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Finally by Bookworm045
Chapter 1 : About Time
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“James!” Lily whined, stomping her foot for good measure, “We have to tell them!’

James Potter, her new un-ex-boyfriend, pouted sullenly. “Why?” He asked.

“Oh he wants to know why,” Lily muttered to the wall before turning back to James, “Because they are our friends and we need to meet them the both of us in two days at my bar!!”

James spluttered, trying to come up with a good, witty response, “Why do we have to tell them now? We still have two days!”

“James Harold Potter! ARE YOU ASHAMED OF ME?!” Lily demanded, “Because I’m not a whore? Because I’m still just a stupid virgin? Because my chest is only a D-Cup?!”

James looked panicked. “NO! No of course I’m not ashamed of you! I would love to tell the whole world we’re together. I’d do it too, but I’m not a Quidditch player anymore.”

“So are you afraid?” Lily demanded again, hiding her smirk.

“OF COURSE I’M NOT AFRAID! I’M JAMES POTTER AND I DON’T GET AFRAID! I’ll show you, Lily, we’re telling them tonig- wait. What just happened?” James looked at his girlfriend who had a mischievous glint in her eyes and rolled his eyes, smiling.

“So let’s go,” Lily said, standing up from her kitchen table, extending a hand for James.

“No, I’m scared,” James whispered, not taking her hand.

“C’mon James!!” Lily threw on the full pout.


Five minutes later, the couple were waiting outside the Lupin/Black flat.

“Are you ready?” Lily whispered.

James violently shook his head, causing her to giggle.

She turned to the door and began banging on it loudly.

"REMUS JOHN LUPIN YOU OPEN THIS BLOODY DOOR RIGHT THIS SECOND OR I’LL BLAST IT OPEN!!!!!” She screamed, startling James, who grinned at his girlfriend’s antics, pounding even louder.

“FIVE!!!!.... FOUR!!!!... REDUC-”She started.

“Damn woman!!” Sirius exclaimed, throwing open the door, “Whatever happened to three, two and one?”

“If I gave you that long, we’d still be in the hall,” She snipped, storming inside.

James followed his girlfriend, ignoring the confused stares of his best mate.

“REMUS!!” Sirius bellowed, “WE HAVE COMPANY!!!”

Remus came out of his room a few moments later, rubbing his eyes.

He sat on the couch, not noticing James and Lily.

“James has something to tell you,” Lily said, her voice smug as she shoved the galleon back in her pocket, James had called wrong.

“Erm… Well, you see…. The thing is…” James began nervously.

Lily rolled her eyes and interrupted, stating bluntly, “We’re back together.”

All three boys gaped at her as she plopped down into an arm chair and began casually examining her nails.

“W-W-What?!” Remus finally choked out.

“We.” She started slowly, indicating to her and James, “Are. Going. Out. Again.”

She went back to examining her nails, ignoring the confused and shocked spluttering that was coming from all three boys.


Lily Evans made her way down the dark cobblestone street, hurriedly straightening her short black dress as she ruffled up her hair anxiously. She was, of course, headed towards the bar that she frequented, having planned to meet the three boys that annoyed her to no end, but took care of her like older brothers, minus James, who took care of her like they were married.

She looked over her shoulder before shrugging out of her healer’s coat and smoothing down the back side of her dress before striding up to Marcus.

“’Ello Lily,” He said, glancing at her Apparation License that she had just gotten, at the urge of Remus, Sirius, and James.

James, She thought dreamily.

They had been going steady for the past year, and she was always giddy with love for the black haired man, causing her to be a bit clumsy, amusing Sirius and Remus to no end. They had decided to meet here because James had said that he had something to ask her, and Sirius had claimed that he and Remus wanted to be there to pick up the pieces when he screwed up.

Of course, when she had told her friends Mary and Alice, they had automatically jumped to the conclusion that he was going to propose to her. They, then, had decided that they wanted to be there too.

Don’t get your hopes up, she told herself again and again. James had taken a vow with Sirius once, a long time ago, that the two of them would never get married.

“Have a nice night,” Marcus said, shocking her out of her thoughts, winking at her as she passed him. It was almost like he knew something she didn’t.

Maybe… she thought, not entirely able to squash the tiny feeling of hope that was growing in her heart, utterly disgusted with herself for acting like such a… such a… such a girl!

She smiled a bit at that, remembering that Alice and Mary had been urging her forever to act more girly, and now that she and James were dating again, it was finally coming true.

Shit, she hissed in her brain, realizing this.

She ruffled her hair again subconsciously before stopping herself mid ruffle and stiffly removing her hand from her head.

Finally, she spotted the whole group, all of whom seemed to be excitedly calming a nervous James Potter down. When they noticed her coming towards them, they all jumped guiltily, and sipped their drinks silently, trying not to make it too obvious they were watching her.

