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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 8 : The Ball- Part 1
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Author's Note: Hey everyone sorry about the LONG delay. IB held me up. So here it is and please review!

Tears could be heard later on in the garden, the quietness echoing in the night. It pained him. For his love was in pain, feeling betrayed and he wanted nothing more than to help her.

            Crossing the garden he sat next to her and watched her hair slightly flowing in the gentle breeze. The two sat there in silence and then she shifted, staring him in the eyes.

            “Sirius! Why didn’t she tell me? Am I not supposed to be upset? I thought I was her best friend.” The words hit him hard, she was hurt and by her own friend.

            “Hush, love, it’s  alright, you didn’t do anything. I can’t answer you as to why we weren’t told but no matter what do not blame yourself! The two of them fell in love, perhaps Remus asked her to keep it quiet. Yet, while she didn’t tell you, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. You did everything right, you remained her friend and though she didn’t tell you I believe she loves you.”

            “Thank you,” and then her lips were on his though she quickly pulled away, “But I can’t get the scene out of my mind.”

            In entered Veronica wearing a deep red gown, much different than the one she had down the others. It was strapless and had a damask design on the front done entirely in black beads. Her waistline was pulled in to show how thin she was and her hair had been pulledup into a twisted bun with curls added for an extre effect. Yet, that was not the surprising part.

            Walking around the room every eye followed her, she looked like a model. Men were drooling over her body but her smokey eyes avoided their gazes. She obviously had set a goal and was walking right toward it. Eyes narrowing, Mia watched her friend cross the room and stop in front of Hogwart’s own Remus Lupin. He reached for her, a smile upon his lips, and Mia watched in horror as Veronica proceeded to kiss him in front of everyone.

            That’s where she left.

            “STOP! DON’T THINK ABOUT IT IF IT HURTS YOU!” he said shaking her, “I love you so much and don’t want  to be hurt.”

            Laughter could be heard in the near distance and then Remus appeared, followed by Veronica. Mia glared and then grabbed onto Sirius. “Well if she can be happy then so can I,” she said, smashing her outh down on his, growing more passionate with each moment. She held on close, never wanting to let go, not wanting him to leave her side. Then, gingerly, she pulled away and looked into his eyes. “I’ve been denying my feelings for too long, trying to please those friends of mine. I’m in love with you, Sirius Black, and my feelings want to know if they might be mutual.”

            All went quiet and Mia could see Veronica staring through the darkness, eyes round. Mia smirked and once again placed her mouth  on sirius’. As though automatic, he responded, kissing her feverishly. He pulled her close to him, felt her wrap her hands in his hair. It was passionate  and Sirius started rubbing circles around ia’s back. At this she pulled back, a smile on her face.

            “Mia,” Sirius started, “I love you more than words can express. Those other girls were just there until you were ready. They only helped me to discover my feelings for you.”

            Mia smiled softly and looked into the distance. Veronica was still there watching, Remus at her side. However, it didn’t matter to Mia anymore. She looked into Sirius’ eyes and saw what she longed for; love. Looking toward Veronica , she mought, ‘If you can have your guy, then I can have mine.’

            Swiftly, Mia stood and offered her had to Sirius, pulling him out tof the garden. A smile was on her lips as she dragged him after her. Then, without warning, she slammed her lips upon his, grabbing at his shirt. Gasping, he pulled away and smirked before saying, “Now wait a minute, Missy! You might want to wait for that when you’re not trying to get back at your friend.”  

            Her eyes flashed as she spoke, “I want this! If you will not do this with me then I’ll walk through those doors and you won’t see me again. Sirius I want you and I to be one. Please do not deny me. Not now, I love you and want to show you just how much I do.”

            Sighing, she leaned against him and he wrapped his arms around her. Kissing the top of her head, he whispered, “I know you love me, but if you want this and are certain then I will agree. But only if you’re 100 percent certain.”

            “I am.” Mia voiced and sirius hoisted h over his shoulder. Then the two disappeared for the the remainder of the evening.

            Meanwhile, in the ballroom

            The first dance had started with the introduction at each and every host and their date. There was only one girl that was alone and that was Druconas. Sirius had left chasing after Mia. Now she was standing alone in the room. Mrs. Potter smiled at her softly and motioned at a boy across the room. Druconas recognized him as Aaron Blode, one of the guys that would hang out with the Maraders from time to time. He was cute and all.

            Looking around once more, Draconas decided to make her way over to Aaron. If sirius had decided to ditch her there was no reason for her not to have fun. This guy was very cute and he always had the latest news on the Maruaders .

            “Hey Aaron,” she said as she appeared by his side, noting the fact that he seemed bored. “So, where’s your date?”

