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Lost In Magic by WildFlower
Chapter 21 : Chapter Twenty-One: Walking on a Dream
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A/N: Hi everyone! Here is chappie 21! Sorry it took so long, I'm not going to even begin with excuses! 

I'd like to thank my beta Amelia Bones for this lovely chapter!

Disclaimers: J.K owns HP and everything related. The songs: Gimme the Light belongs to Sean Paul and All Around The World belongs to ATC.

Claimer: OC's and Plot!


Brilliant chapter image by WhatSarahSaid @ TDA!

Even though an icy chill was in the air, I grinned and got over it as I watched red and green blurs swish through the air at great speeds. Some were throwing a red ball back and forth, some were hitting flying balls with clubs and two were looking for a glint of a small golden ball amongst the fog.

Saturday morning Quidditch practice. Unfortunately for the Gryffindors, the Slytherins were allowed to practice as well due to double booking of the pitch.

Pulling Sirius' jacket closer to my body, I looked over to Remus who was beside me. Peter was hanging out with Mary, and chose not to be out in the cold, making it just Remus and me. Remus was looking a little pale, but his colour was returning and he looked much, much better than he had days ago when I went to see him with James. He was reading a book as per usual, but I guess it was for therapeutic reasons. I couldn't get into Remus' head, but I like his slightly mysterious side and he was so nice! Plus, I loved the fact his birthday was closest to mine. I decided if I were still here to celebrate it, (to which Sirius said I would be, whether I liked it or not) that we'd have a joint party. Sirius' birthday was also coming up on November twelfth and the boys and I wanted to plan a huge surprise party for him since he was the first one to turn seventeen. I caught a glimpse of him showing off a trick as he hit the Bludger and I felt all warm inside. Sighing slightly, I turned to Remus and smiled.

“So, what are you reading?” I asked, scooting closer so I could catch a page.

“A wonderful story by the respected author, Timothy Wildocks,” Remus replied, closing the book so I could see the title; Where Magic Lies. 

“Oh, I never heard of it,” I said, as Remus reopened it and I scanned some text. What I got from it, the main character was a famous Curse Breaker and the page Remus was up to, the man found ‘romance’ with an Egyptian woman. It was set back in the olden days, and I sighed dreamily.

“I like how back in the olden days, an act of seduction was showing a little wrist, or simply unbuttoning a glove,” I said, resting my head on Remus' shoulder.

Remus shook his head with a smile. “I'm afraid to say that times have changed now, Sophie. Even ask Sirius, he'll tell you that acts of seduction are simply unclasping bras now.”

I rolled my eyes and blushed. “And I bet he's got that down to a fine art.” Remus and I chuckled.

“I bet he would have unclasped yours if he had the chance the other day, didn't you throw underwear at him?”

I blushed even more. “Remus! You shouldn't be talking about this! And I didn't throw...”


I let out squeals of laughter as I ran from Sirius, who had chased me from the Great Hall. I had been a little cheeky and he had given me a head start to run away from the 'tickle monster'.

“I'm gonna getcha!” Sirius cried out. I knew he was only running slower so I would get a chance to run, he would normally have caught me already.

“Sure!” I yelled cheekily over my shoulder and laughing I pushed the students out of the way and rushed through the portrait hole.

“Watch it!” someone yelled, but I didn't listen and hastily made my way towards the girls' dorm. He couldn't get me there! But to my horror he followed me right up.

Opening the door I sped in and slipped on something, which went flying out from under my foot and turning around I saw Sirius had caught whatever it was, my smile disappeared when I saw what they were.

My g-string. Holy crap, how the heck did they get out of my trunk?! It must have been when I was throwing things out trying to look for my notes. I blushed and didn't know what to say as Sirius looked at them, eyes wide.

“G-Guess you got lucky...” I stammered breathlessly.

Sirius just blinked. 


Remus chuckled, “Don't worry; he has that affect on all girls. One charming look and the panties come off.”

“Shut up!” I said, my face burning. “It was humiliating!” Especially because Sirius and I hadn't really thought about taking it to the next level yet. Well, I surely hadn't but I wasn't sure if he had. We had talked about intimate subjects, but not sex. I don't know whether he wanted to avoid that subject, afraid that I might not be comfortable, or maybe he didn't want to know if I'd already been experienced with Matthew. We had made out, but that's just what it had been, making out. With Sirius, I wanted something deeper, but there really wasn't any time or anywhere to really have privacy either, I didn't want to do it in some classroom and, gosh, not to mention the time we had been caught making out in the common room.


