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Badgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve by LaylaBethJagger
Chapter 19 : More Sodding Relatives
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19. More Sodding Relatives.

“Bishop, to E7.” Fred declared, and I watched as his bishop approached my knight.

We had brought out the game again, now that Rose and Scorpius had calmed down enough for the three of us bystanders to not fear flying projectiles. Fred was, if you had not already guessed, very good at Wizards Chess.

“Uh...” I said frowning, then grinning when I realised exactly where Fred had just placed his Bishop. “Knight to E7!” I said excitedly. Then I grinned as I watched Fred’s Bishop be knocked into pieces by my heroic Knight. “Yeah—that was your Bishop!” I said excitedly.

“Queen to F9.” Fred said evenly, not even blinking at the brutal death of said bishop. I looked down at the board just in time to watch my poor King drop his crown at Fred’s Queen’s feet, before being smashed to pieces.


I pouted down at the board, before raising my glare to Fred.

“Couldn’t you be, like, a gentleman?” I questioned icily, “considering we’re married and everything?”

Fred shrugged, raising his hands to rest them behind his head as he stretched. “Chivalry’s dead, sugar.” He said evenly.

I glowered at him.

The door slid open, and I watched as Sean and Samuel Finnegan walked into the compartment, seating themselves on either side of Fred. Rosie, who was still stretched out with her head on Scorpius’s lap, frowned as she needed to lift up her legs, so that Sean could sit down.

Sean smirked as Rose rested her legs on his lap—but obviously didn’t notice Rose’s content expression as Scorpius absentmindedly stroked his fingers through her soft red hair.

Sean had also very obviously missed the glower he received from Scorpius as he let his eyes travel up and down’s Rosie’s unaware form. Albus was sighing, rolling his eyes—but the grip he had around my waist tightened slightly.

I almost passed out with delirious happiness.

“Oh hey,” Albus said sitting up a little straighter. “Katie this is Sean and Sam—they’re the other two seventh year Gryffindors this year.”—hah, as if I didn’t know this—

“Sean, Sam, this is Katie. She’s a really good friend of ours—from Hufflepuff.” Both Sam and Sean grinned at me, nodding to acknowledge my presence.

In reply, I yawned, and it wasn’t lady like either.

It was a Mufasa yawn. As in the lion in Lion King.

Albus looked down at me, and then shuffled around in the seat a little. We hadn’t moved from our bear hug up til that point, so when he moved I found myself moving backwards. He caught me and slowly rested me back, until both Albus and myself mirrored Rose and Scorpius on the other side.

If I died and went to heaven at this moment—it wouldn’t be nearly as good as what was happening right now.

I swear to Merlin.

“Hey Rose...” Sean said. “Did you give any thought to my offer?” He asked.

My eyebrows rose. Scorpius tensed to the point where a vein jutted out in his neck. And Fred and Albus both frowned slightly.

Rose, however, rolled her eyes.

“Yes, Sean...” She sighed. “The same answer I gave you last time you asked. And the answer won’t change when you ask again in a couple of weeks.”

Sean frowned slightly.

“You and I?” Rose continued. “We wouldn’t work. I don’t think of you as anything more than a friend.”

“...with benefits?” Sean said hopefully.

Suddenly, he felt the glare of every single friend of Rose’s on him. He looked at everyone’s cold expressions, while Sam just buried his head in his hands—I’m assuming it was embarrassment.

Sean, obviously not knowing when to push his luck and when to just leave it, placed his hand on Rose’s leg, just above her knee. “You won’t always be able to resist Rose...” He said sleazily. “You’ll see what I catch I am.”

Rose glared at him. “I’ll see what a royal pain in the ass you are.”

Sean grinned at her, and I could just imagine the very obscene image he was coming up with in his head. My eyes widened—and Sean caught my eye. He frowned slightly, and I shook my head.

Don’t say it. ANYTHING but that...

He seemed to get the message and instead turned to Rose.

“But you know you like it...” He promised his with a little wriggle of his eyebrows.

Rose glowered at you. “You.” She said simply. “Are an ass. Now remove your hand from its current position—or it won’t remain attached to your body for much longer.”

Pouting slightly, Sean removed his hand.

