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Only Time by inmyownlittleuniverse
Chapter 8 : Overnight Bag
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where we left off...
Without warning him, she decided to pay him a visit. She wrote a note to her friends, saying that she’d be gone for a couple days for personal reasons, but not to worry because she was going to be safe and would soon return. Leaving it down in the kitchen, she packed a small bag with a change of clothes and flooed to Naji.

Draco, whose eyes had large dark circles, was walking toward the fireplace when she arrived. He too had not been able to sleep well either, and was about to do exactly what Hermione had just done. When he saw the green fire and her standing in his fireplace, they both had the same inclination. Hermione walked slowly towards him and he dropped his overnight bag.



“I couldn’t-“

“Sleep. Yeah, I know the feeling. Come on. My bedroom is upstairs. I’ll sleep on the floor if you want.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary. Just don’t touch me.”


Draco gestured towards the stairwell. Hermione first went to follow but sat down in a chair along the way to get something out of her over night bag. The fatigue was too much for her, and his presence was too much like a sleeping pill. She felt relaxed for the first time in days and fatigue was allowed to take its course. She wasn’t about to make it up the stairs, and Draco saw it in her eyes.

In an act of chivalry, Draco walked over to the chair, picked her up bridal style and walked up to his bedroom. With her arms around his neck and face buried still in his chest, she had dozed off by the time he got there. He placed her on the bed, took off her shoes, and covered her up, before taking off his own shirt and lying next to her, wrapping a protective arm around her middle and pulling her close to him. Draco breathed in the scent of her hair: parchment and vanilla.

It really, truly was her who had shown so much care towards her enemy. There was no denying it now. And now that he had slept in the same room as her once as a conscious, healthy, and functioning human being, he couldn’t live, or rather sleep, properly without her ever again. He sensed she was thinking along similar lines. This relationship was becoming much too complicated for them to handle.

They needed to find a way to stop this needing. There was no way they could ever be friends. Could they? Only time would tell.

They were like that for 24 hours. They woke then the most refreshed they had felt in 36 hours. The sun was shining and the forest green curtains framing the window were moving softly with the slight breeze coming in.

Draco was the first of the two to wake and he lay there in… bliss? That was not normal… He argued with himself. This is what he had been searching for this whole entire life- this peaceful, happy, nothing-else-matters feeling- and he certainly hadn’t found it at Malfoy Manor.

But this, this was how he wanted the rest of his life to feel. But how was this- lying in bed with a mudblood- blissful? It was confusing. This was not the way his life was supposed to turn out. And unfortunately he had no doubt that he really was happy.

With sad eyes, he examined her body. Her hair was definitely black now and she was a tad taller than before. Her legs were longer and her hips were curvier. Her nose was curved noticeably different than last time, and a slightly newer bone structure had come to her face. She had been extremely pretty before, but now she was beautiful and radiant and most importantly, in his bed.

Suddenly he realized that she looked familiar, like he had seen this girl somewhere else before, knowing fully well he had never laid his eyes on this beauty.

After she awoke, they both got up and showered, (separately), and changed clothes before heading down into the kitchen. There, Hermione made them both breakfast and they sat in at the table before speaking.

“So. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.” He answered.

They sat there in silence for a moment.

“I have an idea.”


“What if I came over here every night or you came to my place every night. Just so we can both sleep and get up and function the next day, you know?”

“Hmm… that could work. I just don’t know what else we can do. There’s not much we can do. The fact that we need each other to sleep is problematic as far as our normal lives go.”

Hermione looked down at her plate and pushed her eggs around with her fork. “Yeah. I know. I probably won’t even be able to tell my friends. They might kill you and me just for acting civil towards each other, let alone needed you to sleep… Malfoy?”

“Please call me Draco. I don’t like being affiliated with my last name at the moment.”

She blushed. “Sorry, I should have known. Draco… How are we going to handle this once school starts? I mean, maybe we can work something out… As you know Head Boy and Girl share living quarters, and well, I’m Head Girl—“

“I’m Head Boy. The letter was here when I woke up.”

Hermione looked at him to make sure he wasn’t lying, and upon seeming truthful, she let out a breath of relief. “Thank God.” She murmured. “One problem down, many more to go. I am so happy that is settled.”

A couple minutes of silence passed before he spoke hestitantly. If Hermione didn’t know better, he looked contemplative.

“Granger? Can I call you Mia? I like it better then Hermione. Plus there’s too many syllables in ‘Hermione’ for my liking.” She nodded and gave a small smile.

Even thought it was a brat move on his part, it was the cutest nick name someone had ever used for her. For the first time, he smiled a little, before turning it back into a smirk. And like that, the magic was gone.

“Mia? Can I show you something?” His smile turned mischievous but nonetheless she nodded again and let him guide her out the back door into the vast back yard.

“Stay here.” He backed away from her, transformed the fountain into a large lake, closed his eyes, and with a burst of green a fierce, little venomous snake appeared. Hermione looked at him with awe. She really shouldn’t have been surprised. He was a Slytherin.

But why the lake?

But suddenly there wasn’t a snake anymore. There was a brilliant eagle. Its eyes stared into her soul. It took off into the air and circled the lake.

But there was still the lake. Why the lake?

Her question was finally answered when next a flash of brilliant blue light appeared and the eagle was no more. A sea serpent with icy blue scales dove into the water with a huge splash and swam in one large circle before leaping out and landing on the grass as the snake.
Hermione figured he was done; it was pretty spectacular. She smirked. He was almost her equal. The resemblance of his forms to hers scared her.

Suddenly, he was slithering back towards her. When he was 15 feet away, he stopped and waited. She looked at him curiously.

