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The Past Is Now The Present by mousey08
Chapter 2 : The Accident
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The summer before sixth year was about to end. Grace was thankful that she didn’t have to spend the summer at the orphanage; she hated it there. Hermione had offered Grace to stay with her. Grace accepted not knowing she wasn’t actually staying at Hermione’s, but at the Burrow where the Weasleys lived. This made her uneasy considering she had never met Ron’s family but once she got there; they welcomed her with open arms. Mrs Weasley made the best meals; the orphanage wouldn’t know the meaning of a home cooked meal let alone supply one.

The Weasley house was always packed, especially full of ex-professors. It felt kind of weird to have them around but she got used to it over time. She spent some of her time talking to her third year Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lupin or Remus as he preferred. They’d talk about school and books mostly but she knew there was something that he knew and she didn’t, like he was keeping a secret from her but she couldn’t figure out what it was. She knew he was a werewolf and he knew she knew so that definitely wasn’t it. She figured that over time it would reveal itself. She also decided to tell Hermoine and Ginny about it.

“I don’t think it could be serious” Hermione concluded after Grace had explained what she thought about Remus keeping something from her. “You only started talking to him this summer, you didn’t talk in third year did you?”

“No, he only taught me.” Grace replied. “But what if it’s about my family? What if he knows something about them that I don’t? I never knew who my father was and my mother wouldn’t tell me about him. She said he wasn’t worth talking about. What if he knows something about it?”

“If he did, he probably would have told you by now.” Said Ginny.

“But you can’t possibly know that? He could be anyone. He could be you-know-who for all we know.”

“Don’t be silly Grace!” Hermione exclaimed. “I’m sure Dumbledore would have told you it was him. I’m sure whatever it is the Lupin has to tell you will be told.”

“I hope you’re right Hermione”

“Maybe he told Tonks?” Ginny asked.

“But what’s the point of telling Tonks if he’s not telling Grace now? I know they’re together but people keep secrets from each other all the time.” Hermione concluded.

“Maybe that’s why there is such a strain on the relationship, certain things aren’t being told or said” Ginny added.

“We can’t jump to conclusions, for all we know, I’m being stupid and there’s nothing to tell.” Grace said looking out Ginny’s window to see Remus walking round the backyard chatting happily with Harry.

And to think that Remus was her only problem, that night the Burrow had burst into flames caused by Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry was still not over the death of Sirius Black and when she arrived at the Burrow, Harry went after her and Ginny followed. Of course the rest of the residence in the burrow all ran outside to see what was going on. Lupin, Tonks and Mr Weasley went after Harry and Ginny to protect them. Everyone else was waiting patiently. Then suddenly a flash of light came out of nowhere and the burrow burst into flames. Mr Weasley had come running back to check if everyone was out safely and okay.
Grace couldn’t believe what she had seen; everything had changed so dramatically since she had become friends with Hermione. She was still was wondering if she made the right decision to let herself become friends with Harry Potter after all the things he, Hermione and Ron have been though in the last five years.

The day came where they all had to board the train to Hogwarts. Lucky for all of them, their trunks had been sent to Fred and George’s shop before the incident last night because they were having breakfast their before they left and Mrs Weasley thought it would be easier to have their belongings waiting for them there, plus she knew that Ron wouldn’t pack till the last minute and forget everything. Mrs Weasley actually hugged her goodbye which caused Grace to nearly break down with tears; Hermione noticed this but understood instantly. Remus pulled Grace aside.

“Now I want you to stay safe this year, I know what it’s like being friends with troublemakers” he said looking at her. “Just try not to get into any fights, especially on the train.”

“Why especially on the train?” she asked curiously.

“Just promise me you won’t” he said

“Are you not telling me something?”

“What gave you that idea?”

“Oh, nothing” she said quietly.

“Now Dumbledore asked me to tell you Hermione, but you can tell her, that you both have to go see him tomorrow about your timeturners and the schedule you’ll now have”

“Okay I will.” She said as Remus also gave her a hug goodbye.

