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Melanism by Alexandra
Chapter 16 : The Sixteenth.
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“I think she’s in some kind of chocolate related coma.”

“Wake up you idiot!”

The voices were being very rude. I was trying to open my eyes, they just didn’t want to co-operate. At all. I grumbled a few rude syllables as they laughed. I tossed about in my bed as I tried to wake myself up. It had been a pretty late night.

“It’s the first day of the holidays Nyx, we’re all going to Hogsmeade as a year group considering not many of us stayed over Christmas. Just us losers because you told us to so you better get up. If you don’t get up we will leave without you and you shall be forced to stay in the castle alone.”

“I bet Remus would love that, but only if he stayed all alone too.”

“Shut up.” I grumbled, trying to throw something

“So how are thing going with Remus?” I heard the voices say very sweetly before a pillow collided with my head.

I hated my friends at this point. I had finally managed to open my eyes and I was barraged with clothes from my trunk which I was to put on immediately so we could go to Hogsmeade first and actually get a table in the Three-Broomsticks this close to Christmas.

We got to Hogsmeade relatively early, when we left the castle, most of the other students who had stayed for the holidays were eating breakfast or still in bed, where I wish I was. There was a thin layer of the snow on the ground, just enough to leave a footprint but not enough to soak through my shoes which I was sincerely glad of. I hadn’t been given enough time to put on any socks.

We walked towards the Three Broomsticks, knowing it would be nearly empty at this time of day. Hopefully we would get a table and then just sit there for three hours downing butterbeers until the rest of the seventh years who had stayed for Christmas joined us. Those who were invited anyway, Sirius had arranged it all so I was clueless.

He had promised to speak to me for ages about Remus. Apparently things weren’t looking too good between the two of them although Sirius insisted he had had nothing to do with it no matter how much he hated the girl. I was glad, Remus wouldn’t be too happy to find out that two people were trying to break them up. I was desperate to hear if I had an in or not. If I had no in then I was pretty much screwed.

Unfortunately, their relationship had passed that point. You know a month or so after the relationship starts. By this point it would just be mean to try and break them up. Not that I wouldn’t try. Sirius had informed me that he was trying too. He claimed that Remus was miserable with her. I then pointed out that if this were the case he would have dumped her by now and that if he was Remus’ friend he would be happy for him. I however, could do as I please.

We decided to have few drinks before the other got here. So far it was just Isabelle, Maia and me. Annabelle had gone home for the holidays like she always did. Isabelle usually took it year about and Maia skipped out on a skiing trip to spend her last christmas at Hogwarts in the castle. I guess I did a pretty good job at persuading them to stay. Tom and Spencer had gone on holiday with their families. Somehow they had both managed to convince their parents to book the same resort, near Braga in Portugal. No doubt next to the quidditch pitch.

Peter had gone home for the holidays too, so at least he wouldn’t be moping about Anna. His father had died a while back so he returned to his mother’s to look after her during the holidays. You could tell he thought the absolute world of her, even though he would be leaving his friends to keep her company, he didn’t seem at all upset. It was sweet. Annabelle had agreed.

So it would just be the three of us, the marauders, Lily and whoever they had invited from Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Although I had a feeling there would be no one from Slytherin present. They weren’t exactly the most sociable of people, especially not to Gryffindors and even more so the marauders.

When they arrived, I swerved to see where the Hufflepuffs were. It was just them and Lily. Not that I was disappointed, I liked Lily and everything but I had thought this was going to be a whole year thing. I had already joined a few tables together and there was only seven of us. There weren’t even any other Gryffindors, had all of Lily’s friends gone home for Christmas?

Sirius plonked himself down on the seat next to me, tossing an arm over my shoulder as if this were a completely natural thing to do. Ever since Camilla had so conveniently pointed out I was alone he had become very annoying; the arm thing wasn’t so bad, that I could accept it was the nicknames which drove me mad. Sirius sure had a thing for nicknames. I had a newer, more embarrassing one each day.

