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Testing Fate by Bookworm045
Chapter 1 : A Promise
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Testing Fate

From the Beginning

Three little kids ran through the tall grass, laughing and squealing as they occasionally lost sight of one another when the height of the grass got taller than average.

These six year olds had been left here to play by their parents, all of whom were a world away in the house that could barely be seen in the distance.

Finally they paused, and the red head, the only girl, dropped to the ground, her white dress fanning out around her body and her long messy red curls fanned around her face. She quickly slipped off her matching sandals that had been dubbed ‘cute’ and ‘dainty’, wrinkling her nose as she threw them as far as she could.

“Rosie, Auntie Mione is gonna get mad if you lose those again,” her black haired cousin warned as he saw her smug grin, and he plopped down in the grass too, staying seated for a moment, before laying down too, his black haired head touching Rose’s. His green t-shirt with the orange dinosaur on it was slightly big on him, as were his beige shorts. He didn’t kick off his sneakers though.

“But they’re ugly!” Rose Weasley complained, turning to her cousin, giggling slightly, “How ‘bout you wear them, Albus, and I’ll wear your shoes!”

Albus Potter wrinkled his nose and shook his head, grinning crookedly when Rose gave him a pointed look.

The third child finally plopped down near his friends, laying down immediately, his head touching both Albus’s and Rose’s, so they formed sort of a triangle star with their bodies.

His blond hair merged with his friends and he laughed at Albus’s expression. “Don’t worry, Rosie, you can wear my shoes.” He said cheerfully. “But I’m not wearing yours.”

“Thank you Scorpius,” Rose sniffed, smacking Albus with her hand. Scorpius laughed, his small form shaking in his own ‘play clothes’, which consisted of a shirt like Albus’s but blue with a red dinosaur on it, and beige shorts.

They stayed there in silence for a long while, their panting slowing down as they rested in the sunlight. Rose grabbed the hands of both Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter, pulling them towards her stomach, holding them tightly as she thought hard.

“Promise me,” She whispered softly, looking on the verge of tears at the thought of what was yet to come, change, at the thought that they would say no, “That we’ll always stay friends, best friends, no matter what. That even later, when we’re older and in school, or grown-ups, that we’ll be best friends. That we won’t forget each other. That we won’t hate each other. We’ll always be there for one another.”

She felt her eyes well up in tears, but she blinked them back and smiled gently as both boys squeezed her hands back hard.

“Promise,” She insisted after a moment, when they didn’t speak.

“Promise.” Albus whispered back, squeezing her hand again.

“Promise.” Scorpius agreed, nodding slightly.

After a few more minutes of silence, where Rose continued to blink back tears as she held their hands tightly, they stood up again and ran off into the distance, the sun on their backs, squealing and laughing again, as the serious words spoken of a six year old left their minds, and the innocence that they had came out again.

As they continued to play together.

Best friends.


So, the story itself is 567 words, which I find cool. Nothing much to say, really, other than I hope you liked it and please review!
Also, I might use this as a prequel to another R/S fic, not just NTW. Depends on if I ever decide to write it though. So, here's to waiting and hoping.

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Testing Fate: A Promise


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