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After My Heart by WhisperInTheRain
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Isabella Charlotte Lennox walked hopped off the carriage with a big smile on her face. It lit up her whole being, arriving at Hogwarts that is. She was happy that she was arriving back at school from summer for the last time, yet in the same moment, sad. Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry had been a home to her for the last 6 years, going on 7th. To see it all go pulled Isabella Charlotte, a mouthful of a name, she knows, into reality. She tugged on her red hair nervously.
She was the only girl besides Lily Evans that had red hair at Hogwarts, though they looked or were nothing alike. Isabella Charlotte's hair was curly, those ringlets going down to her shoulders in a dark crimson color, almost the color of fresh blood. Her skin was nearly trsnslucent in a good way, alluring grey eyes capturing the attention of many that bothered to take a look. Her fringe that layed straight across her forhead covered her eyes partially, though it did enhance her. She was a petite girl, only reaching 5'2, and had a natural kind of vibrant beauty so many longed for. She was also in Ravenclaw, and was the complete oppisite of Lily.

Lily Evans, of Gryffindor, was tall and slender, at least 6 inches taller than Isabella Charlotte. She posessed straight red hair, reaching to about her waiste. It was a diffrent kind of orange from the Ravenclaw, a shade of reddish-orange. Her eyes were always narrowed, those green eyes always lit with the fire of anger. She was strict, uptight, always taking her studies over everything. Not like Isabella Charlotte at all. She often wondered why she wasn't put into Gryffindor and Lily into Ravenclaw. She knew, though, there was a reason behind it.

Actually, she was glad to not be sorted into Gryffindor. Her father, a pureblood, had come from a Scottish background, this making her hair red, though it did skip some generations. Her mother, though, originated from a notrorious dark family, the Rosiers, though had decided to go against his family, making their family, the Lennoxs, bloodtraitors. Her cousin, Evan Rosier, still roamed the halls of Hogwarts, being in the same year as her, making it clear he wished her to join. He was still in the ignorant stage she was unlike her family, the Slytherine would corner her from time to time to express his wishes. She refused, making them get into a fairly gruesome duel. Being in Ravenclaw gave her a less chance of being targeted, much to the relief of her parents.

Her family was sonderful, yes, until the point where she was forced to go over to her cousin's. Her parents had foolishly made an agreement for her to visit, and now she was forced to, by law. She was abused because of her views, though she did hide it fairly well. Her parents knew of it, but could not do a thing. By visiting her extended family, she met Sirius Black, and became fairly good friends. They shared the same view and treatment, though he was in a much worse condition. They bonded over this, becoming like siblings. Isabella Charlotte cherished this.

"Charlie," someone shook her gently, shaking her out of her thoughts. She turned to see her best friend, Akiho Yamanaka, a pretty Japanese girl with black hair and light brown eyes. She looked at her curiously.

"You've been standing there for 5 minutes, tugging on your hair."

"Oh," Isabella Charlotte brought her hand out of her hair, and smiled at her friend. Her Scottish accent was fairly noticeable. "I didn't even realize."

Akiho rolled her eyes at her. "Figured as much. Let's go inside, the sorting and feast is about to begin."

Before she can protest, she was pulled inside the castle anyways, not that she was complaining. She was very hungry, having to stay over her cousin's for the last 2 weeks. They barely fed her, except when Evan was around. He had a soft spot for her, though his temper did get the best of him when coming to the pureblood mania.

The Great Hall was the same as always, so magestic. She would miss it dearly. Taking her seat, she watched as the sorting. After it was done, Dumbledore, the Headmaster, made the usual speech, before saying, 'Let the feast begin'. Food spread throughout the hall, making the new students gasp in suprise. The older ones laughed before digging in. Isabella Charlotte smiled, placing a large amount of food onto her plate.

"Geeze, Bella, your going to eat all that?" Her other best friend, Daniel Corter, said. He was an adorable thing with brown hair and light green eyes. He had freckled, giving him a innocent look, which he was far from. He wiggled his eyesbrows at her. "Makes me think exactly how much you can lap up."