This was good, because Scorpius was practically twitching with fury at that moment, and the hand on his girl’s seemed to be the breaking point for dear old Malfoy Junior.

“So...” Sam said, once the awkward moment of silence was done with. “What are all your plans for the holidays?” He asked conversationally.

Scorpius was slowly calming down, and that had brought Albus back off his worried ‘I’ll stop him beating up my dorm mate’ watch. So Albus shrugged.

“I don’t think we’ve got much planned.” Albus said with a shrug. “The entire family is coming over for Christmas dinner...” He told everyone.


We are?

Albus smirked at my bewildered expression, but decided not to clear anything up for me. “And we’ve got that massive New Year’s Party at Scor’s house.”

By this time, when everyone glanced at Scorpius because of his reference, he had returned to his normal colour. His fingers had resumed playing with Rose’s hair and he shrugged.

“My Mum’s decided to go one up this year.” He said. “Mind you, it took about six months to convince Dad, but yeah it’s an ice themed New Year’s party, totally formal, and my Mum’s probably been planning it for months now.”

This would have worried me, if I didn’t know much about Astoria Malfoy.

I did however, so I knew that she, as a professional event’s organiser, would probably be throwing the most exclusive, wonderful, invitation only New Year’s party—to which I would not be invited.

That’s cool. It saves on the dressing up.

“Oh, by the way,” Rose said conversationally, glancing over at me. “You know we’re going to that, right Katie?”

...Or not.

“What?” I said confused. “We are? When? Why?”

Rose giggled a little. “Um, The New Year’s Party. Yes, we are going. We’re going because we were invited and when do you think the New Year’s Party is going to take place...?”

In hindsight—all of my previous questions were undoubtedly stupid.

“Okay...” I said frowning to myself. “Please disregard all previous comments.”

Fred patted me comfortingly on the arm. “No need to ask.” He said brightly. “We’ve all taken to doing that automatically.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Think about it.” I said. “With my feet this close to you genitalia, do you really want to test me?”

Fred blanched. Everyone else snickered. Then Fred patted my foot comfortingly. “No need to get moody, lover.” He advised me. “You’re not fat and are very very beautiful.”

I stared at him. “Fat!? Why would you even use that word!?”

If it were possible, Fred went even paler.

He didn’t get the chance to reply, however, as the door slid open at that moment, and Lily Potter, and Hugo Weasley shuffled in. Liam Smithers was behind. He poked his head inside.

“I would come inside... but...” His gaze flickered to me.

I could even read his youthful thirteen year old face.

‘I get it.” I said shrugging. “You’ve got to take a side, and he’s your brother.”

Liam smiled comfortingly at me, reached into his pocket and withdrew a couple of Every Flavour Beans, handing them to me. “See you around Katie.” He waved off Hugo and Lily and the pulled the door close behind him.

I sighed, and put the first of the beans in my mouth. I smiled a little after that—strawberry.


“I don’t quite get why Eric’s angry at you.” Lily Potter said—the first thing she’s ever said to me, as she came over, lifted my legs and sat by Fred, not even questions it as she lay my legs back on her lap.

“I mean,” She continued brightly, as though everyone wasn’t looking at her with impressed/amused expressions. “Liam is just as close with me and Hugo, as you are with Rose and Al and Scor... Why is his brother allowed to do that, and you’re not?”

I shrugged; mentally storing that Lily would defiantly be the next Rose Weasley.

“I think it’s a family thing. Like, Eric knows when he gets home he can bully Liam like all big brothers do. I’m a friend, who he thinks chose his enemies over him.” I said.

The overall feeling of guilt returned swiftly, and I nestled myself closer against Albus, frowning slightly. Albus rubbed my arm soothingly—let me tell you, it SOOTHED—and then sighed a little sadly.

“I’m glad we got to know you Katie.” Rose said. “I can’t even imagine life without you anymore. You’ve become a sort of new constant.”

I suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to cry, while grinning like the bloody Cheshire cat in those muggle Alice in Wonderland books. The urge to cry came mainly from the pepper flavoured bean I had just placed in my mouth.

Albus threw a glare at Rose. “Thank you, Rose.” He said jokingly. “You’ve broken her.”

Maybe just a bit.

