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The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill. by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 27 : Wake ups, Shake ups, Smash ups And Me
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Disclaimer: I am not JK. She’s quicker with her updates. Nope. The Marauders And Lily aren’t mine either. I stole them like I stole my brothers doughnut. Izzie and Nellie? All mine. Baked in my own imagination.

The spells used in this chapter were taken from the books. I didn’t make up a single one.

Author’s Note Hello! How are you all today? Good I hope? Happy 4th Of July to those who celebrate it.

I have begun a mission! Filled with chapter images. Quite a few chapters have them now. It just shows you what I perceived the characters to look like. You don’t have to imagine them like that. I’m sure in your mind you prefer someone else as Lily. Do you like my new banner? Tell me what you think! I think this banner is ‘the one‘! I came across Juno Temple and decided she was perfect for Nellie in my mind! Her hair is amazing and she has wide eyes. Just imagine her with blue eyes though; the colour of her old kettle.

Sorry for the wait of this chapter. Next update will be after the queue opens again. It could have been sooner, but the house cup is keeping me busy over the forums. And I go on holiday on the 19th! I do hope you enjoy this chapter. Predictions or anything are welcome. If you want to ask a question about anything about the story or me, either ask in review or head over to my thread at the forums. 28 will be in time for Nellie’s 3rd Birthday though.

I just wanted to thank you for all your amazing support. I wouldn’t have gotten to chapter 27, (albeit slowly) with out you. Thanks for telling me in a review, or even just making it ones of your favorites. Or even telling me on the forums that you like my story. I’m 30 reviews away from hitting 900! That is just amazing.

Mucho thanks to pixileanin whom is my wonderful Beta; She’s awesome.

As always comments and opinions are welcome. They are my muses brain food. They help the flow of inspiration ;)

Let’s get on with the chapter!

Amazing chapter image by cookie monster! @TDA

“No, I’m pretty sure that I’m falling in love with James.” - Lily Evans

Chapter Twenty-Seven-
Wake ups, Shake ups, Smash ups And Me

I opened my eyes and then quickly shut them again. The sunlight made me wince. Oh sun, why art thou so shiny? Why is one not bitter like the moon? I mean, it’s not like you’re better. Sure, you may burn me to a crisp if I don’t cover my myself with Factor Fifty every hour, but that means nothing. The moon still has an edge.

You want to know why?

Because there are so many versions of it. Half, quarter… the moon is crazy! And cool. The sun is always in your face. It makes me squint and I’m going to pay like hell for it when I get crow’s feet. People will be like, ‘Here comes Nellie. Look at the lines on that face! She looks like crumpled paper’. Or something along those lines.

Also, in the spirit of complaining, who decided it would be nice to hit me several times with a hammer in my head? Because it’s killing me. No, I’m not being dramatic. You’ll be all sorry when I’ve died. Or maybe you’ll be chuckling with Sarah in the corner. I would hope Izzie would cry but I’ve got a strange feeling she’d chuckle too. Just to be different. Then again, it would probably be just my family there…hopefully a cat will be there watching in the distance too. I like the idea of a cat being there. Just no flies please. Flies are banned. They are creepy and I have a problem with them.

It hurts to think and my arm is dead. I whacked It just to see if it’s still there. I can’t feel it but my eyes tell me different. Therefore, I am in a sense, armless and yesterday, I was legless.

Oh my! I've become an alcoholic. I must write to my mother and confess...okay, maybe later.

I shoved the blanket over my head. I don’t think I’ll move from here all day. Nope. Not even for food. The very thought of food makes me feel sick.

“Nellie,” Lily whispered quietly so she didn’t wake up the rest of the dormitory. “Are you awake?”

“I’m sleeping,” I told her without taking the blanket off my head. Then for good measure, I made a snoring noise.

It didn’t convince her ‘cause she punched me in the foot. Well someone is a bit grumpy this morning!

I lifted up the blanket. “Get in, ‘cause I’m not getting out.” Lily looked at me strangely. “Quick, the air inside the blanket is getting cold!” I was acting like it was an emergency and I would die if one bit of cold touched me.