            She then gasped as he glared at her, before shaking his head and having his normal claim and collected visage. “My um…date…right. It appears  she had better things to do this evening. I do remember your date, Sirius, chased after her and now here the both of us are, alone at this ridiculous ball. Not that I mind, I only went with Mia because James had invited me and I wanted to have a date. So why did you come? Or are you just another girl on the great Sirius Black’s list?”

            “Well I came because I got asked and therefore figured why not. Besides where wlese would I be on such a fine night?”

            “I don’t know. I just thought dancing was not your thing.”

            “It’s not really, but I wanted to see the great prank that the Marauders might have planned for the end. So tell me…I mean you are their friend, right,” Aaron nodded his head, “what is it this year…hmmm? And what is Lily Evans doing in such a place?”

            “Well I can’t tell you what the prank is but I can explain the whole Evans thing.” Druconus nodded for him to continue. “It would appear Mrs. Evands and Mrs. Potter became friends and so when Lily Lily needed a place to stay for the summer, the Potter’s gladly took her in. Want to know what’s even better?” Again, Draconus nodded, “Well Lily’s date for the evening is actually one of James’s worst enimies. His name is Cal foster and he used to be James’ best friend but I guess they got into a fight one day and now he has proceeded to get James’ girl to go out with him.”

            Laughing slightly, droconas looked over at both Lily and her date. Currently the two were dancing and Lily herself seemed to be in a trance. “What a shame, I always thought the two of them would end up together. Lily Potter does have a nice ring on it.”

            “Yeah well she’s obviously happy with Cal there,” Aaron’s eyes twinkled a bit with mischief, “Unless you decided to butt in on the relationship, I have an idea.”

            “And what might this idea exactly be?”

“Well if you make Cal like you then Lily will become jealous, right?” Draconus nodded slightly, “well in the meantime I will be shaping James into Lily’s dream guy. But slowly to make it more fun.”

            “That’s your plan? It’s stupid. Now here’s what we do…”

            Back in the Garden

            “Oh Remus, what sort of stupid mistake could Mia be making right now? Running off with Black of all people, what if she gets hurt?”

            Kissing the top of Veronica’s head, Remus whispered, “It will be alright. I know Sirus well enough to know he’s actually in love with Mia. He won’t hurt her. To do so I believe it would pain him.”

            “Not hurt her! Not hurt her! Now Remus he’s quite frankly a womanizer. What’s to say he won’t hurt her?” She stared into his eyes, seeing hurt and anguish. “I know he’s your friend but she’s my friend and I don’t know what would happen if she got hurt.”

            “Oh so you’re all worried about her safety? Have you thought about your safety? I mean your dating a werewolf. Have you ever thought about what would happen if I just lost it? You could die and I would never be able to live with myself.” He placed his hand on hers and squeezed lightly. “When I said we shouldn’t date, I did mean it, but you wouldn’t let down. I’m glad we’re dating though, I love you, I want you to be safe. If anything were to happen though…”

            “JUST SHUT UP!!!” Veronica screamed. “I did not want to spend  the night like this. Please Remus, let’s just go back and dance smore. I don’t’ want to think about anything else.”

            Swiftly, she stood and made her way inside, looking behind to see if Remus was there. Slowly, she moved her hips to the beat, swirled along to the music. She knew at this point everyone was watching and yet she didn’t care. Throwing her hands in the air, she allowed Remus to pick her up and drop her in another area. The music filled her soal, the Galiec Chords reached out to her, pulled her into the rhythm. A second later and her friends were beside her, all except for Mia. They danced  together, hitting the floor at the same time, in sync step dancing. Gooddessess on the floor they were and once the sng was over they looked around, astonished. Everyone had stopped what they had been doing to watch them, obviously impressed with their skills. It was James Potter who spoke first.

            “Lily Evans, you are the most gorgeous dancer I have met…will you go out with me.”

            Yet, Veronica noted, Lily seemed to have not noticed as she had already made her way to Cal. She smiled swiflty at James, feeling bad for him, before mouthing, “She’ll come around one day.”

            Looking at Remus, she sighed in happiness. She had found the perfect someone in her life. The one who seemed to complete her, to fill that empty space in her heart. Kissing him she laughed as he responded, a laugh of pure joy. Normally she would have never danced like that in front of everyone, no matter if Lily requested the song or not. Yet, she was too happy to care about what anyone else said.

            Remus staring into her aqua eyes couldn’t believe he was with such an exquistive girl. When he had explained he was a werewolf she merely shrugged it off, saying that it only happen 12 times in a year. She didn’t care that he was a monster.

            “You are my life,” he whispered before they danced the rest of the night away.










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