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Undecided by logjess
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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I don’t know what to wear. Remus invited me to the Potters’ end of summer party and I have to make a good impression. I haven’t really spent much time with his friends. Except James- that’s a totally different story.

James Potter. He’s been following me around like a dog for years. He’s a cocky and bigheaded wizard. I have no idea what to do about that situation.

I turned my head and looked at the clock. Crap, it was quarter to five; Remus should be here any minute. As I turned to look through my closet a ‘little black dress’ caught my eye- how cliché.


This is bizarre. Why am I wearing a dress shirt and tie to go to the Potters? I’ve been there every year and have never worn something this fancy. I should change. . .

I looked down at my watch. Merlin, it was quarter to five; I have no time. I suppose I could be late I thought as I started to leave Lily’s front porch. Just then, the door opened.

“Remus, where are you going?” Lily asked questioningly.

I turned around to reply, but couldn’t find any words. When she saw me turn around, she smiled. Merlin, she was gorgeous. Her red hair was shining in the sun just as her eyes were. She had a dress that went perfectly with her silhouette.

“I was going to go home and-“ I paused, loosing my train of thought. “I was going to, um-“ I cleared my throat awkwardly and tried to arrange my thoughts. I kept thinking of her lips on mine. The taste of her was heavy in my mind. “I was going to change.”

She smiled and walked towards me. “I’m so happy to see you.”

A smile broke across my face and I gave into my temptation. I cupped her face in my hands and lightly pressed my lips against hers. They were softer than I remembered. She pushed up against me; she was so close I could feel her heart beat. She went up on her toes to make the kiss last longer, but then pulled away quickly.

“Erm.” Was all I could get out.
“It’s nice to see you as well.” She said smiling. “As for your outfit- well, maybe I have something a little less fancy for you upstairs? Why don’t you meet me in my bedroom?”

“Your bedroom?” I asked. Where was she going with this? Our relationship had only gone as far as some heavy make out sessions.

“Just until I find you something to wear.” She clarified.

She grabbed my hand, led me into her house, up the stairs, and into her room. “Just wait one second.” She replied and winked.

I sat on her bed, waiting. Her room looked as if a tornado went through it. It wasn’t messy in the sense that it was dirty and gross, but clothes and hangers were spread everywhere. She must have had some issues with picking out an outfit.

She walked in. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I was trying on everything I owned. Anyways, here’s a shirt I found. I hope this works. I’ll be right back- you change.”

She handed me a button-up shirt and left. I took off my dress shirt and tie, leaving my white t-shirt on. I put the shirt Lily got for me over it and buttoned it up.

“I’m coming in.” She warned. “Oh.”

“What?” I asked, looking down.

“Well. You just didn’t do it right.”

“I don’t understand. I put the shirt on and buttoned it up.”

She walked over to me, touched my neck, then her hands slid down to my collar. It made me shiver, which made her giggle- that’s great. She started to un-button my shirt until she was at the bottom. She put her hands on my hips, then back up to my shoulders, spreading the shirt apart a little more.

“See, Remus? That’s how it’s supposed to look.”

“What? Oh, right, the shirt.” I looked in her mirror. This shirt changed the outfit completely. I looked very. . . casual. “Thanks.” I said smiling.

“No problem, honey. Shall we leave?”

“Of course.” I said as I grabbed her hand and led her outside.


We were almost at the Potters’ house. It wasn’t a long walk, but I was so tense because of this. I was most likely crushing Remus’s hand.

“Are you okay, Lily?” Remus asked.

“Just a little nervous.” I replied. That was an understatement.

“Honey, it’s just James and Sirius, not Peter. He seems to be busy these days, plus James isn’t a big fan of his.”

“I know who it is, Remus. I just haven’t had a lot of time to get to know them.” That, again, was an understatement. James always follows me around at school. Actually, last year, he seemed to always be trying to get me to be his girlfriend.

“Okay, so I’m nervous. Is that such a big deal?”

“No honey. Just calm down. They’re really easy to get along with. They’ll love you.”

I’m afraid one of them already does. . . “Lets just change the subject, okay? I need to take my mind off of this.” I paused, trying to think of a way to change the subject. “Did you make head boy?”

“What? You got your letter?”

“Oh, erm, yes. Did you not?” Bloody hell, this was the worst conversation to choose.

“No. When did you get yours?” He asked. A pained expression was on his face.

“I got mine this morning. Maybe yours will arrive tomorrow?”

“You made head girl, didn’t you?”

“Yes. . .”

“Congratulations Lily!”

Oh, thank Merlin. I’m so glad he’s selfless. He bent down and kissed me. I could tell he was angry, though. His kiss wasn’t soft and tender as usual; it was hard and rough.

I pulled away after a few seconds. “Are you okay Remus?”

“Yes, I’m fine. It’s no big deal.” He replied.

We stopped and were in front of the Potters’. “Okay.” I breathed in heavily and let it out slowly. “Let’s go.”

Remus grabbed my hand and brought me up to the front porch.

Sirius answered. “Remus!” He exclaimed holding out his arms, grabbing him, and then pulling him into a hug. “And Evans! Wow, you’re just as gorgeous as ever.” He bent down onto one knee and kissed my hand.

I quickly pulled it away and replied jokingly. “Not in front of Remus, Sirius. He may catch on.” Then I winked at him.

Sirius burst out laughing and said. “Wow, you really are an amazing woman.”

James walked down the stairs just then.

Wow. He had really changed over the summer. His shoulders and chest were much more broad. He had been working out; it was obvious. He looked even more full of himself then before the summer.

“Moony, it’s great to see you. It’s been nearly a month.” James said as he smiled towards Remus. He turned to me then and looked into my eyes so deeply that it almost made me blush. With all seriousness, he said. “And Lily. Lily, you look so beautiful it hurts.”

Everything went silent and I turned to Remus. He looked furious, but I knew he wouldn’t say anything.

The silence was becoming unbearable so Sirius broke it with an inappropriate joke. Thank Merlin for him; he’s my favourite now.


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