Lily shrugged before she climbed in and tucked the blanket up to her neck. Her red glossy hair swamped her side of the pillow.

“Nellie.” She turned my name into a melody, even when it was slightly croaky. “I feel like crap!”

I chuckled lightly as I placed the blanket underneath my chin. “Me too. Izzie still asleep?”

“Face down and still in last nights attire.” She grinned at me. We sat in a comfortable silence for a while before Lily spoke again. “Nellie.” Lily looked nervous. “Can I ask you something?”


“You can tell me to shut up anytime or tell me it’s none of my business,” Lily babbled. “I won’t be offended, really I won’t, I’ll just be like…”

“Just ask me, you spoon.” I smiled, trying to reassure her. “It’s just a question Lily, not a marriage proposal. So just ask me. You’ve got me all curious now.”

“When did you realize you were in love with Regulus?”

The question would have knocked me off balance if I wasn’t already lying down. Regulus was a touchy subject for many of reasons. It was always one step forward, two steps back. I will probably always love him, in some form or other. I just never loved the way he treated me.

“I don’t know. I can’t exactly pin point when I fell in love with him. I didn’t just wake up and decide I was in love…it just happened without me realizing. I can tell you when I first realized I did though. ” Lily nodded softly. She didn’t get angry like Izzie does when I talk about Regulus. “I remember him breaking up with me because of one of his stupid principles and I couldn’t stop crying.“ There was a tightness in my chest. “I remember thinking, ‘Nellie, why are you upset? He was horrible.’ No matter how many times I insulted him, how I thought back to all the bad memories…I couldn’t let go. It was then I realized I loved him.”

“Then what happened?” Lily asked.

“He came back thirty minutes later to find me in the same spot. I hadn’t moved an inch. He told me he was stupid to think he could’ve ended it. And for that single second, nothing else mattered. He probably woke up the next day hating me. But for that one moment, he loved me.”

“That’s so…” Lily stumbled to finish her sentence.

“It’s just the way it was, Lily,” I told her. “The circumstances were all wrong. If it weren’t for him going to be a Death Eater, things probably would have been different. But I don’t feel sad about it much anymore. I can’t describe how good it was to tell someone about this and for them not to get upset or angry at me. It just wasn’t meant to be. That’s the only way I can think about it now.”

“Do you regret falling in love with Regulus?”

I thought about it. Did I? I know in times of passionate dislike, I wished I had never met him, but I only wished that when I was washed with an undercurrent of negative emotion.

“No,” I finally told her. “I know I go on about the bad times, but there were good times too. Lots of them. He made me feel special.”

“I understand…at least I think I do.”

“But at least now, I know more. I’m stronger, I think. I now know what I won’t put up with. It was rough at times, but something I can only look back on with fond memories.” I babbled, not knowing what my point was. “What’s this all about anyway?”

“I don’t know…” Lily began. “I think…” She paused. “No, I’m pretty sure that I’m falling in love with James.”

“But?” I knew there was a ‘but’ somewhere otherwise Lily wouldn’t be asking me these questions.

“Nellie. We’ve been dating for just over a month and a half,” she stated.

“Really? It feels longer than that!” And it did. Even though most people found it strange that Lily had finally given James a chance, I had grown accustomed to it quite quickly. Maybe it was because I had seen them together up front? Or maybe it’s because I see how happy they made each other. Either that, or I’m just really good at adapting to change.

“I know. It does doesn’t it?” Lily sighed. “It just feels that everything is going so fast and I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.”

“I think you should just go with it.” I grinned at her. “Love is madness. You can’t put time limit on it and it very rarely makes any sense.” I tried to reassure as I plucked some quotes that I had picked up from cliché Muggle movies.

Lily sighed, as if she knew I was right. “Thanks Nellie. I guess I just got a bit scared there.”

“I think I’m still drunk!” Izzie yelled loudly to anybody In the room. “And oh my gosh! My head! It hurts!” We watched as she stumbled outof her bed, glared around the room and her eyes settled on us. I waved beckoning her over. “I feel awful.” Izzie walked like a zombie towards us before collapsing on the bottom of my bed. “I am like dead! No! I am beyond dead!”