My body seemed to be fighting between being ecstatically happy, or crying for the loss of now Liam in a fight that I couldn’t figure out how to end.

“Out of curiosity...” Fred then pointed out, thankfully moving attention from me. “What art thou doing here my lovable yet small cousins?” He looked at both Lily and Hugo.

“Family meeting,” The small, innocent—yet powerful sounding—youngest of Harry potter’s children declared.

I took the hint, as well as Sam and Sean, and we both stood, to vacate the compartment. The Twin’s decision to leave seemed to be a great day for Rose as she sighed. Scorpius stopped glaring as well, and relaxed.

“Alright,” Same said smirking. “We know when we’re not wanted.”

Sean, apparently, did not know when he was not wanted, because as he made his way to follow his twin out of the room he stopped and turned back to Rose.

“Save a dance for me, eh Rosie?” He said from the door, wiggling his eyebrows in a fashion that I’m sure was supposed to be good looking.

Rose sighed again, letting her head fall back uselessly into Scorpius’s lap. She stared at the ceiling for a moment, as Sean disappeared—and then seemed to make up her mind.

“Oi, Sean.” She called out. “I should probably let you know...”

She trailed off until he reappeared. This didn’t take long .as soon as she uttered his name his head appeared, eager and expectant, at the door again. I stumbled, almost walking into him, and took a hasty step backwards.

“Yeah?” he said eagerly.

Rosie braced herself. “You’re still an ass.” She declared.

As Sean dejectedly walked away, I was still chuckling. I however, did know how to take a hint and hastily fetched my change of clothes—taking this opportunity to change for what would probably be the meeting that I would remember forever.

When I returned to the compartment, carrying my robes in a large ball at my side, it was clear that there were more, new people insides said compartment. I had changed into my simple muggle clothes—ballet flats, jeans, a black singlet top and a yellow scarf and beanie set to top it off—and had only taken about half an hour to get myself sorted.

Hey, if you were meeting Ron and Hermione Weasley, what would you do?

I was caught up with my nervousness as I pulled the compartment door open, however, my worried thoughts about the prospective meeting that was coming up was put out of my mind relatively quickly when Rose’s shout pierced my eardrums.

“NO MORE SODDING RELATIVES ALLOWED IN THIS SODDING COMPARTMENT!” Rose screamed at the top of her lungs, obviously seeing the doors open and close, but not seeing who had done so. “WE’RE FULL ENOUGH AS IT BLOODY IS! WE DON’T NEED NEW PEOPLE!”

“What about him?” the small voice of Hugo reached my ears. “He’s not family.”

I heard the familiar snort that Scorpius made whenever someone made what he considered a stupid remark. “Come now Hugo,” He sighed with what I’m sure was an obvious smirk. “What am I, if not family?”

“A Malfoy?”

There was beat of silence.

“Touché, small guy. Well played.”

As people sniggered at Scorpius’s shut down by a thirteen year old, I realised who the new people in the compartment were. There were four new intruders to our cabin—one with exceptionally bright red hair, two with shiny blonde hair, and one with beautiful brown hair and all exceptionally pretty.

These were, indeed members of the Weasley/Potter/Malfoy clan.

I realised with a sinking gut that one of the blondes was indeed Sabriel Malfoy, and the brunette with the luscious locks was her evil friend Indiana Stephens. I realised with a slightly more happy feel that the other two were in fact (fourth years) Roxanne Weasley, and Louis Weasley—the other blonde who I had at first mistaken for a girl.

I considered remaining silent for a while, just until this mass conversation finished and there was more breathing room in the compartment. Then, Louis Weasley took a step back—practically flattening me against the compartment door.


“Katie!” Albus exclaimed, when Louis moved, looking confused. “What are you doing back there?”

“Making my quick way to becoming a pancake apparently.” I answered evenly.

Louis hastily apologised.

“I can wait outside if this little family shindig hasn’t finished?” I said with wide eyes, my gaze darting from Sabriel and Indiana. Indiana sneered at me. Sabriel gave me a look of total indifference—which made sense since I really had no issue with Sabriel if we weren’t throwing insults at each other.

Aside from the multiple times she’s sent me to the hospital wing, not to mention my potion’s partner’s fist imprint on her face.

