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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 6 : A Semi-Charmed Life
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Finally, it was June. June is hands down my favorite month because during the last few years, it was the wettest month when it came to rainfall. In fact, it was only the second day of June and it was incredibly cloudy outside. The clouds were so darkened with moisture that I knew it would start to rain at any moment. I was sitting outside in the grass by the Black Lake, waiting for that moment.

Most people think that I’m thick for wanting to sit in the rain, but now more than ever, I wanted to enjoy it. I want my baby to be familiar with rain. Plus, the rain was so cleansing to me. I felt like all of my problems and worries could just be washed away with the drops of water.

The cool drops were so refreshing and calming. It was my favorite place to be when I try and escape the stresses of the end of term exams. Finally, I felt the first wet drip on my forehead. The rest followed quite rapidly.

I could just sit here forever. Everyone else that had been outside was quickly hurrying to take shelter, but not me. Because of this, I almost felt like I had my own sanctuary. Nothing and no one could disturb me.

“What are you doing out here?” a heard a voice from behind me. Alright, so nothing could be perfect. I was kind of upset about someone bothering me until I turned around. It was Nathan Thomas. “You might get sick.”

I waved his comment off with my hand. “I love the rain. It’s so cool and reinvigorating.”

Surprisingly, he sat down next to me. I could smell a cross of cinnamon and vanilla coming from him. Two of my favorite scents. “I can tell that you enjoy it. You’ve got this glow about you right now.”

I had never heard that before in all of my years of sitting in the rain. Maybe it was the pregnancy giving me a glow. Of course, I didn’t tell him this. I didn’t want to scare him off.

“People underestimate the beauty of rain.” I told him. “We all need rain to survive. It gives us the green grass, the vibrant flowers, and the healthy trees. Plus, without rain, how could our vegetation survive?”

He nodded, and a bit of his brown hair fell into his eyes. Don’t stare at him! He’ll probably think that I’m some creeper if he sees me staring at him. I couldn’t help but see so many similarities to Teddy, yet many differences as well.

Suddenly, he turned towards me and I lost myself in his eyes. Plus, I couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was when he was soaking wet. “You were so fantastic in the game. I wish that you could’ve been a Ravenclaw so I can have that kind of talent on my team.” I couldn’t help but blush. “Can I call you Dom?”

“Sure, Nathan.”

“Oh, call me Nate.” He cleared his throat. “Dom, will you go out with me?”

This was certainly not what I was expecting. Maybe this whole pregnancy thing isn’t too bad. Apparently, I have a glow. Not an angelic glow, but some glow that seemingly attracts men. I kind of wanted to say no. I mean, I was pregnant and in the midst of an ugly love triangle. If I dated Nate, it would be a love square. How much more complicated could it get? Plus, what would he say if I told him that I’m pregnant? I turned back and saw his eyes again. I could deal with the other stuff later.

“I’d love to, Nate.” His smile was so infectious that I couldn’t help but smile. In fact, he was clearly so excited that he leaned in gave me a brief kiss on the lips. Even though it was short, it was one of the best kisses that I’ve ever had. If it was possible, I think I now loved the rain even more.

The next week of my life was one of my happiest. It ranked right up there with the week that I made the Quidditch team, all of the weeks that we won the Quidditch Cup, and the week that I first started my affair with Teddy. Nate was one of the best boyfriends I could ever ask for. He was so cool and funny, yet kind and caring. I couldn’t help but notice many girls giving me glares.

My relationship with Nate even made me blow off the fact that if I wore something tight, a small bump could be seen. That was saying something. Of course, both Rose and James were still planning on having a serious discussion with me about my new relationship.

When I had some time to myself, I sat in a corner of the common room searching through the magazines that Vic had sent me. I already chose the bridal gown that I liked the most and sent it back to her. Right now, though, I was looking through the bridesmaid dresses.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Rose and James whispering while glancing over at me. I could tell that they wanted to talk to me, but there were still quite a few people left in the common room. Thank Merlin they had enough respect to wait until we were alone.

On one particular page, Vic had circled every single dress. They could all be ordered in a light green, which was one of the wedding colors. I looked at all of them, debating which would look the best on me when I would still be carrying some baby weight. There was one in particular that I was positive would make my chest and bum look fantastic.

As soon as I was alone in the common room, the two of them cornered me, interrupting my decision process. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Rose asked, sitting next to me. James sat on my other side.

