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Perfection by ilivelaughloveharrypotter
Chapter 1 : Perfection
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I own none of the characters all of the credit for that goes to the lovely J.K. Rowling.

Excited would be an understatement. Nervous didn't even come close to what she was feeling.  It had been 5 years since the last time she had seen his jet black hair and dazzling green eyes.  5 years since she had heard the boom of his laugh or even heard him speak.  She didn't know what she would do when she saw him but she had come too close to let him get away now.  She set out a picnic blanket and basket and waited.  A minute passed, or maybe it was an hour, time seemed to stand still in this place, it had a certain magical quality about it.  The trees on the perimeter or the meadow shimmered in the sunlight, and the knee high grass moved gently in the breeze creating the illusion of golden water.

Her breath caught in her throat, she saw him and he saw her.  Time froze. Hazel eyes met green and in an instant she knew that neither her feelings nor his had changed in their time apart.  He started towards her, but before he could even take more than a few steps she had started running towards him.  He started running too and in a few short moments the distance between them was reduced to a few inches.  She jumped into his strong arms, the muscle he had gained from quidditch were now being used to hold her up in the air.  She broke the embrace to gaze at his face, he didn't look a day older than the day she last saw him, the day Voldemort had been defeated and they had been seperated from each other until now.  Her hands made their way up to his face and she felt it as if testing it to be real.  His mouth broke into a smile, the same crooked smile that she had dreamed about every night for the past 5 years.  She couldn't hold herself back anymore, she let one tear loose and before she knew it hundreds of water droplets were cascading down her face and onto his plaid shirt.

"I have missed you so much Hermione" Harry said, his voice muffled because her bushy hair was in his face as he held her close to stop the tears, "You look more beautiful now then the day I last saw you if that's possible."

She looked up at his face once more and smiled.

"I can't believe it's really you, I didn't think we would ever see each other again, after what happened I didn't know if-----"

He cut her off "Nothing could have kept me away from you"

This is what she had been missing, this was something that Ron, try as he might could not give her.  She knew in her heart that Harry was telling the truth, and as she looked into his eyes, she could see the pain in them at having been kept away from her for so long.

"I know" she moved closer to him "I love you Harry"

"I love you too" Harry replied and he closed the space between them and caught her with a kiss that would have knocked her unconcious had she not been expecting it. As they kissed, Hermione could not help thinking that "this is the way it's supposed to be, plain and simple and easy" At this moment she knew, as if there had been any doubt before, that Harry was the one she was supposed to be with, and one look in his eyes showed her he felt the same way.

She broke off the kiss, she looked in his eyes, still feeling the tears in her own. "I brought food" she managed to say.

Harry's face broke into a grin and he took her hand in his "Let's not waste any time with this kissing nonsense and get straight to the food"

Hermione giggle as he led her to the blanket. As they sat and ate they talked, mostly Harry wanted to know about her life, and all the new things she had done and people she had met.  She had to be careful she knew when asking him questions about what had gone on with him for the past 5 years, he simply refused to answer questions, he said he didn't want this time with her to be about him, but about them together and her.  At this point Hermione was so in love there was no going back

Long after the picnic had been cleared away, Hermione and Harry lay under the stars in their private meadown. Entwined in each others arms, not saying much but not really needing to.  Everything that needed to be said could be shown in the way he held her, in the way she looked at him and most of all in the way they kissed. They loved each other, it was as simple as that.

"What's it like Harry?" Hermione asked, looking up at him as they lay on the blanket.

"I'm not going to answer that and you know it" he said kindly "I can't tell you"

"I just feel like I need to understand what's going on" she replied, somewhat urgently.

At this Harry pulled her up so she was level with his face. "The only thing you need to know" he said, with a face that was so serious and full of love it made Hermione want to cry "Is that I love you, and it will remain that way forever, nothing will change that and I think we have proven that." and once more he kissed her, except this time it was a kiss full of longing and sadness, and from this kiss Hermione understood what he was trying to tell her.  After they broke apart Harry looked at her with tears once more in his eyes "It's time" he said softly.

Hermione felt herself beginning to break down again. "No!" she yelled "It can't be time, I can't leave you not again"

Harry grabbed her once more into a hug "You knew it would be like this when you cast the spell, you knew that it would have to end, once every five years Hermione is all we get.  You need to go on living your life, don't wait for what will never be, because as much as we both want it, you and I both know that this can't be, and I can't move on knowing that you will still be waiting for me. Promise me that you will live your life and never look back. Promise me this."

"I promise" sobbed Hermione as she held him close, she could feel him leaving even as she stood there holding him.

"I will always love you Hermione, always" Hermione closed her eyes as she saw Harry lean down to give her one last kiss on her cheek.

When she opened her eyes, she was standing alone in Godric's Hollow.  With tears etched on her face, and the warmth of his last kiss still on her cheek, she fell to her knees in front of a tombstone that read:

                                            Harry Potter
                               Forever loved, never forgotten.

"I will love you forever Harry" Hermione whispered as she leaned down to kiss the tombstone "Always"

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