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All in the Hips by PlatonistAmaya
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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This is a shout out for a good friend of mine and a beta reader on another account. She is a a fantastic writer and I am a huge fan of hers. To my readers, I suggest going and reading her work. Thanks hermionegarner!

The next morning Hermione woke slightly before Draco, and unfortunately was 
awakened to one of Draco’s appendages feeling hard. Instead of waking him so he could… deal with it she decided to remove herself from his bed and went to her own room to prepare for the day.

            Hermione had Defense Against the Dark Arts first today, and didn’t have dance at all today so she pulled on her usual school uniform. Once she was ready she sat down to work on some homework that she hadn’t in the craziness that happened last night. Where did this leave her and Draco? As friends, hopefully.

            The particular homework she was working on was extremely difficult. Hermione was not accustomed to have trouble with her homework and did not find it pleasing.

            “Damn,” She growled as she was unable to complete the homework, again.

            “Having trouble?” A low voice murmured behind her.

            “A bit,” She agreed.

            Draco took a moment to look over what Hermione was doing and found himself entangled in the mess of the Arithmancy she was failing to do. He kept searching though and finally found the problem.

            “Here,” He took her quill and pointed it out, “You’ve copied the problem incorrectly. That is supposed to be a four.” He corrected and Hermione tried again, this time with better results.

            “Thanks Draco, that was very helpful,” She said graciously.

            “Anytime,” He whispered quietly in her ear, and withdrew from the room. She recomposed herself and packed her back before heading down to breakfast where Ginny, Neville, and Luna were already eating. The first was still moping while the other two were doing as much as possible to keep things cheerful.

            “Ginny what is the matter?” Hermione asked tiredly.

            “I think it would have been better if I couldn’t see Harry at all versus this. When I do actually talk to him it’s pure torture because we only have minutes at a time and we rarely can get out more than ‘everything’s great’ before he has to be off again.”

            “I’m his teaching first thing today, but Harry will be there to make a stern introducation. Write him a note and I’ll drop it off. Beyond that…. Well, I’ll think on it.”

            The younger girl smiled before whipping out some parchment and writing at a furious pace while Hermione joined the conversation with Neville and Luna. Thought Hermione listened, commented, and was truly engaged in the conversation she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander to a certain platinum blonde who seemed to be forever looking at her as well. Hermione had seen a different side of him last night, and she liked what she had seen.

            Inevitably though the hall began to clear and the four friends took this as a cue that it was time to go. Hermione took the note from Ginny and made her way up to the designated Defense room.

            The class was a mix of sixth and seventh years, most of whom were already seated in a relaxed manner. Harry was at his desk looking through a stack of papers a bit nervously. Hermione approached him and discreetly added Ginny’s to the pile.

            “Read that later, in private,” the bushy haired girl advised her best friend.

            “Is this from…” Harry trailed off without looking up as he slid the note into a desk drawer.

            “Yes.” Hermione replied brightly. “Now what have you done with them already?”

            “Disarming,” He replied shortly.

            “I think they are beyond that Harry, all things considered,” She murmured gently.

            “Yes, I supposed you’re right.”

            “How about this Harry, with the classes I teach today and Friday how about I focus on dark objects and creatures, while you and Davies focus more on spell work. Is that acceptable or did you have other thoughts?”

            “Sounds as decent as anything I’ve though up, thanks Mione. They’ve got Davies and me extremely over worked at the moment and we’re just doing the best we can. When do you teach again Mione?”

            “The first half of today and all day on Fridays, other than my dance class first period. The other half of the day Ginny is teaching is combination with Davies when he’s available and Draco when he’s not,” Hermione explained.

            “Okay great. Let me know if anything changes, but now I need to do this introduction and get to the Ministry- Draco?” Harry asked suspiciously.

            “We’ll have to sit down and have dinner to talk about it sometime, okay?” Hermione pleaded.

            “Fine, but we will talk about it,” Harry cautioned and then dropped their conversation. He walked to the front of the class while Hermione took off her school robe. It made her appear like less of a student. She pulled her hair into a pony tail as Harry began the introduction.

            “Now, I know you students have me down on your schedules but due to ministry business Auror Davies and myself are not available as full time teachers, so Hogwarts has asked some students to help and I am please to tell you that my friend Hermione Granger will be teaching you on the days that I am unavailable. She will tell you what to call her, but no matter what she says, remember that she has the powers of any professor while in this capacity. Furthermore, we will be covering different areas, so don’t fear having any of the material unduly repeated. Got it?”

            When no question rose he strode quickly out of the room in order to floo from McGonagall’s office. Hermione made her way to the front of the class where she quickly transfigured the podium into a tall chair.

