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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 12 : Finally.
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Chapter 12

            “It’s done.” Harry said, standing over Lucius Malfoy. “It’s over Malfoy.” He said. Ron came running up to Harry, who had just finished fighting another Death Eater. Their faces were cut, their eyes sunken in from the lack of sleep. The blood running down their face slowly, eventually coming to a stop when it had settled there long enough.

            “Is that it mate?” Ron asked. 

            “Yeah these were the last two.” He said; out of breathe from the duel. “Now we have to contact Kingsley. He wanted us to report back to him.” Harry took out his floo caller and made it contact Kingsley. He answered within a heartbeat.

            “You two have succeeded I hope.” He said.

            “Yes we have sir. We have Lucius Malfoy and Richard Crabbe under body locking curse sir. ” He replied back.

            “Excellent. Now, would you please wait there until the Azkaban Prison Guards come to get them.” He said.

            “Yes Sir.” Harry said.

            “Good work Harry.” He said, shutting down the floo call before Harry could respond. He looked over at Ron, who was sitting on a curb. He looked anxious.

            “Why so anxious Ron?” Harry asked, sitting down next to him. 

            “Lots of bloody reasons mate. Lots of bloody reasons…..” He 

            “Where’d you put Crabbe’s body?” He asked. It sounded like they had killed him, but they hadn’t. They just petrificus totalus-ed them and then the guards would undo the spell after they were in their prison cell.

            “Over next to Malfoy. He was a hard one to fight, but I saw you and Lucius going at it.” He said. “Heard a couple windows break, and some bone snapping.” He said.

            “Oh yeah. Malfoy sent a curse at my chest, and it hit my left arm. Good thing that wasn’t my wand hand.” He said.

            “Tell me about it. So Kingsley is going to be here when……” Ron asked.

            “I don’t know. Probably around…” He said, and then two prison guards apparated ten feet away from them. “Now.” 

            “Where are they?” They asked in a deep toned voice. 

            “Over there.” Harry pointed. They walked over and with a flick of a wand, both of the convicted death eaters were sent to Azkaban. One went with the two, one did not. The one that stayed started walking towards them and gave them a scroll of some sorts. 

            “You are free to go back home.” He simply said, and then popped away. Harry and Ron smiled and then apparated back to their tent, where they would retrieve their belongings and go back to the burrow. Go back home.

            Harry and Ron put all of their belongings in their pockets. After they had shrinked them of course. They locked arms, and got sucked into the horrible feeling of apparition. They landed on the front porch, same as Harry did with Ginny almost an entire month ago. They both opened the door and walked in. 

            “Mum! We’re home!” Ron yelled through the house. Ron expected Mrs. Weasley to be the first one to come at the, but she wasn’t. And Harry knew perfectly well who it would be. 

            “RON!” Hermione said, bounding into him just as she had when they first saw each other at the train station. He swung her around and finished the circle with a kiss. Harry hoped that Ginny was here, but he had a feeling she wasn’t. Once Ron and Hermione finished all their lovey-dovey talk, Hermione came over to Harry and hugged him. Harry winced as Hermione was putting slight pressure on his arm, making it feel as if needles were stabbing him.

            “I know what you’re thinking Harry.” She said as they let go of each other. “She went back to Hogwarts. Molly wouldn’t let her stay for some reason.” She explained. 

            “Oh.” Harry said awkwardly walking into the lounge. He walked into the kitchen, and grabbed what he could eat. He hadn’t had a decent meal since Christmas Day. He grabbed bread, pumpkin juice, more bread, and his favorite, Treacle Tart. He put them down the table, and dug in. Ron hadn’t come in for food yet, and they had been home for at least fifteen minutes. The only thing that would stop Ron from getting food was……

            “That explains things.” Harry said, standing in front of Ron’s door that had a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign. Harry just laughed and walked right into his room, or Ginny’s room. It looked as if nobody had touched it for years, excluding the crumpled up balls of paper that were thrown about the room. He leaned on the chair, forgetting that his arm was broken, and heard it snap even more. 

