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Shades of Love by Dancer49
Chapter 1 : Green Jealousy
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a/n : I'm back and so are Rose and Scorpius and I'm glad to see all thosse old faces and some new faces out there reading this story and of course i hope you all enjoy this story just like you did the last 


 Hogwarts was an amazing a wonderful place it always had been. As I rested my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me I felt at home with Albus sitting across from me, smiling and glancing at Teddy who smiled back, who looked over at Chelsea who was looking up at Taylor who was squeezed in between, her and Hugo and Hugo was glancing out the compartment door for any sign of his latest crush Maxine. She had floated by a few times and this time he swore he was going to jump out and talk to her. Yea right, I smiled at the thought of my little brother’s sudden interest in girls.

“Zane cut it out” Tracy’s voice giggled as her light footsteps echoed down the hall she entered the compartment fallowed by Zane, who caught her when she entered the room and pulled her close kissing her on the lips.

“Love” He whispered.

“Gag me, “Albus teased. Zane shook his head at Albus who no longer cared that Tracy had never loved him, only because he had moved on to chase after Luna’s daughter, Mindy.  A blond head bobbed in after them his eyes falling on mine he didn’t smile but I saw his eyes seem to shatter like his heart. I slide a way from Lucas a little who just pulled me back and slide me into his lap. I winced, why did he always do this, when Scorpius was around. He knew I didn’t like it when he tried to play this stupid game he has going. The joy he got from seeing Scorpius hurt worried me to no end.

“Maximum occupancy Malfoy” Lucas snarled. Scorpius rolled his lip up in a sneer and turned form the room.

“Lucas Baby please” I whispered to him, “I love you but I hate when you act like that towards guys”

“I want to protect you baby”

“Trust me I can hold my own against Scorpius Malfoy” I mumbled, Albus smiled and Hugo took off after Maxine. “Albus good cop bad cop” I asked shoving my thumb towards the door.

“Good cop,”

“Let him be you two he’s a love sick little boy let him dream” Teddy insisted. We sighed and listened to him for now. As the train pulled up and I pinned my head prefect pin to my school robes we began the feast and the 1st years were sorted. And I made my why to the Headmistresses office to get instructions for where the Heads dorm was and the password. I smiled at the portraits as they welcomed me back to the school. Very friendly these people were. As I reached the gargoyles and sighed remembering last year the first time I was called here. For snogging Scorpius in the front of our defense against the dark arts class room while a bunch of Ravenclaws including my best friends Tracy and Chelsea and my cuisine even though I didn’t know it at the time Zane Zabini. As well as a bunch of Ravenclaws including Lucas Nott my recent boyfriend we started dating over the summer, Lucas had claimed that he had been in love with me since we met back in first year. Scorpius had claimed the same thing. Lucas worried me a lot even the mention of Scorpius and me he got stiff and very possessive also start to treat me like I was defenseless I liked being treated like I was a princesses which was how Scorpius and Lucas treated me but Lucas tended to take it to far. He would treat me like I was breakable tried getting me to quit quidditch. I bitched him out after that and he never mentioned it again.

“Rose glad you could make it your right on time” The school Headmistress said a smile of her slightly wrinkled face a twinkle in her eyes. Mom and Dad and even Uncle Harry all agreed she reminded them a great deal of Dumbledore. I smiled at her and she gestured to the seat across from her. I sat, I looked around for the head boy who should have been there as well. But there was no sign of him.

“Where is the head boy” I asked checking my watch he was late great must be a huffelpuff or a Slytherin. The Ravenclaws were always punctual well except Lucas and his friends they were fashionably late as Lucas liked to put it. His explanation for every time he showed up 30 minutes or more late for a date, which was often.

“Most likely caught in the dinner rush” I sighed wanting to get to my dorm room and to my bed as my things unpacked themselves. In the dead silence the stone staris began to creak as they turned announcing the arrival of someone else. As I prayed it was not a Slytherin as the head boy, I guess I should have prayed harder, because the black and green robes floated in, a chuckle fallowed the robes, and the chuckle was fallowed, Zane Zabini’s voice witch called up the stairs.

“Good Luck Blondie” Zane laughed.

“I don’t need it Zabini, I’m a Malfoy”

“Yea because you Malfoy’s have all the luck” Zane said sarcastically.

“Yes they do” He laughed once more and the door slammed close. “Good day Headmistress Macromere you look absolutely smashing this year did you get a haircut. Scorpius Malfoy said walking to her desk passing me without a notice, and kissing Macromere’s hand.

“Mr. Malfoy you can stop the charadeS and take your seat next to Miss. Weasley” Scorpius’s head snapped over in my direction his eyes widened and he dropped the professors hand.

“Rose” He breathed, barely above a whisper.

“Hello” I said trying to drop eye contact but his silver pools of blue were enticing. Did I just think silver pools of blue, good I sound like a romance novel, now I’m talking to myself? Stop rose. I came back down to earth and saw Scorpius still looking into my eyes not like I was any better I was staring at his as well. Scorpius finally took his seat, and I tried focusing on professor Macromere.

