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I ache for you by helena7654
Chapter 2 : Listen to your heart
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Chapter 2: Listen to your heart

Harry was busy with paperwork. He had sent Ginny a message about Hermione a couple of hours back, and he knew she would be with her now. He couldn't concentrate that much on his work as he was worrying about Hermione. She was like a sister to him, and he loved and cared for her deeply. Although Harry was furious with Ron when it all happened, he remained best friends with him, after all they had been through so much together, and he was Ginny's brother. The last two years were very different though, as Harry had to meet Ron and Hermione on separate occasions, and he always found it hard to tell Hermione when he was seeing Ron.

They all worked in the Ministry together, so it was inevitable that Hermione would still bump into Ron daily. Whenever this did happen, Hermione would turn very quiet and not look up at Ron, while Ron acted like nothing had ever happened between them.

Harry thought that Ron had changed a lot since their school days. Ron used to adore Hermione, though he was never able to show it. Harry couldn't see what he saw in Lavender. Yes, she was pretty, but that was it, all she had was air in her head.

As Harry sat thinking about the split between the trio, there was a knock on his office.

"Come in" responded Harry, without looking up. He was still deep in thought.

"Earth to Potter. Anyone there?"

Harry looked up and rolled his eyes.

"Yes Malfoy?"

"I need you to sign these papers" came the reply from Draco.

Draco and Harry worked in the same department together, and since they had to see each other every day, they became somewhat friendly. Although they still called each other by their surnames, they had formed a mutual respect for each other, and continued a friendly banter.

"Everything alright Potter? Ginny finally dumped you then?" smirked Draco, as he noticed Harry had his mind on other things.

"Put a sock in it Malfoy" replied Harry, shaking his head.

Draco took a seat in front of Harry's desk. "Where's Weasel? I need him to sign some crap as well, but he wasn't in his office."

"Malfoy, how many times have I told you to stop calling Ron that?"

"Too many times to keep count" laughed Draco.

Harry couldn't help but smile. Draco and Ron had never come to any agreement and were always at each other's throats.

"He's out with Lavender, two year anniversary date or something" continued Harry, and couldn't help but give a disgusted look when he said her name.

"You really don't like that girl, do you?" asked Draco.

"It's not that I have anything against her, it's just that... I dunno."

"It's just that she's the reason why Granger's heart is broken?" interrupted Draco.

"What do you know about hearts, Malfoy?" mumbled Harry, more to himself than Draco.

"I know plenty. Anyway, surely Granger's moved on by now, so you should as well?"

"Not really. She's even taken the day off today" replied Harry, not quite sure why he was telling all this to Draco.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Cos its Weasel's anniversary?"

"No, cos itís her two year anniversary, since Ron dumped her."

This was news to Draco. "Are you telling me..."

"Yes. Ron cheated on her. But keep that under your hat, Hermione doesn't want many people knowing" replied Harry.

"He really is a weasel." said Draco, shaking his head.

Harry couldn't help but stand up for Ron, after all, he was still his best friend "It's not like you're any better Malfoy!"

"Well, on this topic, yes I am. I've never cheated on any of my women, and I never will" said Draco defensively "I do have some manners Potter."

"Alright, whatever you say. Here's the papers, and don't piss Ron off when he's back" said Harry, knowing that would be exactly what Draco would do.

As Draco went back to his office, he was still quite shocked to learn that Ron had cheated on Hermione. He had always thought that Hermione was far too good for Ron, though he would never admit that to anyone. Hermione was the first of the trio to attempt at talking civilly to Draco. After a year of working together with them, she was the first to step over the boundary and treat him like a human being. Draco at first treated her with contempt, but after realising that she truly meant to forgive him for everything that had happened between them in the past, he gladly began treating her with respect and a small friendship formed. Harry, and Ron especially, were furious with Hermione for doing it, but soon after Harry realised it was for the best as well.

Draco's thoughts drifted back to Hermione. Lavender may have the looks, but it was Hermione that had it all. Brains, personality and looks. And a smoking hot body as well, he thought. He smiled to himself, as if he would ever get the chance to see it.

Wait. Why would I want to see her naked? thought Draco. He shook his head, as if he was trying to shake the image of Hermione out of his head.


As Hermione and Ginny finished their lunch, they headed back to Hermione's flat instead of shopping. Although Hermione had suddenly realised she needed to get over Ron, she was still worried that she might bump into him in town, and wasn't prepared to see him so soon after.