“Nyx, my adorable little niffler.” Maia snorted into her butterbeer so hard the foam went everywhere. Including Remus’ eye. Could this get any worse? “Can I have a magical moment to talk to you in a pretty little private place.” I swear to Merlin, I had never wanted to punch anyone as I had wanted to punch Sirius in that moment. I was very close to doing it to but I figured Remus wouldn’t want to date a nutcase. You know, apart from the one he was already dating.

“Of course,” I smiled a huge fake grin and batted my eyelashes at him, “how about we talk over there.” I pointed, well jabbed, towards the other end of the restaurant. Hopefully it was far enough away so that if I kicked him they wouldn’t notice.

“What do you want?” I asked him after yanking him into a dingy corner behind a Christmas tree. I was marginally aware the rest of the table were watching and possibly listening. Which is probably why Sirius started to chuckle throatily even though I was giving him a death-glare.

“Well firstly, I would like you to be a lot nicer to your lovely friend who is so nice to you and had concocted a fool-proof plan to get Remus with the right girl. Secondly I thought I’d just take myself and Remus along to our little dinner to make it a lot more personal. Now everyone knows everyone and we can all talk as much as we want, schnoogums,” he added with a smirk at me, “not to mention the fact it’s good to let Remus see how close we are.”

“I’m confused,” I admitted, rubbing my forehead, “how is Remus thinking that we’re close a good thing?”

“Because, you moron, he will get unbelievably jealous, he likes you a lot. Only idiots fight fire with water. Fire is the good way to go. Fire with fire, simple really.”

“Remember last time you said that he liked me? I recall Remus then snogging the blonde. Maybe you don’t know him as well as you think.”

“Look, if Remus doesn’t like you then what’s the harm in you flirting a bit with me in his presence and if he does, it will make him realise that he wants you. It’s win-win.”

“What do you win?” I asked, suspicious.

“I get Camilla as far away as possible, she’s a freaking stalker. Not to mention Remus won’t complain as much, he’s been rather grumpy lately and I don’t like having him moping around the common room.”

“If he does like me, it seems like a pretty low thing to do to him.”

“Why do you think he started dating Camilla?” He asked as though it were obvious.

“I doubt that, if it was, he would have dumped her ages ago. Plus, I’m single, why would he need to make me jealous?”I was sure I had stumped him there. Honestly, the whispered argument was quite fun. Maybe I would finally win an argument with Sirius Black. Then again, maybe not.

“Well, remember that day in Hogsmeade? You were with Maia. Remus thought you were dating Spencer again. You kissed him when you said goodbye.” He said as though the entire situation was my fault.

“On the cheek! We’re good friends.”

“Still, that’s like a full on snog to Remus. Not to mention you used to date.”

“No a full on snog was what he was doing with Camilla in the alley.”

“Because he wanted to make you jealous, not to mention Camilla threw herself at him and he’s never had a girlfriend before. I’d have been more surprised if he’d said no even if that would have been the more Remus-like thing to do.” Sirius said bluntly. “I would defy any guy to say no to that.”

“Okay, say he does like me, isn’t this a pretty bad way of getting him to like me? The girls just thought I should be nice to him and everything. You know, the normal way of getting someone to notice you.”

“No Nyx, this is the perfect way to go about it. Anyway he did it to you. And this is the normal way, at least for guys. Maybe we’ll try a mixture of both.”

“Remus isn’t like most guys. He wouldn’t do that to you, not to mention Camilla.” I pointed out.

“He’s still a guy and you’re really good looking for Hogwarts standards, if Remus didn’t like you so much I’d go after you myself which by the way is something Camilla wouldn’t be too happy about, she’s going out with Remus to make me jealous and I think he knows it. Look just go along with it. Just until new year, let’s start it on a high.” He said this all in a matter-of-fact tone as well as a whisper. I had to strain my ears to keep up.

“Fine, one more question, why are you helping me when there are heaps of girls who are much sweeter than I am or better suited for Remus?”

