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This Animal I've Become by i cried the verse
Chapter 14 : Of Meetings and Sweet Scents
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Chapter 14: Of Meetings and Sweet Scents

Warning: Some borderline mature content near the bottom.

There was a small pause that filtered its way into the conversation. The two teens glanced at each other, meeting each other’s eyes for a second before looking ahead with small smiles on their faces.

"Thanks,” Addie told him with as they stepped into the Entrance Hall. Remus did not say anything in reply, just nodded and held the smile firmly on his face.

Addie sighed as they neared the open, large doors. “I’ll see you later, Remus,” Addie told him as they passed through the doorway. Remus nodded and smiled kindly before saying goodbye and before heading towards the Gryffindor table, watched for a brief second as Addie turned and walked towards the Slytherin table.

Rosier had saved a seat to his right, in-between him and Avery, just for Addie, and gave her a smile as she took the seat next to him. He loved the envious looks that he got from the other boys. He basked in the jealousy that was pointed in his direction. Rosier loved having what others wanted. Susan sat to his left, and he never paid her much attention when Addie was around, he even liked seeing Susan threatened. If Susan felt threatened, that meant she worked harder to please, and that was a definite plus.

Dinner passed swiftly without too much attitude rolling off of Susan and too much flirting coming out of Avery’s mouth towards Addie, and Rosier was more than ready to relax next to the common room fireplace for the rest of the evening. He even had a little bit of homework left to finish. His plans were set for the night.

He made sure to keep Addie by his side as they exited the Great Hall in front of the rest of his friends. Maybe it was the possessive part of him that made him put Addie there, but he didn’t care much about that, especially when he had received the jealous looks once again. Rosier had merely smirked at a group of Ravenclaws that had said goodnight to Addie and had the time to look at him spitefully. Rosier gave an even more deadly smirk when one of the Marauders was staring pointedly between him and Addie. When the quiet one, Lupin he remembered, met his gaze before they passed through the large doors before the troublesome quartet, Rosier did not dare to hold back his smirk. It seemed, he mused, that the Gryffindors even had good taste sometimes.

Rosier led his friends down into the dungeons and they had all settled themselves down in the common room around the fire with their homework. Addie was helping out Wilkes with his Transfiguration essay, since he was having a hard time grasping the new concept that McGonagall had introduced the previous week. How that boy ever got an OWL in Transfiguration was beyond Evan. The kid could be as dumb as a rock at times.

Evan watched his friends.

They looked like your average group of teenagers.

Susan and Penelope giggling and gossiping as they read the latest Witch Weekly, Wilkes attempting to finish his essay with some help from Addie, Avery and Mulciber discussing Quidditch tactics over a game of chess, and Snape sitting next to the fire reading a thick book about potions.

But Evan knew that they were destined for something greater, something more powerful. He was reminded of such when Dolohov came and whispered in his ear, “Outside, one o’clock.”

It was twelve thirty in the morning when Addie slipped out of bed slowly and quietly. She cast a silencing spell on all of the closed curtains of her roommates. They all slept with their curtains drawn, it gave them all more privacy, and the Slytherin girls liked their privacy. Quickly she pulled on a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants over her pajamas which consisted of a tank top and running shorts. As she disillusioned herself for the second time that week, she silently made her way out of the Slytherin house.

Her bare feet were freezing against the chilly stone of the castle. She had foregone shoes as they made too much noise and would be more noticeable in the deserted hallways of the sleeping castle. She didn’t encounter anyone at this time at night and the castle was dead silent. The corridors were not brightly lit, so she had to rely on her other senses to get her around. As quickly as possible she exited the castle through the large front doors. Once outside, she looked around for her targets. Addie found that they were not around since she was early, so she waited patiently.

It was a little cold outside so she pulled her hood over her head to help keep herself insulated better. The shining moon, less than a week away from full, cast a large amount of light onto the grounds, and her sharp vision quickly became adjusted to the surroundings. Being a werewolf, the night time had no affect on her vision, sure things were clearly darker, but she could still see sharper and more details than a normal person could. It was eerily silent, and the only sounds that could be heard were crickets and the wind if it was blowing fast enough.

She was sitting on a set of stairs just outside the Entrance Hall when the doors opened fifteen minutes later and Evan Rosier had stepped out as quietly as possible. Addie made no noise as she stood up and watched Rosier glance around him to make sure the coast was clear before walking out towards the grounds. Her long legs let her match Rosier’s long, quick strides easily. She made sure to step where he stepped, she couldn’t risk him turning around and seeing another set of footprints walking beside his, and also kept her breathing as light as possible, being thankful that it wasn’t cold enough to see her breath in front of her. After a minute of noiselessly following Rosier, she realized that they were heading towards the lake.