“I’m feeling really rough too!” Lily told her. “But you’re probably feeling rougher after all that crawling. Your knees okay?”

Izzie tensed. “I did what?” she said, dragging out the words.

“You crawled across the floor. That was after you fell over.” I nodded, agreeing with Lily.

“I…fell…over?” Izzie asked, horrified.

Teasing Izzie with the truth had never been so fun.

Lily giggled. “You were dancing.“ Izzie’s expression darkened. She’s no dancer, let me tell you. “While you were dancing, you accidentally fell over and couldn’t get up. So you lay there for a while. I tried to help you but I fell down and joined you on the floor. Then Nellie came over and dove on the floor to join us.”

“Sounds normal,” Izzie muttered as she fanned herself. “Tell me more? It’s all a bit blurry before dinner time.”

“James helped me and Nellie off the floor, but he left you there cause you threatened to kill him and me.”

“Sounds normal,” Izzie replied.

“Then you went into your independent woman speech and crawled to the bed. You eventually made it.” I giggled at her.

“I’m so embarrassed!” Izzie huffed. “No one will take me seriously again! I’ll say I’m going to hit you and they’ll laugh instead of run! My life is over!” She put her head in her lap.

And people accuse me of being dramatic!

“Izzie, you’re petrifying,” Lily said gently to comfort her. “People will still be really scared of you! You’re a scary person! Whether crawling or walking.”

This seemed to have done the trick as Izzie looked up with wide eyes. “Really? You think so?”


Izzie smirked, regaining back her composure. “Of course I’m still scary! What was I thinking? I could never lose being scary! It’s my thing!” It was her thing after all that and her big mouth.

“I need some biscuits,” I stated as Izzie wrinkled up her nose in disgust. “Like lots.”

“I don’t think I can stomach anything,” Izzie replied. “I think I’d throw it right up.”

“I could do with a biscuit,” Lily stated. “Just one though.” She added after thinking about it.

“There is no point if you’re going to have one!” I gasped. “That’s not the nature of biscuits. It’s eat twenty or there is just no point.” I said as I leaned over the bed to gain access to my stash. I pulled out a packet and got myself comfy again in my bed. I stuffed the first one straight in whole. Izzie looked disgusted and Lily laughed.

“What were you talking… well, shouting at Remus last night?” Lily asked.

Izzie scratched her head. “I don’t remember really.” She thought about it a bit more. “I think I was telling him I didn’t care about him being furry for once a month and that my legs were pretty hairy if I didn’t shave them.” Which she does, every day…I know too much information about this girl. “…I really was drunk last night.”

“You remember anything else?” Lily asked.

“He just replied that it’s okay saying it, but seeing it is different. And his condition is more than being hairy once a month. Basically, he said he just wasn’t good enough for me.” Izzie shrugged like it didn’t bother her but all three of us knew it did. “Bunch of crap really.”

Lily sighed. “That’s got to suck.”


“I don’t think this is helping my headache.” I pointed to the biscuits. In fact, it was getting worse. Someone feed me to a flobberworm!

“Maybe we should get ready soon.” Izzie suggested. “I don’t feel up to it, but I’d rather not waste the day sitting around here. I want to go and blame the Marauders for my current condition.”

“You just want to moan.”

Lily split her biscuit in half. “I suppose we should.” She put one of the halves into her mouth. “I need to thank James for throwing me an awesome party! It was a lovely surprise!”

“Liar,” Izzie muttered underneath her breath.

“Oh sorry. I forgot who I was talking to.” Lily chuckled.

“That’s flattering,” Izzie chirped.

“So you’re still going with the pretense that you did not know about the party that you actually did know about?” I inquired.

Lily blinked. “Okay. That was a little hard to follow for a second there.” I agreed with her on that silently. “But yes, I am. It’s just easier.”

