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The Wrong Wedding by ravenclawgrl
Chapter 5 : A Memory, A Meeting, A Shouting Match And Silence
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“Had a good look around?” I asked a rather sheepish looking Harry.

“Nice place you got, bit different then I remember.” He grinned. “It sure does beet mine and Ginny’s flat,”

I smiled and gestured for him to sit down.

“Do you remember the Yule ball Harry?”

“Yeah, to be honest I would rather forget it,”

“I did look lovely though, I think I’m going to try theme it around ice, you know.”

He exchanged a smile with me.

“Theme it around the golden days?”

“The good old golden days,” We both started laughing, and then fell into a comfortable silence.

I started to think of my best memory from the golden trio days.

It would have to be the night after the battle everything was so quiet. Harry, Ron and I sat in the Gryffindor common room, and just thought. It was all over. But it would never end. We wouldn’t end.

Well that’s what I thought then, but it did.

2 years of not speaking to my best friends.

I spent the first couple of weeks sitting in my gloomy house eating Ben and jerry’s ice cream and watching endless episodes of friends.

I almost gave in.

I remember the day so clearly;


This is it.

The next time my phone rings I’m going to pick it up and see him.

Why should we see him Hermione?

Who are you?

Oh I’m your natural sense, duh!

Don’t listen to her Hermione listen to me,

And you are…?

Oh I’m your heart, you want him Hermione, go call him and you can forget this whole thing.

That does sound the easy option.

Once a cheater always a cheater.

You have been watching too much friends Hermione.

I’m going to go out, and go run into him at work or something.

Nice one Mione.

Don’t Hermy there’s no point he aint worth you.


“Right here goes,” I mumbled to myself.

I grabbed my best jacket, Picked up my bag and strode out of the door.

Left, right, left, right, left, right.


“Oh sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going, are you okay?” I tall fair haired stranger was standing above me; he held out his hand and pulled me up.

Then I realised this was no stranger.

It was Draco Malfoy!

After I bumped into him, saw who he was and decided to get a coffee with him, I never really thought about Ron.

Well you know I did but not all the time.

We became great mates, I talked to him all of the time; about everything.

Then one day after we had been mates for about a month he invited me round to his house and he kissed me.

I didn’t know what to do, so I kissed him back.


And well here we are a year later getting married.

Shouldn’t I be more excited?

My thoughts were cut short as the silence was broken by the ringing of Harry’s phone.

He shot me an apologetic smile and answered it.

“Hello…Hi Hun…you told him!...It don’t matter Hun…Celebrate…You do know that’s why we weren’t going to tell anyone,…Go on I’ll meet you at our house in 10…Okay, love you to babe…bye,”

Just great, I guess this means no help tonight.

The wedding was in a week and we still had tones to prepare.

“Hermione, Ginny’s pregnant!”

I jumped out of my chair I had no idea what to say.

A sudden thought crossed my mind. If me and Ron were still together, this would mean something completely different.

If he hadn’t cheated on me I would be an aunt.

I would have a family.

That was when I realised I had started crying.

“Oh Hermione,” Harry came over to me and gave me a hug. “We are still your family Hermione, all of us. You’re still my sister Mione, we still love you.”

He looked down into my eyes so I couldn’t escape.

“Why don’t you come over, bring Draco. It will be a laugh.”

“Go on, I sure hope so.”




“So I’ll see you in 5 okay bye,”

Hanging up on Lavender, I wondered why I was even inviting her. I suppose I wanted to have someone. Someone to love.

Not that I loved Lavender.

I will only ever have eyes for Hermione.

But she is of limits I messed up.

Big time.

I grabbed my jacket and linked arms with my little sister. Ginny was shining with happiness. It was all I could do not to grab her into a bear hug like I used to years ago.

She had grown up so fast.

Or maybe my time had just zoomed past without me even stopping to take a look around. I suppose that’s what happens when your eternal love can’t even talk to you. Can’t even look at you. Can’t forgive you…

But I’ve got to move on.

