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The Past Is Now The Present by mousey08
Chapter 3 : Well welcome to 1977
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Grace landed with a great thump on the floor. She groaned and picked herself up from the floor. She felt a piercing in her chest, she looked under her top to see her timeturner broken and stuck into her skin. She pulled it out while yelping in pain and looked down at it. It was completely destroyed.

“Can we help you?” A voice said. Grace whirled around to see four boys staring up at her. Grace looked down at her timetuner then back up at the boys. When she realised where she was, she fainted, making a loud thump noise as she hit the floor.

“What was that noise?” asked a red-headed girl as she came into the compartment. She put her hands over her mouth when she saw Grace lying on the floor, completely limp. “What did you do to her?”

“Calm down Evans, she just fainted” One of the boys said, his hands running through his hair as he stared at Grace on the floor. “Moony, help me lift her onto one of the seats”


“Don’t let Moony strain himself” another boy said. “I’ll help”

“Don’t flatter yourself Black, I’m sure he is quite capable of lifting the girl onto the seat” the girl said.

“Thankyou” said ‘Moony’ as he helped the other boy lift Grace onto the seat.

“So what happened?” the girl said.

“She just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She got up with her back turned to us and yelped out in pain, I think she pulled something out of her, anyway she looked down at something and James asked if she needed helped. When she turned around and saw us, she looked down at the thing she was holding then back up at us then fainted.” ‘Moony’ explained.

“I’ve never seen her before” the girl said looking at her. “She looks our age and she’s wearing Gryffindor robes”

“You’re kidding!” ‘Moony’ suddenly exclaimed looking down at her.

“What?” the girl asked.

“She’s wearing a timetuner.” 'Moony' didn’t get to finish his sentence because Grace started to stir. She opened her eyes to see four boys and a girl staring down at her. She bolted upright and stared at all of them with wide eyes.

“I’m Lily, Lily Evans’ said the girl. “Are you new? Well of course you’re not, you have Gryffindor robes on but I have never seen you before.” Grace couldn’t say anything. She knew who she was, she’s had seen photos, it was Harry’s mother.

“I’m James Potter, this is Sirius Black and Peter Pettingrew’ he said pointing to the boy next to him on the right and then the boy on his left. Chelsea recognised James straight away. He looked so much like Harry. Sirius on the other hand looked much younger than when she first saw him the night he died. He didn’t look so ragged and old, plus he was much more handsome. Peter just looked like a fat rat.

“I’m Remus Lupin” he said. “What’s your name?” Grace only stared back at him into his hazel eyes. He was the same Remus that she had only seen a couple of hours ago. Except that he didn’t have grey hair and he actually looked the right age. Definitely handsome.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be shy around us, we won’t bite, well Remus might but we won’t” Sirius said. “Ow!” he exclaimed as Lily wacked him around the head.

“Don’t worry about Black” Lily said. “So what is your name?”

“Grace Harris . . . on, Grace Harrison” Grace knew where she was, she couldn’t give her actual name in case it ruined future events.

“So Grace Harrison, what brings you to our carriage?” James said.

“I need to talk to Dumbledore” Grace said ignoring James’ question. She knew Dumbledore would have the answers.

“We’ll take you to Dumbledore when we get to Hogwarts” Remus said “Do you want to tell us where you’re actually from?”

“What are you talking about Moony?” Sirius asked. Lily looked at Grace and then looked down, she gasped when she noticed the timeturner and that it was broken.

“No way” She whispered “You’re from . . . the future.” Everyone in the compartment stared at her.

“Now now lilykins, you don’t want to jump to conclusions here” James said and put a hand on her shoulder. She shoved it off and whacked him in the head.

“Don’t call me that!” she yelled at him. “Look, when a timeturner is broken, they are sent back to when the timeturner was made or set”

“So now that the timeturner is broken, she can’t go back? Can’t you just use reparo?” asked Sirius

“The timeturner is set so a person can come back and do a certain task, if the task is not done, the future either changes or she doesn’t get sent back. You can’t just use reparo Black.” Lily explained.

“Hold up!” Grace exclaimed. Everyone turned their attention to her. “Are you meaning to tell me that I’m stuck in the past until I complete a task that I don’t even know?”

“Yeah I think she needs to see Dumbledore” Remus said thoughtfully.

Everyone sat down and just looked at Grace and Grace just stared right back at them, she always thought it was rude for people to stare at someone for long periods at a time. She thought it was just plain creepy.

“Will you all stop staring” Lily said. “It’s rude”

“So Grace” Sirius said ignoring Lily. “What’s the future like?”

“I don’t think I can say” Grace said.

“Oh come on Grace, just a little clue” James said.

“Stop harassing her” Remus said, clearly irritated. “She doesn’t have to tell any of you.” Grace smiled at him and he returned it.

“Well who’s the rude one now?” asked James teasing Remus. “I believe we have prefect duties Evans” He got up and left and Lily followed.

“He’ll probably try and snog her” Sirius said and put his feet up where James had just been sitting. “So Grace, what year are you from?”