I was addicted. That's the one word to describe it. Yes, I could go on and on like any normal teen in love would, but addicted was the only word to sum it all up. I wasn't hungry for dinner; Sirius was going to be my dinner, and my desert, if I could only find him. I rushed down the corridor towards the Gryffindor tower and saying the password as quickly as I could, I ran in and there, sitting lazily on the couch, was Sirius.


He was scribbling some notes in a book; smiling I chucked my stuff onto the ground, Sirius' head jerked up at the sound, a smile ran across those perfect lips, and excitement rushed through me.

“Hey, love, wha-” he stopped when he saw the look on my face, he sat up a little in confusion. “Sophie?”

I ran over and pounced on him. Sirius let out a 'humph' when he caught me, I wrapped my legs around his waist and taking his head into my hands, I crushed my lips against his. I let out a satisfied groan, when Sirius kissed back before pulling me away.

“Wow-” I cut him off by kissing him again, his lips tasted so... good! Surges and surges of tingles passed through our lips, my stomach somersaulted a million times, as I ran my fingers through his hair. Sirius responded enthusiastically by caressing my cheek, whilst wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me closer. His lips then trailed down to my neck, my eyes fluttered closed and I let out a soft moan, my hands slipping underneath his top, my fingers running down the ripples of his stomach. Sirius' breath caught when I ran a finger along the hem of his pants. We were getting really hot and heavy, and as my luck should have it, someone cleared their throat loudly behind us.

We broke apart immediately to see a very amused James.

“Yeah, sorry to stop ya...” James trailed on and he waved a hand to about eight heartbroken and shocked Gryffindor girls and boys …

I blushed. “S-Sirius was just doing homework...”

James chucked. “Which is obviously you.”

“Oh come on Prongs! You know that an audience isn't going to stop me,” Sirius groaned, he seemed frustrated we had been interrupted. “But since there is young ’un's in the room...” taking me by the waist Sirius' lifted me off him with ease and popped me beside him.

Hiding my face, I quickly fixed myself up; my robe was all twisted and wouldn't sit straight, so clearing my throat I decided to do a runner. “Um. I-I'll g-go,” I stammered, standing to my feet. 

“Don't go, Cookie,” Sirius said pulling me back down. “Everyone is about to leave anyway.”

James came over and slumped into an armchair. “Alright, it's over! Keep moving.”

The girls huffed and rushed up to the dorms, in which I knew they were going to plot my sudden death and the boys looked rather disappointed as they climbed the stairs to the boys' dorms. 


Remus shook his head and laughed at me.

“So do you have a crush on anyone?” I asked, elbowing him playfully.

Remus blushed slightly and he cleared his throat. “Maybe.”

“OMG! Who? Do I know this person?” I asked getting all excited. “Telll mee!”

Remus shook his head. “You don't know her, she's just this quiet Hufflepuff girl who I see in the library, I'll probably never get her.”

Unfortunately before I could investigate any further, Regulus came zooming towards us and interrupted. Stopping in front of me he hovered in the air and winking, he held up the golden Snitch and Remus and I applauded his victory.

“Looks like Gryffindor's got to watch its back this year,” Remus said.

Regulus nodded proudly. “You said it. I bet Brown is still looking, and he calls himself captain!”

A moment later, Dom pulled up and kissed Reg on the cheek.

“So how is it, Yomee?” I asked, as I got out of my seat and lent on the banister.

Dom moved some strands of hair that escaped her high pony out of her face. The tip of her nose was red and her eyes were bright. “Yomee, I don't think I can thank Christian enough for pulling out due to lack of interest - or talent, to be blunt.”

I laughed and massaged my bandaged wrist; it wasn't alone as my ankle accompanied it. I was rather disappointed that I didn't have the natural talent whatsoever for Quidditch. Twice I'd crashed (and I was only hovering inches above the ground) and nearly fell to my death (when I got past the three metre mark) Sirius saved me and then forbade me to go near a broom. Dom, however, was a pro and got a spot on the team as blind-side Beater when Nott pulled out. I was happy and jealous at the same time.

“You are so sexy when you hit that bludger,” Regulus purred and flying closer to Dom he nuzzled her neck. Dom giggled and they shared a kiss. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw James flying over.

“Well, you two love birds better fly away because James is coming over and you might be nothing but feathers if he thinks I'm cheering for you.”

Dom laughed, but Reg rolled his eyes. “So we can't be seen near you now those pest Marauders have become your babysitters, huh?”

Luckily Remus was placid otherwise there would have been a duel on right about now.

“Come on, Kitten,” Dom said and giving me the thumbs up, they zoomed off just as James arrived. 

“Not giving away Gryffindor’s Quidditch tactics now are you, my dear Cookie-kins?” James asked breathlessly. His hair was messier than ever and I wished Lily was around so it would mean something familiar.

