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Lost In Magic by WildFlower
Chapter 22 : Chapter Twenty-Two: Heart to Heart
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A/N: So I decided, what the heck add another chapter while validation is short :D 

Thanks to my beta Amelia Bones for yet, another lovely chapter!

Thanks for all the brilliant reviews guys, seriously they all rule and make me smile so much!

Disclaimers: J.K owns everything Harry Potter and related and Starlight belongs to Muse.

Claimer: OC's and Plot :D


Stunning chappie image by .MementoMori @ TDA!

“Snuffles, where are we going?” I whispered.

“You'll see,” Sirius kept saying.

We luckily avoided Filch most of the trip, even Mrs Norris. We climbed what seemed to be about a dozen stair cases and turned about five corners before we finally stopped outside a door that was the only one on the floor.

“It's an old classroom,” Sirius whispered, pulling out his wand. “Alohomora!”

The door gave a slight 'click' and taking hold of the handle he opened it. Taking off the invisibility cloak as we walked in and Sirius shut the door behind us. Turning around I froze when I saw candles lit to give off a romantic atmosphere that were surrounding big fluffy human-sized pillows. 

“Lucy the elf told me where to get the pillows from,” Sirius said, scratching the back of his head. 

“Is the classroom not used anymore?” I asked, trying to shake away my rising nerves as I looked around at the cobwebs that clung to the ceiling and the old dusty desks that were stacked in the far corner. The night sky could be seen through the two large windows on either side of the room. 

“Nah, it's not been used since the forties,” Sirius replied, going over to the pillows and sitting down.

I tried to steady my breathing as I asked, “Have you heard of, The Room of Requirement?”

Sirius shook his head. “No, what's that?”

“It's a room, on the seventh floor,” I replied slowly going to sit down as well. “It appears whenever you are in need of it, and it can be anything you want it to be, hence the name. It's un-plottable, so you can't find it on the map.”

“Really?” Sirius asked in awe. “That's pretty cool!”

I nodded. “It is. We should find it sometime.”

Sirius nodded and it fell silent. Great … he wasn't expecting something to happen, was he? We hadn't even talked about it, but I knew that the sexual tension was there, it was an urge that pushed to a make out session, but when it came down to sex, and in this position now, I was pretty nervous and scared.

What do I do? I thought nervously. Just lie there? What do I do with my hands? Okay breathe and try not to think about it! 

I wanted to talk about it, but it was so awkward! If Sirius brought me here to try, I certainly didn't want to try in a classroom, I expected him to be more thoughtful than that. But what if I was just jumping to conclusions? What if Sirius just wanted a little 'us' time? The only way to find out was to knock the subject on the head. I prayed that Sirius couldn't see me blush.

“So, did you know that um Dom and Regulus have gone to the next level,” I said as casually as possible.

Sirius' eyebrows raised as his eyes widened. “No way! My younger brother … whoa!”

I laughed. “I know!”

“Knowing how uptight my brother is, or in this case, was, I can actually say that he might have found the right one. To be entirely honest, I was expecting him to be a virgin forever!”

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“Sophie,” Sirius let out a breath and ran a hand through his hair.

I grinned. “It's okay, you can be honest.”

“Back in my fourth year, when I was still in my rebellious streak, I was on top of the world and it sort of just... happened.” Sirius said awkwardly. “But Merlin, it sucked, it was so disappointing. I just didn't think about it.”

I smiled. “I figured. Well, I'm still a virgin, go me!”

Sirius smiled faintly. “I wish I still was also, Sophie. You know what I was thinking about the other day?”

I shrugged and smiled. “No, what?”

Sirius smiled thoughtfully. “When you were walking up to me when I was waiting for you at Potions, I was thinking about just how much I really love you. I was thinking 'Merlin, I am so bloody lucky to have such a beautiful girl in my life, how the hell did I deserve this?'”

I blushed and slapped him slightly. “Sirius!”

Sirius smiled and took my hand. “It's true, and that's when I made a pact with myself; if this portal that brought you here, I would go with you, were it ever to come back.”

I felt the colour drain from my face, and the happy atmosphere went cold. “Sirius...”

“I thought, I can't let you go, so I might as well go with you,” Sirius smiled and linked his fingers through mine. “But I hope it's years from now.”