“Hi,” She murmured to them when she reached the group, perching herself on James’s lap and kissing him on the cheek.

She refrained from raising an eyebrow when she got a few muttered ‘hi’s’ back, none of her friends looking her in the eye.

After about an hour, and a few drinks for each of them, later, everyone started warming up to Lily again, their eyes finally meeting hers, all holding excited expectance.

 The whole group danced around the floor, slowly getting a bit tipsy, but not completely trashed, and James had started what seemed like a psychoanalysis of her.

“Do you love me?” He asked a bit later, moving from the fun questions into more serious matters.

“More than anything else,” She whispered, leaning her head against his chest as a slow song started up.

“Can you picture a future with us?” He murmured, rubbing her back slightly as he led them around the floor.

“Every day.”

“Do you want kids?”

“A few.” She grinned as a slightly dreamy –but still very wolfish- look crossed his features.

“Will you marry me?” he asked, letting go of his girlfriend suddenly and bending down on one knee, holding her hand with one of his while he reached into his pocket with his other, swiftly pulling out a small velvet box and flipping it open.

Lily stayed silent, watching him, studying him, thinking.

“Yes,” She whispered, flinging herself at him and pressing her lips against his, kissing him hard and quick.

James pulled back and slipped the ring on her finger before she pulled his head back to her lips and kissed him again, longer, softer.

There were loud bangs! and they broke apart to see fireworks flying around in the small club, taking forms of lobsters.

“Erm…” Lily began, trying not to sound confused, “Wha- Are those lobsters?”

He stared at the flashing shell fish, open mouthed for a few moments before looking at his new fiancé with puzzlement.

“I did not plan this,” He muttered, reaching in another pocket and taking out a many-creased piece of parchment and unfolding it quickly, studying it intently.

“Plan?” She asked, and his cheeks tinted pink but he didn’t answer, continuing to mutter over the piece of paper before dragging her over to a hysterical Sirius and Mary and an amused Remus, Alice, and Frank.

“I specifically said ‘NO FIREWORKS’, Padfoot! AND YOU GOT THEM IN LOBSTER FORM?!” James hissed, gesturing to the lobster shaped fireworks, which were now crawling around.

“They get better,” Sirius breathed between bouts of laughter.

Everyone watched the red slowly change to blue and all of the lobsters changed into Blue Cheese.

“Cheese?”Lily asked Sirius who had dissolved into fits of laughter again.

“Don’t you get it? It’s blue and it’s cheese! THEREFORE IT’S BLEU CHEESE!!” He rasped, his breathing becoming difficult.

The redhead smiled a bit when the fireworks finally dissolved into thin air and Sirius and Mary got up off the floor and replaced themselves on their barstools.

“I’m engaged!” She exclaimed, sticking out her hand, the ring glinting in the dull light of the club, the drunken dancers had started up again. Alice and Mary squealed and rushed towards her, examining the new ring.

“When’s the wedding?” Remus asked, looking up from the circle the boys had made.

“Six months and nine days,” Lily said automatically.

Everyone looked at her and she shrugged.

“When do I get my first Godchild?” Sirius demanded.

Everyone looked at the redhead.

“Seventeen months and two days,” She responded quickly.

Grinning at their amused looks, Lily shrugged again and leaned against James who put his arm around her waist, pulling her against him, kissing her neck.

When Lily looked up, she saw Layla- now completely blonde- glaring at her. She grinned widely and waggled her fingers with the ring on it at the angry girl, who in turn, scowled with more hate.

When the whole group left, Lily and James shared a long sentimental goodbye, kiss and all. One that would be called by Sirius, if he had been there, ‘Totally, siriusly, gag-worthy’.

They parted for the night, each going to their own separate flats, both giddy with excitement for the upcoming wedding, and love.

Love for one another, love for their friends, love for their family.

It seemed unrealistic that in such dark times there could be moments of pure happiness that the friends were going to plan could happen.

But happiness can be found in even the saddest of times, sometimes all you have to do is turn on a light.

It was the night things changed, can you see it now?
These walls that they put up to hold us back fell down
It's a revolution, throw your hands up, cause we never gave in
And we sang hallelujah, we sang hallelujah, hallelujah.

Change- Taylor Swift

Yep, so it's finally out, after many broken promises. I know it's a bit (haha, bit) stupid, but I had to post it, just cuz it's the end. I am well aware that it's not one of my better works, this series is an older one. :D

That song, I don't own it, Taylor Swift does. It's called Change, for all of those who didn't notice the little naming thing after. It's actually a very good song. I like it lots.

Also, that quote at the end, it's something Dumbledore says at the beginning of the movie of the Prisoner of Azkaban.

I don't have anything witty to say...

Check out my other stories, whether you liked this one or not. again, It's not one of my best....

But, as usual, please review!


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Finally: About Time


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