“Ohhh.” Izzie shook her head. “Relationships are meant to be built on trust. The lies you are creating are destroying the trust! James will never be able to trust you again once I confess.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “I’ll take that into consideration as I shower,” Lily said as she slid out of my bed and went to shower. Izzie was second and I was third.

I had showered and dressed, but I still felt like I was dying.

“Shall we go then?” Izzie suggested.

“I suppose,” I answered. “Where do you think they’ll be?”

“Let’s try common room first?” Lily suggested.

“Sounds like a plan,” I replied.

We walked slowly down the stairs together. I was seeing through bleary eyes and my headache was making me want to stab my foot so I could distract myself from the pain. I’d heard the best way to get rid of pain was replace it. To me, it sounded a little stupid and I thought people had way too much spare time on their hands to discover things like this. Also, I just want to point out that I’ve never tried replacing pain with pain but this headache was making me a bit crazy.

“I’m never drinking again,” Izzie stated. “I don’t care if I get problems that will drive me to drink! I’ll eat instead…then again, that’s not the best idea either.” Izzie shook her head dismissing everything she just said. “I’m just not drinking ever again.”

“Not even soft drinks?” Lily asked.

Izzie glared at her. “I meant alcoholic, Lily!” Lily just raised her eyebrow at her. “And you’re meant to be intelligent.” She tutted.

“Actually, you said you’re never drinking again. You never specified that you wouldn’t be drinking alcohol.” Lily laughed at Izzie. “And if I offered you a drink now, you’d probably take it, whether it had alcohol in it or not.”

“No I wouldn’t,” Izzie muttered. “You’d probably poison it anyway…”

“Stop with all this drink talk!” I rubbed my head. “You’re making me feel queasy.”

We entered the common room to find the Marauders standing behind a table. The table had lots of identical bottles on it. Inside the bottles was a deep crimson red liquid. There was a small queue in front of the table and the Marauders gave each person a single bottle.

Lily eyed them up with thought as we joined the queue. We could have probably jumped to the front, but Izzie has serious issues with that and it’s rude. I didn’t mind waiting and it didn’t take that long anyway. We were at the front of the table within a few minutes.

“Hi.“ James smiled. “You’re finally all awake. We’ve been waiting for you lot for ages to come down.”

“And why would you do that?” Izzie challenged softy.

“To give you these.” Peter replied as he placed a bottle in to each of our hands.

“What is this?” Lily asked suspiciously eying the potion. “Is it even legal?”

“It’s what we’d call a hangover potion. It’s homemade, but it works.” Remus smiled at us.

“Have you taken this?” Izzie inquired, rolling the potion between her hands. “Is it safe?”

James looked a little offended. “We wouldn’t give you it to you if we didn’t think it was safe.” Izzie nodded cautiously. “And to answer your question, yes, we have.”

“Okay then,” Izzie replied before looking at Lily for a moment.

“Down the hatch,” I muttered and swallowed the potion in one big gulp. I wasn‘t as paranoid as Izzie. Well, we were paranoid on different scales. I would think someone was staring at me, while she would think someone was plotting to kill her. “If I die, I’m coming to haunt you lot,” I teased. Lily was the next to take her potion, followed finally by Izzie.

The potion began to kick in quickly. I could feel a chill as it began canceling out the alcohol in my system. It killed my headache in minutes and I was overcome with the fact that I was pretty hungry.

“I’m starving,” I complained. “Is anyone else?”

“We’ll just finish giving everyone their potions and we’ll go down to the great hall with you. We’ve missed breakfast because you three were being lazy, but we’re in time for lunch, I think.” Sirius told us. I had no idea of the time. “But to do this, you have got to move! You’re holding up the line!” He tutted at me like the old woman he was becoming.

I looked around to see a line had formed behind us of sleepy teenagers. We moved to the side and joined the boys behind the table.

Izzie stuck her tongue out. “Hey! We weren’t being lazy! We were just nursing some pretty heavy hangovers!”

“That we could have gotten rid of earlier if you just came down,” Peter pointed out.

“I didn’t know you guys were going to turn into the witch doctor.”

“We’d just thought we’d help people out.” Remus smiled. “How are your knees?”