I swallowed back the lump growing in the back of my throat. Dumbledore said that we couldn't change the future, so that meant if the portal came back, we would just go like it had brought us here. I felt my fist clench, this was the first time since knowing of the portal that I truly, truly loathed it so much. I wish I was a born and bred witch - with my family living in London. I wish I wasn't thrown into a world, only to leave your new found family and friends behind. Or not seeing or old family and friends for what could be twenty years, only to be taken back to the day you left in the future. It seemed like a waste of life I'd made and so unfair to the ones I love.

“Sirius, there is something I need to tell you,” I whispered softly, tightening my grip on his hand.

“Yeah, Sophie, you can tell me anything,” Sirius said gently as he scooted closer to me.

“Sirius, when the portal comes back, it'll just take Dom and me away, just like it brought us here...”

I saw Sirius' face fall, and his entire body stiffen. “So, you're saying...”

“You won't be able to come. Everything needs to go as planned, so you need to stay.” I finished, tears welling up in my eyes.

“No, no!” Sirius said his voice raising.

“Shh, calm down-”

“Calm down!” Sirius exclaimed, cutting me off. “How can I calm down, when I might lose the one person I love more than anything!”

“I know, Sirius; you know how hard it was for Dom and me to digest when we were told!” I cried back, my tears finally spilling. “It is hard to live knowing that it can come any day and take everything I hold dear away!”

Sirius' head fell into his hands, his body shaking and his chest heaving. I quickly wrapped my arms around him, and it wasn't before long when he too wrapped his arms around my waist, and buried his head into my shoulder. I felt his tears on my neck.

“Please, please...” Sirius whispered. “Don't say that's true.”

“It's's so true to the point where I am not going to expect some miracle to happen. I want you to be strong no matter what okay?”

Sirius nodded and brought my hand to his lips and kissed it. “For you, anything.”

Time passed and lying down we just held each other, not saying a word. Really what was to be said? I don't think Sirius wanted to know anything more and I know he was only trying to hide his hurt because I'd asked him too. After staring at the ceiling, I turned my head and caught Sirius looking at me, his eyes were glistening and before I could say something, Sirius wiped at his eyes quickly and spoke.

“Can you tell me something funny that I don't know, Cookie,” he whispered, as he stroked my hair.

It didn't take long for me to think of something, and it even brought a smile to my lips. “Dumbledore is gay.”

Sirius chuckled and propped himself up on his elbow. “Really? I hadn't noticed, he's always happy and humming songs, it's a bit odd to say the least.”

I couldn't help, but to laugh. “No Snuffles, he's gay...”

Sirius shrugged. “What's the matter with being happy?”

I raised an eyebrow, before I realised. “OH! Right, gay means happy in this time!”

Sirius looked confused. “It means something else?”

“Oh yeah, something totally different now. What I meant was, Dumbledore is homosexual. He likes guys!”

Sirius blinked before bursting into laughter. “You're joking right?”

I shook my head as I laughed. “No, I'm not it's all true! He was in love with his friend Gellert Grindelwald back when he was at school, but we don't know if he returned Dumbledore's feelings.” 

Sirius pulled a face. “Tragic - and I mean because Grindelwald is an evil guy.”

I nodded. “Yup, Dumbledore defeated him, very tragic fighting against your love.”

We chuckled and Sirius placed a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “Tonight, I was hoping to have a happier time,” he whispered as he stroked my cheek. “I want to spend every minute of every day with you Sophie and...”

“And...” I urged.

Sirius brushed his thumb over my lips. “I'll wait until you are ready, and I'll find this Room of Requirement.”

I blushed. I guess he saw right through my hinting. I chuckled and caressed Sirius' cheek. “I love you, and I won't stop loving you.”

“And I won't stop loving you,” Sirius replied. “No matter how many hate notes I get.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Hate notes?”

Sirius sighed. “Threats from my fangirls telling me you are a mistake and that they are out to get you. Then I was late to lunch because I had to get rid of all yours as well.”

I thought it was hilarious more than scary and I laughed. “They sent me hate mail? Wow. Uh, well they failed miserably. I guess Dom was right when she said they'd see how much we love each other and they'd move on.”

