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blood. by FannyPrice
Chapter 15 : Treason
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“Malfoy,” Teddy whispered. His voice was barely audible as he stood surveying Brian’s body.

Dexter heard him and snapped his head toward his friend, comprehension quickly dawning on his face. The slightest of nods let Teddy know that Dex agreed, that their best and only suspect was Scorpius.

Teddy turned slowly to see the others gathered around the entry to the room, each face looked caught between terror and numbness, and he could tell that every single one of them would never be able to fully recover from what they had seen this day. And if he didn’t do something to stop the murderer, they would never even make it out alive. That he knew for certain.

Determination laced his voice when he asked the group about the two conspiculously absent faces. “Where is Malfoy and Rose?”

Victoire lowered her hand from her mouth, looking surprised at his tone. She turned to look behind her and answered his question, “They must still be in the corridor.”
Teddy pushed through the group, Dexter following close behind.

!” He shouted as soon as Scorpius came into view. Teddy caught the wand easily in one hand, and left his own wand trained on the shocked looking young man.
“Hands up!”

“Teddy!” Rose gasped, “What are you doing?”

“Don’t interfere, Rose,” Teddy dismissed her briefly, before barking more orders at Scorpius, who stood with his arms raised above his head. “The dining room. Move now!”

Scorpius backed into the dining room slowly, confusion and fear evident in his expression.

“SIT DOWN,” Teddy shouted at Scorpius as he violently flung him into a high-backed wooden chair, “And STAY THERE.”

Scorpius winced as his spine collided with the hard surface of his chair, and, though shock and resentment crossed his face, he didn’t consider trying to get up while Teddy’s and Dexter’s wands were trained on him.

“What are you doing? Let him go!” He heard Rose shout somewhere off in the background. Scorpius could understand her confusion. One moment he was standing in the corridor with her as the others investigated Brian’s body, and the next he was disarmed, shouted at, and forced into the dining room at wand point. Looking past the physical pain, Scorpius searched the confused and horrified faces of the others before he finally caught sight of Rose being restrained by her brother from rushing to his aid.

Teddy mumbled something to Dexter, and the latter started moving around the room casting charms and defensive spells. Teddy turned his attention back to Scorpius, a menacing gleam in his eyes.

“I just have two questions,” the older man seethed down at his captive,”how and why?”

Scorpius’s confusion deepened. “How and why…how and why what?”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean.”

“But…I don’t kno—”

Rose gasped, and for a moment, she tried to rush forward to Scorpius, but Hugo tightened his grip around her. “Surely, you don’t think—”

Obviously annoyed, Teddy turned to look at Rose, “That’s exactly what I think.”

“BUT THAT’S RIDICULOUS!” Rose shouted, struggling again. “SCORPIUS IS NOT A KILLER!”

“W-Wh-What?” Scorpius stammered, as all the other faces in the room donned a look of comprehension in the silence that followed Rose’s outburst. “You think that I…did this?”
Teddy made no response except to stare coldly at Scorpius. The others remained stoically silent as well, following his lead.

Rose pushed through her brother’s grasp and rushed to Scorpius’s side.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Dexter hissed in warning, swinging his wand onto Rose. “I’d get back from him, girly, unless your itching to end up like the others.”

“Get. Your. Wand. Off. MY SISTER, GADSBY OR I SWEAR TO CIRCE YOU”LL BE ON THE GROUND FASTER THAN YOU CAN SAY ‘STUPEFY’!” Hugo called dangerously from the other side of Teddy, his wand drawn and pointed at Dexter.

“Ohmygod…ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod…” Dominique mumbled erratically, unable to bear anymore of the noise. “Can’t you people see that the only thing we need to do is get the hell off this island!”

“I’m with Dom!” Rose agreed quickly, “Staying here is just breaking us down—tearing us apart…I bet that’s exactly what whoever is doing this to us wants.”

“And I bet you anything,” Dexter interjected, still holding his wand on a frightened looking Scorpius,”that whoever is doing this didn’t leave us any escape roots.”

