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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 47 : The Bathroom
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The Bathroom
by foundriapenguin

As the wall next to her exploded, Moaning Myrtle, resident bathroom ghost, exploded into tears as well. Her home, the girls' bathroom of Hogwarts, was being destroyed right before her very eyes. The sinks were barely fastened to the walls anymore, but thankfully the stalls still stood in their rightful places. The sight made Myrtle feel so wretched and helpless; where would she go after her only home was truly and completely annihilated?

Soft footsteps approached her. "Watch out for the Wrackspurts, Myrtle."

Myrtle's head snapped up wildly and she frantically looked around, but she saw nothing. "Oh, it's you," Myrtle scoffed. "Loony, there's nothing around up here."

Luna Lovegood just smiled serenely at her. "Oh, the Wrackspurts are here all right. They're invisible and they make your brain go fuzzy. Of course, I don't know if they would affect you since you're a ghost, you know?"

If possible, more ghostly tears welled up in Myrtle's eyes. "Yes, just bring up the fact that I'm dead, Loony! You're so insensitive! My home is being destroyed and you just sit there, blabbering about those -- those whatchamacallits! Those -- "

"Wrackspurts," Luna replied, calmly moving several strands of hair out of her eyes. "And they are real, Myrtle. Who knows what creatures you can find out there, outside of these walls? Blibbering Humdingers...Crumple Horned Snorkacks...they're all so fascinating."

Sniffing, Myrtle wrapped her robes closer around her as if they would be protection from the damage to her home. "Aren't you a Ravenclaw? How can you say that those strange things exist when you're supposed to be smart?"

"Crying doesn't give you answers," Luna countered steadfastly to Myrtle's biting remarks. Try as she might, Myrtle managed to puncture Luna's pride as she questioned the house she was put into at a time like this where the "houses" were just an uncanny remnant of the past.

"You--" Myrtle shrieked as a resounding boom echoed in the castle. "You are completely crazy! First you bring up the Wrackspurts and then you insult ME! Oh yes, everyone make fun of poor Myrtle! Moaning Myrtle, lazy Myrtle! Myrtle, who got imprisoned at the place of my terrible death!"

A red jet of light flew narrowly past Myrtle's head and hit one of the sinks. It immediately exploded and she screamed, a shaking finger pointed at Luna. "YOU! YOU ATTACKED ME!"

Luna's wand was still pocketed in her robes. "I did no such thing," she protested. "There is a battle going on out there, you know."

Myrtle disappeared into one of her toilet stalls, sobbing. "I know that! You're bonkers, Loony Lovegood!" In an attempt to make herself feel better, she taunted the unperturbed blonde girl more. "Loony, Loony, Lovegood!"

The ground shook and suddenly the all of the pipes broke. Water flowed everywhere, over the sinks, the tiles, and the toilets. It splashed against the walls violently, beating against them repeatedly.

Myrtle had created her own ocean. Her emotions had reached the breaking point, and that added with the destruction already present in the bathroom completely wrecked what was left.

In wonder, Luna remained in the midst of the sloshing water, surveying the scene. She could have never guessed the extent of Myrtle's powers.

"What are you still doing here?" Myrtle shrieked. She completely lost it after witnessing the bathroom's true obliteration as she flung herself in Luna's direction. "OUT! Out of my bathroom!"

Luna began to walk out of the bathroom in the face of deadly flashes of spells and curses. "Oh, Myrtle," she said happily, looking at the sky, "you're just as sane as I am."

A/N: Thank you long_live_luna_bellatrix for beta-ing this for me!

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The Final Battle: The Bathroom


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