“Take care” he said and walked off to say goodbye to Harry and the others.

 They boarded the train and went into the compartment at the back of the train. Usually Grace sat in the one opposite by herself but this year she actually had someone to sit with. Apparently that wasn’t going to last long because Harry had gone off somewhere, she had a feeling it had something to do with that Malfoy kid, Ginny had gone to visit her boyfriend Dean and Hermione and herself had to go and do prefect duties. So technically they were ditching the compartment after five minutes. Ron didn’t want to be left alone so he decided to go on prefect duties with Grace and Hermione.

“How long do we have to walk around for?” Ron whined.

“Until everyone is settled on the train” Hermione said.

“But that could be for agessssssssss!” Ron whined, his voice getting higher. Grace pointed her wand at Ron and a ball of socks appeared in his mouth.

“Put a sock in it Ron” Grace said and laughed.

“Oh Ha-Ha” Ron said after taking the socks out of his mouth.

“I thought it was funny” Hermione stated.

“Of course YOU would” Ron said “Everything bad that happens to me is funny to you”

“Pretty much” Hermione said, still laughing at what Grace had done.

“So Grace, Lupin told us you got a timeturner like Hermione did, how come you didn’t tell us?” Ron asked suddenly.

“Ronald!” Hermione scolded.

“No it’s okay Hermione” Grace said calming Hermione down. “I didn’t think it was a big deal, it’s only cause I’m taking some extra classes like Hermione and besides, I didn’t want you or anyone else putting their grubby little hands on it”

“I do not have grubby little hands!” Ron defended.

“Sure sure” Grace said not convinced. “Oh by the way Hermione, we have to go see Dumbledore tomorrow about our schedules.”

“Why? Professor McGonagall usually does mine for me instantly”

“I have no idea”

They kept patrolling the carriages making sure everyone had found a carriage and settled. Just when they thought everyone was, a fight broke out in the last carriage that had been taken by a bunch of third years after Grace and her friends had previously vacated it. Hermione, Ron and Grace ran all the way to the last carriage to break up the commotion.

“What is going on here?!” Hermione exclaimed. Apparently the Gryffindors and Slytherins decided to have a brawl.

“They started it!” Everyone yelled then continued on to fight. They were amazed at the fact that they hadn’t resorted to magic but had decided to fight with physical violence. Grace stood back remembering that Remus told her not to get into any fights. But how did he know a fight would break out on the train?

To Grace, everything happened in slow motion. Everyone was yelling and pushing each other. Ron was trying to break up the crowd. Hermione was yelling “Detention” every five seconds. Suddenly the crowd got pushed towards Grace. She slammed against the door of the compartment face first and disappeared. Everyone stopped and looked at the door. No one said anything. Hermione and Ron just looked at each other startled.

“What the bloody hell was that?” Ron said, being the first one to finally speak.

“She didn’t apparate, she’s not 17 and hasn’t even mastered let alone practiced apparating” Hermione said as she stood there still staring at the spot where Grace was just mere seconds ago.

“Plus there wasn’t the popping sound of apparating” Some random third year Gryffindor added.

“We need to tell Dumbledore about this. Ron, go find Ginny and Harry then send an owl to Dumbledore explaining what happened.” Hermione instructed as the Slytherin third years walking out of the compartment staring at the door where Grace had just been.

“But what did happen?” Ron asked

“Her timeturner must have broken when she hit the door.”


“So. Do you know what happens to timetuners when they break?”

“No. Otherwise I wouldn’t be asking.” Hermione just glared at Ron. He really had to start reading books and not magazines.

“Dumbledore had warned me in third year when I first acquired the timeturner.” She said staring at the door. “If a timeturner breaks, you are sent back to when the timeturner is made.”

“So what you’re saying is, Grace has broken her timeturner which has caused her to go back to the past?”

“Exactly.” Ron just stared at her blankly. Neither of them had any idea where she disappeared to, for all they knew, she could be in the past from over 50 years ago to just before she received it from Dumbledore.

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