Izzie blushed. “You got anything for burns?”

Remus pretended to look around and he picked up a few potions before putting them back down. “Nope sorry, I don’t think that’s been invented, there is a spell I could use though?”

“I’m fine,” Izzie said quickly. “It’ll just remind me that drinking is bad.”

“That’s nothing on the scale of drunken related injuries.”

Izzie eyes narrowed. “Shhhhh, Nellie. You can’t understand the mental anguish I’m going through right now.”

“You’re such a loser,” I told her.

“Watch it,” Izzie warned but I couldn’t take her threat seriously on a near empty stomach.

“Can we go and get food yet?” I was getting tired of waiting as my stomach rumbled. I thought I should though, since they made me that lovely potion and my headache was gone.

“Well.” James looked around. “I guess we’re done here. I don’t think any more people will come.” James swiped the remaining potions from the table into a bag. Peter got out his wand and the table folded up by itself. James then minimized the bag so small he could fit into the pocket of his jeans. “We’ll just collect the table later.” I decided I didn’t want to ask where they got the table from.

“Let’s go then!” I grinned as I strolled out of the common room.

“I could kill for some carrot sticks,” Izzie muttered. “Now that I can think of eating again.” Izzie likes the crunch that carrot sticks make.

We all arrived at the Great Hall in no time and were soon sitting down to lunch. I looked around for Lucas but he wasn’t around. I had been avoiding him ever since the whole trying to stop me going to Lily’s party thing.

I began piling up my plate, as Izzie looked at me with disgust. I shrugged and spooned some mash into my mouth. “This is good stuff,” I told Izzie happily.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full Nellie.” Izzie lectured like she was my mother. Except my mom hasn’t given me too many lectures and even if she did, I reckon it wouldn’t be the etiquette of the dinner table. It would be about the way of life or something! It would be great wisdom that I would forget In a day.

“Psh!” I muttered as I spooned some more mash in to my mouth. “So Sirius.” He was sitting opposite me. “Were you guys alright after we left last night? Did she discover the alcohol or anything?”

“Well,” Sirius chuckled. “She thinks I’m a cross dresser.”

“What?” I asked as I imagined Sirius in a bright pink dress and red lipstick. I shuddered at the thought. Pink wasn’t his colour. Maybe If I imagined him with a purple dress…yes much better.

“Well, she saw your clothes on the floor.” Sirius told me. Oh no! In the haste of leaving I had completely forgotten about my clothes. “So I lied and said I’m across dresser who quite likes dressing up as a fairy for the evening.”

“What did she say?”

“She said she was glad I found a hobby that I could do instead of pranks.”



“Oh,” I replied, crestfallen. He had me really believing him for a second or two. I should stop falling for everything that boy says.

“I’ve decided,” Lily announced, pulling me from my conversation with Sirius. We had all finished lunch by now. I was so full, it hurt. I was sure I was going to wake up a stone heavier tomorrow. “That my birthday was the best yet. It was an excellent idea to throw me a party and I really enjoyed it.” She glanced warmly as James who beamed at her. “But what I really want to do is spend time with all of you.”

“Let’s hang out then,” Izzie told her.

“Hang out of what?” I asked, feeling confused.

“A hammock Nellie,” Izzie retorted in what I think was a sarcastic tone.

“Really? Where are we going to get a hammock from? I don’t own one and neither do you. Does anyone else?”

“It’s a saying, Nellie,” Lily told me and I nodded, saying nothing. Everyone knows I don’t get sayings at all. “It’s just I was thinking the other day that we only have like six months till we leave school.”

“Now you’re getting me all nostalgic,” Izzie wiped a fake tear from her eye.

“Yeah. And I’m a monkey.”

Lily laughed. “It’s not that long really when you think about it. I mean, I’m sure we’ll stay friends.”

I pondered the thought for a moment. Izzie was always going to be a part of my life; I knew that since I was eleven. I had never expected to form closer bonds with five individuals but I had. And they were just as important as Izzie to me. “Haha. If you think you’re ditching me, prepare to fail. I’ll be seventy, knocking on your door with my walking stick, demanding a cuppa.”

