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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 11 : Life
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Chapter 11

            “Ok, I’ll be right there.” Harry said, shutting down the floo call. Portable floo calls. Who would’ve thought? 

            “Ginny. We need to go, I’m sorry. It’s work.” He said. 

            “But can’t work just wait? I’m going back to school in a week and this could be our only alone time.” She said, stroking his shirt collar. 

            “I know, there’s nothing more in the world that I want right now, but I have to.” He said. He picked up her hand off his shirt, and kissed the top of it. “Now, we have to leave.” He said, pulling her away.

            “Wait.” She said, pulling her hand out of his tight grip. “What about our stuff?” She asked. Harry snapped his fingers, and then began to walk again.

            “They’re now at the burrow.” He said, pulling her into a corner and popped them away. They landed on the front porch, and turned to face her. “Ginny, you can’t tell your family about this do you understand?” He said. She nodded. 

            “But isn’t Ron going?” she asked.

            “Yes he is, but they also told him to not tell anybody.” He explained. “Ginny, I might die on this mission. I might come back, I might not. But if I don’t, just always remember that I love you.” He said, kissing her cheek. He began to walk away, but she pulled him back into a passionate kiss. 

            “See you when you get back.” She said, biting her lip. He turned on the spot, and he was gone. “See you.” She whispered under her breathe, and then knocked on the door. Mrs. Weasley opened the door, a pair of knitting needles in her hand.

            “Ginny dear, you’re supposed to be on a plate right now.” Mrs. Weasley said.

            “Plane mum, and Harry had to leave and he didn’t want me going alone.” She said, walking into her childhood home.

            “Where did he leave to?” She asked. Ginny then remembered that she couldn’t tell her, and had to lie.

            “He was invited to China to accept an award of Merlin or something like that.” She said, as her mother shut the door.

            “Then why didn’t you go with him? Surely he would want family there.” She said, making it more and more harder on Ginny.

            “They said that he could go. They didn’t want family there because it would be sort of….sort of…” Ginny said, trying to think of a word.

            “Chaotic?” Mrs. Weasley said, guessing at what the word was.

            “Yes I believe that is what they said. So have you seen Hermione anywhere?” Ginny said, looking around. 

            “She left the house about two hours ago and never came back.” She said.

            “I’ll go look for her.” Ginny said, walking out of the backdoor. She looked around the backyard. A bare Quidditch pitch, ponds with fish jumping out of them, but no Hermione. She walked over to the broom shed, and picked up her broom. She jumped on it, and went off over the trees. She flew all around, and she couldn’t find any sign of Hermione. She kept looking for books or any sign of parchment, but nothing. The only thing that was close to parchment was the trees in which it was made from. 

            “Hermione…..” Ginny said, under her breathe. “Where are you?” She flew all over the property, nowhere in sight. Ginny had to find her. She needed someone to talk to about what was happening, and why. That’s when she spotted her. She was sitting against a tree, crying and running her fingers through her hair. Ginny flew down to her quietly, trying to make very little noise. It appeared as if she hadn’t succeeded, because Hermione saw her coming and just laughed like she was laughing at herself. 

            “You found me.” She said, as she approached. 

            “Guess so.” Ginny said, sitting down next to her. They sat there in a not so awkward silence, Hermione’s brunette waves flowing in the wind. The flowers around would sway back and forth, as if they were dancing to a song. 

            “I’m scared Ginny.” Hermione whispered. 

            “They’ll be fine trust me.” Ginny said reassuringly. But she didn’t feel totally honest with that statement. Frankly, she didn’t know if they would be okay.

            “Not that. I know what those men are capable of. I’m scared of everything Ginny.” She said.

            “Like what?” Ginny said, looking at Hermione. 

            “Like everything! I still haven’t gotten my parents out of Australia, meaning they haven’t met Ron, meaning Ron never asked for permission meaning…..” Ginny cut her off because she had began to talk very quickly.

            “That you need to take a breath. Everything will be okay.”

            “How do you know that?” Hermione said, tears rolling down her already red face. “Ron and I need to move out of here before we get married, and first we need to get it ready. And not to mention what’s ahead of that! Graduating, NEWTS, a job, bills, wedding plans, getting through the wedding, kids, oh dear god kids.” She said.

            “Hermione. Get a hold of yourself. I may seem like I’m all strong, but on the inside, I am terrified. Absolutely terrified. I am moving out of my childhood home two days after we get back from grad. I have a boyfriend who is risking his life out there, to save mine.” Ginny said.

            “Ron’s doing that exact same thing! We are all doing the exact same thing Ginny!” Hermione said.

            “No we aren’t Hermione. I have been waiting for my entire life. I used to wear the dish towel over my head and have Fred walk me down the aisle and Ron would be waiting there as my groom. And George would be the priest or whatever stands at the front and all that.” Hermione stood up, and started to walk towards a bush and then popped out of site without a word. Ginny picked up her broom, rode back to the Burrow, and went upstairs to comfort Hermione with all her troubles. 


            “Ron,” Harry said, walking into their tent. They were stationed outside of Godric’s Hollow, a key place the death eaters were suspected to attack. 