“My two heads I’m sure I’m putting the school in danger, by putting you to together as head’s given your family’s histories together. As well of the matter that you to were found snogging in the middle of a school hallway in front of the defense against dark arts class rooms. But this is the point of heads not the snogging may I add. The point of Head boy and girl is to unify the school which is why different houses are always put into the positions. This is a position of responsibility, you are to show the rest of the school you can put your differences aside and work together to enforce the school rules and help run school events such as the quidditch matches, a new announcer must be assigned because our old one has been transferred to a new academy in Japan. This will be your first assignment report back to me every Saturday. Now as for your rooming assignments do either of you recall the divination class room.”

                  I laughed as my father Ronald Weasley the internal slacker when it came to classes at Hogwarts had insisted I take that class for an easy O but my mother on the other hand said the class was pointless and had no logic behind it all hocus pocus as she put it and made me promise never to enter the class room. We both nodded knowing where the room was.

“There is a portrait of a young little girl and boy” They will be playing games and when you approach them they were begin a conversation, ignore what they tell you unless your in the mood for a chat with them and just announce the password. They well tell you about how your common room works, I will them take it from here I will see you this Saturday, have a wonderful first night back.” She dismissed us and a rushed towards the stairs. I head towards our designations, with Scorpius on my heels. 
As I neared the divination classroom I heard the portrait giggle. As it came into my view the two little children were running around in a circle the litte blond haired boy chasing the brown haired girl.

“Rosie wait up” I turned to yell at Scorpius for calling me Rosie as I only allowed family and friends to do that and he was neither at the moment. But when I turned Scorpius was already there staring at the portrait. I heard an answer come to the boys voice.

“Scorpius no” The little voice giggle, I turned around to see the little girl and boy again, it finally sunk in these two kids were me a Scorpius when we were little kids except I never met him until 1st year. Someone had enchanted the portrait. I smiled at little me and little Scorpius danced around as he tried to catch me. The other portraits laughed at the two children.

“You were a cute kid” Scorpius said, I smiled and turned to him.

“You’re not the bad yourself kiddo.”

“Hey Rosie” Scorpius said to the portrait. The little girl stopped and the little boy fell into her crashing to the ground she squealed and then giggled.

“Big butt “ she laughed and shoved Scorpius off. He crossed his arms and legs and pouted that she was now ignoring him and focusing on big Scorpius.

“Your big”, She giggled, “and you’re pretty” She said to me. I smiled, at her and my eyes fell on little Scorpius he was still pouting his lip puckered out and his cheeks puffed out, his eyes on Rosie and Scorpius.

“You very cute” Scorpius said Rosie blushed and giggled.

“Snots is the password” I said still watching little Scorpius, who was now up and trying to get Rosie’s attention again.

"Rosie you can chase me this time" He offered pulling at her hand and waving his own hand in front of her face trying  so hard to get her to look away from the real Scorpius

“We’re the new heads” I said smiling at the two.

“We know we’re 6 not stupid” Rosie said. I sighed, I always was a mean little girl to any Weasley but potter’s and anyone else was ok.

“Snots” Scorpius said and the hinges swung forward, we enter the common room it was beautiful. It had a living room TV and couch and chairs included a study nook with a wonderful window seat with a great view of the grounds. I smiled as I walked over to the book shelf and traced my finger over the spines. Before I could admire anything else a loud cry erupted into the room. The portrait from outside hung above the TV and Scorpius was crying and Rosie was sitting next to him trying to calm him.

“Please I’m sorry” Rosie said, wrapping him in a hug.

“You like him better than me” Scorpius cried.

“No, No, No, of course not I love you Scorpy” He sniffled and whipped a tear away.

“Really” he asked she nodded and kissed his cheek he blushed and hugged her. “ I love you more Rosie” She rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek again.

“There so cute” I thought out loud.

“Yea but I was never like that when I was a kid’

“Not according to what your dad said he said you loved everyone when you were little and would cry allt he time like that when you thought your mom loved your dad more or your dad loved your mom more.”

“Oh shut up Weasley” He said a smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and saw my name hung above a door I headed towards the door.

“Night Malfoy” She called over her shoulder at him.

            I awoke to a scream coming from the common room. I threw the covers aside and raced into the common room my hair falling out from its ponytail and cascading down my back. I through open my door Scorpius stood in sweat pants and shirtless staring at the little kid painting.

“Rosie bite me” Little Scorpius cried.

“You yelled at me” Rosie said pouting her back towards me and Scorpius like she was sitting in the corner.

“Rosie apologies" Scorpius said in a fatherly voice

“Not until he does”

“You bit him Rosie that’s worst then yelling”

“Rosie” I said standing next to Scorpius.

“What” she snapped.

“ You won’t get a cookie before bed tonight if you don’t tell Scorpius how sorry you are” Rosie snapped up and ran over to Scorpius tackling him to the ground.

“I’m sorry scorpy I love you very, very much” He smiled and blushed as she kissed his cheek.

“I think they have a crush on each other” Scorpius mumbled.

“I figured that one out last night genius “

“Don’t yell at big Scorpy” Rosie yelled.

“Don’t yell at big Rosie she’s pretty” Scorpy yelled at Rosie.