“So, Snape wasn't lying about the war of the fangirls,” Sirius chuckled to himself. “War or not, I had my own too. I admit that I loved the look on Corners face.”

“Sirius!” I said warningly.

Sirius put his hands up in defence. “Hey! Sorry, guess it's a male thing.”

He kissed me and then taking off his robe, he put it around us as we lay down and got comfortable again. “I'll wake us up so we can get back before everyone wakes up.”

I nodded and Sirius gave me a kiss and closed his eyes. When Sirius was asleep I looked at him and couldn't hold back my tears as I snuggled in. I imagined how Dom was feeling at the moment. I bet she was feeling the same as me. I can't believe I hadn't even asked if she was okay. I'd be soon drowned in my own problems that I hadn't even thought about asking if she had any I could help her with. I felt so guilty and felt like such a bad friend. I bet she'd held back falling in love too. Slowly wriggling myself out of Sirius' arms, I grabbed my mirror and opened it.

And waited and waited, until finally Dom's sleepy face appeared.

“Yomee?” she whispered groggily. “Are you okay?” 

I nodded. “I just wanted to know if you're okay?”

Dom rubbed her eyes as she sat up. “You mirrored me at … eleven-forty at night to ask me that?” 

“Yeah...I'm worried,” I whispered. “Have you and Regulus talked about ... anything yet?”

“Huh, what?” 

“About the portal?”

Dom shook her head. “He doesn't know and I don't really want him to know.” 

“Sirius knows...” I told her. “He knows enough.”

Dom stared at me and sighed. “Sophie...” 

“I think we should tell Reg, and sort it out with him, so he knows and understands … just in case.” 

Dom rubbed her temple and ran and hand through her hair. “And break the heart of the guy I love? Sophie, now isn't the right time to be talking about this, we'll talk tomorrow.” 

“So, are you okay?” I asked one more time.

Dom smiled slightly. “If I wasn't okay, I would tell you, Yomee. Now, goodnight.” 

I sighed. “Alright, goodnight.”

Dom shut her mirror and I shut mine too. Lying back down I snuggled back up to Sirius and waving my wand, the candles blew out and I laid down in the dark.

Mum, Dad, Freddie … what should I do? 

Their responses as I imagined them to be if I'd ask this sort of question filled my head just like they had when Dom and I had first arrived here.

Honey, your father and I are right here with you, we will not go anywhere...

Yeah, Sis, why are you even asking? You know what to do! 

I even heard my friends laughing in the darkness as my eyes began to flutter closed. Every time I had to keep reassuring myself about things, it bugged me. I just had to go with the flow and stop wondering what I was to face around the corner. Life was sweet at the moment. I had to make my own choices now.

*** *** ***

I did a small braid in Dom's hair, as she picked up a stone and threw it into the lake. It was Sunday morning after breakfast and I'd managed to get Dom alone so I could talk to her. We really hadn't said anything yet, as Dom wasn't very open about her feelings when forced, but I needed to know if she was really okay, and if it was a good idea to tell Regulus our secret. He was my best friend and Dom's first long-term boyfriend that hadn't lasted only three days (because she had a tendency to become 'bored') I could tell she was very serious about Regulus and I knew it was going to be hard.

“I love this song,” Dom murmured, as we listened to Starlight. I had brought out my iPod and speakers to show Dom, Remus' brilliant work. “I can't believe Remus actually fixed it!”

“I know, I’m amazed too!” I agreed as I continued to braid her hair. “Maybe he can fix yours too if I ask.”

Dom nodded. “That'll be awes if he could.”

I sighed. “Dom...I know you don't really want to talk about it, but I think we should.”

“You know what I don't miss about home,” Dom said pulling her knees to her chest.

“What?” I asked.

“Doing chores and school,” she replied and I rolled my eyes.

“Don't try to change the subject, Dom.”

“Sophie, you're cool, I'm cool - we're all cool!” Dom cried in frustration. “I don't want to brush this under the carpet, but in order to protect the people, I love I will.”

“I think in order to protect, you should tell them. So they can prepare for it and accept it,” I told her gently. “Sirius understands, well I hope he does, and he was thankful for me telling him. I think Regulus, as my friend and your boyfriend, should know.”

