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Desperate Measures by Siriius
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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21st May 1978

I’m not going to sit around here and watch her steal him away from me! Yes, I said ‘watch her steal him away from me.’ I’m still going through with this no matter what James says. The Ball is two days away and I couldn’t be more ready. That bitch is going down. Okay, she’s not really a bitch but I hate her. I still have to think it through though. I don’t know how I’m gonna get here to not go to the ball.


One month earlier.


“Please James? I can’t do it without you. I know I’m great at Potions and all but I do really need your help.”

“Way to toot your own horn, Pads,” James laughed in response. He shook his head and dived off the couch he was seated on. “Sleeping Draughts are second-year stuff. You can do it no problem. Wait, what am I saying? Okay, why do you need a Sleeping Draught? And Polyjuice Potion? What are you up to?”

Sirius shuffled his feet together nervously and shrugged. “Nothing. It’s just some silly little project I’m working on. You gonna help me or not?” James sighed heavily and removed his glasses. He pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger before nodding meekly. “Please tell me what you’re doing isn’t illegal?”

“Okay,” Sirius said with a shrug. “It’s not – James, making Polyjuice Potion is illegal in this school anyway!”

“Why do I care? Do you see me caring?” James laughed as he passed by his friend to leave the common room. Sirius shook his head and followed him through the portrait hold, a bright grin etched onto his face. After dinner, James hurried back up to Gryffindor Tower to collect the map and his Invisibility Cloak. As he hurried down to the dungeons to meet Sirius, he threw the cloak over them and huffed indignantly.

“We’re getting too tall for this. People are gonna see our feet,” James whined as they made their way down the corridor and over to the cupboard where Slughorn kept his secret stash of ingredients for the most difficult of potions.

“Quit whining,” Sirius growled, throwing the cloak off him and using his wand to unlock the cupboard. “The less time we waste whining, the quicker we can get out of here.” Sirius grabbed some boomslang skin and began looking for some other ingredients. “That’s it?” he hissed, looking back in the direction James was standing.

“We can get the majority of the ingredients in the student store-cupboard, now let’s go,” he heard James’ voice hiss back. Sirius dived off the ladder and hurried back under the cloak, the jar of shredded boomslang skin hiding in his robe pocket. “We still need the book. Get permission off Slughorn.”

“What? No way!”

“Just because you’re not in Slytherin doesn’t mean he doesn’t adore you. You’re one of his best students. He’ll give you permission. He’ll probably be glad you’re studying some of the world’s most difficult potions. Suck up to him and say you want to be a Potions master yourself,” James laughed as they hurried back to the staircase and threw the cloak off them. Sirius began to protest but shook his head and gave in.

The next day, after Potions, Sirius hung back in order to ask Professor Slughorn for permission into the Restricted Section of the library. “Mr Black, hurry along now, you have Defence to get to.”

“Yes, Professor, but I’ve been doing a lot of ... thinking about my career and I would really like to learn about the more difficult potions. You know, maybe become a Potions master myself later on.”

“Oh?” Slughorn said, his eyebrows raised in an expression of curiosity. “And how does this involve me?”

“I’d like to ask your permission to take out Moste Potente Potions from the Restricted Section at the library.” He scrunched his face up, waiting for the rejection before he heard hearty laughter. “Sir?”

“Of course, Mr Black! There’s nothing I like better than a student who cares about his education, especially when they’re considering on becoming a Potioneer. But this is all purely educational, of course?” Sirius clasped his hands together and shot him a smug grin.

“Of course, Professor,” he said, adding in an innocent head-tilt for effect. Slughorn smiled and went about writing up a permission slip for Sirius to take the Potion book out. Sirius gave him a smile of thanks upon receiving the slip of parchment and hurried out of the room to get to the Defence classroom. Upon leaving, he was met with the oncoming sixth year Slytherin and Gryffindor students.

He raised an eyebrow at his brother as he passed by him and raced down the corridor. He barged through the classroom door, muttering a thousand apologies to the Professor before he slipped into the seat next to Remus. “Where were you?” he asked, dropping his quill down onto the table and folding his arms across his chest. Sirius turned to him and smiled.

“Is it any of your business?” he asked in an innocent tone. James turned around and slid a small note towards Sirius.

You’re insane to be doing this! Imagine if he found out what you’re up to.

Well, he’s not going to find out because you are gonna keep that huge mouth of yours shut. Anyways, you said you would help me. And you’re gonna stick to that!

Yeah I know but ... he’s going to find out eventually and I don’t think he’ll be too happy about it. I’m sorry Sirius but this is not the best way to express your feelings. Transforming yourself into a girl!

Sirius looked up from the note and narrowed his eyes at the girl sitting across the room from them. Aasha Imani was a beautiful native of India who had been the object of Remus’ affections for years. The way she tossed her glossy black hair over her shoulder made Sirius’ blood boil. Her attractive smile made Remus go weak at the knees causing Sirius to reek with jealously. She had sparkling deep-brown eyes that Remus drunkenly admitted he could stare into them all day.

“Sirius, you’re going red,” Sirius heard James hiss. Sirius turned to his friend and exhaled loudly, only realizing now he had been holding his breath. “You okay, mate?”

“Fine. Perfectly fine.” He cast another quick glare over at Aasha and could have sworn he growled.



New short story! This is written for moonbaby11’s challenge, The Polyjuice Potion challenge. And I got Sirius *squees loudly* I hope you enjoy, it’s only gonna be short (:


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