“No.” Albus said suddenly. “No, no, no. Come sit.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. Both Lily and Hugo had taken my spot between Fred and Al, and Scorpius and Rose had begun to make room for Roxy and Louis. To say that there was no sitting room was an understatement if there ever was one.

“Uh... where?”

Albus barely even glanced around the room, before motioning for me to sit on his lap.

Yes—there is a God.

“Scor.” Sabriel continued, not looking at all bothered by being in the presence of the people that she claimed to hate. “I’m not kidding. I need to know what Mum and Dad have planned for the holidays.”

I sat neatly on Albus’s lap, attempting to feel light—perhaps positive visualisation would work in this scenario.

Scor rolled his eyes. “What’s the big deal, Sab?” He asked tiredly. “It’s not like we’re in mortal peril or anything.”

Form the ringing silence that followed his statement it became clear that mortal peril was precisely what Sabriel Malfoy was worried about.

Scor looked tense. His little sister’s obvious concern seemed to ruffle him a little, and his sat up a little straighter. “Look Sab,” He said with a sigh. “Mum and Dad are both great with magic. They won’t let a hair on our heads be harmed and you know that. Plus, the Ministry will have our house watched because of Dad’s past anyway, right?”

Sabriel didn’t answer him straight away. Scorpius tried again.

“Right? That’s right isn’t it, Sab?”

Sabriel let her sharp gaze dart past every single person in the cabin, while Indiana followed with angry glares. Of the two of them it was clear which one was more uncomfortable with their current location.

I didn’t mind so much, because I could feel distinctly Albus’s hand on my waist as I perched—think light! Light! You are as light as a damn feather!— on his lap.

Sabriel nodded then. “You’re right.” She took a deep breath. “I don’t know what I was so worried about. Obviously not a problem. Excuse my moment of embarrassment Scorpius—I’ll get out of your way.” Then she walked away.

Scorpius looked for a moment like he wanted to disagree with his little sister, and deny the obvious belief she held that she ashamed him. She was out the door before he got the chance—so he simply sighed, and let his head rest dejectedly back on the seat. I risked a glance around the compartment, still completely full of Weasleys or Potters.

“Are you sure I didn’t interrupt anything?” I asked.

Lily shook her head, standing, and helping Hugo up as well. “We were just talking about precautions for the ball,” She said. “And just organising who went home with whom. We’re finished now anyway,” She said.

I was really too stunned at her use of the word ‘whom’ to listen to what she was really saying.

Lily smiled brightly at her family members, then at me and Scorpius. “See you guys when we get home.” She said to Albus. “And I’ll see the rest of you some time soon. Probably before the ball.” She grinned brightly, before tucking her hand neatly into the crook of Hugo’s arm and pulling him away.


That was abrupt.

Louis and Roxanne stood as well. “Right then,” Louis said with a shrug. “I can almost see the station. Apparently, that’s the end of the family conversation.” He shrugged. “We’ll go fetch our things, shall we, Roxy?”

Roxanne nodded in confirmation, “See you at the station, bro.” Roxanne threw up her fingers in the peace sign, as she slinked out.

Fred returned the gesture, as well as two thumps to his chest. “Peace!” He called.

The compartment door swung close.

Hang on.

Did Lily say precautions for the ball?

What damn precautions did we need?

As we got off the train I felt another wave of nausea and nerves hit me.

The nausea was probably due to lightheaded-ness caused by the hug that Albus pulled me into before he departed with Scorpius, who was waiting for him to showcase their secret handshake before seeing each other off.

A series of intricate hand movements and one fist punch later, both Scorpius and Albus had vanished.

The next to go was Fred, who was hit by a red headed projectile second after Albus and Scorpius disappeared. It turned out that it was only his youngest little sister, Irena, come to greet him—but that didn’t stop his enthusiasm as he lifted Irena up into the air and swung her around a couple of times.

Roxanne followed her older brother off the train seconds later, rolling her eyes.

“Come on, tosser.” She urged him—in an astonishing display of sisterly affection.

Fred didn’t rest however. Instead, he set Irena back on the floor and grabbed my hand, pulling me down so that we were both at Irena’s height.