“Um, I’m reading a magazine.”

Rose playfully glared at me. “Yes, I can see that. I will agree with the rest of the school that you and Nate make one of the cutest couples ever, but what about Teddy?”

“What about him?” I said, frustrated. “He’s making it perfectly clear that he’s not leaving my sister. Otherwise, he would’ve already broken up with her. So why can’t I find someone that makes me happy?”

James messed up his hair. It was one of his strange habits. “We have nothing against your happiness, but do you honestly believe that Teddy is happy with your sister?”

No. I don’t think that he is. But he’s being thick enough to stay with her because he wants to be the good guy. What’s he going to say when he finds out about Nate? I’m not sure that I even want to know.

I chose to remain silent for a moment and not answer James’s question. “Listen, Nate is a great guy. And I think that when the time comes, he won’t judge me too much for being pregnant. And if Teddy goes all haywire on me, I’ll deal with it. So I’d appreciate it if we could drop this and discuss why Rose now has a diamond ring on her hand.” I could help but smirk triumphantly. This was a juicier topic.

Rose’s eyes widened and she quickly hid her hand. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her cheeks were almost as red as her hair.

“Come on, Rose. We’re your best mates.” James said, putting his arm around Rose. James knew us too well. That moved worked on her as well as it worked on me.

She reluctantly pulled her hand out again and let us look at the shining ring. “Scorpius proposed a couple of nights ago!” she squealed.

Surprisingly, I started to squeal to and pulled her into a hug. I also felt James hug her as well. “Rose, I’m so happy for you and Scorpius. Have you started talking about the wedding?”

Rose nodded shyly. “I know that we both still have another year left at Hogwarts, but we were discussing the possibility of getting married this summer.”

James was currently interrogating her about why they’d want the wedding to be so soon when something hit me. There was something odd about the way that Rose avoided my eyes. I cut James off when I asked, “Rose, did you get yourself knocked up as well?”

She didn’t answer, but she didn’t have to. Her face somehow got even redder. “Rose, you’re pregnant too, aren’t you?” James asked.

“No.” Rose told us, unconvincingly. I summoned a small glass of Firewhisky. One of the seventh year girls kept a secret stash upstairs. Luckily, Rose was seventeen so I could test her.

“If you’re not pregnant, chug the Firewhisky.” I challenged her. Both James and I watched her very carefully as she grabbed the glass and brought it up to her lips, but then stopped. “You are pregnant. Congratulations!”

James groaned. “I’m happy for you and all, Rose, especially since you and Scorpius are getting married too, but now I have two hormonal pregnant women to deal with.”

Rose leaned over towards me and whispered, “We’ll have fun torturing him.” I grinned back at her.

Me and one of my best friends were pregnant. Maybe she’ll miss the next Hogwarts year as well and we can be each other’s pregnant support.

Darkness was surrounding me. I loved nighttime as much as I loved the rain. I could hear Rose’s light snores breaking the silence. My mind thought about all that had happened recently. I could say with all honesty that things were going fantastic.

Rose, Scorpius, James, some random Hufflepuff girl, Nate, and I ended up having a triple date in Hogsmeade soon after Rose and Scorpius officially announced their engagement. It was the final trip into Hogsmeade for the year, and probably my last in a long time. Possibly for Rose as well. Rose’s pregnancy was being kept secret, like mine, until we were done with the school year.

For most of the lunch, Rose and Scorpius were discussing the upsides and downsides of having a wedding so soon. Rose officially asked me to be her maid of honor, and James was asked to be a Groomsman. Surprisingly, Scorpius also asked Nate to be a Groomsman as well. Apparently, Nate and Scorpius had known each other for some time, but never found much time to spend with each other.

One topic that got brought up was whether or not their parents knew. “Well,” Rose explained, “I know that my dad will probably have a fit. But they finally approved of me and Scorp dating, so I hope that they’ll get on board with the wedding too.”

“As for my parents,” Scorpius added, “My mum will probably want to come but my dad will try to disown me.”

It was true. Draco Malfoy had greatly disapproved of Scorpius dating a Weasley. Things were unlikely to change. But that didn’t matter. Scorpius and Rose were engaged and pregnant, and I was happy with Nate. And James was happy for the both of us. Perhaps we live semi-charmed lives.

A/N: Sorry about the semi-filler chapter.  The next one has a lot of exciting things happening.

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