"Hermione, Ron mentioned the world would be safer if my Dad was locked up" I frowned "what did he mean by that?". Hermione bit her lip, I knew that look, it appeared on my Mum and Uncle Ricky's faces whenever I asked about my Dad.

"It's not my place Alix, Ron was just angry, I wouldn't take it to heart". I tried not to feel annoyed and through gritted teeth said goodbye to Rose and Hermione, Rose hugged me and promised to text/owl me soon.

I sighed and went to get dressed, tomorrow I would be back on the train to Hogwarts. I smiled, at least I would be able to see James more often, and the girls. I came out the door the same time as my Dad who was just out of the shower, dressed thank Merlin, who smiled at me.

"Fancy doing something today?" he asked, "got an owl from work saying I can have the day off today?". Wow, that took me by surprise, "Sounds fun" I grinned.

We headed out onto Diagon Alley, it was another bright clear day but there was a nip in the air as it was still in the Spring. "Any ideas on where you want to go?" Dad asked, he was glancing at me every so often, I guess this was all new to him, having a daughter.

"Well, theres a promenade that has fairground rides like a Big Wheel and little cafe's not too far away from my house" I suggested, "it's always fun, me and Uncle Ricky would go every sunday when I was little".

I smiled affectionately, sunday was the day Grandpa Jack would look after the shop and Mum was always in work, so Uncle Ricky came up with this tradition we would go to the fair, it was great when I was little. He would buy me Cotton Candy and Sticky Toffee Apples till I puked but we would never tell. When he asked me if I wanted to bring Tia or another girl along I would always refuse, it was our little thing.

Which I think is why I felt a little guilty suggesting we go there, I knew how Uncle Ricky felt about my Dad and I also knew he would be hurt.

"I know the place" Dad said sadly, "it's where me and your Mum well-" he hesitated "it's where we broke up". There was an awkward air and we didn't say anything on the way to the train. Dad picked up a newspaper and I asked him about the Muggle news but that was pretty much it.

It wasn't till we saw the fair in the distance and started walking that I plucked up the courage to ask the question. "Why did you and Mum break up?" I asked "it's kind of hard to believe two people in love at school, suddenly fell out and you ended up married and I ended up fatherless for seventeen years".

Dad winced, "In my defense-" he started

"I know, I know, Mum didn't tell you" I felt angry knowing he was just avoiding the topic, I could see through it having lived with it with Mum for so long.

"What you have to understand, is that in Old Wizarding families, like the Riordan's, arranged marriages were still happening" Dad said, "we would be only married to Pureblood's that followed the old virtues, to ensure our children were Pureblooded and not Half-Blood's or Muggleborn's".

He sighed "I was a rebel, I hated the fact I wouldn't be able to pick my wife. I was already in trouble with my family because instead of Slytherin, I got sorted into Ravenclaw, my mother had accepted it but my father was livid. I knew they were looking for a 'suitable' bride for me so I was in the library trying to calm down and get some work done when in walked your Mum".

I had already heard a version of this when I was little, Mum had said she met my Dad in a library and fell head-over heels for him and they loved each other all through Howarts but then one day he had an accident at work and had to stay away to get better. It was pathetic but when I was little I believed it.

"She was gorgeous, and friends with the Weasley Twins and Lee Jordan. So I knew Fred and George would know about my family, but they never stopped us, I asked her then and there if she wanted to go to Hogsmede with me. Even though we didn't know each other well she agreed and we went on our first date".

"And this was in your fifth year?" I asked, it had to be as that was Fred and George's last year before they left.

"Yes and we stayed strong through fifth and sixth untill the Carrow's came to Hogwarts and Snape took over" Dad's tone had changed "Alecto was friends with my mother and she was more than happy to tell her that I was dating a Muggle lover's daughter. She wrote me a letter saying I had to end it or she will"

We were just at the gate where you paid a pound to get in, but instead of heading towards the till, Dad steered us to a bench facing out to the sea. I was going to get the full story.

"I hadn't told your mother about my impending marriage because at this point we had told each other that we loved one another, but it was also the day when my bride was picked for me, Gwen Everett, she was a Slytherin and in the year below. She was everything a Slytherin should be, conniving, sly, and manipulitive and she was hellbent on seperating me and your Mum soon as the marriage was arranged".

"And I take it she managed too?"

"Yes, she knew exactly what to say" Dad said "her family were always rumoured to be in Voldemort' inner circle and she said in this time it wasn't unusual for some families to disaper" he glanced at me "especially those who supported Dumbledore and not Voldemort".

"She blackmailed you into leaving Mum?" I gasped "what a cow!".

"At first I wasn't going to do it, I was sure I could keep her safe, but to prove her threat she had your Grandma Hattie killed". I felt numb, this Gwen had someone killed just to Dad would marry her?

"I immediantly split with your Mum telling her it was for her own good but she wouldn't accept it so in the end I had to tell her I didn't love her" I could sense this was opening a new wound for Dad, so I took his hand in mine and squeezed it "but to add insult to injury, Gwen told her it was because of me that her Mum was killed and that is why your Uncle and Grandpa do not care for me".

That had to be the saddest story I ever heard, and now I could fully understand why Dad was a painful subject for Mum.

"I am so sorry I wasn't there Alix" Dad said looking up, I felt startled, there were tears in his eyes, "all I ever wanted was a family and when I find out I have one, I've missed out everything".

