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The Art of Seduction by hp77fanactic
Chapter 13 : Strange
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Hermione couldn’t stand Amelia! It was obvious Blaise wasn’t available, right? He might not realize it, but Amelia had been flirting with him and it got out on Hermione’s last nerve. Who did she think she was? She couldn’t just come in and have any guy she wanted, Blaise was hers.

Well, he was more or less hers.

Besides, Amelia had Draco! If she had Draco, why would she want Blaise? Draco was so much,- NO. He wasn’t better than Blaise.

Hermione sighed and stopped pacing, paused, then flopped onto her bed. It wasn’t fair at all. She hated girls that just assumed everything was theirs, girls that were the female version of Malfoy. Maybe that’s why they were together – they were both snobs. How dare Ron say she was a snob when she was clearly nothing like them.

A soft knock sounded at her door, and she knew it was Blaise.

“Go away.”

Blaise sighed, though she didn’t hear through the wood. “Come on, unlock the door...”






Blaise sighed and hit his head against the door. He could understand why she was frustrated, he really could. He knew that she wanted to make things better between them, just like he did. But how was he supposed to do that if she wouldn’t even let him in to talk? Their whole plan wasn’t going to be thrown out the window after less than a full week, he wouldn’t allow it.

“If you don’t unlock this door, I swear I’ll break it down.”

There was a pause before a soft click and a creak as the door slowly slid open. Hermione was still in her workout clothes but her eyes looked a little red, as if she could cry at any moment but was trying not to. One hand was clutching the doorknob and the other was repeatedly stroking the ends of her hair.

“Come on in...”

He took a step inside and wrapped his arms around her small frame, one hand stroking her hair. “You’re better than this, big girls don’t cry.”

Hermione didn’t respond, instead just let go and shuffled over to the bed and sat down clutching a pillow to her chest. Of course she wanted to talk things out with Blaise, but what could they really talk about? It wasn’t a relationship, not really. Under normal circumstances they wouldn’t even have talked. He was only here because he was expecting to be her first lover when all this was said and done. How could she say she felt jealous, and scared he’d leave, and hurt? That would show more attachment than she was supposed to have...

Blaise sat down across from her. “What are you thinking about?”

Of course he was trying to be sweet. “Nothing.”

“You’re a terrible liar, we need to work on that.”

Of course he’d only be thinking about their work. “Sure.”

She watched as he ran his fingers through his hair, something she had noticed he did when he was stressed or frustrated. “I feel like you’re not willing to talk this out.”

“Talk what out?”

“You know, this Amelia thing...”

“Is there something we should talk about?”

He let out a disgruntled sigh. “You got all upset about her laying her head on my knee!”

“Well she has a boyfriend, doesn’t she?”

“Is that really why you were pissed?”

“Does it matter?”

“It obviously does if you’re acting all hurt like this.”

Damn him for reading her like a book again. “Well what are your opinions on the whole thing since you obviously have all the answers?”

“I think Amelia is a twisted bitch, and I think you thought you’d lose me to her.”

She sighed. “So?”

Blaise reached out and took her hands in his, the pillow she was holding flopping lazily into her lap. “We agreed I’d be here for what you need, and what you need right now is someone to take care of you.”

“Why do you say that?”

He laughed. “Why do you assume I’m always the bad guy, incapable of feeling?”

She shrugged. “Because that’s the only side of you I’ve known for the past 6 years. And I don’t need anyone to take care of me, I can take care of myself.”

“Can you just let someone in for once?”

She wasn’t expecting that. “Stop assuming things!”

“It’s not an assumption if it’s true.”

“I let you in, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did. Now will you let me take care of you? It’s ok to admit you’re hurt, it’s not like I’m going to run off and tell the world that Hermione Granger is vulnerable.”

Hermione let go of his hands and began wringing hers together. “I’m a strong person, Zabini.”

“I know you are Granger. But you don’t realize that don’t have to be strong all the time. Let’s just take a break from all this sex sells stuff and just... Come here and let me hold you, please? I need it, wether you believe me or not.”

