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The Art of Seduction by hp77fanactic
Chapter 3 : Inevitable
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Hermione had always been a light sleeper, except when thoroughly exhausted, so the pitter pattering of rain dropping from the gutters to the ground finally woke her the morning after the storm. She had been trying to ignore it and go back to sleep, but it was such a constant sound that it became too much to put off and roused her out of bed in a somewhat still sleepy stupor. As she fumbled her hand around on the bedside table, looking for a hair tie, she knocked a book to the ground. Sighing loudly with annoyance in her voice, she rolled onto her stomach and grabbed it up from the ground, vaguely remembering the strange occurance during the storm.

After finding a spare hair tie and piling her messy curls on top of her head in a high ponytail, she blinked her eyes and yawned before looking down at the book on her striped bed spread. It took a moment, but when she remembered what it was and how she’d gotten it, she laughed. She had stayed up later than she had thought she would reading the preface and analyzing it, trying to figure out if it was something she should pursue.

Her decision? Yes. It was definitely something worth experimenting.

She had given it alot of thought, and despite wanting to give full attention to her grades, why shouldn’t she spend one year, her last one at that, raising some hell? Wasn’t it about time the studious and bookwormish Hermione Granger prove that she was more than just brains? While she wasn’t known to have the prettiest face, she had a rather decent body under her baggy clothes because she enjoyed working out when faced with somewhat difficult problems. Surely with a little work she could make her plain looks into something girls envied and guys lusted after. Besides, she was tired of being the stereotypical smart girl: the baggy clothes, boring looks, love of studying... Surely if she had enough intellect to understand and perform advance magic, she had intellect to spare to transform her image.

Plus it would be a new and exciting challenge, and who didn’t love new and exciting challenges? It would in no way affect her grades, she would make sure of that. But maybe now was the time to loosen up and enhance what had been given to her. She was seventeen and if she didn’t enjoy being young now, when would she have the chance?

Yes, Hermione Granger had decided this book would require a good amount of attention.

After washing her face and getting a cold water bottle from the fridge, she snuggled back under her covers and reviewed the Preface. In it, Robert Greene described what seducers are, what they do, how they do it and how they’re able to keep such a powerful control over people. Hermione was intrigued about how he described every social situation as being an oppurtunity for some sort of seduction. She was captivated by the image spun about the world of seducers, how they were comparable to generals in war and made themselves in the image of beautiful goddesses, even if their face was not strikingly beautiful. The most important part of the preface was towards the end, and something she knew she could do:

“Every seduction has two elements that you must analyze and understand: first, yourself and what is seductive about you; and second, your target and the actions that will penetrate their defenses and create surrender. The two sides are equally important. If you strategize without paying attention to the parts of your character that draw people to you, you will be seen as a mechanical seducer, slimy and manipulative. If you rely on your seductive personality without paying attention to the other person, you will make terrible mistakes and limit your potential.”

Hermione wasn’t someone that would take any challenge lightly, and reading this book was like someone had issued her a personal feat, something that they knew she wasn’t capable of, but like they wanted her to prove them wrong and show everyone that she could be this person. She didn’t want to limit her potential, and if she was going to undertake what this book was offering, the chance to get what she wanted, then she would do everything exactly as the book told her.

“Every seduction has two elements that you must analyze and understand: first, yourself and what is seductive about you; and second, your target and the actions that will penetrate their defenses and create surrender.”

Analyze and understand what’s seductive about me... What’s seductive about me? Hermione’s fingers tapped the open book trying to pinpoint her seductive features, but all she could do was compare herself to the girls around her. The color of her hair was beautiful, but not nearly as vibrant as Ginny’s. Her eyes were a unique shade, but not as mystifying as Luna’s. She had a nice, toned body, but... Wait. Her body.

She pushed the covers off and scrambled out of bed over to the hanging mirror on her closet door. Her pj’s consisted of a huge tshirt and her favorite old pair of flannel pajama pants, complete with rips and holes from years of wear. Pursing her lips, she gathered up the excess folds of the shirt and twisted it behind her. Not satisfied with that, she ended up stripping out of the tshirt and pants before staring at herself in just an exercise bra and her underwear.

While her stomach wasn’t completely flat, it was nicer than anyone would have guessed. Her hour glass curves made her smile appreciatively and her thighs were toned enough. The exercise bra pulled slightly, making her realize that maybe it was time to go up a size. And as she turned examining herself, she giggled at the nice curvature of her back. It wasn’t a masterpiece of a body, but with more workout time it surely could be.


Hermione blushed before grabbing her clothes and throwing them back on, then giving herself a once over in the mirror. She had an entire day with nothing to do but pack, and that would only take about an hour. If she was going to fully embrace the book and its teachings, it was about time to get some new clothes. And bras.

“So what was that book?” her father asked as Hermione sat down at the table.

Her fingers twitched as she answered, “Oh just a dictionary. You know how stereotypical people can be.”

Mrs. Granger nodded and placed a glass of orange juice in front of her daughter. “I still feel a little off about the whole thing, darling. You have a lot of dictionaries, you don’t have to keep it.”

Hermione shook her head furiously. “No. I want to.”

Her parents looked strangely at her, but then blew it off. Her father turned the page of the newspaper and her mother ate her scrambled eggs, but all Hermione could think about was the book. She knew her parents wouldn’t necessarily approve of it, and there was a possibility it wouldn’t even work. But it would probably be better to just not mention the transformation she was planning to undergo, and just wait to see how people embraced it.

After she had showered and gotten dressed, she asked to borrow the car and took off for the mall. Despite being a 17 year old with muggle parents and a license, she didn’t have a car of her own since she spent the majority of her time either at Hogwarts, or at the Burrow. Her parents didn’t question her wanting to go to the mall, though it was an odd thing for her to do, but instead embraced it. It was about time she got out of her books, and while they had given her a debit card the previous year, she had only used it for school needs and spare books of her own.

Hermione spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon at the mall, doing everything from getting highlights to buying a new wardrobe full of clothes that were actually her size, and a few tops that were a bit smaller. Sales associates had been great in suggesting what would be good on her body and how to make pieces work together, and she was thrilled when a younger sales girl had told her baggy pants were good with tighter tops. Even though she wanted to fully follow the book’s advice, she wasn’t quite ready to give up everything comfortable, especially big pj pants.

As she packed later that night, humming to herself and periodically reading over important parts in the preface of The Art of Seduction, she realized that this would be a good idea. Change was inevitable, and she didn’t want to be remembered only for her brains. She knew she had the drive and will power to undertake this, it wasn’t in her nature to take anything lightly, she always went above and beyond. And this year was her year to shine, both in school and in her personal life.

you’ll get to see, well, read, about her new wardrobe in future chapters. i hope you’re enjoying it so far! please R/R

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The Art of Seduction: Inevitable


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