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Snap by prettywishes
Chapter 2 : An Offer You Can't Refuse
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At breakfast Eloise couldn’t be more proud of herself for her actions the night before, knowing that she’d bugged Tom in a way that no one had dared too in much too long. It kept a grin on the girls face despite the disgusting porridge that she was whirling her spoon in, and it only widened as the boy in question made his way to the kitchen table. Although he sat on entirely opposite ends of the table as she did, Eloise could tell that she’d been successful when he threw a glare at her. Tom Riddle was famous for his horrible moods, but it was clear to all that today’s was even worse than normal. And while she knew it shouldn’t, the fact that it was all because of her warmed little Eloise, at least until Mrs. Cole made her entrance into the kitchen.

“Tom, you’ve got a visitor coming today.” The announcement caused most of the table to look up from their porridge and shoot various looks over at Tom. While the dark haired boy simply nodded his head, whispers broke out between the others at the table. Visitors were rare, and there was no way that anyone was adopting Riddle, meaning that it was someone special. Despite the rules for a silent breakfast, Mrs. Cole was far too busy tending to sone of the little ones with chicken pocks to mind them.

“I bet their taking you to the loony bin Riddle, it took em long enough!” A short round boy, burst out, laughing with a few others around the table. Eloise watched carefully, wondering if Tom would lash out or not, but all the boy did was simply glare.

“Yeah, Mrs. Cole finally realized how loony Tom is, and now he’s going to spend the rest of his days with nutters!” Another boy added in, elaborating on the first’s story. Eloise simply rolled her eyes, knowing that a visitor wouldn’t be coming here if he was going to the loony bin; they’d try to lure him out with a promise of ice cream. Clearly the others didn’t listen to reason as the whispers continued as the children tried to reason out who would bother with Tom Riddle.

“You’re all so stupid.” Eloise muttered under her breath as it was suggested that they were going to tie Tom to the roof for the rest of his life. It was the summer holidays though, and it wasn’t as though the children had anything better to do than gossip about Tom’s sanity. Especially on a day where he wasn’t snapping at them for it, although each of the children knew that wouldn’t last long.

Eloise wrinkled her nose as she absentmindedly scooped some of the porridge into her mouth, and was pleased to see that Tom was heading away from the table. Without a thought Eloise raced after the boy, ignoring the comments at the table about how she was going to end up in the loony bin too. Pounding up the wooden stairs of the orphanage the girl was pleased when the chatter from the table ended, and the only noise was of the footsteps in front of her and the girl followed them into the bedroom she’d visited the night before.

“Who do you think is coming?” Eloise questioned, her eyes lighting up as the many prospects filled her mind. Hardly anyone came in and out of the orphanage besides to go to school and the girl couldn’t help but to be as excited as those gossips at the table downstairs. Tom glared at her, unhappy that she was still insisting on following him absolutely everywhere.

“I don’t know, why don’t you go mind your own business someplace else.” Tom shot at her, unhappy with the constant presence the girl had had in the few weeks since she’d arrived at the school. Besides the fact that she never kept her mouth shut, he hadn’t had much of a problem with her until the incident the night before. Now that he knew she could do magic too, he could hardly stand the fact that she was standing in his room.

“I doubt it’s really a doctor though, everyone’s just saying that to make you mad.” The girl continued as though Riddle hadn’t spoken a word.

“Maybe it’s just someone from school, like you forgot to turn in a book! Or maybe it’s your parents come bac-” The moment that Eloise glanced at Tom’s face she knew that she’d pushed the wrong button. “It’s possible..” She trailed off, uncertain as to what would make the look on Tom’s face any less horrible.

“My parent’s didn’t want me.” Tom spoke in a voice lower and quieter than the boy recalled ever using before. He was mad and while it had shut his companion up, it had only made his head louder. For the first time in his life he was actually pleased when Mrs. Cole walked into the room, giving him an excuse to think of anyone besides his parents.