Not too much later, she spotted three dark figures standing beneath a set of trees near the lake, all fully covered and dressed in dark clothing. Two were around the same height and one of them shorter than the rest. As they neared, Addie recognized them to be three seventh year boys from Slytherin. One was none of other than Antonin Dolohov, who was watching Rosier sporting a smug grin, and behind him were Walden MacNair and Benjamin Nott.

“I was beginning to think that you weren’t going to show up,” Dolohov announced as Rosier came to a stop. Dolohov was tall and well built. He had long dark brown hair that was combed back on his head. He had thick eyebrows above his dark brown, almost black, eyes. His nose was a dominant feature, it was long and round. If Dolohov did not allude evil in his attitude and actions, he could be considered handsome, in his own way of course, because he definitely wasn’t the best looking boy at Hogwarts.

Rosier smirked and chuckled. “I wouldn’t miss this, so let’s get to it,” he said as he moved even closer.

Addie made sure to slowly step out from behind Rosier; she didn’t need any of them to notice the grass pressing downward in the shape of two feet. Even in the dark footprints could be seen. She stepped off to the side and directly in the middle between Evan and the other three boys.

“Lads,” Dolohov said without tearing his eyes away from Evan.

The three simultaneously began to roll up their left sleeves and bared their forearms in Rosier’s direction.

From Addie’s viewpoint, she was able to clearly see their arms. There was a black inked tattoo that featured a snake coming out of a skull, it what was called the Dark Mark, plastered to each of their pale skin. Addie silently gasped, realizing that there were Death Eaters that were finally infiltrating the school, or maybe they have already been for the past few years and just now she was able to find out. But in all, she wasn’t really surprised that Dolohov was part of them. He was exactly the type of slimy recruit the dark side was looking for.

“Brilliant,” Rosier muttered as he ghosted his fingertips over Dolohov’s outstretched arm.

Dolohov smirked before moving his arm back and pulling down his sleeve; the other two followed his lead.

“Pity the Dark Lord won’t accept me until the holidays,” Rosier said bitterly and slid his hands into the pockets of his pants. “Father said that he was looking forward to marking me.”

Dolohov rolled his eyes. “So I’ve heard,” Dolohov murmured as he finished pushing down his sleeve.

Rosier raised an eyebrow, “Really? So it’s true?”

“Well…” Dolohov answered as he examined his nails, pretending to be picking at them in the dark of the night. “He was after he saw what I could do.” Dolohov gave a cheshire grin, a smile that could make a chill run down your spine. “Let’s just say that you have greater expectations to live up to now.”

“What did you do that was so great?” He knew Dolohov was one of the best duelers he had ever met, but what had the Dark Lord given him to do that set the bar so high?

Dolohov shrugged in fake modesty, he was really boasting to say it. “Did you ever hear about the little mishap over in Cardiff at the end of June?” he asked with his head tilted to the side.

Rosier raised an eyebrow elegantly. “There were four muggles dead, six in critical condition, two wizards dead, two wizards in psychiatric ward in Mungos, and half a block in ruins, almost to the point where they couldn’t fix it. Everyone heard about that. You mean to tell me, you did that all by yourself?” Evan’s voice held a hint of doubt. As great a wizard Dolohov was for a seventeen year old, that destruction took more than one person.

“As much as I’d like to take the credit,” he responded with a sigh, “I think Nott and MacNair would be very displeased with me. It was the three of us, along with three others, although I did kill two of those muggles easily and send both of those wizards to Mungos singlehandedly. How fun that was.” He smiled dreamily as if he was thinking of something that gave him pleasure.

“No need to boast, Antonin,” Nott joked, making his presence known.

“We were there, too,” MacNair added. “Besides, he hasn’t even been accepted yet, we shouldn’t even be having this conversation.”

Dolohov waved them off. He then smirked at Rosier who still held a look of disbelief and continued at where he had left off, “Better believe it, Rosier. Even your father was pleased with me and may I even dare quote what he said to me? He told me, ‘I hope my son is just as astonishing as you are, son.’ So let’s hope that you don’t disappoint daddy.”

Rosier’s face hardened with a hard stare at Dolohov. “Oh, I’ll please them both just fine, Dolohov. I just hope I don’t make you seem too kind when I show the Dark Lord what I can really do come Christmas,” he stated firmly with a small smirk. Rosier paused and narrowed his focus. “Need I remind you that I was the reason why you now bear the mark? Without me you’d still be as clueless as a flobberworm as to where to start.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Dolohov said offhandedly. “While we were there, we encountered many people that we already knew…even with the masks. Either way we would have proved that we were more than adequate to meet the Dark Lord’s standards.”