I had no idea what to do, in these situations Tia, Ami or even my Mum would take over, I was always there ready with a sarcastic comment to lighten the mood.

But I looked at my Dad and knew he needed reassurance he was doing a good job so far, and he was.

"I know" I said and smiled "let's go catch up". I stood up and slung an arm around his waist and he put one around my shoulders "we can go on the Waltzers and I can tell you about my first period".

Dad winced "No thanks, how about your childhood minus the gross stuff".

I mock frowned at him, "You sound just like Uncle Ricky".


As usual Platform Nine and Three Quarters was bustling with: anxious, fretting parents, wailing childen, screaming owls, hissing cats, squeaking rats and croaking toads. The best situation to give most people a headache, me included.

Usually my send off would be a happy one, not a tense, awkward one. Dad had insisted on seeing me off after our outing (which was awesome) and of course Mum, Uncle Ricky and Grandpa Jack were there too. And I felt torn as I knew the full story now.

"Well, have a good year darling" Mum smiled as she hugged me, she looked very tired because she had been working quite hard, this next Quidditch World Cup was stressful and stupid Davies was working her overtime.

"I will"

"And don't forget to study" Uncle Ricky said in a mocking tone, waggling a finger, "if your to take over my shop I want you to get at least two Outstandings".

"Oh Merlin, imagine missing that oppertunity!"

"Also, remember to write" Grandpa Jack said giving me a tight squeeze.

I smiled at Dad, "No bits of advice?", he grinned as I gave him a big hug. I glanced over his shoulder and saw Uncle Ricky tense up as well as Grandpa Jack, Mum however, looked happy.

"Nah, they seem to have it covered, just stay out of trouble" he said, "hate to ground you after just meeting you". I snorted "I never get grounded".

"Its true" Mum smiled "she has her her uncle and grandfather wound around her little finger".

"ALIX!" I heard two voices shriek, I turned smiling to see Tia and Ami run up to me. "Hey Ms. H and Mr.R" Ami greeted, Tia nodded shyly to them.

"Well I'd better go" Dad said "I'm expected at the office" he gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and apparated out with a crack. "Hey girls" Mum hugged them both "keep Alix out of trouble please?".

"I resent that".

The train gave a whistle and the conducter started to tell people to get on, "Well love you sweetie, have a good year" Mum gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave Ami and Tia a quick hug and I gave Uncle Ricky and Grandpa Jack a final hug before hopping onto the train.

We hung out of the window and waved till everyone became tiny specks in the distance, I did this every year and they knew not too leave until the train disapered.

"Rose and Devon are keeping a compartment for us" Tia said, "near the end". We all made our way to the end, stopping only to say hi to a few people, we also had some guys smirking asking what the uniform for the Gryffindor Cheerleaders would be like to which I sweetly replied they could ask my boyfriend which wiped the smirks off their faces.

We slid open the door, and smiled at Rose and Devon, Rose was sitting next to the door and smiled "Hey, girls", Devon just nodded and went back to staring out the window.

"How was your holidays?" Tia asked Rose sympathetically, while Rose told us of her hibernating in her room and her and her Dad avoiding one another, I kept an eye on Devon, ever since the party I haven't heard from her and the other girls say she hasn't told them anything.

When Rose had finished I asked Devon how her holidays went, "Pretty normal" she replied without looking away from the window and that is all I got!

Before I could ask her what had her wand in a twist, the door slid open and in came Lily looking incredibly angry. She threw herself down next to Rose, "Go on ask, me whats up?" she said angryily.

We all shared a scared look, "Em, Lily" I said, "wh-whats up?".

"I'll tell you whats sodding up" Lily ranted "and no it isn't the bogging sky!".

Okay, I am so glad I didn't use that one.

"Joey asked me if our relationship was a 'real' one and when I asked him if this was his way of ending it like a jerk he came back with 'wow your so mature'".

We all winced and Lily rolled her eyes, "Tell me about it".

She stretched out and sat cross-legged looking at us all expectantly, "Well?" she said.

"Well what?" Rose asked. Lily scoffed, "Thought you guys were meant to have great advice".

Rose laughed "I haven't talked to my boyfriend since I argued with him so I won't have any good relationship advice" she grinned "better asking Alix, Ami or Tia".

"Or Devon" Ami giggled, "she isn't so single is she?". Devon smiled but it was bittersweet, I noticed.

"So what should I do?" Lily looked at me "you go first?".

I took a deep breath, "Not so good on advice but I think you guys should talk it over with him".

Devon snorted unkindly, "That isn't really going to help, talking is what got them into this mess". I gave her a weird look, "Well she asked for my opinion Devon and I'm trying to help".

"Yeah 'coz you give the best advice, always trying to help huh?".

There was silence, Tia, Ami, Rose and Lily all shared a shocked look while me and Devon glared it out, "I don't know what your problem is Devon but I'm really getting pissed off".

"Oh Your pissed off?" Devon laughed "shocking".

"What the hell did I do?!" I asked harshly, "and why are you taking it out on me when all I've done is be your friend, trying to help you with your problems!".

Devon sat forward giving me such a glare even I recoiled, "Okay Agony Aunt Alix, I was making out with this guy who used to date my best friend, and instead of muttering my name he mutters hers" Devon stood up and I froze, now I know why she left so angryily and Lucas so sadly.

"So fix that Alix, if you can" Devon snapped and left the compartment, along with us in silence.

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