“Well welcome to 1977” Sirius said and opened his arms. Grace put her hand up to decline his hug. “So that makes you at least 19 years younger?”

“Been doing maths long Black?” Grace asked. This made Remus and Peter laugh.

“Did anyone tell you to respect your elders?” Sirius asked.

“Well from what I can see, we look the same age”

“But you’re from the future; I am clearly older in the future”

“But this is not the future, is it Sirius?” He just looked at her. To him, she was just another smartarse.

“Date and month you were born?” Grace asked. She was clearly amused by him getting so wound up over something so small.

“10th of March, Same as Remus”

“7th of March, checkmate.” Sirius pouted, clearly not happy with her. Remus was just staring at her and Peter had fallen asleep.

The train ride to Grace was the same as it was in the future. She really hoped she was dreaming though. She didn’t want to be stuck in the past. She had only just made friends. People had started to learn who she was. She had actually mattered to people and now she was stuck in the past with strangers, well not strangers but they might as well have been. They didn’t know her like Hermione, Ginny or even Harry did. Why was she even here in the first place? What was the point of being here? Ws it just some sick joke someone was playing on her? She couldn’t wait to get to Hogwarts. She really needed to see Dumbledore.


Hermione, Ginny and Ron left the Hogwarts Express. They tried to find Harry but they had no such luck so they hopped on the carriages and headed to the castle. Dumbledore had sent back an owl telling them to come to his office before dinner so they could discuss the situation. Of course he left a side note saying he liked lemon drops.
They got to the castle and ran all the way up to Dumbledore’s office on the 7th floor. Hermione said the password and they followed the stairs up to his office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” The three of them walked in to see Dumbledore sitting at his desk looking calm as ever. They also noticed another person in the room.

“What are you doing here Lupin?” Ron asked staring at him intently.

“Well I heard what happened” he said.

“But that doesn’t explain why you’re here”

“Mr Weasley, please save your questions for later, we have much to discuss. Please all of you, sit down.” Dumbledore said. “Lemon drop?” Everyone declined. “Right well Miss Granger, please explained what happened”

“Well we were trying to break up a fight between the third year Gryffindor and Sytherins and then the pile got pushed into Grace and she hit the compartment door and disappeared.”

“I remember when I first saw Grace on the steps of Hogwarts that night. 1977 wasn’t it Remus?” Remus nodded his head in agreement.

“1977?!” Hermione, Ron and Ginny exclaimed.

“Yes I believe so, you were right in the letter you sent from the train Miss Granger, Miss Harris has indeed been sent back to the past” Dumbledore explained.

“But why?” Ginny asked.

“It will all explain itself when Miss Harris returns. We don’t know when that is exactly so all we have to do is . . . wait.”

“That still doesn’t explain Lupin” Ron said still staring at him.

“You were there” Hermione said looking at Remus “1978 was the year you graduated. You knew her back then. That was the secret you were keeping.”

“What secret?” Remus asked.

“Grace came to us yesterday and told us that she thought you were keeping something from her but she didn’t know what. It makes sense now; you knew she was going back. Why didn’t you stop her?”

“I tried to. But the timeturner was set, I knew that. It was fate; I couldn’t stop what was already going to happen.”

“Why didn’t you at least tell her then?” Ginny asked. Remus sighed. He knew this would happen. He shouldn’t have come but Dumbledore told him that it was important that he’d be there.

“It wasn’t my right to, she would have tried to stop it and future happenings would have changed.” Remus was too worn out and tired for this, the full moon was approaching soon and he didn’t want to deal with this. “I know that she is safe, I have to go, goodnight everyone, professor.” Remus then left Dumbledore’s office.

“I think it’s best if we just leave the situation for now, there is no way we can fix it and if we try to, certain events may change.” Dumbledore said calmly. “Off to the welcome feast you go, I’ll be joining you all soon.” The three of them left and walked down to the Great Hall. When they got there Harry was sitting there with a handkerchief to his nose as it was bleeding. They all shook their heads at him as they sat down.

“Bloody hell mate, what happened to you?” Ron asked.

“Never mind” he said shaking his head. “Where were you guys? Where’s Grace?”

“Well um you see . . .” Hermione started. Ron then explained the story to Harry knowing that Hermione had explained it so many times before.

“So you’re trying to tell me, that her timeturner broke and she’s now in the past to when Lupin and my parents including Sirius were at school?” Harry said very slowly. They all nodded their heads. “Wow. And to think I went through harder things. Like of course the stuff I went through was pretty bad, I had you guys along the way, she has no one.”

“She has your dad and that” Ron said

“But they won’t know her, they’ll have no clue who she is and what she knows and I doubt she can tell them either” Hermione said.

“Why do you think Lupin was really there?” Ginny asked.

“Maybe, just maybe Grace was on the right track, maybe he knows about her parents or even Lupin is her father.” Hermione said.

“Lupin would never keep something like that from her. If was trying to protect her, he was going the wrong way about it. He should have been there for her.” They all sat in silence going over what Harry had just said. What is Remus keeping from them? They needed to know and they were going to find out.

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The Past Is Now The Present: Well welcome to 1977


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