            He bit his lip, trying not to scream out in pain. He grabbed his arm, and walked downstairs. He opened the potion pantry, hoping they had at least something for the pain. He looked through all the bottles. Headache, Skele-Grow, and the contraceptive potion seemed to be gone. 

            “Ron…” He laughed under his breath. He kept looking for something for broken bones, but nothing was there. “Okay so they have a contraceptive potion but no potion for pain.” He said. He had to explore his other options in which he could take away the pain. He considered St. Mungo’s but they had other things that were worse than a broken arm and a couple scratches. Buying the potion from a store, make it himself, which could both end up potentially problematic. The only reasonable place he could think of was Hogwarts, and that could help with two things. His broken arm and his aching heart. 

            He walked over to the fireplace and called out ‘Hogwarts Headmistress Office.’ Professor McGonagall answered the call five rings later.

            “Mr. Potter.” She said surprised. “What makes you call me at this late hour?” She asked.

            “Well, I have a slight problem.” He said.

            “And what would be this ‘slight problem’ of yours?” She asked before he could even go on. 

            “I was recently on a mission and a death eater cast a spell that broke my arm. I don’t have any potion and St. Mungo’s has other things to care about.” He explained.

            “So you would like to use the help of Madam Pomfrey.” She said.

            “Yeah that was sort of my intention.” He said smiling. “And I was also wondering if I could stay there for a week?”

            “And does Ms. Weasley have anything to do with this sudden want of yours?” She asked. Harry hoped she wouldn’t take it the wrong way, but he answered nonetheless. 

            “Yes, it does actually, and I just wanted to relook a couple of things.” He said.

            “You may stay here for a week, but only a week’s time; and no longer. Ms. Weasley has schoolwork to do and I suspect that you have some work of your own to accomplish, am I wrong?”

            “No professor. Not at all. I best be going now.” He said.

            “Here I hope. That arm of yours can do nothing but get worse without some medical attention.” She said.

            “Of course.” He said, shutting down the call. He had to leave some sort of note that he was going to be gone for a week. He grabbed a piece of parchment, and scribbled down a letter explained everything. A couple don’t worry’s and an I’ll be back were written into that letter. He went upstairs, packed his things, and went into the fireplace and called ‘Hogwarts!’

            The green whished around him, and he was then transported into the Headmistress’s Office. She was sitting in her chair, writing some sort of letter. 

            “Mr. Potter. Madam Pomfrey is eager to see you. She hasn’t had a decent case since you and the Weasley Twins left.” She said. 

            “Oh yeah.” Harry said quietly, silently remembering the humorous soul of Fred Weasley. And he also noticed a small glint of remembering in McGonagall’s cat-like eyes. She then quietly forbid him goodbye and sent him to the hospital wing. He looked around, and saw that most of the castle had been repaired, with the exceptions of some areas in which nobody wanted to touch.

            Harry walked to the wing, and entered it to find Madam Pomfrey standing by a bed. 

            “Oh Mr. Potter. It’s been a long time since I have seen you here.” She said as he walked towards her.

            “Yes it does seem that way doesn’t it?” He said, sitting up on the bed. 

             “Minerva has given word to me that you have come to seek my medical attention. Now, what is it we have here?” She asked, looking at his wrist. He winced as she picked it up, and she cast a spell. It felt better, but there was that lingering switch of pain still left in his wrist. “You will still have a little pain for about fifteen minutes, but then it will be completely healed.”

            “Thank you Madam Pomfrey.” He said as she walked away.

            “Always a pleasure.” She said, and then closed the door to her office. Harry got up, and made his way out the door. He thought about Ron and Hermione, and laughed at the thought of what they were probably doing at that moment.


            Ron was lying in bed, just waking up from a nap after his second big physical activity for the day. He hadn’t had a decent sleep since he last saw her. He looked at the bathroom and saw Hermione in the mirror. She was brushing her hair, which was silky after a steamy shower. She was baring no clothes, nor anything else. Ron looked at her curves, her body, her face. All so beautiful to him. 