Izzie snorted. “Oh! How we have joyous times ahead of us.”

“But hey, it won’t be all bad.” James said. “No more homework.”

“That’s true,” Peter agreed. “I’m so bored with essays.” Personally, I like the fact that you could put anything in your essay and the professors has to read it. I don’t get when they complain about how much homework they have though. I mean, if you didn’t want to mark the homework, don’t give it to us. It’s simple.

“So, I’ve decided we’re doing something today!” Lily finally concluded.

“What do you want to do?” Remus asked.

Lily shrugged, “I don’t know. You guys are always coming up with plans. I figured you could do it.”

“We could go to Hogsmeade?” Sirius suggested.

Lily looked confused. “How do you do that?”

I chucked my arm over Lily’s shoulder. “We have our ways. Walk with us my red headed friend.”

I pulled her up and began walking with her. The others followed closely behind.

“Basically, Lily, there are passages around Hogwarts. One of them leads to Hogsmeade.” Izzie informed.

Lily pondered it. “Wouldn’t we get in trouble if someone caught us?

“Of course we would,” Sirius replied cheerfully. “But the question is if. We’ve done it tons of times and we’ve never got caught.”

“But that’s you guys.”

“We’ve done it as well,” I told her. I felt like a little rebel. “And it was all good with us as well."

“I don’t get how you get away with it though,” Lily replied. “I mean, I’m surprised that not one Professor ever sees you.”

“They’re obviously too busy with all their workload to go drinking in the weekdays.” Peter mused.

“But today is Sunday.”

“Lily, stop arguing.” Izzie rolled her eyes. “Forget the rules. Let’s go and make a memory. Or something. And detention isn’t that bad. It’s just mind boggling boring.”

Lily sighed. “Okay. I’m in.” I grinned at her happily.

“Alright,” Remus said, before uttering the common room password to the Fat Lady.

“Let’s meet here in five,” Peter said and we all nodded.

I ran up the stairs, which was a bad idea. I had to stop for a break after two flights. I convinced myself I was waiting for Lily and Izzie to catch up.

“You’ll give yourself a heart attack if you keep running Nellie,” Izzie teased when she came up the stairs with Lily.

“Shut up, you penguin.” I followed them up to our dormitory. “What do we need to take?” I looked at my corner.

“Money, something to keep you warm. That sort of thing, I think,” Lily replied as she put her cloak on.

“Gotcha,” I replied as I too pulled on my cloak. I picked a bit of dirt off it here and there that it had gotten from being in the dumping ground. I put my money into a bag and I was good to go. I was excited. Last time I snuck into Hogsmeade, it was to get over the fight I just had with Sirius. It wasn’t that fun of a night really. “Okay. I’m ready!”

“Let’s go then,” Izzie said.

We walked back down to the common room. The boys were there waiting, looking bored. “What took you so long?” James asked.

I scratched my head. “I thought we were pretty quick? I mean, I was like super quick!"

“Let’s go,” Peter said. We left the Common room and exited Hogwarts castle through the picture of the one-eyed witch on the third floor.

Sirius tapped the picture and whispered, “Dissendium.”

We ended up in Honeydukes cellar. “Are we in someone’s cellar?” Lily asked and Remus nodded at her. Lily gaped back at him. “This is not what I signed up for! Okay sneaking out Hogwarts was bad enough, but breaking and entering is every worse!” James pressed his finger to her lips to shush her. We were soon in Hogsmeade.

Lily was breathing heavily. “I thought we were going to be caught!”

“Thanks to you, we almost were.” Izzie teased her as Lily glared. “Anyone up for a drink in The Three Broomsticks?”

“Sounds like a plan.” Sirius said cheerfully.

We entered The Three Broomsticks and quickly found a table.

“What does everyone want?” James asked us and we told him what we wanted. Sirius and Remus left with him, to help him carry the drinks I assume.

“How does it feel breaking the rules, Lily?” Izzie asked cheekily. She enjoys annoying Lily and bullying me. I think so anyway.