“Remus needs someone made of studier stuff, trust me. You’re perfectly suited. You don’t scare easy. Plus I really hate Camilla, I want to show her that me and her are never going to happen again and what better way to do that by going out with a really hot girl.” He laughed. “Right, make this convincing Warrender otherwise it’ll just be awkward.”

I was just away to ask what he meant when suddenly his lips were on mine. He could have given me a little warning at least. I wrapped my arms around his neck after the initial shock of it. I opened one eye to see the entire table was looking at us apart from Remus who was playing with his drink. I thought I acted that pretty well. It was nothing more than a friendly smooch although Sirius was pretty good at pretending there was some tongue action going on. I cannot stress enough that there was no tongue action at all, despite what it looked like.

“Where the heck did you learn to fake-kiss?” I whispered in his ear. Apparently Sirius was a man of many talents. He just chuckled and shrugged. I had a feeling he was enjoying this little game. A nice way to entertain himself without having someone to prank. They’d promised not to until Peter got back, he didn’t want to be left out

We walked back out of the cramped corner to the group, I still wasn’t sure of his plan to be honest. Making Remus jealous didn’t seem like the right way to go about it, but if it was the only way then I guess I should give it a shot. I squeezed Sirius’ arm as he led me back to the table for a seat, he even pulled it out for me. I couldn’t help but smirk.

“You two seem cosy.” Remus mentioned, maybe Sirius was right. I should hire him as a love guru, or pimp him out for hundreds of galleons. Although I did feel bad for Remus, and even Camilla. Clearly something was softening me up. Probably too much contact with a guy as nice as Remus.

“Just talking about new year is all.” Sirius said, winking a profuse number of times.

“We get it Padfoot,” Remus said angrily, “no need to keep going on about how you bagged Nyx.”

“Bagged me?” I asked, eyebrows raised. What did that mean? Was he jealous of Sirius? I hope so. I was insanely jealous of Camilla, it was about time for some payback.

“Well not bagged you,” Remus said in a flustered tone, “because obviously you’re not a prize or anything, I mean you’re a girl, no a woman or I don’t know. You’re obviously not property to be won. Help me out Sirius?” He finally asked, desperate for help out of a tough explanation.

“Relax,” I said, laughing, “that’s not what I meant, but it’s nice to know you’re not sure if I’m a girl or not. I was simply wondering how Sirius bagged me, I was dateless before so it wasn’t exactly a challenge.”

“No, but you’re obviously out of his league and you’re not his usual type.”

“Is she now?” Sirius asked, squeezing my arm and grinning. He was going to lay it on thick apparently.

“Well I mean you usually go for the really pretty bimbos and the easy girls.”

“Thanks for that,” I said, offended.

“That’s not what I meant. You are pretty, really pretty, you’re just not a bimbo is all,” he said earnestly, apparently Remus was very keen on digging himself a very big hole today. I went to pay for the drinks leaving behind a very confused Remus and a chortling Sirius. This game of jealousy was clearly going to be interesting.

Sirius followed me to the register and put his arm around my waist. I looked at him but he just gave me a sign to play along with it. I still wasn’t sure if this was the best was to go about it but I was glad of any help I could get. Even if that help was in the form of the ridiculously good looking womanizer that was Sirius Black.

“By the way,” he whispered in my ear, “Remus thinks you’re a lot more than pretty.” I smiled at this and Sirius laughed like he’d told the hilarious joke about the hag in the tea shop. I was going to have to improve my acting skills for this to work, even if it was just for a fortnight until the bells struck. Then I could finally accept Remus did not fancy me and move on from this insane crush.

I went back to the common room that night with a very confused feeling and a lot of unwanted thoughts that kept telling me Sirius was right about Remus liking me. Although I cast them away by reading another book. I was not going to get my hopes up this time; at least not a lot.

A/N: Fool-proof plan huh? I'm hoping this was something unexpected and also to assure you Remus will be in the next chapter quite a bit ;) I also hope you all liked this chapter :D The last chapter got this story up to five-thousand views so thank you, thank you, thank you for reading! Hopefully I'll be writing more soon! The next chapter is already in the queue (4/6/10) Hope you liked it, Alexandra :) x

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