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Identity Crisis by RandomNinjaNerd
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Identity Crisis

Chapter Two

The few tears I had shed rolled down my cheeks as I regarded Harry, who was watching me with a concerned expression. I wiped my tears away quickly with my sleeve, before I looked back at the picture.

"It's...this picture doesnt prove that this is me. I mean, how many people do you know that have bushy brown hair?" I asked, ready to tell this man that I wasn't this 'Hermione'.

Harry smiled at me. "Don't forget your eyes. When I first saw you as I was walking outside of the Leaky Cauldron, I knew it was you by the depth of your eyes. Your hair is just an add on bonus."

"The Leaky Cauldron...please tell me why I could see it and my friend could not," I said softly, truly wanting to hear about why I had such an odd predicament.

"Only magical people can see The Leaky Cauldron. Muggles, non-magical folk, cannot even see it." Harry explained.

" Magical?"

Harry grinned. "We were the Golden Trio."

I nodded my head slowly, and Harry stood up, looking around.

"This house is awfully big for one person, 'Mione," Harry mused, heading to look out the window.

"Huh? Oh, it's my husband's house."

"So you're married." It wasn't a question, but a statement.

"Yes, I met him during school..." I trailed off.

Harry turned back around and stared at me

"If I went to whatever magical school, then I couldn't have met Dan there...oh dear me."

Harry laughed, eyes twinkling again.

"You must be Hermione! No one analyzes things or figures them out as quickly as you do. However," Harry suddenly grew grim. "Whoever it is, it's a wizard. And obviously, we know him. So to speak. You just don't remember."

I grinned at him slightly, and he gave me a slight grin back before placing a somber look on his face.

"Who is your husband?"

"Dan Hedger."

"Don't know him. I can tell you this much: he's probably the one behind your false memories. Also, he could've changed his name besides. I'll have to meet him when he gets home to have a chat with this kidnapper. What are your parents' names?" Harry asked.

"Richard and Jane Collins."

Harry shook his head. "Richard and Jane Granger."

"So...if my memories are indeed false, he decided to keep their names the same?"

"Appears to be so. When was the last time you visited your parents?"

"W-well Dan is always so busy and..."


"I haven't talked to them in over four years."

"I wonder if they're still under that spell. I'll have to have Ron look at it for me."

"The other boy in the picture?" I questioned.

Harry nodded, grinning. "Our best mate. One of the ones still searching for you like I was."

I took our teacups and went into the kitchen. I rinsed them out and set them in the sink, all done under the watchful eye of Harry. I think he was terrified that if he turned his back, I might disappear again.

"When will your...husband be home?" Harry asked, visibly cringing at the word husband.

"Hm. It usually varies. I'll have to call Mrs. Malloy and tell her Dan and I won't be able to make it. Anyway, would you like something to eat?" I asked.

Harry shook his head. "I've a few chocolate frogs and cauldron cakes I can have later."

"Chocolate frogs?" I asked, guiltily intrigued.

Harry smiled slightly. "Your love of knowledge often accompanies your curiosity. Let me show you."

He reached into his pocket and pulled a small little blue and gold box. Opening it, I saw the chocolate frog.

"'s pure chocolate right?" I asked.

"With a hint of magic," he replied winking at me mischeviously.

To my utter surprise, the chocolate frog hopped out of the box. I shrieked as it came towards me, and Harry caught it, a laugh tumbling through his lips.

"Oh 'Mione! Gods how I've missed you."

I calmed my erratic heart and partially glared at him.

"Well maybe if somebody had warned me about the frog, I wouldn't have done that."

He grinned at me and ate the frog. I hit him on his arm slightly, mumbling how he was a git, and headed out to the living room again. Harry followed me like a lost puppy yet again.

"Alright Harry. My husband should be home soon so-"

"Show me your albums," he said suddenly.

"My albums? Well, I have a few down on the shelf behind you. I also know that Dan keeps one locked away."

"Why?" He asked quickly, adjusting his glasses slightly.

"He said something about it having pictures of his family. He fell out with them you know. Hasn't spoken to them in many a year."

"Will you show me the albums, 'Mione?" Harry asked.

I frowned slightly before leaving the living room for the closet beside the stairs. I stretched to reach the closed box in the very back and huffed when my fingers tips didn't even brush the side of it.

"Let me," Harry said standing behind me and grabbing the box. It was easy for him since he was much taller.

I gave him a smile and grabbed the box from him, heading back and sitting on the couch. I tried to remove the lid, but it wouldn't budge.

"Tch. This box shouldn't be that hard to open..."

"It's got a spell over it. Let me..." Harry trailed off, kneeling on the floor.

I watched him wave his wand and utter a few words before the lid came off the box.

"Seems to me that magic makes everything easier," I remarked dryly.

He grinned, and I took out the album. A frown appeared on my face as I noticed the initials 'HJG' in the corner. I moved the box off to the side, and I hesitantly opened the album.

A girl was grinning at me, moving to stand next to the boy in the picture. It was Harry and Hermione, first years, according to the picture caption. I flipped the page. All three kids again, the 'Golden Trio'.

Every time I flipped the page, that brown haired girl came into view. I watched her grow up, becoming a first year, second, third...the pictures stopped after sixth year.

The last picture was of them together for what seemed like the last time. Neither of them noticed that they were being photographed, and I noticed that as they locked gazes, something seemed to be holding them there together. I could see different colors erupting across the picture, like fireworks gone awry.

"Curses," Harry offered. "There's a binding curse, and that green one right there is the most evil of all curses."

"That's you," I said, pointing at him in the picture.

"Yeah. And that's you. Just a few days before you disappeared. You don't know how long we've searched. The others began to give up the chance of finding you. Neville and his wife Susan were some of the first to give up, with heavy hearts though. I didn't blame them. Ron and I were still looking and praying that we would somehow find you, and here you are."

"You're looking at her like she's your whole world," I said glancing up at him from the photograph.

"I've never had family and you and Ron were my first friends," Harry said, looking down. "Anyway, so you see, your husband has been keeping things from-what's that?"

In the midst of his speech, he had gotten up to look in the box. I looked to where he was pointing in the box and sure enough, there was another box that was hidden under the album. I set the album on the couch and picked up the smaller box that Harry had pointed at. This one was smaller and considerably flattened by the large album. Shaking it slightly, I heard a jumble of something.

"Can this one be opened?" Harry asked, pulling out his wand again. "Or do you need to see my excellent display of magic?"

I pulled the top off easily.

"Cheeky, Harry, but I don't think we'll be needing your 'excellent display of magic,'" I said, grinning at him.

He mumbled to himself, and I focused my attention on the smaller box once again. Obviously, my husband never thought to put a charm on this one since he didn't think I would be getting inside this box anyway. What a git. Inside the smaller box, tissue paper covered whatever was in it. I pulled it back and gasped in shock. In the box, lay two halves of a broken wand.

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