“Did you have a good time without me and Roxy?” Fred asked his sweet little sister. The four year old, in her pink pinafore and pigtails, stared curiously up at me and Fred.

She pointed at me and went, “Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?”

I just about died on the inside.

Which was bad because I had already reached almost dying levels when Albus hugged me.

This is a bad day for me.

“This,” Fred said, “is your sister in law. I got married while I was away—is that okay?”

The small Irena Weasley stared up at me with wide eyes for a moment. Fred seemed to take this as indication she couldn’t see me well enough and tugged me forward at the crook of my arm.

This combined with my ever present idiocy and clumsiness caused me to fall over—so I was sitting in a heap, about three inches from Irena, with my bum on the dirty station floor.

I threw Fred a glare that I was trying to copy off Rose. It didn’t seem to work because Fred just grinned at me and shrugged.

“You’re funny.” Irena then stated.

I took this as a compliment, seeing as everyone else had done the same thing. Rose laughed breezily, while Fred grinned and stood up again.

He held out his hand to assist me in the action of getting up, before reaching down with his other hand and scooping Irena off the floor and holding her in his arms.

“So you approve then, Rena?” he asked grinned at her.

Feeling rather as though I was on some sort of show, I made jazz hands and a massive smile.

Irena made a face—before gurgling a little and exclaiming that I was ‘silly.’

Well, at least toddlers tell it like it is.

Fred made his quick goodbyes, giving both Rose and I one armed hugs before making sure his things were following him and walking away. He was a couple of meters away when he turned around.

“Make sure the naive one is prepared for this ball, Rosie.” He advised. “And a Christmas at the Weasley’s humble abode.”

Fred then vanished into the thick of the crowd, leaving both Rose and I.

I anxiously grasped at Rose’s arm—looking around for the Scrubs and my suitcase—like normal, they should come up and follow me sooner or later, the train always seemed to have enchantments on it. Now, the suitcases magically found their owners of their own accords, instead of us having to go and locate them.

It made life a lot easier, for sure, but it did mean I was down a possible excuse to scarper.

“There’s Tyler.” Rose said suddenly.


Oh. Tyler.



Oh, by Merlin this is all really happening.

Rose grasped my hand firmly, tugging on it sharply and leading me towards a good looking man in his thirties. “Evening Tyler,” Rose greeted the man who I could only assume was Tyler. “Had a long wait?”

“Not long,” He said with a sigh. “You’re parents were desperate to come and wouldn’t let me out of their house. I advised them that their presence at the platform was expected and might lure the death eaters here, but they were still adamant. They had their wands out and everything.”

Rose sighed, smiling fondly at the thought of her parents.

I, on the other hand, was bloody terrified.

“That’s just them, Ty.” Rose advised him. “Think about it. They don’t want to resemble in any way parents who can’t come and pick up their own children.”

At a quick glance around the platform, I realised belatedly that sure enough—there weren’t any reporters here, snapping up pictures of famous family reunions. Harry Potter didn’t seem to be here either.

“It took the reminder that the death eaters inadvertently surprising us at the Station might inflict civilian casualties before they realised that they could, under no circumstances, come to pick you up themselves.”

That was about the stage when the hyperventilation started.

Tyler looked pointedly at me. “Introductions seem to be required at this junction, Rose.” He advised her. “I thought you knew better than to avoid an introduction.”

“Right,” Rose said grinning. “Kate, this is Tyler, the Weasley Family bodyguard.”

AT this, Tyler looked affronted. “Excuse me.” He protested. “What have we said about the term ‘bodyguard?’?”

Rose smirked at him. “Right, sorry,” She apologised cheekily, “Kate, this is Tyler Peck—the Weasley family ‘personal auror’ on the occasion that his brilliant services are required to protect us mere mortals.”

Tyler puffed out his chest heroically.

Rose chuckled at his performance, and shook her head slightly. She moved right on to introducing me. “Ty, this is Katie Dalton. She’ll be staying with us for the Holidays, and is also—positively hilarious.”


Tyler looked at me, amused, “Really? Hilarious is she? Well, she must show case some of this humour while she’s here—Merlin knows I’ll see her daily.”

Way to put me on the spot, Weasley.

I made a sort of grin-slash-grimace—the result of the two I’m sure was not flattering in the slightest.

