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Wolf Man Saved my life by AlexzanderaMalfoy
Chapter 2 : Draco Malfoy
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ME JK Rowling? Yeah right.

    "Master Draco?" A house elf asked bowing to the ground. 
    "Yes Twinkle. What is your time and need for this visit?" Draco Malfoy asked through a book. "Master Draco master Malfoy doesn't like master Draco reading. Master Malfoy will hurt master Draco then Twinkle for letting master Draco read. Ohh the horror." Twinkle said shaking. 

    "Twinkle if you came here to tell me to put the book down you can leave and let me read." Draco said looking over the top of the book at the house elf. "No master Draco Twinkle came to tell you Master Malfoy will be here in one hour." Twinkle said staring at his blistered hands.

"Twinkle is that it?" Draco asked his voice a little high and shakey. The tiny house elf nodded. Draco put his hand up in dismicel. The house elf bowed and popped away. 

'Oh great Deatheaters here again! When will I every finish this book  in peace?! Without Pansy hanging on my arm, Crabbe and Goyle playing wizard chess, and Blaise snogging every girl in our house.' Draco thought putting the book on the self.

"Must look presentable for our Leader Draco. Must act like an adult around our leader Draco. Must not speak unless spoking to from our leader  Draco. Blah-blah-blah. Draco you must do this. Draco you mustn't do this. Our leader this our leader that." Draco said in his best Lucius voice. 

"When will it every be Draco you did great! Oh Draco happy birthday or sorry I missed your birthday had to do something very important. Oh wait I know the answer NEVER. Not well voldermolt's alive not when voldermolt's dead. NEVER. When will  I be free to do whatever I want? Have real friends who care about me, find true love none of this one night stands shit. Oh again NEVER." Draco said trudging towards his bedroom door.

Draco opened his door to only find his father sitting on his bed throwing stuff  around face bright red. 

"Uhh hi?" Draco said picking up the quill his father tore in half. "Ummm.... why are you breaking my stuff my I ask?" Draco asked ducking the notebook his father threw at him.

"What the HELL is all of this?" Lucuis asked holding up a picture. "A drawing. Why?" Draco asked. "Who the Hell drew it?" Lucius asked. "Me." Draco stated. "YOU A MALFOY DREW THIS PIECE OF SHIT?!?!?!?!?!" Lucius yelled. Draco nodded. Lucius' face couldn't be redder. He took hold of the paper both sides and slowly tore.

  "Stop just stop!" Draco yelled. "You my boy should be asamed of yourself! Hurry up and put something presentable on. The dark lord wishes to see you." Lucius said walking out the door still red faced.

  ''Ohh really?! Why so I can get the stupid mark? Great! Just great!" Draco said throwing on his black suit. He looked at himself in one of the five mirrors in his bath room. 'Oh god look at me! My hair all over the way I really like it, eyes stormy, pale.' Draco thought putting hair spray in it sliking it back. 

Draco walked through the house looking for everybody. He found them in his father's study. 'I can do this. I can do this!' Draco kept telling himself whilst knocking on the wooden door.

It creeked open. "Ahh Draco. Pleased you dicided to finally join us."  Voldermolt said standing up to Draco. "Left arm!" Voldermolt demanded. 

"I do not think I did anything to earn such a wonderful gift of serving you Dark lord." Draco said ovioding eye contact with any deatheaters. 

"Master he doesn't mean it, he's been out of it for awhile." Lucius said trying to defend the Malfoy dignity. "It's all right Lucius. Everyone clear out of the room! I need to speak with Draco privetly!"  Voldermolt demanded.

Everyone hurryed out the door. "Draco Malfoy, why do you think you never earned the mark? A reputation, bet? Anything like that? Cause you need to get it over with." Voldermolt said.

"No Dark lord nothing like that I know i'm dishonoring the Malfoy dignity. But I did nothing to earn it. Like my father and mother nothing like it but sitting around on my arse all day." Draco said shifting feet to lean on. Voldermolt looked at Draco like he just said he was gunna kid nap the Minister for a birthday present.

"Draco not everybody does anything to get a spot in the circle. I mean do you like sitting around here on you arse all day? Cause you can but your arse might start to hurt soon."  Voldermolt said looking at Draco smiling slitly. 

"It might pretty soon. Anyway why do you want me so bad? Not to be rude or anything just why?" Draco asked brushing dirt off his suit. "Why you? Well i've been watching you for some time. What is it I hear. Your the evilest Slytherin in Hogwarts? Impressive. I'm going to give you the mark but you don't have to do anything yet." Voldermolt said pointing his wand at Draco's left arm. 

Draco walked to his bedroom arm in so much pain. He opened his door excpecting to be able to run his arm under cool water, but again Lucius was sitting on Draco's bed.

"Now we will be able to start off  were we left off. You can draw impressive. For a  Bloodtraitor! No son of mine will be drawing such things! Ever ever! Never ever! And what is it I hear? You reading? You should be asamed of yourself! Your little arse is luck the dark lord didn't find out! You are going to start acting like a Malfoy the easy way or I will beat the shit out of you! Choose or I will!" Lucius yelled taring the drawing to sherds.

"I am acting the way I was born with!" Draco yelled. "Not the way you was raised to act! You didn't earn the dark mark! HA! At least you don't lie! But such a horrorable thing to tell the truth about!" Lucius yelled grabbing his wand. "Choose!" Lucius said raising it to Draco's chest. 

When Draco didn't reply Lucius shot a unforgivable curse towards him. "AHHH!!! STOP STOP JUST STOP! HE GAVE ME THE MARK ANYWAY IT WASN'T A BIG DEAL I DIDN'T EARN IT!!!!!!! STOP! I BEG YOU STOP!!!!" Draco yelled. 

"Show me the mark!" Lucius yelled. Draco rolled his left sleeve up to show the dark mark. Lucius lowered his wand. "Very well. But you diserve this." Lucius said blowing a kick to the ribs. Twinkle popped in. "Master Malfoy? The Dark lord wishes to see you at your study." Twinkle said. "Very well. This is not over my boy."  He said and left Draco in the middle of the floor in pain. 

"Master Draco? Master Draco? Are you alright?! Where did you get hit?" Twinkle asked suspecting Draco. "Ribs" Came Draco's soft reply. Twinkle touched Draco's ribs.

"Ahh! Don't do that!" Draco said holding his ribs. "Master Draco needs to get in Master Draco's bed. Twinkle said leavatating him in the air towards the bed. "Thanks Twinkle. SHIT! I have hogwarts tomarrow!" Draco said very pissy like.
"Master Draco? What happened to your drawing?" Twinkle asked holding up the remains. "Asshole happened." Draco said not looking at the drawing that took him the whole summer to make. Twinkle put the paper on the ground and said ''Reparo." 

"Thanks Twinkle!" Draco said staring at the red-head girl in the drawing. "Can you please put it in my trunk?" Draco asked. The house elf nodded. 

"Master Draco should get some sleep." Twinkle said smiling proudly. "Twinkle I don't think I can. I mean I can barely lay without anyhting screaming at me i pain." Draco said rubbing his neck.

"Master Draco normally sleeps well on full moons. I know you should take a pain and sleep potain! Twinkle will get it for you!." Twinkle said running into the bathroom coming out with potains. He tipped it into Draco's mouth. 

Draco fell into a deep deep sleep dreaming of a red-head girl. Named....named.... Name Ginny Weasley!

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Wolf Man Saved my life: Draco Malfoy


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