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The Edge of the Universe by prettywishes
Chapter 1 : Death
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Most people fear the day that their heart stops beating and their chest stops rising. They fear the day that they cease to exist, moving on to something unknown if there was anything to move onto at all. The only thing known about death is that once a person was dead they can no longer walk beside loved ones. Once you are dead you are gone, and all that is left behind is a memory. To most that is a terrifying thought.

Death is a beautiful place.

There is no other way to explain what happens once you leave your body behind than beauty and freedom. I know that those back on earth weep for the dead, they call out our names in the middle of the night, and they ache to have their loved ones back. But there is no reason to weep for those who have moved on, for they have gone on to a place more beautiful than earth could ever be.

Here there is no fear.

Earth is where all the fear is, where all the fighting happens. On earth there are wars and on earth people are constantly loosing loved ones. Earth is where all of that stays. We are the ones who should be weeping. We are the ones who sit on the edge of the sky and look down and see just how horrible the world below is. We do not weep though; there is no real reason because we know that soon each life we could shed tears for will join us. They will break free of the boundaries of life and join us in just being, join us in death.

Sitting on the edge of the universe I long for the day when my baby boy will join me here, so that we can sit and watch the world together in silence. I know it is not his time yet; I know that he has important things left to do and life left to live. My baby boy is going to save the world, he is going to take away some of the fear that plagues the hearts of those still alive.

You learn to wait in death.

It doesnít take long to learn that sometimes you need to sit and watch longer, and that soon enough the one youíve been waiting for will come. One day I will not sit alone, I will sit with my baby boy by my side. When he comes I know that he will finally be free of the pain he has always dealt with, and for that I am thankful.

One day my boy and I will sit on the edge of the universe together, and we can watch the seasons change and the years pass. He will be free of the pressures and the fears that he must carry as he travels through life on earth.

My boy will sit on the edge of the universe and he will be free.

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