            He stood up and leaned against the wall that was nearest to the bathroom. Hermione came out; all she wore was a towel. Ron came up behind her, and hugged her. 

            “You know, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” He said, kissing her neck. She smiled, turned around and kissed him. “And the smartest too.” He added, three kisses later.

            “Well that one is just obvious.” She said grinning. “Smart enough to cast a silencing charm right.” She said teasing him.

            “It’s not my fault!” He said defensively. “You were saying all these bad things and I had to cast it quickly!” He said under pressure.

            “Yeah, quickly enough so Ginny has to talk to me about it.” She said. 

            “And Harry talked to me about it. He said that my spell was terrible and you should’ve cast it.” He said.

            “Yeah that’s really weird.” She said. “They both talked to us about it.” She said. 

            “People talk hun.” He said, kissing her cheek. “I’m going downstairs to go get some food.” He said, standing by the door.

            “Shocker.” She said, looking at him. He just looked at her and then left down the stairs. The stairs seemed to get longer as his stomach grew hungrier. He finally reached the end, and practically ran to the pantry. He put the contraceptive potion back in its place, hoping no one had noticed that he had taken it. He began making a sandwich when he heard his mum come in through the front door. 

            “Hermione dear I’m home!” She said throughout the house. Every year she aged, that voice never got a tiny bit softer.  He then saw a note on the counter, and shoved it in his pocket before his mum could see it. He hid it, even though he had no idea what was on it.

            “I think someone is here to see you Molly.” Hermione said, strolling down the stairs in her pajamas. 

            “Who could come here to see me dear?” She said. And that’s when Ron stepped out of the kitchen, into Mrs. Weasley’s view. Ron then realize, he and his bones immediately regretted it. Mrs. Weasley created a one-woman-stampede towards Ron and crushed him into a hug. 

            “You’re back!” She said. “And look at those cheekbones! We need to get some food in you Ronald Weasley! And no doubt Harry is exactly the same.” She said.

            “About that….” Hermione said. “Harry went to Hogwarts for a week. He broke his arm and needed some treatment. He will be back next weekend.” Hermione said. Ron looked at her, confused about what she had just said. 

            “Oh.Okay dear, now Ron. I must make you a late-night snack.” She said, scurrying into the kitchen and rummaging through the pantry for something to make for Ron. 

            “Hermione how’d you?” He asked. She held up the crumpled up note that used to be shoved in Ron’s pajama pocket. 

            “Saw you put the note in your pocket and just took it.” She said grinning. “He’s gone off to see Ginny.” She said. Ron just shrugged, shook it out of his mind, and went into the kitchen to eat the sandwich and whatever else his mum gave him. 


            Ginny looked up at the stars, looking at each individual shining star. It shone in the night, lighting up the grounds. The moonlight glowed on the lake, in which she had dove into last week with Luna. Just for the fun of it. Every night since the beginning of sixth year, she would come up to the Astronomy Tower and just look at the stars. Stealing Harry’s Invisibility Cloak helped a lot with the sneaking around. 

            It was almost every day that she would look at the grounds and think of Harry, even before they had gotten together. Sometimes she imagined his voice in her head. 

            “Hey Beautiful.” She heard his voice say. She just looked back out, and then realized that the voice was actually real. She turned around to see Harry, standing there smiling. She turned around and threw herself at him. He embraced her, hugging her. She kissed him.

            “You’re here.” She said after they were finished. 

            “Of course I am.” He said softly. 

            “I missed you.” She said.

            “I missed you too.” She said kissing him passionately. He returned with such fierceness, such hunger, that this was the first time they both felt it was right. The two lovers then fell on top of each other, mending their souls into one.


Author's Note: I have wanted to write this forever :) and for people re-reading the story (I doubt anybody is though), I changed the part to be age appropriate. I just felt like it was something I need to do ^_^ This is a re-write of an author's note, just an FYI ^_^ haha please review :) I love u!



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