Lily glared. “I’m not that much of a stick in the mud, despite what people think. I just take the law seriously. And breaking and entering is against the law.” She crossed her arms.

Then the door opened and a man staggered in. At first I just assumed he was drunk. But he was clutching his side and his clothes were stained with blood. “The Death Eaters are coming,” He managed to wheeze out before collapsing on the floor. The woman behind the bar screamed, which hurt my ears.

I stared at my friends, wondering what we should do. James, Sirius and Remus made that decision for us when they rushed out the door. We followed quickly. The Death Eaters were swarming Hogsmeade. The Death Eaters made my heart skip a beat. They were creepy. They wore long black robes and the creepiest masks I have ever seen. I shuddered. Death was them.

James quickly took up dueling a Death Eater who was firing random spells at buildings. “Locomotor Mortis!” James yelled.

I had whipped out my wand and it was luckily I did, because that’s when it all kicked off. No longer were the Death Eaters satisfied with causing destruction, they wanted to cause death. I was yelling random jinxes at Death Eaters, as each one of my friends engaged in battle.

Izzie was battling a Death Eater. I started to run towards her thinking I could help. Two against one wasn’t fair but this was different. These people wanted blood and they wanted ours. Death Eaters would kill us in a blink. Who cares about fair? Izzie was struggling under the weight of the Death Eaters spell, but I knew Izzie would not go down lightly.

“Petrificus Totalus!” I shot at the Death Eater. It missed but it managed to distract him enough for Izzie to fire a spell at him.

“Relashio!” she yelled. Fiery sparks hit the Death Eater in the face, causing him to scream out in pain. It burnt holes into his long black robes. Izzie quickly turned her focus to another Death Eater. “There are too many of them!” She cast another spell and ropes fired from her wand to tie up the Death Eater. She missed.

I looked around quickly and I caught the eye of a Death Eater who grinned madly. “Come here,” he whispered. This man was certainly off his mental hinges. “Stupefy!” he yelled. A bolt of red light was hurled at me.

“Protego,” I muttered as I dove behind a bench, accidentally scratching my knee on the floor. I ignored the sting. I had better things to think about. Something from behind grabbed me and I cast Revulsion Jinx. There was a flash of purple light and I turned to see a very angry Death Eater looking at me.

His eyelid twitched at me. I could here spells being thrown everywhere, but it’s strange how you drown them out quickly when you need to. I knew my friends were battling for their lives as I was. This was certainly a memory we have made here. I yelled the first spell that came to my brain, which was Sponge-Knees Curse. I would have cringed at the lameness of my spell but it seemed to do the job. The Death Eater went down like a matchstick.

I legged it away. I could see Sirius was battling a female Death Eater. At least I think it was female because of the long, thick, shiny hair she had. But with the creepy masks you can never tell. “I won’t let you defeat me Bellatrix!” I stopped for a moment. Bellatrix? As in Regulus and Sirius’s cousin? Sirius was dueling his own cousin who was trying to kill him? That’s just messed up. Regulus had told me about her and from what I gathered, she was beautiful but crazy with great magical powers. She must have had no conscience either if she would try to kill her cousin.

I shouldn’t have stopped. I was in a battle, not in class, and if you become placid, that’s when you get hit. I went down smashing my face on the concrete. It hit me like thunder. I placed my hand to my cheek and felt blood. I wiped it on my robe; I would worry about my face lately as I heaved myself up. A Death Eater was smirking at me, but he was knocked off course by Lily who yelled “Densaugeo” at him. She hit him perfectly. The Death Eater’s teeth began to grow at an alarming rate.

“Nellie!“ She yelled. “You’re bleeding!” She didn’t look too great either. She had cuts running up her arms, a few on her face and she had lost her cloak somewhere.

“I’m fine.” I told her. “Focus on the battle.” She shrugged before running over to James who had taken on two Death Eaters.

Remus came crashing into me then and knocked me to the ground with him. I cursed the pain. “Remus, are you okay?”

“I’m fine Nellie. Sorry about that.” he said quickly before trying to disarm a Death Eater that Peter was dueling. I looked around. The residents of Hogsmeade were doing the best they could. It was nice to know that we were not alone. I got up, slightly limping.

