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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 16 : Chapter Sixteen: Sekhmet's Twelve Days to Christmas
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Chapter Sixteen: Sekhmet’s 12 Days to Christmas
By: Chaos

Saturday morning was the last Hogsmeade trip of the year. Isis, Alice, and Lily were up early getting ready. Sekhmet on the other hand refused to even get out of bed. The girls tried off and on as they were getting dressed to get her out of bed, but she never stirred, even if she did hear them.

"Come on Sek it’s time to wake up" Lily said rather annoyed as she shook Sekhmet’s shoulder.

"No wake up time, night night." Sekhmet mumbled as she snuggled into her blankets.

"You don’t want to keep Remus waiting, do you?" Isis asked with a knowing smile.

"Blah blah blah..." Sekhmet said as she crawled out of bed to get ready.

The girls had decided to dress up all seasonal. They talked it out last night coordinating their outfits. Lily, in the end, decided what everyone was wearing. Lily was wearing a gorgeous dark green, v neck sweater, with a pair of fitted jeans; Isis was wearing a deep red sweater that was off the shoulders, with dark denim jeans, and a white scarf. Sekhmet wore a pair of black pants and a red and white stripped top; Alice beautiful white turtle neck sweater, a soft gold scarf, and medium wash jeans.

"Well I don’t think we should stand next to each other cause we’ll look like Christmas threw up." Sekhmet grumbled as the girls admired themselves in the mirror.

"Cheer up its almost Christmas and break starts next Friday," Lily reminded her.

"Yes and it’s still only nine in the morning and if I walk downstairs and all the boys look like elves I’ll freak out! It’s too early in the morning for me to be in the Christmas mood"

"You’ll change your mind once Remus gives you a good morning kiss which I am sure you will turn into a very public make out session." Isis commented with a very exaggerated sigh.

"Yeah probably." Sekhmet shrugged.

When the girls arrived downstairs Sekhmet nearly screamed. The boys too dressed for the season. All of them wore jeans and festive sweaters: James was in a red and green button up top, while Sirius was wearing a green button down shirt, Peter was in a red and green shirt, both Frank and Remus were wearing a solid red button down tops.

"Merlin we all look like Christmas just threw up! None of you stand next to me! I refuse to be part of this festive clothing disaster!” Sekhmet yelled.

"Oh my goodness would you give it a rest!" Isis rolled her eyes.

"She’s been anti everything this morning. We’ve given up. It’s your turn Remus." Lily commented as the group filed out of the portrait hole.

"I think she’ll be in the Christmas spirit once they finally get to breakfast." Isis looked back over her shoulder to see Sekhmet and Remus very involved.

"Why am I not surprised?” Alice laughed as Frank helped her down.

"Lucky bastard." Sirius mumbled as they headed for the Great Hall.

"If you were a good boy you might actually be the lucky bastard this Christmas." Isis whispered into his ear.

"So what’s the plan today?” James asked as they sat down for breakfast.

"Figured we all would split up into pairs go do some Christmas shopping than meet for a late lunch at the Three Broomsticks after that us girls will go shopping for you and vice versa meeting back here for diner.” Isis said.

"Sounds like a good plan." Sekhmet comment as her and Remus sat down with their friends.

"Wow that was quick." Sirius laughed jokingly.

"Yeah well you know it only takes what ten minutes to get undressed, do it, get redressed and freshen up my makeup, cause I’m just that skilled." Sekhmet gave Sirius a smug smile.

"We didn’t need to know that." James said. Sekhmet stuck her tongue out in response.

"So um.... what are you guys getting me for Christmas?" Sirius asked changing the subject before Sekhmet started on one of her rants.

"A box of multicolored condoms." Sekhmet answered without looking up from her food.

"Sek come on, would you knock it off. Besides why would he need multicolored condoms for his Christmas gift? That’s just not tasteful, and to say it in front of so many people. Really can we talk about something besides sex?” Lily said exasperated.

"Why? It’s the only important thing... at least to hormonal teenagers, such as ourselves, all males, and a few perverted women." Sekhmet said matter-of-factly.

"Not everyone thinks about sex all the time, take Remus for example." James gestured to Remus who turned red.

"Wow you don’t know him at all, he’s a real…" Remus quickly put his hand over Sekhmet’s mouth silencing her. Sekhmet bit his hand in response.

"Ow! Sek you’re gonna pay for that." Remus teased rubbing his hand.

"Yeah I’ve been a real bad girl. I guess you just have to spank me." Sekhmet said while slowly playing with her drink.

"Alright enough you!" Alice said noticing Lily looked ready to explode.

"Yeah you’re corrupting Remus." James added attempting not to laugh.

"Yeah yeah yeah, bout time someone did since obviously none of you could." Sekhmet stuck her tongue out once more.

"Alright I think it’s time to feed Sek, cause she can’t talk with her mouth full." Sirius stated as he put a waffle on Sekhmet’s started eating without another word.

"My sister, the perfect male minded female." Isis laughed, “And she eats like a boy too.”

"Hey! I resent that!" Sekhmet said with her mouthful.

Everyone walked to Hogsmeade together then each couple took off to a different store shopping for their friends. Every now and then one group would run into another. Each group would do their best to hide the gifts they had bought well attempting to see what gifts the other had purchased. Shortly after noontime everyone met up at the Three Broomsticks for lunch.

“Sirius you’re just gonna have to wait till Christmas to see what you got.” Isis laughed as James pulled his shopping bags out of Sirius’s grasp.

"Come on just tell me!" Sirius exclaimed.


“I’ll tell you what I got you.” Sekhmet offered.

“Oh yeah what?”

