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A Witch Named Bellatrix by nitenel
Chapter 7 : The Prophecy
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Authors Note: Apologies for the wait. First I went to Buenos Aires, then I went to New Orleans, then I started work, and then I got sick….
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Potter yelled, “NOW!” and the other five teenagers yelled, “Reducto!”

The spells flew in different directions and hit shelves. The white orbs burst apart and more pearly white figures appeared.

The curses flew in different directions and hit shelves. The white orbs burst apart and pearly white figures appeared.

Bella closed her eyes; the negotiations had failed.

The shelves had started to fall on top of each other, much like a game of dominoes. Bella turned around and looked for the teens. Letting out a curse of anger, she saw them running away.

Bella ran after them with her wand out. She caught up with Potter and grabbed his shoulder. Hermione shouted, “Stupefy!”

Bella dodged the curse, but her grip on Potter broke. She swore and continued to chase them. Three of the teenagers, Potter, Hermione, and the fat one, dove through a door. It slammed shut, locking her out.

Lucius and the other Death Eaters had caught up with her. Lucius roared, “Leave him, leave him, I say, the Dark Lord will not care for Nott’s wounds as much as losing that prophecy-”

Bella looked at Nott and saw that he was unconscious. As Jugson moved away Lucius yelled, “Jugson, get back here, we need to plan! We’ll split into twos and hunt, and don’t forget, be er ‘kind’ to Potter until we’ve got it, feel free to end the others if needed – Bellatrix, Rodolphus, you take the left-“

Bella didn’t hear what else Lucius said as she walked away. Rodolphus joined Bella and addressed her, “So… Imagine… seeing the Longbottom boy here…”

Bella raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. Rodolphus continued, “Seems just like yesterday he was a little baby watching his parents lose their minds.”

Bella smirked but still didn’t say anything. Rodolphus glanced at her and asked, “Are you okay? You seem… I don’t know… different…”

Bella frowned and said, “I don’t know… I’ve been feeling depressed, I guess.”

Rodolphus nodded and said gloomily, “I know how you feel…”

Bella shook her head and hissed, “You have no idea how I feel…”

Rodolphus glared at Bella and spat, “Sorry for trying to help, Bellatrix.”

Bella shook her head. “No… I was out of line. I apologize.”

Rodolphus nodded curtly. By this time they had reached a door. The door was marked, The Room of Prohibition.

Bella approached the door cautiously. She pulled out her wand and whispered to Rodolphus, “Wands out.”

Rodolphus nodded and pointed his wand at the door. He whispered, “Expulso.”

The door exploded open and Bella and Rodolphus ran in, wands at the ready. The room was empty except for a row of prophecies.

Bella lowered her wand and stepped over to the prophecies. She examined them until she saw, with a jolt of her heart, one marked: Bellatrix Lestrange.

“Rod, get over here now,” whispered Bella. Rodolphus walked over and whispered back, “What? What is it?”

Bella said, “It has my name on it.”

Rodolphus looked at the prophecy and said, “So it does. Come let us be off.”

Bella growled, “Do you not care at all? My fate is in this pearly orb. You expect me to leave it?”

Rodolphus said impatiently, “Fine. Take it. But, we have to go.”

Bella nodded and grabbed the prophecy. The orb was warm to the touch, and she put it into her pocket.

Bella and Rodolphus walked out of the room. On the way out Bella breathed, “Reparo.”

The door mended itself. Rodolphus sneered, “Why’d you do that?”

Bella shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Rodolphus looked suspiciously at her before walking away and saying, “Follow.”

Bella followed Rodolphus but let him get ahead. All Bella cared about was the pearly white orb in her pocket.

Rookwood running towards them interrupted Bella’s musings. He panted, “Bellatrix, Rodolphus, the Brain Room…”

Bella nodded and started to run in the direction of the Brain Room with Rodolphus hot on her heels.

Rookwood caught up with them and Mulciber quickly joined them. When they reached the door, Bella flicked her wand and it burst open. On the other side were Potter and his friends going to another door.

“There they are!” Bella shrieked as the four of them charged at Potter. He ran through the door, spun around and waved his wand.

The door smashed closed. Bella, Rodolphus, and Macnair crashed into the door. Rookwood, who was lagging behind, stopped at the last moment.

Bella cursed and ran to another door. It wouldn’t budge. She ran to another door. It didn’t budge. Finally, one of the doors opened. Bella brandished her wand and the blonde witch went flying backwards with a scream.

“Potter is mine!” Bella shrieked.

Bella took in the scene. There were only four teenagers left. Potter, Longbottom, and the two Weasleys. The male Weasley looked punch drunk and the female Weasley was on the ground grimacing.

The male Weasley yelled, “Jeepers, Harry, they’re brains – see? Accio Brain!”

Bella raised an eyebrow and watched as a brain flew out of a tank and flew towards the Weasley male. It started to wrap around him. Potter tried to sever the feelers of the brain.

The female Weasley told something to Potter that the Death Eaters couldn’t hear.

“Shut it,” whispered Rodolphus. He flicked his wand and a jet of red light shot from the end of his wand and her squarely in the chest.

Longbottom shouted, “Stubefy!” Bella smirked; apparently his nose was broken. He continued to shoot stunning spells at the Death Eaters.

Potter and Longbottom ran out of the room. The other Death Eaters followed them. Lucius yelled back to Bella, “Stay here! Cut off their escape route!”

Bella nodded grimly. Lucius glanced back one more before running off after the Death Eaters.

And then: nothing. For the first time during the battle, she was alone. Bella’s hand slowly reached for the prophecy in her pocket.

When her fingers grasped it, a lance of pain ran through her. She closed her eyes and tried to fight the agony running through her.

And then: nothing.

Bella slowly opened her eyes. When she realized where she was, her eyes flew open. She was in the Great Hall in Hogwarts, one of the only places she had been happy.

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A Witch Named Bellatrix: The Prophecy


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