Sirius was still battling Bellatrix. I wasn’t sure whether helping him out would offend him. This was more than a simple battle. These cousins were trying to outdo each other. It was personal.

“Nellie, look out!” Izzie yelled as I narrowly missed a jinx. Because she had stopped a moment to protect me, she had jeopardized her own safety.

The Death Eater had yelled “Petrificus Totalus” and the spell hit her straight in the chest. She fell down, rigid.

“You fish finger!” I yelled, but a Death Eater grabbed me and yanked my wand out my hand and chucked it. He threw me against the wall of a building and his hands snaked around my throat. He gripped it tightly and I began choking. He was smiling at me.

Sirius hurled a curse and it hit him. The Death Eater went limp and we both dropped to the floor.

Sirius rushed over. “Nellie, are you okay?” It was then we both got blasted backwards as Bellatrix laughed. The blast was enough to smash the wall into pieces and send us through it.

Sirius limbs were curled into positions it never should have been. Blood was dripped down his head and I gathered that wasn’t a good sign. My neck was on fire. And everything of me hurt, but I could move and that was enough. I glanced at Sirius, he was breathing, just barely, but he needed help and quick. The walls around us were hit with another blast and it collapsed on us. A piece of wall hit my leg and my arm. I heard the bone in my leg crack. Followed finally by my scream.

The scream was enough to wake up Sirius.

“Nellie,” he whispered quietly.

I tried to smile at him but the pain was excruciating. I wanted to move closer to him, but I couldn’t; my leg was trapped under the debris. I couldn’t move it, not even a little bit; the piece of wall had it pinned to the floor. I felt like I was going to pass out, but I couldn’t. Sirius was drifting in and out of consciousness.

I looked around, we were burrowed. There was no way out, I tried pushing the wall away with my good arm but it didn‘t budge; I didn‘t have the power. I looked for Sirius’ wand, but it was nowhere in sight. I reached out for Sirius’ hand. I could just about reach it.

“Sirius,” I muttered. “Please wake up.”

He opened his eyes slowly. “You’re hurt.”

I should have laughed but instead I started to cry. He was such an idiot, he should have been thinking about himself. Instead, he was thinking about me. I couldn’t believe how much the boy was an idiot. Sirius closed his eyes again.

“No Sirius,” I told him hysterically. “Stop talking like that! We’re going to get out and we’re going to be fine!” He closed his eyes and I squeezed his hand. “Stay awake. Stare at me, sing some songs, I don’t care Sirius, just stay awake!” I'd even dance for him if I could stand.

“But Nellie…” he croaked. I squeezed his hand again to know that he didn’t have to say anything. Every word was a struggle and I wanted him to focus all his attention on staying awake.

“No if’s or buts. I’m going to get us out,” I told him and he smiled. "We're going to be okay, Sirius. I'll buy you a cake, I'd make you one, but I can't bake. So smile, we're going to be fine."

I think he knew I was lying.

…to be continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And According To Nellie O’Neill.

“I’m sorry. But I don’t curse you every time a Muggle gets shot.” Regulus snapped back as he stood up. “I just wanted to see if he was going to live alright? Bella is crazy and she’d like to see Sirius dead.” He added. “I can’t help the actions of them! I didn’t know! You should never have been there anyway!”

“Oh, so now it’s our fault? Are you saying we deserved this? That Sirius,” He pointed to Sirius. “Deserves to be lying in a coma?”

“No. But you knew the risk when you went out there for battle. You could of just stayed there and hid. But no, you’re all pesky Gryffindor’s who have to go and be brave!.” Regulus paused. “Newsflash, brave gets you killed.” With that Regulus stormed out the room without another word or even a glance back.

“I hate that twat.” James cursed. I didn’t even bother with a language remark. It wasn’t that sort of moment. He flopped down in the chair that Regulus had been occupying. James sighed. He looked exhausted. “I totally flipped out on him didn’t I?” I nodded not wanting to be a liar. “I thought so.”

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