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Camp Hogshead by xxRedheadramioneloverxx
Chapter 5 : The Common Room
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Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING!

Hermione pushed past the sea of students moving out of the Hall and reached Dumbledore to await instruction.

“I must show you to your dorms. As you know, the Head Boy and Girl share a common room. Follow me.” Dumbledore led them out of the Great Hall. They ascended three flights of moving staircases, passing countless portraits just beginning to doze off. He then escorted them into a large square room with five stone fireplaces on each side. Dumbledore stepped in front of the one second closest to them on their right side and pulled a long burgundy cord with a golden tassel on the fireplace’s left side.

The hearth slid aside revealing a dimly lit corridor. At the end of the hall, they came to a password portrait of a sphinx with golden wings, a white body, and a beautiful female face with stunning purple eyes and auburn hair.

“Password?” It asked in a soft voice with a soothing Irish lilt, which was strange as sphinxes originated from Egypt.

“This is Zephira.” Said Dumbledore, pointing to the sphinx. “The password is domus iunctum.”

“Correct.” Zephira replied and her frame swung open, leading into a very short dark tunnel.

“When you come out of the entrance,” Dumbledore said, gesturing to the tunnel, “you will find yourself in your common room. The maroon door is yours, Miss Granger, and the green one is yours, Mr. Zabini. You will each have your own bathrooms. I will leave you two to unpack your things, and please, as your duty as Head Boy and Girl, at least try to be civil to each other.” With that, he left them.

Hermione passed through the tunnel and was temporarily blinded by the burst of light that followed as she entered the common room.

“It’s beautiful!” she gasped as her eyes adjusted to the light.
Blaise tried not to act too impressed. He was from a rich, proud, pureblood family after all. However, he couldn’t deny that the common room was absolutely gorgeous.

The doors to their maroon and forest green, decorated with gold leaf (whether it was real or not was up for debate), and had their house emblems in the center. Their names were scrawled in perfect silver cursive underneath the emblems. Other than the doors, there was little house décor, of which Hermione was thankful. She knew for a fact that if a house-theme-decoration-contest arose, Blaise would obviously beat her.

The common room’s walls were painted a buttery tan and covered in beautiful moving tapestries. Persian carpets covered the floor and soft, dark brown leather couches with cream-colored throw pillows were also present. The fireplace was made of white marble, with the Hogwarts grounds carved horizontally across the mantelpiece. Above the fireplace was an oil painting in an antique frame, also of the Hogwarts grounds. The time of day and weather in the picture reflected how it actually was outside.

Mahogany bookshelves with novels written by both famous wizard and Muggle authors alike lined the walls. Two desks made of the same wood created a study area, complete with stain-glass lamps, Great Horned owl quills, no-spill inkbottles, letter-writing kits, parchments, and drawers for their textbooks and other necessities. The room was completed with a small glass chandelier that provided most of the room’s light, and a balcony facing west where the sun would set over the Black Lake and hide behind the trees of the Forbidden Forest.

After taking in the sights, Hermione then moved on to her dorm. She couldn’t decide which room was more breathtaking: Her dorm or the common room. The walls were painted a rich purple. Her queen size, four-poster bed was made of cherry wood, its sheets a dark purple silk, with a lavender comforter and several violet Tempurpedic pillows. The bed itself was Tempurpedic as well, and it felt like slipping butter when she laid down on it. The curtains on her bed were deep purple with a swirling silver design embroidered into them.

“How did they know that purple was my favorite color?” Hermione thought.

Not too far down the wall was a wardrobe also made of cherry wood with ivy leaves carved into the doors. A floor length mirror with the same leaf pattern on the frame hung next to it. A portrait of a cascading waterfall hung on the wall and there were several broad windows. Other furniture included a purple velvet couch, a matching chair, and a table made of the same wood. There were more bookcases, which happened to be empty. Hermione walked towards them and found a note on one of the shelves.

It read:

Miss Granger,
Since you are such an avid reader, I thought you would enjoy these enchanted bookshelves. Touch the shelves, think of a book you want, and it will appear. You will never run out of room. Enjoy!
Professor Minerva McGonagall
P.S. Please do not brag about these to other students excessively. It would not do to have students thinking that you are being spoiled because of your position.

Hermione squealed with delight, something she didn’t normally do. All the books she could want, just at a thought! Hermione crossed over to one of the windows and gazed up at the starry sky happily. That’s when she glimpsed something winged approaching. A barn owl with tawny feathers delivered a small letter to her.

Miss Granger,
It has come to my attention that you do not have an owl of your own, which will make sending letters regarding your duties difficult. The owl that has given this letter to you is now yours. Think of her as a “reward” for taking on the responsibilities of being a Head Girl and for putting up with your correspondent Head Boy. Her name is Arabella. Use her wisely.
Professor Albus Dumbledore

Hermione danced around the room with glee, while Arabella looked at her as if she were a zebra with wings. An enchanted bookshelf, a gorgeous dorm and common room, and her own owl? She loved being Head Girl! Well, except for the Head Boy she had to deal with.

Meanwhile, as Blaise was unpacking, he heard a girlish squeal. Apparently, their dorms had thin walls. “What on earth?” He thought. He ambled over to Hermione’s room to investigate.

“What in Merlin’s name is going on Granger?” He asked.

“Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear.” Hermione thought. “Oh nothing really. I was just being happy. Well, until you came in.”

“Ouch. Well excuse me for wanting to know if you were having a heart attack. No need to verbally attack me. I’m not all bad. That goes for some of the other Slytherins too.”

Hermione snorted. “And who exactly would those be, Zabini? Millicent Bulstrode?”

Blaise shuddered. “Merlin, no. She’s absolutely horrible. I mean people like, say… Draco Malfoy.”

Hermione nearly choked. “Malfoy? The king of evil Slytherin death eater ferrets? You must be joking!”

“I know you think he’s not that horrible. He’s not a death eater, nor was he ever, and he never supported You-Know-Who in any way whatsoever. He doesn’t hate Muggles or muggleborns and he never did, his Father just made him act that way, and if he disobeyed he was punished. He doesn’t hate you, so you shouldn’t hate him, and he did apologize.”

“Well, good for him. But though he may have apologized, and I may slightly forgive him for calling me a mudblood and making me and everyone around me’s lives hell, he’s still a self-absorbed, stuck-up, stupid little prick!” But as she said these words, Blaise could see the hesitance in her eyes.

“I’m serious Granger. He’s not a bad guy.”

“Whatever Zabini. Goodnight.” Hermione shut the door in his face.

“Self-absorbed, stupid prick she says. Ha! And I thought she was supposed to be the smartest witch of her age. Can’t she tell that she’s fooling herself? Merlin, the sexual tension between the two of them is potent enough to be used as knock-out gas.” Blaise sighed.

A/N: SO SORRY for not updating sooner! I am a bad person. :C I promise I will update much quicker during the summer now that I have the time to do so. I just had finals and 4 huge projects that took up a huge percentage of my grade. and i'm just plain lazy. But I will not be anymore! This story is not abandoned! I even have a story outline for myself muahahahahaha!

You know what to do, rate and review please! :)

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