"Oh, you too much, Danny," she replied, used to his antics. She took a big bite of her stuffing, almost moaning at how good it truely was. A table over, she saw Sirius wave at her. She swallowed what was in her mouth, and grinned stunningly at him, waving.


Sirius saw his good friend wave back at him, smiling brilliantly. It lit her face up, making her seem even more beautiful than she really was. Beside him, he felt James look in the direction where he was looking, before freezing. Sirius turned to look at him, shocked at the sight. His mouth was hanging open, awe in his eyes. He didn't take his eyes off of her.

"Prongs, mate, you alright?" He asked, baffled by his behavior. What had happened to his enteral devotion to Lily Evans?

"Who is that magnificent creature?" he breathed, not taking his eyes off of the girl. He followed his gaze, and sure enough, he was still looking at his friend, who now looked confused. She shot him a look ,which he made a motion saying he didn't understand. Shrugging, she went back to eating, listening to her friends talk.

"Her?" he asked, pointing at her friend. James nodded eagerly. "Thats Isabella Charlotte Lennox." He turned to him, eyes wide.

"How do you know her?"

He looked at his friend critically. "Why do you want to know, mate?"

James looked back at her, than to him. "She's so...beautiful. How could I have not noticed her before?"

Remus spoke up, looked shocked at this situation. "Because you were too busy pining after Lily."


Peter squeaked in suprise, as the other Marauders looked beyond shocked. What was happening?

"Lily Evans?" Sirius said, his tone incresulous. "The girl of your dreams, the one you've been in love with since second year?"

"Oh, her." His friend's expression darkened. "I've decided to give up on her. She made it obvious she didn't want me, what more could I do? Besides....Isabella Charlotte looked like a delectable choice. You're friends with her, yeah, Padfoot?"

"Yes..." He looked at his friend cautiously, and stunned. Who would have though he would get over Evans?

"Will you introduce me to her?"

He looked so hopeful that he couldn't resist. He sighed. "Yeah, I guess I will."

"Thanks, mate!" James jumped up. "Let's go now!"

He sighed once again, standing up. What was with his mate and redheads?


"Oooooh, look whose coming over," Akiho said, looking on dreamily. Isabella Charlotte looked up and saw Sirius coming over with an overly-enthusiastic James Potter along. She raised an eyesbrow, though no one would be able to see. What were they doing?

"Hey, Bella," Sirius grinned at her, throwing her friend a roughish wink.

The girls nearby swooned while she rolled her eyes. Her eyes met his. They could be related, you see, for they had the same eyes. The same shade of grey that looked mysterious yet alluring.

"Sirius," she greeted. "Do you need something?"

"Oh, nothing, really," he said, looking nonchalent. "Just wanted to come over and say 'hi', and to introduce you to my good friend."


"Oh, right," he said, smiling. "Bella, this is James Potter. James, this is Isabella Charlotte Lennox."

"Hello," she smiled at her friend's friend politely. He looked startrucked, if you can even call it that.

Snapping to reality, he took her hand, which was outstreached to shake his had, and lifted it to his lips, kissing her knuckled gently. She blushed faintly, suprised at his actions. He still didn't let go.

"Hi," he said back, his voice deep and smooth, charming. She felt somthing inside her tingle.

She looked up into his eyes, that were his behind a pair of glasses, but still clear to see. Hazel met grey, and they were lost into thir own world. He stared at her intensely with emotions she could not identify. He reached up and brushed the fringe out of her eyes, giving him a more clear look. She was lost in his hypnotic gaze. A throat cleared, breaking the connection.

Sirius was looking at them, a knowing grin on his face. In fact, everyone was staring, the hall had gome quiet to watch this encounter. Blushing, she took her hand back, looking down. Akiho let out a giggle from beside her, Danny shaking in silent laughter. Isabella Charlotte shot them a nasty look, cheeks still tinged. James was still staring. What an odd day it is, indeed.


AN: My first story!! Review for me, so I know how well I did! Thanks for reading,

Kara :)

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After My Heart: Prologue


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