            “Okay guys, many of you know me as a friend, or classmate, so we’ll just go with call me by my first name. Now Harry or Davies will be covering the dueling and spell work however it is my job to work you guys on dark creatures and dark magical objects. Any questions?”

            “What makes you so qualified to teach us?” Zacharias Smith…. Of course.

            “I aided Harry Potter in protecting the Sorcerer’s Stone in my first year, the next year it was I who discovered the secret of the basilisk, however Harry found the note in my petrified hand and fourth year I aided Harry in preparation for his Triwizard challenges. Not to mention being a founder of Dumbledore’s Army in fifth year and during what should have been my seventh year aided Harry again in the long process of taking down Voldemort which included destroying some of his very dark objects and breaking out of Malfoy Manor. Any more questions?” Hermione answered the question as brightly as if she were asked what the weather was like today. Her qualifications were known by nearly everyone at this point, so it was clear that Smith was just being an ass.

            A sixth year she didn’t know raised their hand slowly, “Is it true you know how to fight Dementors?”

            Hermione smiled as she remembered someone asking Harry a similar question in DA meeting. Without answering Hermione drew forth a memory quickly, surprisingly she chose last night with Draco, and produced her otter quickly. It was at a bit of a loss for what to do with their being a lack of Dementors, so instead it played in the air of the heads in quite a friendly manor.

            “Now if that answers that, I would like to start on a creature today. Let’s see…” Hermione trailed off as she considered her options. “Right, we’re going to start with grindylows, and I will do what I can to have a specimen in on Friday, but for now the books will have to suffice.”

            The first half of Hermione’s day passed in a pretty monotone way. Each class began a new creature today, none with specimens though. She would have to make it a point to talk to Harry or Davies, however she didn’t know when either were due back again. When her last class of the day was leaving Hermione realized that she too had to leave and grab lunch before she was expected down in the dungeons with Slughorn.

This was becoming a bit overwhelming for Hermione honestly. She was taking plenty of NEWT level classes herself, teaching nearly all of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classes once a week, dancing with a new partner at a very high level, and as Head Girl she and said dance partner were supposed to be making arrangements for the first prefect meeting and making Hogsmeade arrangements. And, as if she needed anything else added to that plate she and Draco were emotional basket cases over what happened in the war, and there was something seriously strange beginning to happen between the two of them that she just didn’t have the time to pay attention to yet. Hermione was also concerned for and trying to help Ginny with her Harry situation and she promised to tutor Michael in his dancing. Her plate was beyond full, it was overflowing.

Hermione’s head was abuzz with these topics as she made her way down to the Great Hall for Lunch. She was so enraptured by her own thoughts that she didn’t look where she was even walking. As a result she met the ground with her ass moments later after running straight into Harry.

“Oh, Harry, glad I’ve run into you. I needed to request a couple of creatures and wanted to know if there was any way you could get them by Friday?”

“Tell me what they are first and I’ll see what I can do,” Harry sighed. He was just as tired as Hermione these days with just as many responsibilities.

            “Well, I’d like two grindylows for the 6thand 7th years I have, and I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’d really love if I could get a few Ashwinder eggs, even better if I could manage to get one due to hatch. That’d be for my 5th years.”

            “The grindylows are a definite, but I’ll have to see what I can do about an Ashwinder.” Harry walked of mumbling. Hermione hated to add more to his plate however she needed access to the things that she couldn’t get at the moment.

            She ate a hasty lunch having not enough time to even speak with Luna or Neville before rushing off for potions. Slughorn liked her a lot, but she didn’t think she would fancy being late.

            Upon reaching the dungeons Hermione found that the only open seat left was next to Draco, so she took it wordlessly as if nothing out of the ordinary was transpiring by her doing so. Slughorn began the lesson promptly.

            “So today we shall be working on an attraction potion. We will in fact be testing it on one another however I know you students have the maturity to handle this. Now, let’s get a few things understood. First, an attraction potion can only enhance attraction that is already existing. The more natural attraction the more the potion has to work with, however if a pair is completely unattracted to one another than this potion is entirely useless.”
            He tapped his wand on the board and instructions appeared. He then began to speak again. “Now, you will still have self control while influenced by this potion, so I do not wish to hear any excuses of appropriate behavior. There are rare cases where so much natural attraction exists that the potions effects are felt more strongly, but these instances are rare and I do not expect to see any in my class room. If you have any questions, speak to me, but for now partner up and begin.”

            Hermione looked to her left and gave Draco a silent request to be her partner to which he gave a short sharp nod. She stood to gather ingredients and Draco prepared to begin their first attraction potion.

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