He needed her bad. He had spent the past week in her presence almost constantly and right now, he needed her. What had just happened with Amelia was unexpected, and he felt like it was an out of body experience, one he never wanted to have again. He wanted someone real, something real to hold on to, and the only one he wanted was her.

She was doing strange things to him.

Blaise closed his eyes and tipped his head back, knowing she was too stubborn to believe him. He was debating wether he should just get up and leave and talk to her in the morning, but just as the thought was passing through his mind, he felt the bed shift. She tentatively and slowly closed the small distance between them and put her arms around his neck, hugging him closely.

“I’m sorry...” she whispered, snuggling her face into the crook of his neck.

He turned his face and kissed her head. “Don’t be, you have nothing to apologize for.”

Hermione sighed. “I have to say I’m liking this romantic thing better than the being sexy thing.”

Blaise chuckled and stroked her back. “I’ll admit it has its nice moments.”

She pulled away and crawled back towards the head board, scooting the pillow she had been holding alongside her. “I just hate girls like that, and I know I’m kind of turning into one,”

“No. You’re not turning into one of those girls.”

Hermione layed down and looked at him. “I am though, I’m going to be exactly like her.”

Blaise crawled over and layed down next to her. “You’re going to have the confidence she has and the same attractive air, but you won’t be anything like her. You’re better than that.”

A blush crept on to Hermione’s cheeks and she looked away. “We should probably get some sleep...”

He nodded. “You know how we’re going to start working on the romantic side of your personality?”

She nodded back. “Yeah?”

“Well, perhaps I should stay the night with you.”


Blaise laughed as he placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. “I’ll be a gentleman, don’t worry. We’re not working on being sexual.” He paused. “Not tonight at least.”

Hermione swatted him playfully and sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed and standing. “You can sleep on the couch if you want, in the common room.”

“Or I could sleep here and show you what you’ve been missing out on the past seventeen years.”

“I’m not going to win, am I?”

He sat up and tilted his head. “I’ll sleep on the couch, don’t worry.”

Blaise took his time getting out of bed and walking out of her room, and he chuckled when she slammed the door behind him. He didn’t want to leave her alone with Draco and Amelia, who knew what their raucous love making would do to her? Besides, girls always wanted their boyfriends around when they were emotional, wether she’d admit she was emotional or not.

After an hour of trying to get to sleep unsuccessfully, he sighed and opened his eyes. The couches in the Head’s common room were very comfortable but he wanted to be in her bed again, trying to comfort her. Was he turning in to a sap? Why her of all people? And what would happen if they kept this sort of relationship up for a long period of time? He was romantic, sure, but it wasn’t something he practiced on a regular basis.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t hear Hermione come down the stairs into the common room until she cleared her throat.

“Yeah?” He looked over and bit his lip. Her hair had gone back to it’s natural curls and she was wearing a matching tank top and shorts set. She looked like a sleepy puppy as she wrung her hands together again yawning, her eyes barely staying open. “Are you ok?”

Her feet shuffled as she stared at him pleadingly. “I can’t sleep...”

Blaise chuckled and got up, sweeping her into his arms bridal style and kissing her lips softly. “I’ll tuck you in and stay with you til you go to sleep, ok?”

Hermione let her head rest against his chest as he carried her easily up the stairs. “I don’t want you to go away tonight.”

He placed her gently on the bed and she crawled to the pillows. “I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

She smiled and looked up at him sleepily. “Just come lay down and hold me.”

Blaise smiled as he pulled the covers up around her, then walked around her bed to the other side and climbed in next to her. She snuggled up next to him, her legs tangling with his and her head on his arm. Her wild curls were everywhere and she felt cold, but he didn’t mind. He’d hold her through the night if that’s she wanted.

Hermione couldn’t believe Blaise was in her bed holding her, but then again this whole thing with him was a little unbelievable. He felt warm as she snuggled up next to him, and he seemed content and relaxed as if they did this every night.

Just as she was drifting to sleep, he kissed her head and whispered, “I’m sorry about Amelia.”

“You didn’t do anything,” she mumbled, holding him closer.

He tried to smile. “Yeah..”

awwwwww don’t you just love blaise? i sure do, he’s a sweetie pie :] R/R!

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The Art of Seduction: Strange


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