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Tantalizing Affairs by Miranda Lupin
Chapter 1 : Lions vs. Snakes
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“Rosie Rosie!”

I turned around to see my cousin/best friend Dominique. Her facial expression reads “panicking”, as she tugs aggressively on her soft and wavy locks, trying to decide how to make it even more perfect than it already is.

“Calm down Dom, sit down so I can help you manage your perfect hair.”

“My hair is not perfect! It’s a complete and utter mess, I look like a nutter!” She complained collapsing onto a chair.

I began brushing her god-like hair with soft strokes, it’s so beautiful and manageable, I wish my hair was like it, instead my hair is an obnoxiously bright red, and I inherited my mothers curls, but they’re even more difficult for my hair goes down my back.

“What style are you aiming for Dom?”

“Anything that would make Liam notices me!” She cried.

Dom has a major crush on Liam Finnegan, I can’t blame her Liam is very fit and his killer blue eyes has a girl weak at the knees, but Dom is absolutely gorgeous thanks to her vela genes, guys drop at her feet like flies! I don’t understand how she’s having boy trouble now, she had at least five boyfriends and she’s in her sixth year!

“Liam Finnegan is a total git if he doesn’t notice you! Don’t worry I’ll knock some sense into that tosser!”

“Oh thanks a bunch Rose, you’re the best!”

When we were both done getting ready for like day, the both of us headed into the Dining Hall for breakfast, Dom and I departed going our separate ways, she went to her Ravenclaw table and I sat at Gryffindor, next to Liam and my best mate Albus.

“Pass me the bacon please Liam.” I said beginning a conversation.

“Sure here, hey Rose can I copy your Potions notes, I fell asleep in class yesterday so I never got the chance to write them down.” He said.

I bit a piece of bacon before replying.

“Sure Liam, but I have a favor to ask.”


“Go out with my cousin Dom.”

I’ve always been a little bossy, besides my intelligence, controlling is another trait I inherited from my mum. Liam’s face turned crimson and his aqua eyes expanded.

“What? Rose no way, she’s way out of my league she’ll never say yes!”

“Oh come on Liam, you’ve liked her since forever!” Interjected Albus.

Everyone at the table laughed and cheered Liam on, so he really does have a crush on Dom. This is perfect!

“A’ght I’ll do it!”

We all cheered louder, but stopped when a certain stench of Slytherin entered the Dining Hall.

Scorpius Malfoy was the leader of his band of idiots; he thought he was completely untouchable with his daddy’s money, his charm, his mysteriously attractive silver eyes, abs and a six-pack, along with his long silver-blond hair. But all I can see is arrogance. His just as arrogant friend’s followed his lead;

Dante Goyle and Virgil Crabbe, walk the same cocky strut walking in Malfoy’s shadow, Demetrius Zabini, Malfoy’s right-hand man, Hades McNair just another groupie, and the sluts. Demetria Zabini and Piper Helios, the “sex goddesses”. If you ask me they all make my blood boil.


Everyone stared as we entered the Dining Hall just like any other day, they stared at our perfection.

“Why are we so perfect Scorp?” Ask Demetrius Zabini, best mate.

“Because we just are.” I replied cooly.

At this he snickered in agreement, but it’s true, no one denies it.

As I passed the tables I noticed a head of brilliant scarlet hair. There she was with those voluptuous curls, now that is the definition of perfection, Rose Weasley. She looked at me with her beautiful milk chocolate eyes, which are always filled with knowledge and wonders. Oh those soft and full lips of hers made me want to kiss her so bad, I can make out her perfectly sculpt curves in her Gryffindor robes. I wanted her more than anyone else, but there are three problems; 1) I’m in Slytherin, she’s a Gryffindor. 2) I’m a Malfoy. 3) Our families hate each other.

So sadly, she will always be unavailable to me.

“Well, well if it ain’t the Gryffindor cubs.” Said Dem.

“Oh sod off will Zabini!” Spat Albus Potter.

I saw his look of hate in his emerald eyes that was blanketed by his jet black hair. The Potters and the Weasley’s truly despise Slytherins, especially me, because I’m a Malfoy.

“Suit it Pothead, we don’t take orders from Half-Bloods!” Snapped Dante.

“Why don’t you slimy gits shed your crappy skin elsewhere?” This came from Roxanne Weasley who took on no Weasley traits what so ever.

“Our skin is not crappy; we have neither acne nor rashes!” Growled Piper.

“Um Piper, that was a really lame comeback.” I whispered to her.

“Sorry Scorp.” I smiled to reassure that it’s alright, I don’t like upsetting her.

“Listen, unlike you tosses we have important matters to be presumed, so take your fat arse’s somewhere, because we need room to breathe.” Acknowledged Rose.

She’s so cute when she’s angry; her eyebrows go a certain way and her eyes narrow.

“Calm yourself Weasley; we’re just having some fun!” I jested.

“It’s about time the Slytherin prince spoke up, are you tired of your pathetic servants fighting your battles?”

Fuck! What am I suppose to say?

“Don’t you dare talk to Scorpius like that?” Snapped Demi.

Rose ignored her still looking at me, with a smug expression on her face.

“What no response? Are you still flabbergasted by your own stupidity?”

The bell from the clock tower rang; Rose and her friends were packing up for their next class. Before she left, she walked up to me, I inhaled her sweet fragrance.

“That’s what I thought.”

She’s something else.

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Tantalizing Affairs: Lions vs. Snakes


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