Tyler looked at her kindly, reaching out and grabbing her leather suitcase from the air, and placing it firmly on the ground. He did the same with Minna, who sat in her cage—clearly ruffled by the dirtier looking owl who sat right beside her. Tyler then did the same thing with Scrubs and my case before turning and smiling at me.

Tyler looked curiously at Rose. “Alright then,” He said, clapping his hands together. “Hugo was coming home this Christmas, right?” He asked.

Rose nodded good heartedly, and turned to crane her neck, looking for her younger brother. “Yeah, course he was.” She said. “He wouldn’t miss Grandma’s cooking if Voldemort returned.”

I was the only one who noticed—or payed any attention to—the few sharp intakes of breath and the shocked looks we suddenly received from passersby. Those who recognised Rose payed no attention—but this didn’t stop my cheeks from heating up.

I was so preoccupied that I didn’t notice where Rose was looking when she finally located her younger brother.

“Uh...” She said suddenly. “Right. Tyler, Katie and I are going to go and wait by the portkey pads. Uh... come on Katie,” She was pulling absently at my arm—tugging on my sleeve until she finished talking. Then she was full on pulling me away.

“Uhm...” Tyler said, obviously confused. “Alright. I’ll bring your bags?”

Rosie smiled brightly at him. “Cool, thanks Ty, see you in a sec.”

Now, I didn’t see what had Rose in such a tizz—but I’m not an idiot (contrary to popular belief.)

I knew that when Rose is looking for Hugo—who is a very close friend of Liam Smithers—and she’s looking in an area heavily populated with students from a school in which a lot of people are angry at me, and then suddenly spots him, and decides that she had better get me to vacate the area—?

Well, of course it was Eric.

Although I did have some help figuring that out.

“Oh?” The chiming voice of Lorraine Smithers said, not too far off. “Do you belong to Hugo? I was really hoping I could speak with his parents.”

And then seconds later,

“Eric, honey, was that precious Katie Dalton running off just then?”

Hi. My name is Kate Dalton. And I’m a bloody coward.

“This is a bad idea,” I said some fifteen minutes later. “Portkeys and I don’t generally mix.”

Rose rolled her eyes. “Katie, as your tutor and your friend, and someone who genuinely cares about you, I advise you... get over it.”

Merlin, that girl has a way with words.

I threw her a dirty look and frowned. “Fine.” I told her, not willing to really embarrass myself in front of Tyler the hot auror, and Hugo the braver than me third year. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I reached out and pressed a finger to the stained and muddy muggle football that was to be our mode of transportation.

I felt a familiar jerk at my posterior, and then my head was spinning. This only continued for a second however, and then I felt myself falling out of the sky and landing.

It wasn’t as though my life flashed before my eyes. In fact, I saw the pond with perfect clarity. I saw the ducks fleeing the scene. I saw the water and the ending that was about to come. My poor jeans-- was about the only thing that went through my head.

And then a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist and I froze—only feet above the potential splash that I had expected.

I looked up at my savoir.

Ooh. Good Lord.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am aware that I have messed with a lot of the Canon Character’s ages. As far as Rowling was concerned (which was a lot, because she’s a GENIUS) Fred and James and Victoire are the same age, Roxanne is in Hogwarts before Albus and Rose, and Louis is like seven years younger than Albus.

I thought, as there will be a WHOLE lot of mention to the next characters I could put a little explanation at the end of the next chapter? If you guys want a list of characters in the Weasley/Potter clan and their ages, then just let me know. I’ll most likely put it up anyway. If you SPECIFICALLY don’t want it, however, then just let me know (in a review? XD??) (Hint, hint…:P)

Please don’t hate me for the changes. I just felt that it would be good to play around with the characters together—especially with Katie—and I couldn’t let Fred get away since he is one of my favourites—and named after my ULTIMATE favourite character.

Anyway—if you have any major issues with the differences, feel free to tell me about them. I would love to hear your opinions.



PS. OOH! Depending on who can guess who caught our darling heroine, Katie, the next chapter shoud be soon. I've been overwhelmed with work these days, and I've only just finished writing Ch. 21. :P So it's up to you guys now! WHO CAUGHT KATIE DALTON!? :P

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