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She can't be a Malfoy by StoryLover
Chapter 4 : Do i know you?
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I wake up early, as usual, but feel disgusting. The first thing I do is take a shower. After a very refreshing shower, I look at the time and figure I should probably get out of the common room before Parkinson, or any of Draco’s friends for that matter, wake up and notice that I’m not where I said I’d be. Wait, why does that mater? Oh yeah, I decided earlier that I didn’t want to be on their bad side, seeing as I’ll be living with them for the next three years. And anyone of them could decide to write their parents, or even my father, causing me a lot of problems. Holiday is only a week and a half away. Not long enough for my father’s anger to cool off. I shiver; I don’t even want to think about what would happen then.

I make it out of the common room unseen, but why wouldn’t I? I mean, it’s six in the morning, on a Sunday. Nobody’s awake. I then come to another dilemma. How do I find the common room entrance again? I look around for some way to find it. I then find that the entrance is the middle of two paintings of… potions? Boiling potions. A dodgy witch walks into one of them and asks, “What are you looking at? I have every right to make any potion I want.” As soon as she finishes her sentence, the potion in front of her blows up. She leaves the frame muttering, without even bothering to put out the fire on the hem of her cloak. I will definitely be able to find this place again now.

I find my way out of the dungeon somehow, to find it looking like the start of a beautiful day outside. Now, where to start the day. It would probably be best to start wandering around the castle first. That way I would be able to explore in peace.

I wander through the first and second floor before I meet anyone. Just as I’m heading to the third floor, I run into one of the boys from last night. He looks a lot different in decent light. Almost as if I’ve seen him before last night, since I didn’t get a very good look at the boys in such dim light. I just couldn’t remember when. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I need to pay more attention to where I’m walking, and less to the walls. I’m Kate, by the way.” I say with a smile. The boy looks surprised by my apology but quickly gets over his shock and introduces himself.

“I’m Fred. Fred Weasley,” the boys says. “Don’t worry about it. No damage done.” Weasley… Weasley… where do I know that name from?

“Do you happen to be related to a Ron Weasley?” I ask. “I met him yesterday.” Now that I think about it, they do look quite alike.

A smile appears on his face as he says, “I am, he's a good test subject.”

“Test subject?” I ask. “For what? Oh, for the stuff like those things you used on Draco last night?”

“Yeah, you see, George and I want to start a joke shop and we tend to come up with quite a few ideas, but they need to be tested. That’s where Ron comes in, usually,” Fred says enthusiastically. “How do you know Malfoy? I’ve never seen you around here before.”

Here we go, and the questions begin. “I’m Draco’s sister,” I begin. The look on Fred’s face is hilarious. He looks surprised but also like he thinks it’s quite funny. “I’m transferring from Durmstrang and will be starting here next term. I’m here early so I can get some tests done and get to know the place and professors better,” I explain. I might as well answer all of his questions now. “Durmstrang is quite boring the last few weeks, seeing as the older students are all studying for their big exams and don’t appreciate interruptions. It’s easy enough to just take the exams early and be done with them, but they usually don’t allow that.” I can tell by the look on Fred’s face that he is still just interested in the fact that I’m a Malfoy.

“You don’t look much like a Malfoy. Well, at least your hair doesn’t. It’s darker than the rest of your family’s,” Fred points out. It’s always been a tad darker but never noticeably.

“It is, but nobody’s ever noticed that before. It’s from my mother I suppose. Her being a Black and all,” I say. “I suppose I should be off. I want to get through most of the castle before everyone’s up. Less people to run into when everyone’s in bed,” I say as I turn to leave.

“Wait. George and I were just about to meet up to prank Filch. Would you like to join us? You seem like someone who might enjoy it. Afterwards, George and I could show you around. We know this castle better than most,” Fred suggested.

“I would love to, but I can’t be getting any detentions right before holiday. There wouldn’t be much time for my father to 'forget' about it before I got home, not that he forgets anything. He normally would just send a very strong letter or howler and end up not bringing it up again since I’d have done something else by the next holiday,” I regretfully explain.

“Don’t worry about that,” Fred says, “we don’t normally get caught. And besides, this is a low risk prank. It’ll be fine.” He reassures. The look of hopefulness on his face is the deciding factor. I sure hope he’s right about not being caught.

“Fine, if you’re sure we won’t get caught. I suppose I could tag along,” I say. Fred is so excited he nearly drags me through the many corridors of the school. We finally meet George in an empty classroom on the fourth floor. He has a bag beside him, which looked quite full.