What happened next though, nobody could have prepared her for.

With a silver light, instead of a snake, there stood a dragon, pearly white in all its glory.

It was her dream dragon, she was sure of it. She had never been so sure of anything in her life.

To see the object of her comfort there was too overwhelming and she crumbled onto her knees, buried her face into her hands, and started to silently sob. He existed; he was real. And it was Draco. Draco suddenly reappeared and in a matter of seconds was back at her side.

“Mia? Are you okay? Just talk to me.” His voice betrayed his compassionless face as it gave away his concern for the young woman.

She continued to cry.

“Umm. Here. Come here.” The awkward demon made him wrap an arm around her and pull her into his lap, cradling her, feeling her tears soak his t-shirt and her hands clutch around his neck.

A little while later, Hermione had finished crying and the two were talking in hushed tones. She was feeling better already from his comfort. It was weird.

But her dragon actually was real. Her dragon was Draco. Damn. She was so overwhelmed with a mixture of happiness, reality, shock, fright, and sadness that she couldn’t stop the tears when she saw him. She was so confused but pushed her questions to the back of her mind. Now she stood up, leaving him on the ground. She was about to walk inside when Draco spoke.

“Can I see yours? Please?”

She nodded.

A foot away from where he was sitting now stood a hawk. The hawk looked deep into Draco’s eyes before taking flight. With another flash of light there was a great dragon.

Draco tensed yet continued to watch in awe. She was beautiful. When he broke out of his daze seconds later, she was looking at him expectedly. Once she got his attention again, she transformed into her sea serpentina mid-air to dive gracefully into the lake.

It was magnificent to watch her move and transform. She had more power than he had ever seen. He was certainly not as graceful.

He approached the lake slowly, eventually standing at the very edge, and saw her sleek form swimming around in loops and circles in the deep water. She then made an immediate turn up and burst out of the lake, and Draco fell onto his back from the sudden movement. Looking up, he saw the transition from water creature to the phoenix that he knew.

He crawled backwards and it landed in front of him. The creature purposefully nipped at his hand, making it bleed.

“Oww. Thanks a lot Mia.” The sarcasm dripped from his voice. “Can you fix it now please?”

He could have sworn he heard her laugh, but soon enough tears fell from her eyes and landed on the wound, where they sizzled and left a perfect hand.

The bird then stood back farther before turning into a kneeling Hermione.

“That was bloody magnificent Mia. Grace has never looked so good.” Draco couldn’t help but complement her. She, if anybody, deserved one, so he put aside his pride.

“Thanks. Hey Draco?” Her bright green eyes were glowing with excitement.


“Fly with me as a dragon? Like in my dreams?”

“You mean like in our dreams? Sure. I thought you’d never ask. By the way, yours is even more beautiful in person. My dreams just don’t capture your… essence.” He ended with a smirk, but immediately realized his mistake. She wasn’t supposed to know, not yet at least.

Before she could respond, he was up in the air, looking down at her. She quickly followed him, but with a vengeance. He had dreamed the same dream too! He had not told her that little detail.

She flew right at him, and saw a hint of fear in his large grey eyes. He turned in the opposite direction and flew for the clouds. She chased him for a while before he made the mistake of turning around. This provided the time she needed to attach her claws onto him and tackle him to the ground.

They both transformed back into humans as they stopped rolling and tumbling, and at the end, Hermione was straddling Draco, holding him down. They both were scratched up a bit and quite sore.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?! Why didn’t you tell me?” She shook him violently before going weak. He rolled her onto her back, reversing their positions, and wiped the solitary tear from her eye with his thumb.

“Mia. I was scared! That’s it! I was just scared.” This was the moment of truth- another moment of weakness he couldn’t help from happening. His father would have killed him if he saw what was about to transpire. Malfoys are never ‘scared.’

“Especially after you told me about yours. Because the only thing that kept me sleeping for two weeks before Nagini attacked me was a dream of a bronze dragon with gold transparent wings flying with me around Hogwarts! You. You were the only reason I could sleep. And when you told me about your animagus and your dream of me, I had a hunch, but I was terrified of what it meant. I’m sorry Mia. Please forgive me.”

His yelling had become a soft whisper and he had since placed his head in his hands and was kneeling hunched beside her body.

She silently changed her position so she was kneeling in front of him and removed his hands from his face and replaced them with her own. She couldn’t help the sympathy from coming. His honesty with her was overpowering.

“Ma-Draco.” She lifted up his chin and looked into his eyes before pleading with him. “Draco, we will work this out. Please…”

He nodded. She cupped his face in her hands like it was precious stone. Once he placed his mask back on, together, they got up and started to walk up back to the house. Once inside, Hermione spoke.

“I’m going to the library to figure out what’s happening to us. I’ll see you later.” She started to walk off. It took Draco a couple seconds to recover.

He ran up to her, grabbed her arm as to stop her, and asked, “Can’t I help? We’ll cover more area, and besides, I’m nearly as intelligent as you, if not more.” His lips curved into a smirk. She eyed him and hesitated before giving him a short nod before turning on her heal again towards Naji’s library.


Okay guys! What'd you think? I promise after this one is validated I will add another one straight away! I've been writing more so I have stuff to go back and re-edit before posting. I don't like posting first drafts. I didn't want to make their relationship move too quickly and smoothly, so tell me if you think it is... And I know the 4 forms is a stretch, but that may or may not be explained in the near future. If you have any ideas too, let me know! I know that sometimes I read stories and think 'it'd be cool if...'
Thanks for reading!!! (and reviewing, because I know you are all going to right now... :P )
p.s. there will be more Harry/Ginny in the future! i promise!

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