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Behind the Mask by onestop_hpfan18
Chapter 17 : Quidditch Cup
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Disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter; the only things that I own are any original characters that you do not recognise and the plot!

Chapter 17
Quidditch Cup

The rest of the day went by extremely crappy for Holden after Lauren broke up with him. Every which way he turned there was buzz about when he would make his first public move toward Alyssa. Of course, no one knew that he had no intention of making any such move, especially since he could not stop thinking about the way Lauren had looked at him with hurt in her warm, brown eyes.

Holden felt awful.

In fact, it was a good thing that Holden had already completed his assignments/essays and turned them in early because otherwise he would not had been able to pay attention to anything the professors lectured. On numerous occasions both Fred and James had to nudge his arm to get him to straighten up so that he wouldn’t be called out for not paying attention.

It also did not help at all that he couldn’t concentrate during the last practice before the match tomorrow; thus misjudging where to aim the Quaffle at the goal hoops and ended up far off target. He really needed to get his head in the game. The inside of Holden’s stomach seriously felt like it was being ripped apart from the inside out and let’s not get into detail about his heart, which was breaking into tiny pieces that would be near impossible to put back together.

By the end of practice, Holden was feeling doubly bad as not only were his girl problems still weighing down on his emotions, but he also felt bad for not trying as hard at Quidditch and letting his team down in the process. He could feel six pairs of eyes on him as the group made their way toward the locker rooms from the Pitch. Trying his best to ignore it, though not succeeding, he entered the boys’ locker room and yanked the door to his own locker open so hard that he was shocked it had not come off its hinges in the process.

“Holden, we need to talk to you,” James said from beside him as he opened his own locker to change back into his school uniform and robe.

Holden turned to look toward James, Fred, Hugo, and Albus with a resigned expression set upon his face. He knew they were about to give him a talking to about his horrible flying and aiming, and how he needed to be more on top of his game tomorrow than he had been this evening.

“Look, mate, we know you’re torn up about Lauren breaking up with you and Alyssa forcing you to choose between her or Lauren, but we need you to forget about that tomorrow,” Fred told him. “You’ll be able to go right back to moping around after we win the Cup tomorrow, but just wait until after Albus has snatched up the Snitch right from under Xang’s nose, please.”

James rolled his eyes. “What Fred means is that we’re sorry you’re going through all of this girl drama, but we need you in top form tomorrow. Do you think you can get through the match long enough for the team to beat Ravenclaw, or should I ask my sister to sub in for you?”

“No,” Holden said, pausing before continuing on to finish. “Don’t ask your sister to cover, I’ll be fine tomorrow. Just give me tonight to fret and I’ll be back to myself tomorrow to help the team win that Cup.” He attempted a smile, only it appeared faked on the surface which did nothing to console the other guys of the Gryffindor team regardless of what Holden said.

“You’re sure?” James asked his friend.

“Yeah, I’m positive.”

“You know, you don’t have to put on a show for us,” Albus said. “If you want to talk about it, we’re here to listen.”

James made a gagging noise. “I swear, sometimes it’s as if you aren’t a Potter, Al. Men don’t sit around in a circle sharing their feelings; that’s women.”

“Just because I can show sympathy it doesn’t mean that I’m not a guy, James,” Albus argued. “Maybe you should try showing some yourself it may actually improve your relationship with Marisol.”

“What’s my relationship with Marisol got to deal with not being sensitive?”

“Nothing,” Albus said. “But it could be better if you were able to communicate in more ways than physical.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means exactly how it sounds,” Albus replied. “There are other ways of communication than being physical, like being able to mentally and cognitively being able to communicate.”

James was about to retort, but was cut off by Fred intercepting the two brothers from continuing with their argument. “Enough, the both of you, it’s not going to do the team any good with the Captain fighting with the Seeker the day before the final match of the season.”

“Sorry, mate,” Albus said as he held his hand out, which James shook as he too apologised for his behaviour.

“Anyway, back to our conversation,” Fred continued on. “Do you think you could put your problems with both these girls behind you because right now they’re kicking you in the gut over having to choose between them behind you? Don’t be like James when it comes to letting the girl trump over your Quidditch playing ability.”

“Hey! I resent that,” James said, crossing his arms in an almost pouty way. “My Quidditch skills cannot be touched.”

Fred rolled his eyes at that. “When there isn’t a girl involved, that is.”

“Okay, I’ll erase both Lauren and Alyssa from my mind for tomorrow during the match,” Holden said, breaking the turmoil between the cousins. “The old Holden Summers, outstanding Quidditch Chaser, will be back in the game tomorrow. You have my absolute word.”