            “Yeah?” He said, looking over to the journal in which they had to keep.

            “You and Hermione really need to learn how to cast better silencing charms.” He said, walking away. Ron looked shocked that Harry said that, let alone that he actually knew. “Not to be offending your mad skills or anything, just let Hermione cast it next time.”

            “You and Ginny were the only ones that heard right?” He asked. 

            “Anyone near your room probably heard it. But don’t worry; you’re safe with your parents.” Harry said, throwing on a clean shirt. “Your dad is either hiding that he knows from your mom, or he doesn’t know all together.” 

            “Dad’s fine with it, I think. But mum would go bloody insane.” He said, drinking a sip of his water and looking at the page. “I don’t think insane could even express what she would do.”

            “That’s your mum for you.” Harry said, sitting on the couch. He looked at the piece of parchment, and began to pick it up. Then he put it down. This went on for the next half hour, with the frustration of making the decision. Harry needed to talk to her. This was the only time that he could see her, but he had to go on a mission. He was also told that he couldn’t write to anyone because anyone could intercept the letter, and know their location. 

            Little did he know, that the love of his life, was doing the exact same thing.


            “But Hermione,” Ginny whined.

            “Ginny you can’t!” She said. “I want to talk to Ron as much as you want to talk to Harry, but we can’t. They need to keep their minds on the mission, not on us.” 

            “For all you could know Harry could be out there dead right now!” Ginny snapped. 

            “For all we both know, Ron could be dead right now. Your brother and my fiancé. It hurts to even consider the thought, but we will have to live with it.”

            “It’s just one little letter though. It’s a three inch piece of parchment; it’s not that big a deal.” She said.

            “Just three inches, and I get the other side for Ron.” She said.

            “Fine.” Ginny said, ripping a piece of parchment. She took out her pen and handed it to Hermione. She watched as Hermione scribbled away on the tiny piece of parchment, occasionally stopping to think of what she was going to write. When she was finished, she handed the self-inking quill and parchment to Ginny. She then wrote her heart and soul, as small as she could, into this little paper. 

            She then called Pidwidgeon, who then whisked away the letter to Harry and Ron, deep within the forest. 


            “Mate, the post is here.” Ron said, confused.

            “We couldn’t have gotten any post, nobody knows where we are.” Harry said, looking out the opening of the tent. 

            “Bloody hell, it’s Pig.” He said, staring at the bird as it came outside the tent opening. Ron carefully stepped outside, being careful not to be too noticeable. He untied the letter, fed Pidwidgeon a treat, and sent him back through the trees. 

            “Who’s it from mate?” Harry asked, looking at the mission plans.

            “Hermione. And Ginny from the looks of it.” He said, looking over the tiny piece of parchment. 

            “What?” Harry asked.

            “It’s a letter from both of them. Mine’s on one side, your’s on the other.” He explained, while reading his letter from Hermione. It read;


            Come home safe. That’s all I hope for right now. I’m not going to go back to school until I come home to a living, breathing fiancé. One that gets on my last nerve sometimes, but I still need him in my life. Ron, I need you in my life, and I can’t see my life any other way. I love you, forever and always. Be safe.


            He just stared at the paper, smiling, and now knowing the true reason he was fighting. He walked over and passed the paper to Harry, who took it in a heartbeat. He looked at how small the writing was, and how messy it was. Well, that was Ginny. 


          You are driving me insane. Completely and utterly insane. I know you needed to do this, and it was better that I not write to you, but I had to. It’s been two days, and I am going mad. This was supposed to be the time that we spent together before I went back to school. But I understand why you left, and I know you made the right decision by leaving but I go back to school in four days. Please try and be back by then. I love you. 


            Everything in that letter described what he had felt. He needed to see her before she went back to Hogwarts. But he didn’t know if the mission would end by then. He then continued to look at the mission plan, hoping they could finish it in four days. 


            It was the morning of January 2nd, the morning that Ginny and Hermione were set to go back to school. They hadn’t heard anything from neither Harry nor Ron since they had sent their last letter. Hermione had decided to stay home to wait for Ron, doing her schoolwork while she waited. On the other hand, Ginny was going back to Hogwarts. Mrs. Weasley refused to let her stay home for some reason, and was sending her back. 

            Ginny rolled her trolley through the crowded station, alone for the first time in her life. Neither of her parents hadn’t come, nor Hermione. She ran through the wall between platforms nine and ten to get onto platform 9 and ¾. The red train sat there, looking beautiful as it always did. Ginny then remembered this was going to be the last time she would ride the train to Hogwarts. 

            She put her trunk away, and then found the compartment where Luna sat, reading the quibbler. 

            “Hello Ginny.” She said, putting it down. “How was your holiday?” she asked.

            “Good I guess.” She replied back. They talked until they reached the castle, then they went their separate ways. Ginny sat alone in the common room, many hours past when she should have been asleep. She just sat there, her legs up to her chest. She missed him, and she had no idea how in God’s name she was going to do this. But everything was going to be okay she knew. As long as she was strong and held her head up high. Nothing was going to stop her.

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