Mrs. Cole rushed into the room carrying an ironed shirt that belonged to Tom, and he wondered how pleased he really was. “Tom, he’s going to be here any moment and you still look a mess, now go wash up and put these on…” The woman licked her finger and rubbed on a spot on the boy’s forehead, causing him to scowl. “Run along Eloise, Tom won’t be able to play until this afternoon!” Mrs. Cole instructed, shooing the girl out of the door as she fussed over the boy.

Reluctantly Eloise made her way back down to the kitchen, her mood sour now that there was no one to guess with. She knew that if she spoke about the visitor with the others they’d go on about how nutty Tom was, and now that Tom himself was busy she was left alone. And it wasn’t nearly as much fun to babble to others as it was to sit there and think alone.

A tapping at the door saved the blonde from her thoughts as she eagerly bounded forewords with the others, racing to be the first to get to the door. Grinning proudly at being the first at the door she wondered if it was going to be the mysterious visitor or just the mailman with a package. As she swung the door open chatter and giggles quickly filled the room, as there was an oddly dressed man before them.

“You know it’s not Halloween don’t you?!” An obnoxious boy shouted from behind Eloise, causing the girl to slam her heel on top of his toe. She grinned at the man, despite the odd clothing he was decked in, for it reminded her of the clothing that she’d seen before in her past. Trying to think back the girl was unsure where she’d seen it before, but she was fairly certain that someone she’d met before had dressed in the same manor.

“Are you here to see Tom? Mrs. Cole said someone was coming to see him, but a baby has the chicken pox and-” For the second time that morning she was cut off before she finished her statement, and chewed on her lip. Keeping her eyes trained on the strange looking man she couldn’t help but to be a little upset, he seemed like he’d appreciate something that she had to say.

“Excuse the children; they’re awfully excited to have a visitor around.” Mrs. Cole muttered, wiping her recently washed hands on her skirt before shaking the man’s hand as she gave her name. “He’s just this way.” Gesturing to parlor, the woman pushed the children from the doorway, allowing the man to walk though. “Albus Dumbledore.” The man offered as he shook the woman’s hand.

“Now if you’ll follow me…” Mrs. Cole began to lead Dumbledore to Tom pausing as they realized that there was another trailing after them. While the older woman wasn’t amused, tired from having dealt with irritable little ones all morning, the visitor merely laughed.

“Eloise, would you like to come along too?” He questioned, watching as the young girls eyes grew wide. Although she was in awe of the fact that he knew her name the blonde nodded her head vigorously before they continued on. The girl more than excited to get to see just was about to happen up close, maybe they were going to take him away after all.

“If you say so.” The keeper of the house muttered as she led them along to where Tom was waiting. Eloise could picture the look on his face right now, surely he was getting a little nervous now that he was all by himself and knew that something was about to happen. The girl thought it was a little unfair that it was going to disappear from his face the moment that they entered the room, as she wished she could see it herself. As the door opened she quickly darted her eyes to Tom, but there was no sign on his face that he’d felt uncertain about anything at all. Reluctantly she supposed that there were some sides of the boy that were nearly impossible to catch.

“What are you doing here?” Tom demanded, commenting on Eloise’s presence as though there wasn’t a man dressed up in a funny costume in the room with them. Unsure of the answer to the question the girl chose not to say anything at all, and turned to the strange man instead. They waited until Mrs. Cole left them alone before anyone spoke again.

“You see Tom, I came here to tell you something very special and I didn’t even realize that I’d find Miss. Scott here as well.” The man spoke, causing both children to stop their thoughts in their tracks. “My name is Albus Dumbledore, and I’m from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

“Wizardry?” Eloise questioned, wondering if her ears were deceiving her. Glancing over at Tom she searched his face too see if he knew any more about what was going on with her than she knew herself, but his face gave away nothing.

“Yes Mrs. Scott, you are a witch and Tom is a wizard.” He spoke slowly, causing both of the children to look at him as though he had two heads. “I’d like to invite you to come to my school next year, my school of magic.”

A/N: So once again anything that you already know doesn't belong to me. And after this chapter they should begin to get longer, and time is going to skip either next chapter or the one after that. Please leave a review!

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Snap: An Offer You Can't Refuse


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