“Modesty isn’t a very good trait of yours is it?” Evan questioned.

“Nor is hospitality,” Nott joked which earned a chuckle from MacNair and a smile from Evan.

Dolohov laughed mockingly with them. “Ha-ha, Ben, very funny,” he said as he turned and glared lightly at them with half a smile on his face before turning back to Rosier. “As much as I would love to stay and depress you even more about my fantastic abilities, I have defense first thing in the morning. I must be at least half awake to do well.” Dolohov flashed him a quick smile as Evan glared at him before dropping his smile fully.

Evan nodded slowly as he turned and started walking back towards the castle with the three other boys walking behind him. Rosier and Dolohov were in the middle with Nott on Rosier’s left and MacNair on Dolohov’s right. Addie quickly followed them and walked in Evan’s footsteps once again.

“Any of the other lads thinking about joining?” Nott questioned Rosier quietly.

“Well, Avery is all-in, same with Mulciber,” Evan replied. “Wilkes will practically do anything I ask him to, and Snape, I believe, with a little more persuasion will fold. It’s a little harder to read him; he doesn’t like being told what to do, which will be problematic if we try to get him to join. The Dark Lord would like him though; he’s brilliant, especially at potions and the Dark Arts. Although, I’m not sure about him being a half-blood and all.”

“The girls?” MacNair then interjected.

“There’s Tavern,” Evan paused and snickered. “I got her wrapped around my finger. And Gordon is of no use really, especially as a pathetic, ditzy half-blood, but it’s not up to me if the Dark Lord accepts her. I don’t think she really even wants to join anyway. Not the brightest or toughest bird around either.”

There was a short pause after Evan’s explanation, and they were halfway up to the castle already.

“And Ferrari?” Dolohov ask with a sly grin, his teeth gleaming lightly in the darkness.

Evan turned his head to the boy next to him and smiled as well. “Not too sure about her yet,” he said truthfully. “She’s pretty smart, but where her loyalties may lie may be the problem. I see no qualities that put her in Slytherin in the first place. Not to mention she loves to hang around those mudbloods.” At this Addie had smiled. She was a hard person to read, something she was proud of, and liked connecting with everyone. Connections was important to her.

Dolohov reached over and placed a hand on Rosier’s shoulder, the one closest to him. “Leave Snape and Ferrari to me,” he told Rosier as he squeezed his shoulder lightly before dropping his hand. “Just worry about the others.” Addie grimaced at the thought of being talked to even more than usual by Dolohov.

“All right Mister self-assured,” Rosier teased lightly with a smirk and shoved his shoulder. Dolohov merely laughed at the gesture. “You do know that Ferrari hates you, right?”

Dolohov laughed again. “Not for too much longer,” he replied grinning. “She’ll give in, they always do.” Addie wrinkled her nose and shook her head absentmindedly. There was no way she was ever going to give Dolohov the time of day.

The rest of the journey back to the castle was silent; the only sound was MacNair’s heavy breathing and their footsteps against the grass. Addie made sure to keep her distance as they neared the castle. She didn’t come this far to get caught. They made their way up the stone path, through the deserted and breezy courtyard, and finally reached the entrance doors. Nott opened the door for his friends and glanced around the courtyard on the lookout, just in case there was someone there.

Once the other three boys made it inside, Dolohov took a quick look around them, the last thing he needed was Filch finding them and giving them a week’s worth of detention. After his friends got in, Nott made his way into the Entrance Hall with Addie slipping in just behind him, almost touching him. She had gotten close enough to him to the point where he actually looked over his shoulder again, getting the feeling of someone being there, but when he saw the door close behind himself, he brushed it off as the wind and paranoia.

Quietly the five students walked out of the Entrance Hall and through the corridors of the dungeons. Rosier made it to the common room entrance first and said the password. The wall opened up and all the Slytherins quickly made their way inside, the warm air of the room defrosting them once they passed the threshold of the entrance.

Addie hung back from the boys and watched as they all walked down their corridor to their respective rooms. She paced around the common room for a minute before making her way back up to her own dorm room. Silently she took off her jacket and sweats and climbed back into bed. She laid in bed, staring up at the top of the four-poster bed just thinking. The information was easy to process, but she found herself conflicted, thinking about the main reason why she was at Hogwarts in the first place and then thinking of the life she’s always known. It wasn’t for another hour or so before sleep enveloped her.