The following morning dawned bright and early for Holden, but he had no trouble waking nonetheless. He walked down to breakfast with the rest of the team and munched on some toast and fruit before they headed to the locker rooms. It was a clear, sunny day, and for that the team was thankful as it would work in their favour rather than against it.

In the locker room, the team was exceptionally quiet as they listened to James give them his usual pre-match pep talk. Holden vaguely listened, but otherwise was busy thinking strategies in an attempt to keep his thoughts from straying to his girl dilemma. So far it was working quite effectively as he was finding it easy to not think about them.

When all was said, the team left the locker room and headed out onto the centre of the pitch, to which Coach Krum already stood with the chest of Quidditch balls waiting for both teams to start the match for the Cup. Holden looked around and saw the Ravenclaw team making its way onto the field from the opposite end of the pitch. It was once both teams were standing on the mound in the middle that Coach Krum ordered the two Captains, Christian Davies and James Potter II, to shake hands before mounting their bounds to lift off into the air at the sound of the whistle blowing.

Holden soared on his broomstick in a lap around the pitch with the rest of the Gryffindor team going in the opposite direction the Ravenclaw team flew in as the commentator, Luis Weasley, announced each player of the teams going head-to-head in the match for the Quidditch Cup,

“On the Gryffindor team we have the Captain, and Chaser, James Potter II, and the other two Chasers, Holden Summers and Melinda Reynolds; the Beaters, Fred II and Dominique Weasley; the Keeper, Hugo Weasley; and the Seeker, Albus Potter.

“While playing for Ravenclaw we have the Captain, and Chaser, Christian Davies, and the other two Chasers, David Fields and Micah Thomas; the Beaters, Riley Taylor and Caleb Edgecomb; the Keeper, Chelsea Newton; and the Seeker, Zach Xang.”

The crowd erupted on both ends, making up the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw supporters respectively. “And it’s Fields with the Quaffle, heading toward Gryffindor Keeper Weasley, he passes to Davies, who passes to Thomas and back to Davies,” Luis commentates. “And Ravenclaw scores! That’s ten-nil to Ravenclaw, don’t worry Gryffies, you’ll get the next one. Ooh, and Summers intercepts the Quaffle and passes to Potter. And now Potter and Summers seem to be playing a game of hot potato while making their way down toward Newton, and then Potter tosses the Quaffle behind him to Reynolds, who… SCORES! Bringing it at a tie of ten-ten; what a way to start off the game!”

In the first half hour, the match was intense, especially for the Chasers of both teams. Holden was speeding through the air with the other players, weaving and zooming about, as he kept his eye on the leather ball. When he had the Quaffle under his arm, Holden would fly a few feet before passing to either James or Melinda, whichever of the two were open. The Gryffindor Chasers worked well together on both the offense and defense.

And as the Quaffle soared through the centre Gryffindor hoop, past Newton, Holden punched the air for scoring a particularly hard aim. “GRYFFINDOR SCORES! IT’S 70-40 GRYFFINDOR!” Lois commentated. “And they’re off again, Davies has the Quaffle.”

The match only intensified as it continued on, with both teams stepping up their game with each passing minute, second, until the snitch was at long lost caught by Gryffindor Seeker Albus Potter. In the stands, the Gryffindors were cheering loudly in all the hype of the Gryffindor team winning the Quidditch Cup as the Ravenclaws dropped their heads and headed back up to the castle. The Gryffindor players whooped with glee all the way up toward the castle with the trophy raised above their heads, they were surrounded by their fellow Gryffindors as they made their way up to their common room to celebrate their victory.

It was with the team’s win that led Holden spiraling back down to the funk he had been in the whole week leading up to the match over two girls. He was not as in the mood for partying as the rest of Gryffindor house was, however he still sat on the sofa in the hope that his mood would soar upward. No such luck. He was as disappointed about the loss of two incredible girls has he had been earlier that week.

Not only had he lost his girlfriend, but he had also lost his chances of being with Alyssa. Or rather, he still had time to tell Alyssa that he wanted to go out with her but could not imagine himself asking her out. It was possibly because a part of him still wanted to be with Lauren, but another part knew he had blown it with her even though he had a suspicion she would take him back if he apologised to her.

Though, it was also very possible that he was delusional and neither would want him as a boyfriend anymore.

Holden groaned as he put his head in his hands and yanked his messy golden spikes in frustration. Why must girls be so complicated.

Author's Note:  I hope you enjoyed this chapter and thank you so much for reading!

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Behind the Mask: Quidditch Cup


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