“Never, James!” I cried, acting appalled. “Doubting my trust, are you?”

“Slytherin might just win this year with a new talent like Austin,” Remus said, finally coming over.

“Oi! No jinxing!” James exclaimed pouting.

“Also, you better tell Brown that young Black has already caught the snitch,” Remus added and James' face fell.

“You're joking?”

Both Remus and I shook our heads and James' face hardened. “That's it; new tactics must be made immediately!”

James turned his broom and flew off towards Sirius, and I shook my head.

“This is gonna be interesting,” Remus said, bookmarking his page. “Also, I have a surprise for you when we return to the school.”

“Really?!” I said surprised already. “I can't wait!”

“A surprise for my girl, excuse me Moony!” Sirius said, coming to a halt right in front of us.

I laughed. “Don't worry, Snuffles, it's not like that!”

Sirius swooped down and gave me a kiss. “Practice is nearly over; you can go back to the castle and keep warm if you want, Cookie.”

And that meant I'll get my surprise AND interrogate Remus more on this Hufflepuff girl - sweet!

“As much as you look so hot in those Quidditch robes that I can watch you all day, my handsome Snuffles, I might go back to the castle and get warm,” I said, kissing him slightly.

“I'll be seeing you after practice,” Sirius drawled in a sexy voice.

“I can't wait,” I replied mimicking his tone.

Sharing a few more kisses before he flew off, I then got up with Remus and we began our walk back to the castle.

“So, who is she?” I asked, happily skipping alongside Remus. “What does she look like?”

“I'm not telling you, Sophie Adams,” Remus replied attempting to be stern, even though he was smiling.

“Come on! Maybe I could play cupid and get her to go out with you, or maybe I'll go to the library and look for her myself.” I said nodding. “Yeah, I'll do that.”

Remus sighed. “Her name is Dawn Reynolds.”

I clapped my hands in utter excitement. “I bet she is something! I wanna see her!”

“After your surprise, now come on!”

I pouted. “Fine,”

When we made it back to the common room, I jumped beside the fire and Remus rushed up to the boys' dorm. Rubbing my hands to warm them up, I smiled. I wanted Remus to be happy and so I was going to somehow get Dawn and him together. Finally, Remus came backdown with something in his hand and I gasped when I saw what it was - my iPod!

Tada!” Remus said, holding it up. The screen was on and I stared in absolute shock. My iPod was the one thing that was closest to my home in the future and seeing it on and able to play, my chest tightened and I got a little homesick.

“W-what a-about my phone?” I whispered.

Remus took it out of his pocket. “No luck, I'm afraid.”

I took the iPod and the phone off him, my eyes blurry with tears; I placed an earphone in my ear and pressed play. All Around The World began playing and I let out a sob. “Remus, thank you so much!”

I pulled him into a hug and cried, it meant so much to me. I wasn't expecting him to actually make it work.

“It's okay, Sophie, ssh,” Remus said comfortingly, as he rubbed my back. “It took a whole lot of work, trust me, but it was worth it, I'm glad you are happy.”

I pulled away and nodded as I wiped away my tears. “I'm so happy, thank you!” Turning it off to save the battery, I smiled. “I've got speakers, you know. I had them for Toni's sleepover, so you can hear what it is like without earphones and they are battery operated so no need for plugs or electricity!”

Remus laughed. “Okay, I can't wait!”

Wiping away any lingering tears, I charmed my iPod to my dorm and then took Remus' hand.

“Time to show me Dawn!” I said happily and I pulled him towards the exit.

*** *** ***

Remus and I peered around the corner of the bookcases and my gaze fell onto a girl who was reading nearest the window. By the looks of her structure, she was short in height and was a little chubby around the face and middle. But she was extremely beautiful. Her eyes her big and brown, full red lips and soft chocolate brown hair that fell in tresses upon her shoulders. As she read, I noticed she gazed over her book and after looking around, a frown came to her lips and she went back to reading.

“Remus!” I whispered. “She's gorgeous!”

“I know,” Remus whispered. “But I am wrong for her.”

Don't you dare use 'I'm too dangerous for her' speech on me buddy! If you get with Tonks in the future, you can get with Dawn now! 

“How are you wrong for her?” I asked, pretending I didn't know. “Have you even talked to her?”

Remus shook his head. “No, but I just am...”

“Pfft! See that book near her, ask if you can borrow it,” I said.

“No!” Remus hissed.

“Yes, go!”

I pushed him out and then hid behind the bookshelf. I watched as Remus walked forward a little and then turning back around, I motioned for him to continue and smiled as I watched the scene unfold before me.