Usually a Friday morning brought the thoughts of the weekend just around the corner, but for one Remus John Lupin, he immediately thought of the full moon coming on that Sunday night. His senses were starting to heighten. Remus could hear everything very clearly, it was as if he was sitting right next to them; Peter’s snores, Frank’s heavy breathing, James’s soft mumbles, and Sirius’s turning over with a sigh. When one of the older boys walked down the stairs, he could clearly hear their feet on the steps. He could already feel his increased restlessness, if that night of sleep had anything to agree with that fact, he didn’t sleep more than four hours at best, and even then he woke up every few minutes before tossing back around and trying to fall back to sleep. It had taken his body years to get used to the few hours of sleep that he would get for a few nights at a time, before releasing all that energy and practically be sleeping all day soon after.

Remus hauled himself out of his bed; it was half an hour earlier than he would normally get ready, but he knew if he didn’t start moving, he would be fidgety all day. He did his customary routine of showering, taking longer than usual, trying to soothe and calm himself under the warm water. As soon as he was done drying himself and fully clothed, he went back into his dorm to grab the rest of his toiletries and saw that James was already sitting up in bed, the curtains fully drawn around his bed. They didn’t exchange any greetings, only small smiles. Remus turned back around and went to finish getting prepared for the day.

Once he was finished preparing for class, he sat on his bed reading his Potions book, waiting for his friends to finish getting ready for breakfast. Potions was Remus’ worst subject by far. Fortunately he was able to scrape by with an Exceeds Expectations on his OWLs, mainly because he knew the theory perfectly. He was also proud that he did not completely muck up his potion. That merely meant that his potion hadn’t exploded nor did his cauldron melt. Usually he was a useless at potions, just as bad as Peter at times, but for some reason on the exam day he was able to pull off a relatively good potion, sure it didn’t turn out the periwinkle blue that it was supposed to look (it looked more like a light turquoise color), but it wasn’t deadly, so he felt that he got off pretty well for someone who was terrible when it came to the subject.

It was twenty after when the Marauders settled themselves down at their table in the Great Hall. To Remus there was a distinct smell in the room; it had no correlation to the food at the table. He could smell each piece of food separately and this scent was sweeter with a slight musky tone underneath it. The smell wasn’t very strong at the time, since there were a multitude of people as well as food around him to combat the singular aroma, but as he seemed to focus on it, his heart started to thump a bit faster and his pulse seemed to rush a bit more. He quickly shook his head as he focused back onto his eggs. The smell was pushed to the background of his senses.

When they made their way to class, the band of four boys had to split up. It was time for two of them to go to Charms, all the way on the top floor near the Ravenclaw Tower overlooking the Forbidden Forest, and the other two to head to Herbology out on the grounds. James and Remus headed up the flight of stairs and made their way up to Professor Flitwick’s classroom.

Flitwick’s room was one of the smaller ones due to the fact that Charms did not require all the space that Defense Against the Dark Arts or Transfiguration required. Tables were split into five rows and two columns, seating four students on each side facing forward. There was a small wooden desk, made for Flitwick’s short stature, up in the front of the long classroom and a chalk board off to the side with hastily written notes that were left from his class the day before. There were also a few bookcases along the back wall filled with books based upon Charm theories, books he had collected over the years, and extra copies of each year’s required book. His room was simple and practical.

Immediately James snatched up one of the middle chairs in the back row on the left side. Remus calmly sat down beside him, to his right side on the edge, and watched as more students made their way past them and into the seats. Frank Longbottom had taken up the seat in front of Remus and gave him a smile as he did so. Frank’s best friend Billy, or William, from Hufflepuff sat down in front of James and greeted the two boys as he did so. The four boys immediately started talking about the up in coming weekend.

While James began telling his plans of Quidditch practice the next morning, Remus caught onto the same scent he had smelled before during breakfast. It had left him when they had left the Great Hall, but now it was back and slowly getting stronger. At every second when the scent got more potent, his heartbeat steadily increased along with the proximity, and his blood rushed faster downward. His brain started to focus only upon the scent, his breath started to shorten, and his stomach now started to squirm. He finally knew what was happening to him. He was becoming aroused. Addie had warned him of this. Pity they were in all of the same classes, except for Muggle Studies, which he had silently thanked whoever made it his next and final class of the day.

He felt his cheeks flush and blood pool in a certain region between his legs that he did not want to acknowledge at the moment. Was this how it was going to be the whole time? He detested the thought of that. Remus prided in being in control over his wolf side whenever possible. Hormones were going to make his quick temper and short patience around the moon multiply tenfold. Remus felt like banging his head on the table, maybe then the blood will rush upwards instead.