As they got back into the flat, Hermione immediately walked up to her fireplace.

"Ginny, could you get me a bin-bag please?"

Ginny raised her eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

"Thanks" said Hermione, as Ginny passed one over to her.

One by one, photos of Ron were going into the bin. Ginny grinned.

"About time Hermione!"

Hermione laughed "I know. It's only taken me two years to realise that he most probably doesn't have any photos of me on his and Lavender's mantle!"

Ginny laughed along with her, and started helping her clear up anything that would remind her of Ron.

It took them under an hour to remove all traces of Ron from the flat.

"Now what?" asked Hermione, staring at the bag.

"Burn it" stated Ginny.

"Are you crazy?"

"No. Are you? This is what you do with ex-boyfriends stuff. Itís an unwritten law. Burn all possessions that remind you of them."

Hermione laughed at her. "Alright, whatever you say Miss!"

She placed the bag in her fireplace. "Let's hope Harry doesn't decide to Floo over now" grinned Hermione.


"I accidently let it slip that Ron cheated on Hermione to Malfoy today" said Harry to Ginny later that evening.

"How did you manage that?" asked Ginny.

"I dunno. We just got talking about Ron and it just led to it. And the funny thing is, Malfoy was absolutely disgusted to hear it."

"Really? Isn't it something he does all the time?" replied Ginny.

"Well, that's exactly what I thought, but he seemed pretty pissed off that I assumed it. He said he's never cheated on a girl, and he never would."

"Hmm. Well, how big of him" replied Ginny, and Harry just grinned down at her. Ginny and Draco had become friends since Ginny had become close to his mother, Narcissa. Since Narcissa had played a large role in the Final Battle, Ginny felt some sort of gratitude towards her, since she had Harry all to herself without having to worry about his impending doom. The Wizarding World didn't take kindly to the Malfoys, and it was the forgiving nature of a few wizards that helped them back into the community.

"You know what I just realised?" said Ginny suddenly "Hermione needs a date for the Ministry's Christmas party!"

"Yes?" said Harry reluctantly. He knew this sounded like trouble.

"I know the perfect person!" grinned Ginny.

"Gin, Hermione hasn't been to the Christmas party for the last two years, what makes you think she'll come this year?"

Ginny smiled wickedly at him "Oh, I just know she will!"


The next day, Hermione didn't feel so great about having to go back into work and having to see Ron again. Yesterday must have been some sort of fluke she thought, because today she was feeling her old self again. Depressed, lonely and missing Ron.

As she made her way into work, she was glad she had gotten rid of his stuff. It was stupid having his photos still up there, for her to be constantly reminded of him. She was happy she had made some sort of progress in the "get over Ron" mission, but she felt like she had a long way to go yet.

As she was walking to her office, she bumped into someone and nearly fell over, but was caught before she hit the ground.

"Watch it, Granger!" said Draco, helping her up to her feet.

"Sorry" replied Hermione quietly, and made her way into the office. She couldn't be bothered to stand there and yell at Draco, and she wanted to get into the protection of her office, a place to hide in case Ron was walking about.

A knock came immediately on her door, but before she could even answer, Draco opened the door and walked in.

"Come in" said Hermione sarcastically.

"You okay Granger?" asked Draco.

"I'm fine. Why?" asked Hermione, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Cos you didn't bother telling me that it was my fault I bumped into you. Cos it was my fault, you know." smirked Draco.

Hermione smiled "I know, but I couldn't be arsed talking to you."

"Ouch. That hurts Granger." joked Draco

"You'll get over it Malfoy. So, what do you want?"

"Nothing... I just wanted to make sure you were ok" he said, his pale features turning a shade of pink. He walked out of her office before she could reply.

Hermione laughed to herself. What is the world coming to, if Malfoy cares about whether I'm ok!

As Draco walked back to his office, he couldn't explain what had just come over him. Why should I care whether Granger was alright or not? he thought to himself. Yeah, of course, we get along now, but that's no excuse!

He walked into Ron just outside his door.

"Watch it, Weasel!" he growled angrily at him.

Ron just flipped him off and walked away.

Draco was in a bad mood. He couldn't shake off the funny feeling he had when he helped Hermione up to her feet, and he couldn't shake the annoyance of knowing that Ron once had the luxury of coming home to her every night, and threw it all away for someone who doesn't even come close to comparing.

AN: Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter... please review and let me know what you think, the positives and negatives please!

Lovely chapter image by Myriadly @†TDA xx

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