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A Witch Named Bellatrix by nitenel
Chapter 8 : The Great Hall
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Author’s Note: What is going on here? Chap image by annihilation

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Bella’s eyebrows were creased. One moment she was in the Ministry, the next she was in Hogwarts.

“It’s okay Trixy,” a voice behind her said. She whipped around. It was Sirius. For the first time in her life she had no hatred in her heart.

“What am I doing here,” she whispered.

Sirius smiled and asked, “Do you really want to know?”

Bella nodded slowly. Sirius said matter of factly, “I’m dead. So are you. So is Voldemort.”

Bella let out a gasp when she heard the Dark Lord’s name. Ignoring it, Sirius continued, “Do you want to see?”

Bella nodded, too afraid to say anything. Sirius pulled out his wand and touched it to her skull.

“Close your eyes,” Sirius commanded.

She did as she was told. A picture exploded into her mind. She was dueling with Sirius in the Department of Mysteries. She shot a stunning spell at him, and Sirius fell through a veil.

The scene shifted. She saw Voldemort mocking her and rejecting her. She saw a great battle in Hogwarts. She was dueling three young witches. She was equal to all three of them. Suddenly a dumpy witch ran over to duel her. And the worst part happened: A jet of light shot from the end of the witch’s wand and hit her right above the chest.

The scene disintegrated and then formed into a scene of Potter and Voldemort dueling. Potter disarmed him and Voldemort fell to the ground, dead.

Bella opened her eyes; Sirius was smiling sadly at her. She whispered, “What’s going on…”

Sirius said, “That reality can not be changed. You will still die. I will still die. Voldemort will still die.”

Bella looked confused and Sirius divulged, “You still have a choice though…”

Bella stiffened and hissed, “So… You bring me here to tell me that I’m going to die? Maybe I should just go back and kill you.”

Sirius let out a bark of laughter. He boomed, “Do you really think it’s that simple. Perhaps, Albus can explain it better…”

There was a flash of light and Albus Dumbledore appeared before her. Sirius nodded at Bella and disappeared.

Dumbledore smiled and said warmly, “My dear Bellatrix-”

Bella spat, “Stop with the kind words, Albus, and tell me what’s going on!”

Dumbledore nodded and said simply, “You have a choice, Bellatrix.”

Bella motioned for him to continue. He said, “”You can be remembered as an evil witch who cared for nothing more than a man who could not know love. Or you can be remembered as the witch that helped bring about the defeat of the evil wizard who stalks these lands.”

Bella smiled faintly and asked, “Is that all?”

Dumbledore smiled and answered, “Yes.”

Bella asked softly, “Why?”

There was another flash of light and Regulus Black appeared before her. He said, “Because you deserve a chance to choose for yourself.”

Dumbledore nodded in agreement and said, “You were brought up by Cygnus and Druella. They brought you up to be proud purebloods and you had no say.”

Bella had a question. “What about Andromeda?”

Regulus paused before answering. “Andromeda… She was… a special case…”

Bella retorted, “So, why was she immune to it, dear cousin…”

Dumbledore answered, “Love.”

Bella rolled her eyes and spat, “Yes…. Love… That’s right… Love…”

Dumbledore’s eyes gleamed. “You doubt me Bellatrix?”

Bella nodded and Dumbledore said, “Andromeda fell in love and realized that to dictate her own life, she would have to reject the teachings of your parents.”

Bella nodded. She could see that. Dumbledore asked, “Do you want to go back?”

Bella nodded and said, “I will. So what’s going to happen?”

Dumbledore asked, “What is your choice.”

Bella smirked. “I choose the ‘light side’”

Dumbledore smiled. “Play your part convincingly. You will know when to change your role in this tale.”

There was a flash of light and Sirius reappeared. He nodded at Dumbledore and Regulus.

Bella looked at her cousin with a new perspective. She asked, “Will I remember this.”

Dumbledore said thoughtfully, “I’m not sure. One can only try to comprehend magic. I can only presume that you will not remember our conversation. When I come to you, you will remember.”

Bella nodded, excepting this answer. Sirius said, “It’s okay Trixy.”

Bella frowned. “Why would I be nervous?”

Regulus answered, “Ummm, you might be about to kill your kin.”

Heat flooded her face. She stammered, “Oh… Right…”

Sirius smiled. “It’s okay. You might not be the one to kill me in your reality. It could easily be your husband.”

“Trust Snape,” remarked Dumbledore, “He is your ally in this struggle. You will not remember this, but your sub-conscious might.”

Bella nodded and said, “I’m ready.”

Sirius smiled and said, “Good luck.”

Regulus nodded and said sadly “You will need it…”

Regulus nodded at Bella but didn’t say anything. Dumbledore waved his hand and Bella’s eyes closed. She heard his voice in her head. “Good luck Bellatrix Lestrange…”

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A Witch Named Bellatrix: The Great Hall


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