The smell was at its peak; it was making him dizzy. He couldn’t think straight; couldn’t focus on Billy’s stupid, irritating jabs at an unpopular Ravenclaw girl; couldn’t remember what he ate for breakfast not ten minutes ago; only vaguely knew where he was at the moment. Ever come home to a house smelling of fresh, home baked cookies? The smell fills up every corner of the house and sticks to your skin like glue. It fills up your senses and makes you want to eat every single cookie until you can’t move from over eating. Well, that’s exactly what Remus was feeling at the moment, just more on the sexual hunger side.

It was then he saw, sensed, and felt Addie walk past him, she didn’t even look at him as she went by, but her scent lingered in the air around him for a few couple of seconds. All he was focused on was the smell of her. It was more appealing than his favorite bar of chocolate or a large, juicy slab of meat the day of a full moon.

He didn’t notice that he had closed his eyes until he felt himself being shaken, a warm hand clasped on his shoulder.


Remus’ eyes snapped open and looked at his best friend. James’ eyebrows were knit together and eyes showed concern and confusion behind his glasses.

“You all right there, mate?” James then asked. “You look a little flushed.” He realized that this was opposite of how he usually looked this close to the full moon.

“Oh, yeah, yeah. Um, I’m fine,” he managed to get out with an awkward cough and a quick flash of a non-reassuring smile as he flushed a bit further in embarrassment. Both Billy and Frank were staring at Remus, they were clearly confused about what was wrong with him. James raised an eyebrow, clearly knowing that there was something clearly wrong with his friend, but declined to comment on the matter.

Billy grinned suddenly. “If I didn’t know any better, Remus,” he said, amusement evident in his tone of voice, “I would’ve thought you needed a nice wank.”

James and Frank burst out laughing as Remus reddened even further and brought up a hand to cover his eyes.

For the rest of the class period, Remus focused upon anything else beside Addie’s scent, which seemed to fail pretty quickly. When it got to be too much for him he began to try and think of unpleasant things. Snape naked, Peter snogging, dead babies, James’ foul Qudditch gear, Sirius’ ‘sexy’ dance while he’s smashed. By the end of the class period, Remus really did end up hitting his head upon the desk.

James didn’t question his actions knowing it was that time of month, just patted his shoulder, letting him know that he was there for him. Remus looked up at him and gave him a small, almost guilty, smile in thanks.

As soon as the bell rang, Remus raced out of the classroom bent on getting as far away from her scent as possible. Her smell alone was making him go insane and he felt as though the smell attached itself to every fiber in his clothing, never truly leaving him.

Thankfully for the rest of the day, Remus only caught glimpses of her scent, mainly in the hallways, in the Great Hall during the meal times, and the few whiffs from his clothes. The following day was much the same as the boys decided that it was a nice day to spend outside for the better part of the morning and afternoon.

He only saw glimpses of Addie throughout Saturday. She looked as worn out as he did, and a little sickly. Her smiles and animated conversations negated the fact that she was probably on edge and that her stomach felt like it was rolling around and threatening to work its way up and out of her throat. Remus wondered how she could do it. He was used to trying to be alone for the better part of the day, just so he would be able to catch himself if he thought he was going to snap at someone or so that no one could see the agony that the full moon was giving him. The weekends, thankfully, made it a little easier to hide away from everyone.

Unfortunately for him, Saturday passed too quickly for his liking and turned into Sunday. And before he knew it, the first full moon of the school year was upon him.

I've always thought Zachary Quinto would make a good Dolohov, I love him, hahaha.

A/N: So, again, I'm sorry about the wait :[ Chapter 16 wasn't agreeing with me too much, but I got through it thankfully and I am already halfway through chapter 17 as well. In order to make up for the lack of updates I think I'm going to try to make them a little longer for you guys :P

I am done with school at the moment, so I should be able to write and post more, but who knows what may pop up, haha.

Anyway, between posting chapter 13 and posting this one I got 900+ reads, which means I am now over 4,100 reads! I am super excited, so, once again, THANK YOU EVERYONE. A thanks to those who reviewed last chapter and also favorited the story as well :]
And a special thanks to a few of my regular reviewers: Nynfadora, orangezauber, nanee5, and fire witch!

So, thanks for not abandoning my story and reading this far! It means a lot! :]

Review? I think so.

NEWLY REVISED/EDITED 7/8/10 - thanks Nynfadora for the criticism! :]

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