Dom didn't say anything, as she switched off my iPod. I saw her eyes sparkling with tears and she turned her head away. “Y-Yomee, you know he dies right and-and Dumbledore said that the future can't be changed. I already lose him anyway...”

“Yomee...” I said gently as pulled her into a hug. “It's okay.”

“He told me he loved me the other day, and I c-couldn't s-say it back!” Dom sobbed. “And I wished that, before his death … the portal would come back, so I didn't have to witness it.”

I bit my lip to stop it from trembling and I moved Dom's hair out from her face. I didn't know what to say. How was I to say that everything would be okay, when it really wasn't going to be? “I'm not okay, Yomee, I've tried to tell myself that I am, but I’m not.”

“Dom, why didn't you tell me this?” I asked. “I could have helped you.”

Dom shrugged and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. “Your problems keep me from thinking about my own. I just don't want him to die, Yomee, I love him!”

Sighing I kissed Dom on the forehead and keeping back my tears for her, I stood to my feet. “I'm going to go and get Reg, okay? Stay here.”

Dom nodded and I rushed back towards the castle, I found Regulus pacing back and forth in the entrance hall, when he saw me he rushed over.

“Sophie, is everything alright?”

“Reg, come with me, Dom and I have something to tell you,” I said taking his hand.

When I brought him back, Dom stood her feet and letting go of my hand, Regulus rushed over to her and picking her up, he spun her around. I watched the scene with a pang in my heart.

“What is it you want to tell me?” Regulus asked, as he placed Dom down and smiled slightly at us. 

“I think we should sit down,” I said making myself comfortable on the ground. Dom and Regulus followed my lead and looking at Dom I nodded and she took a deep breath.

“Kitten,” she began. “Sophie and I are … from the future...”

Regulus took it as well as he could, but was completely baffled at what he told him. Some things he didn't like, some things he did. Other's he just stared us, sort of looking betrayed and sad, but what really set him off was the portal, like Sirius, he didn't like it one bit – I couldn't blame him.

“I don't want to talk about it anymore,” he said darkly.

So Dom and I left it there. I knew he hadn't rejected it when I saw him take Dom's hand as we were walking back to the castle. I would always be there for my friends, even in sticky situations, even if it meant that I too, was swallowed up by it all. I guess that was the type of person I am.

When I walked back to the common room, my girls toppled out of the portrait laughing. When they saw me they let out joyful cries.

“Sophieee!” Mary said giving me a hug. “Us girls are going to go do girly things, like talk about boys!”

“You want to come along?” Heather asked. “Lily is giving us facials!”

“Prefect bathroom always comes in handy,” Lily said holding up her vanity bag.

I smiled. A good facial and girly time would be pretty sweet. “I would love to, but I need to do something first.”

Kim rolled her eyes. “Fine, we'll meet you there!”

Giggling they all rushed off and saying the password I walked into the common room to see Sirius on the couch, watching James and Peter battle it out on a game of Wizards Chess.

“Hey guys!” I said cheerfully and they all looked up and smiled.

“Cookie, how’d it go?” Sirius asked, standing to his feet.

“It went … alright,” I replied smiling. “He took it the best he could.”

“Took what?” James questioned. “Tell me!”

“It's nothing James!” I said and looking around I saw that Remus was missing. “Where's Remus?”

James, Peter and Sirius chuckled. “He's hanging out with Dawn!”

Peter made kissy sounds and I rolled my eyes. “Well, I'm glad to see you boys are okay, I'm going to go have a facial now.”

“So that's what the girls were giggling about...” James said as he made a move, in which Peter's king knocked his knight’s head off with one swift movement of his miniature sword.

Sirius kissed me on the head and told me to go and enjoy myself. So, I did, and man, Heather could give a mean massage.

With everything happening, I felt a little guilty when my heart and mind suddenly agreed on something, despite being so conflicted before. I hated myself for agreeing, because I knew my family were looking for me, and no matter how much I missed them or loved them...

I didn't...I didn't want to leave.


A/N: There you go, I hope you liked it XD So the next chapter is the BIG surprise! And I've got it written up - but I might just be a little mean and leave you guys hanging for a while muahahaha! I can't wait for feedback and I'll see you guys SOON with the next chappie :P
XOXO WildFlower!


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