“Fred, finally. What took you so long? And who is this?” George asks. Fred introduces me.

“This is Kate Malfoy. We met her last night. Remember?” Fred heads over to the bag George had brought. He took out some mysterious blue powder.

“Oh, yeah. The girl we thought might be related to Malfoy. I’m George. Fred’s twin, if you didn’t notice already,” says George.

“I figured you two were twins,” I comment. George then picks up the bag.

“We better get going before everyone else is up,” George says as he puts the bag of powder over his shoulder. “It’s time we find Filch.”

It doesn’t take long for us to find him. The twins seem to know exactly where he is. Almost as if they know his schedule. As soon as we find Filch, the twins turn and start heading in the opposite direction. I follow, not knowing what they’re doing, but deciding I’d wait and see. As we approach another of the many corridors on the third floor, George stops and takes a bucket of the blue powder out of the bag. Meanwhile, Fred peers around the corner, searching for Filch. Fred then pulls a candy out of his pocket. “Alright, Kate, here’s the plan. You and me are going to step into that corridor just before Filch does. I’m going to give you this candy, and we both need to act as if we shouldn’t be doing this. You think you can do that?” George asks expectantly. “Oh and then I need you to give Filch the candy.”

“Yeah, but I told you, Fred, I can’t get detention while I’m here for these two weeks. My father would kill me.” I explain, a worried look on my face.

“Don’t worry about it. You won’t get in trouble. Trust me,” Fred says, trying to reassure me. “Now quick, Filch is coming. Follow my lead, Kate.” Fred steps into the adjacent corridor and I quickly follow. He looks around suspiciously, as Filch comes around the corner. Fred hands me the candy. I freeze as I look at Filch with fear frozen on my face. Filch yells something at us as he runs toward us. Fred starts running down the corridor. I, remembering Fred’s orders, stay and wait for Filch to reach me.

When he finally does, he grabs the small candy from my hand. From behind Filch, I see George signaling me to back up. I do as he wants, while Filch starts to tell me how much trouble I’ll be in once he figures out what the candy-looking thing is. As I’m backing away from Filch, who is studying the candy and paying no attention to me, I notice that the bucket George was holding earlier is hovering just above Filch’s head. Once I am about a yard away from Filch, the bucket flips upside down, dumping the blue powder all over Filch. Filch’s face suddenly goes blank, and his eyes glaze over. George comes out from the other corridor and tells me to come back over there. I sprint back to the twins as they peer around the corner, waiting for something. A moment later, Filch looks at the candy with a confused look on his face. He takes the rapper of the candy and eats it. Seconds later Filch has a bunch of pussy boils on his face. He doesn’t seem to notice until he reaches to scratch his nose and pops one of them. Filch starts rushing down the corridor to who knows where.

As soon as Filch was gone, the three of us burst out laughing. That was quite hilarious. But I’m still curious as to what that blue powder is? And that candy? “What was that?” I ask between laughing fits.

“Why that, my dear lady, was what we like to call a prank,” says Fred in a suddenly formal manner, which makes me laugh even harder.

“Yes, but what is that blue stuff? And that candy?” I ask. The very thought of that brings out more laughter. I don’t think I can handle much more of this.

“We can hardly tell you if you keep laughing like that. Someone might think you’re daft or something,” George comments.

“Okay, okay,” I say while calming myself down, “Now tell me.”

“This,” Fred explains as he takes another candy out of his pocket, “is a Fever Fudge, experimental obviously, but we’re just so close to making it perfect, just a few little side effects, but nothing life threatening.”

“Wow, you guys are amazing. Brilliant, even. Now, what was the other stuff?” I ask, looking at the bag that is still setting next to George.

“That would be our equivalent of a memory charm,” George explains, “it alters the memory of the affected, to make them believe –“

“They were doing what ever it was they were doing five to ten minutes earlier, for the past five minutes. It gives a person about a minute to get away from the affected person while their memory is being altered,” Fred finishes.

“What happens if you don’t get away in time?” I ask curiously. These guys really are genius’s.

“Well, then the charm doesn’t work. The affected person remembers everything,” George explains.

“Blimey, you two really are brilliant.” I think back to the prank again, and instantly start snickering. I really need to stop thinking about that. People may just start thinking I am daft. “Now where is this tour Fred promised me?” I ask to George’s surprise.

“Right this way, my lady,” Fred says while leading me down the corridor. “George, meet us in a few?” he asks.

“Of course,” George responds with a knowing look on his face. He then turns to head in the direction of the Gryffindor common room, I assume.

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