Hugo and Teddy nodded mutely.

“But we will never know unless we try!” Rose exclaimed, desperation invading her voice as she hung tightly by Scorpius’ side. Hugo stood close by his sister, looking alert and ready to jump in if things should become violent.

She blinked and hung even closer to Scorpious at the look of contempt from Teddy, which softened slightly when Victoire placed her hand gently on his wand arm.

“Babe,” she whispered,”Isn’t it worth a shot before…?” Victoire trailed off, unable to find the right words to fit the situation. She wondered if there even were words to fit this situation…everything seemed so unreal and bizarre—her family turning against each other, murder after murder—that she doubted a word had ever been invented to truly describe what was unfolding before her eyes.

Teddy slowly lowered his wand, and with a slight nod to Dexter, indicated that he should do the same. Though he seemed hesitant, Dex also lowered his wand. Tension in the room eased slightly, and Rose even seemed a little relieved as she smiled down at Scorpius, who made to get up from the chair.

As though a trigger had been pulled, Scorpius was thrown back, his hands snapping to his sides, and Rose let out a small shriek as ropes magically appeared and wrapped themselves around Scorpius pinning him to his chair.

“What are you doing?” She shouted at her boyfriend’s attacker.

Several pairs of shocked eyes turned towards Teddy, who still had a vicious sneer across his face as he fully relaxed his wand arm. “I want to make sure we can get out of here first before I let him go.”

Rose felt fury rise within her as she flushed an indignant shade of red. For once, she seemed truly speechless as she gaped at her remaining family members, all of whom refused to meet her eye except for Teddy who stared at her critically before turning away.
“We need to check the fireplaces first, but there are a lot of them here.”

“It will be faster if we spilt up,” Dexter suggested, “But…”

“Exactly, splitting up is a bad idea. We should go around in a group.”

Rose watched on silently as her family migrated towards the two scheming men, ignoring both her and the terrified look on Scorpius’s face.

“What if the fireplaces don’t work?” Victoire queried.

“I saw a dock when we came in,” Lysander joined in, “maybe there’s a boat.”

“Right,” Teddy added, “it doesnt have to get us home, just somewhere—”

“Not here,” Victoire finished.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!” Rose shouted suddenly, calling the group’s attention back to herself as she stepped forward to appeal to Teddy. “Please! Just stop and look at what you’re doing!”

Teddy turned towards Rose, his voice dangerously low as he spoke. “I think we know what you’re letter meant now.”

Rose felt her jaw drop, as her eyes filled with shock and hurt as she looked up at the older man. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She breathed.

“Treason,” Dexter stated conspiratorially from nearby.

Rose flicked her eyes to Dex momentarily, fighting back the tears that sprang to her eyes by staring at the empty space somewhere to the left of Teddy.

“Are you really going to choose him over your own family, Rose? Are you really going to pick a Malfoy? Teddy spat the name like poison, his voice dripping with malice as he stared down the younger woman, not caring that her breath was hitching as she blinked away tears.

Rose opened and closed her mouth without making a noise as she struggled to comprehend the full meaning of Teddy’s words. Finally, just as he had turned away from her again, Rose regained her voice. “You really have gone insane!” She screeched.
“You’re blaming Scorpius because of his family? Are you serious?”

“Are you?” Teddy shouted as he spun back around, startling Rose into taking a step back from him. “Malfoy as the killer is the only thing that makes sense.”

Rose quickly composed herself and snapped, “The only thing that makes sense! It doesn’t make any sense at all to hold someone for crimes that their parents and grandparents committed.” Rose paused to catch her breath, as she glared around at her cousins and Dex. “I thought our family had gotten over this—I thought we were better than this!”

“Oi! Get off your high horse, will you!” Dexter piped up, licking his bottom lip excitedly as he joined in with Teddy, “if you remember, he was the only one down here when Brian was murdered!”