She’s happy and if I really love her I should let her be happy.

But I just cant except that I’m not the one that’s going to wait for her at the end of the isle.

I’m not going to have kids with her.

I’m just going to die alone and unhappy.

But at least she’s happy.

I turned round on the spot and me and Ginny aperated to her apartment.

Ginny let me us in and I went to go make some coffee. The doorbell rang and Ginny’s voice went all high and polite. If you didn’t know Ginny you would just think she was being welcoming. But I knew better. This voice meant she was really very irritated in seeing this particular person.

3 guesses who was at the door.

“Is Won Won here?”

“Yes RON is making drinks,”

“And there ready, Coffee ala Weasley.”

I smiled my best lopsided grin and placed the cups down on Ginny spotless coffee table.

“What a lovely place you got here…” Lavender started to compliment Ginny or as most people call it small talk.

I drifted in and out of the conversation and started to day dream about the good old days.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Me and Ginny jumped out of are chairs in unison.  

“Hey Hun, I got some guests if you don’t mind…”

Harry looked at me and Lavender blinked and blinked again.

“Hey Gin…” Hermione was stood at the door with Draco wrapped around her arm.

An awkward silence drifted around the room.

This was going to be a fun night.





Well no one was fighting that could be said. Hermione had very calmly shook Lavenders hand and sat on the armchair next to Ginny. Purposely sitting on Draco’s lap and going all girly.

The moment she did Ron had casually placed his arm around Lavenders shoulders and she had curled up against his chest.

The Six of us casually made small talk.

Lavender was telling us how she had bumped into Dean Thomas who was planning on asking his girlfriend Katie Broom to marry him.

I smiled and mentioned how Dean was a nice bloke and I didn’t know him and Katy were an Item.

“Yes well everyone seems to have become closer with old school friends, or enemies.” Ron slyly shot.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh nothing,”

Ginny laughed uncomfortably. “Ron I think Harry would like some tea? Isn’t that right Harry?”

I looked confused.


“Ouch, YES yes some tea would be nice,”

“I knew you had a problem with this, we shouldn’t even have come!”

“Had a problem, OF COARSE I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!”

“Well then what’s YOUR problem? I don’t see a problem do you Draco hunny?”

“Urm well…”


“No, no I don’t see any problem.”

How do girls do that?

“Yeah because there is nothing wrong with having tea with your first love and her new fiancé.” Ron said very sarcastically.

“Well their shouldn’t be, YOU ended our relationship Ron!”

“No you did Hermione; I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want us to end…”

“Well Ron if the man you loved cheated on you with some blond bimbo, I think you would end the relationship.”

“We could have worked through it Hermione, you meant so much more then a one night stand. That’s all it was a stupid drunken one night stand. I loved you Hermione. I still love you…”

For a moment.

A split second something flashed across Hermione’s face.

But then it vanished only to be replaced with a look of anger and disgust.

“Well guess what Ron? I don’t love you…”





Hermione stood still, confused as if she didn’t know what she had said.

Ron looked shocked, but didn’t dare break the silence.

Harry held his head in his hands, knowing that their friendship would never be the same.

Draco looked smug but also a bit nervous as if he had seen that something that had flashed across Hermione’s face.

Lavender looked insulted that her so called boyfriend had declared his love for an engaged woman.

And me?

I had seen the look Hermione had given Ron.

I had seen the look Ron had given Hermione.

And I knew.

If there is one thing that I hate about my brother it’s his stubbiness.

This was NOT over yet!


okay i have to admit this is my fav chappy xx :D xx
sorry for the loooonnnnnnggggggg wait 
sorry for bad grammar and spelling 
sorry if its rubbish
even if it is please review i WILL reaply to all of them!
guess whats the next chapter? ? ? ?
well that would be telling,
okay thanks xx :D xx
p.s. favorite quote?
thank you x

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