"A big box of multicolored condoms." Sekhmet said without a hint of joking.

"I meant for real." Sirius mumbled.

"That’s really what she got you Padfoot." Remus commented causing Isis to turn bright red.

"Oh and now she’s got you into the joke to!" Sirius accused.

"You’re just gonna have to be patient Sirius" Isis chided.

"So Sirius I told you what I got you for Christmas, now tell me what you got me for Christmas." Sekhmet demanded.

"Multicolored condoms." Sirius replied with a smirk.

"Sweet! Christmas evening is gonna rock!" Sekhmet replied causing Remus to blush.

"Ok I think it’s time for us guys to get going. We’ll catch up with you girls later." Remus said clearing his throat while James and Sirius snickered.

"You know you’d like it Remus." Sekhmet winked at Remus before turning back to Isis, Alice, and Lily, "So girlies, what are we getting our dear boyfriends for Christmas? I vote a prank gift and a real gift." Sekhmet suggested.

“That could be a lot of fun.” Isis agreed.

“I say we go for it.” Alice added with a big smile.

“They would never suspect it, not from all of us.” Lily smiled.

"Then let’s get shopping!" Sekhmet ran out the door.

By the end of the day everyone arrived back in at the castle carry lots of shopping bags. The girls ran quickly up to their room to hide the present from the boys. After dinner everyone gathered around the fire with mugs of hot chocolate that James and Sirius had the House Elves bring up. Soon they would have the run of the castle and they were trying to decide what to do with the time.

"I vote for a Christmas break prank-a-thon." Sirius said, “We haven’t done a good prank in ages. I think we need to make up for that.”

"Like the twelve days of Christmas!” Sekhmet practically shot out of her chair, “Except instead of rings and birds in trees its pranks.... ohhh that be sweet!" Sekhmet summoned a quill and parchment from the dorm and began writing furiously.

"Hey Remus should we be nervous or just everyone else?" Sirius asked.

"How should I know?" Remus replied.

"Well did you make her mad?" James asked.

"No." Remus laughed at how nervous James and Sirius were about Sekhmet’s prank.

"So we have a fifty percent chance to survive this prank thing she’s planning." James said still not

Twelve days before Christmas everyone staying at Hogwarts entered the Great Hall for Breakfast to big surprise. A Slytherin first year was hanging on top of the largest Christmas tree in the great hall with a sign that read: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a Slytherin in Christmas tree. Everyone erupted with in laughter as the boy flailed in the tree. Eventually one of the professors lowed him out of the tree. 

Professor McGonagall gave everyone in the Great Hall a stern talking after breakfast insuring them that the person found responsible for the prank would be punished. She look from Sekhmet to Sirius to James during her speech not sure which one, if not all of them, were responsible for the first year in a tree.

McGonagall's promise of punishment did little to deture Sekhmet she plowed right ahead with her plan. Every morning up to Christmas a new sign hung in the Great Hall adding a new item to the list and every morning there was a new Slytherin in the tree. The second day two large fireworks erupted in the Great Hall. On the third day three giant turkeys attacked the Slytherin table.

“I think everyone is going to be too afraid to eat turkey after this.” Lily commented.

“Just you wait, it’s gonna get good. I’m just warming up." Sekhmet replied with an evil grin.

Remus, afraid Sekhmet was going to get in serious trouble, did his best to stop Sekhmet from continuing her plans, but soon realized that nothing was going to stop her. James and Sirius did not help matters encouraging her after every new prank and trying to get her to tell them her master prank , she refused.

By the time day six had rolled around, six sets of antlers (all appearing on Slytherin’s heads), five dung bombs (set off under the Slytherin table), four batches of boils, three turkeys attacking, two fireworks, and a Slytherin in a Christmas tree, several Slytherins had left for home. Sirius and James bought beerbutter for the occasion. 

Dumbledor gave the warning speech this time after a fustrated McGonagall realized that whoever was responisble did not care what she said and continued on. Sirius and James to Sekhmet that if they were blamed they would not rat her out, but instead take the fall for her, Sekhmet was very touched.

On the eleventh day the Great Hall was in chaos. Now the pranks were: eleven boys a singing, ten frogs attacking (once again they attacked only the Slytherins), nine students dancing (students dressed in elf outfits danced around the hall), eight dancing underpants, seven hippogriffs a running (how no one got attacked was an amazement), six sets of antlers (all appearing on Slytherin’s heads), five dung bombs (set off under the Slytherin table), four batches of boils, three turkeys attacking, two fireworks, and a Slytherin in a Christmas tree. James and Sirius rolled with laughter as they watched the effected Slytherins run crying from the Great Hall, even Lily and Isis laughted a little.

"Bet you guys can’t wait for twelve can you?" Sekhmet asked everyone on the night before Christmas Eve.

"This is defiantly wicked! I love the Christmas assault on the Slytherins!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Yeah most of them are scared to death to even come out of their dorm! Way to go Sek!" James gave Sekhmet a high five, Sekhmet beamed.

"Don’t encourage her." Lily said, but no one was listening.

Christmas Eve morning followed the same pattern, but with a new surprise. After the students, excluding the Slytherins, got finished singing Sekhmet’s version of The Twelve Day Christmas, as they sang the twelfth day twelve reindeer with bells flew into the Great Hall to wild applause.

"What a creative Christmas Eve gift from our students." Dumbledore said after the deer flew out of the Hall, "but I would advise none of you to attempt this again, do I make myself clear?" Dumbledore looked directly at Sekhmet who simply smiled.

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Inspired by The Twelve Days of Christmas by James O. Halliwell
Beautiful Image by Jazzi @ TDA

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