“Yeah, he was, but Brian was falling apart, remember? Maybe he killed himself!”

There were a few horrified gasps at the announcement that Rose ignored, just like the fury that crossed both Dexter’s and Teddy’s faces at the accusation.

“Wands don’t work against their owners,” Teddy seethed.

“Fine. He was murdered—but Scorpius swears he wasn’t in the room when it happened, and more importantly—tell me how exactly Scorpius took out James and Albus when he was downstairs?”

“I don’t know,” Teddy hissed, “but I do know Brian was alive when I left him alone with your boyfriend, Rose, and, when I came back, he was dead. Scorpius was the only one downstairs!”



“How can you be so sure,” she said, her voice low, “We haven’t checked the entire island, and—” Rose hesitated before saying her next words, “And how do we know that everyone we presumed dead actually is dead?”

Rose could feel several confused pairs of eyes on her. Teddy’s eyebrows pinched together as he took in what Rose was insinuating, his eyes narrowing dangerously as he finally understood the accusation. “You fool,” he began quietly, his voice growing louder with each word, “You really love Malfoy so much, that you would rather believe that one of your own family members is responsible for this?”

The room grew deathly quiet as all eyes hung on Rose. She stood frozen to the spot. She could practically hear the disappointment that resided in their faces. She could tell that they were all beginning to think that this was exactly what her letter meant. Rose knew what she had to say, knew what the fall out was going to be, but she wasn’t sure if she had the guts to say it. She turned her head to look at Scorpius, tied helplessly to the chair, his eyes fearfully darting back and forth between her and the others.

Rose breathed deeply, considering her words carefully. “Well…its just that…that Dominique and Lysander have already proven to us that they are capable of murder, so why is it so difficult to believe that one of us could do something like this?” Rose picked up her pace with every word, as the congregated family members let out small noises of shock and disgust.

“You bitch,” Dominique seethed from a corner, as Dexter shot Rose a smug look of victory.

Victoire was shaking her head violently, while Hugo looked like his eyes were about to bug out of his head, his jaw slack.

“BECAUSE THEY ARE YOUR FAMILY, ROSE!” Teddy shouted once again, his voice reaching a deafening volume that made Rose flinch and caused the paintings on the wall to vibrate.

Bravely she plundered on, “I just don’t get it! Anyone is capable of anything—its logical to assume that any of us, family or not could be the killer!”

Dexter rolled his eyes, as Teddy continued to dig into Rose as if he almost enjoyed it. “You Ravenclaws and your fucking logic—you have no sense of loyalty. I’m surprised you even hung by your boyfriend this long.”

“Really, Ted? Am I next on your suspect list, because I wasn’t a Gryffindor like everyone else? Is Scorpius also suspect because he was in Slytherin, along with Al and Dex, who—I feel prudent to remind you—is also not family.”

“Oooh, thats a dangerous accusation, dearie,” Dexter mocked. Rose glared at him.

“Rose,” Victoire piped up, shaking her hair back from her eyes as she stepped forward, “listen to yourself—”

“Listen to myself? Listen to you people!”

“Rose,” Victoire interjected calmly,”Al was attacked along with James! And Dex—he’s been with us the entire time, just like Dom and Lysander….Scorpius really is the only person who makes sense.”

“But it still doesn’t make any sense, Vic,” Rose pleaded,”It doesn—”

“Well,” Teddy cut her off, taking control of the conversation again, “its the only guess we got. We got to try and find a way off this island, and Malfoy is going to stay tied up until we do—for everyone’s safety.”

“Except his,” Rose stated quietly.

Teddy made no reply, except to stare coldly at Rose, before turning away to strategize  the best method of checking all the fireplaces.

A/N: Sorry for the delay between updates! I've got a few chapters pre-written so hopefully ill update faster. ALSO if you left a review and i have not responded I AM SORRY and I'm working on answering all my reviews! I feel awful for letting myself get behind, but I am working to rectify the situations. Thanks again for all your support and continuing to read!

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