“I thought I was pretty”

“You are”

“Liar you think she’s pretty” Rosie ran out of the portrait and Scorpy fallowed.  I just raised an eyebrow at the two younger versions of me and Scorpius. Suddenly a shiver traveled up my spine. I shivered and rubbed my hands over my arms. I looked down and suddenly realized what I was still wearing. My tiny little gold shorts that barely covered my arse, a cute Black bra with gold decal spread across them. I blushed, I looked up and Scorpius was looking at me. I gasped.

“Stop looking” I squealed and covered my breasts. He chuckled and turned around heading towards the showers. I shivered once more before running back into the safety of my room.

“You have visitors Rose” Rosie’s voice said once I exited my shower, She was sitting at the little table in the portrait.


“Some weird looking boy his name his name I think is Lucas”

“I dashed back to my room and threw on the cutest thing I could find which consisted of my shortest Hogwarts skirt and a red cardigan over a white tank top I ran towards the door and smiled as I pushed open the portrait.

“Hey Sexy” Lucas said stepping into the room and wrapping his arms around me kissing my lips. I smiled and kissed his lips again.

“So who’s the head boy and should I be jealous he gets to share a cozy dorm room with you” He said with a grin on his face as he rubbed his nose against mine. I giggled, and he kissed me again.

‘Must you” Scorpius mumbled from behind us.

“What the hell is he doing here” Lucas said pulling away from me.

“I live here, you bloody prat and get a room I rather not have to deal with this puke feast this early in the morning” He rolled his eyes and summoned a book from the book shelf.

“Come on baby,” Lucas said his anger building up, he pulled me to my bedroom and closed the door behind us with a loud bang.

“Lucas darling please calm down” I pleaded he grabbed me by my arms and pulled me in, kissing me. Forcing his tongue into my mouth, I let him go for a while trying to calm his anger. Suddenly I felt him slide the cardigan off and tug my tank top off. I pulled away, as he lead me over to the bed.

“Lucas what are you…” He closed my mouth with his and laid me down on my unmade bed.

“I love you Rosie” He whispered and unhooked my bra. He ran his hands up cupping them in his hands. I moaned as he massaged them. “You like that Sexy” He asked kissing me. I moaned louder than I expected. He kissed me again stopping my moans.

“Lucas please we have classes soon, Lucas please” He pulled away and looked at me disappointed. “Lucas I’m sorry I can’t do this” I whispered sitting up and gathering my blankets to cover my chest.

“Why not Rose we’ve been together all summer” I sighed, and slide taking the blanket with me,

“Lucas, I’m just not ready to go that far yet” I sighed sighing and changing into my school uniform leaving the skirt on, and pulling on my shoes.

“You went that far when you were dating him” Lucas mumbled.

“Lucas Nott will you give it up about Scorpius just let it the bloody hell go I dumped him remember not the other way around would you drop it and let me have a moment of peace.” I snapped finally brought to my boiling point. I pulled him up from my bed and shoved him towards the door.

“Rosie come on I’m sorry” Lucas said turning around I smiled sweetly at him.

“Oh you’re so full of shit” I slammed the door on his face and summoned my robes and bag and fixing my hair I exited my room seeing Lucas waiting for me on the couch with a dressed Scorpius talking to the baby portrait.

“Rose I’m sorry Love please don’t be mad at me” Lucas said fallowing after me as I walked out the common room.

“Lucas I have potions in the dungeons and you have…” I ripped the schedule out of his shirt pocket. “Defense against the dark arts two different class, in complete different places so get to class or I will deduct house points for being late to class and administer a detention. I’m not playing games with you” I snapped shoving his schedule back at him. “Good day” I said and took off towards class.

“Your boyfriend is whipped” Scorpius said laughing as he took the seat behind me in potions.


“Whatever at least he’s not in an arranged marriage” I snapped at him.

“Oh come one Red, just let that go I told my dad off for you” Scorpius said “I told him I’ll love who I want and I’ll marry the women of my dreams, The Thick head Draco calls Dad nearly had a heart attack”

“So you call your dad Draco now” I said turning around to face him. He nodded his head yes.

“I told him if he can’t respect my wishes I wasn’t going to act like his son, so now I either call him Draco or Mr. Malfoy. And my mother I call Astoria and a hag occasionally, she still supports the damned thing.” Scorpius said sighing and looking longingly into my eyes. “I still love you” I gulped and turned around before I could say something stupid. “Rose did you hear me” I just ducked my head unable to face him.

“Hey Blondie,” Zane’s voice cut through the fog from our conversation. “Hey Fire Truck” He said to me I gave him a have sided smile and shook my head as Tracy smacked him gently for calling me fire truck and took the seat next to me while Zane took Scorpius’s seat.

a/n: so i'm gonna try soemthing new with this story I'm gonna ask questions at the end of the storys to get my wonderful reader's opinons on what they think is gonna happen in the story and as well as othe things invovled in the story. So to start this thing off my question for all of you reviewers and readers is are you Team Scorpius or Team Lucas just to see if there is any divsion of people out there or if your undecided. Let me know i wanna hear your thoughts.

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