“Um, excuse m-me,” Remus stammered nervously.

Dawn looked up from her book, her eyes widening. “Oh, um, yes?”

“May I borrow this book?” he asked, pointing to the one near her.

Dawn smiled slightly. “My school book?”

I tried not to laugh - shiz!

“Oh, uh! Sorry, oh, um I thought it was, um another one I was looking for,” Remus stammered, running a hand through his hair. “S-sorry-”

Before I could go and rescue Remus, Dawn laughed. “Remus, would you like to sit down?”

Remus blinked. “Huh? Y-you know my name?”

Dawn blushed. “Of course. So, would you like to sit down?”

Remus looked my way and I mouthed, “Sit down!” so Remus nodded. “Oh, yeah, sure.”

My work was done and I had repaid him for my iPod, so I left the building. When I returned to the common room, the boys were back from Quidditch and Peter was there too.

“And then I was like, 'You wish!' and he was shaking in his robes I swear!” James was saying, as the other's all roared with laughter. “Gryffindor is going to win this Quidditch match and that's final.”

“I agree Prongs,” Sirius said. “All these Slimy Slytherin's will be winning is a cold!”

“You boys!” I said. “I hope you are not talking about Reg and Dom!”

“Excluding them,” Sirius said tightly with a forced smile.

I raised an eyebrow and Sirius winked at me and outstretched his arms. Smiling I sat down on his lap and snuggled in as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Where's Remus?” Peter asked, looking around.

I giggled. “He's talking to someone, I'm sure he'll tell you all about it!”

James' eyes widened. “Are you saying … that our little Moony is talking to a... girl!”

Peter and Sirius both gasped with shock and surprise. I laughed. “Yup!”

“Who, Cookie?” Sirius asked. “Do we know her?”

“I'm unsure, I don't know how old she is, nor if she's in any of your classes,” I replied with a shrug. “Ask Remus when he gets back.”

“What's her name?” Peter asked. “Is she pretty?”

“Oh, yeah!” I said nodding. “She's beautiful!”

“What's her name?” James begged.

“Her name is Dawn Reynolds.” A voice came from the door, we all turned to see Remus looking very happy and when he walked over, he had a light skip in his step.

“OOOOOH!” Sirius and James cried in unison. “She's in Transfiguration with us!”

“Moony, you are lucky! She is hot!” Sirius said and I whacked him.

“Hey!” I tried not to laugh, as I wasn't really offended, just playing around.

“But not as hot as this girl sitting on my lap,” Sirius said bouncing me slightly. “I've to get changed out of these robes...”

I grinned. “Okay.” I hopped off as he got up and I took his chair.

Sirius bit his lip. “But I have trouble with a button on the shirt … so I'm gonna need some help...”

“Oh … really?” I replied slowly in a teasing tone. “Peter can help.”

I could see James and Remus holding their laughter and Peter sat there in shock. Sirius caught on that I was playing and his face broke out into a cheeky grin. “I see. Well, Cookie, if that is the case.”

Before I could even react, Sirius scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder. I let out a squeal as he marched towards the boys' dorms. When we got up there, he placed me down and pulled me into a passionate kiss that nearly blew my mind. He pulled away and caressed my cheek gently with his thumb. His pupils were so dilated that only a ring of grey could be seen. I just stared at him, my heart drumming in my ears through the deafening silence. Swallowing I tried to moisten my now dry mouth, as my hands shakily reached up to his robe, my fingers touching the weightless smooth fabric. Even though Sirius and I had only been dating for five and a half days now, it seemed like five and a half months to me. Sirius was my everything. I loved him more than I could comprehend. Holding my breath, I slowly slipped off his robe.

“Where is that button?” I whispered.

Sirius turned around slowly and pointed to a small button four inches below the nape of his neck. With shaky hands, I reached up and undid it. “Okay...” I choked out, and turning back around, Sirius slowly took off his top. He was only wearing a singlet underneath and I could see goose bumps prickle his skin from the sudden wave of cold. I licked my lips and turned my head away slowly (and with great difficulty) as he too, took off the singlet and threw it aside. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Sirius' beautifully sculptured body and nearly died. My stomach did a weird flip and I could feel my cheeks flush.

“Sophie...” Sirius said with a quiet chuckle as he came closer to me. He gently reached out and took my head into his hand and made me look at him. Oh, bloody hell, he was so hot! How I managed to snag a guy like Sirius was beyond me. Uncontrollably, I placed my hands upon his chest and trailed them down, his skin flooding with more goose bumps and his stomach flinched away from my fingertips.

Sirius let out a sigh. “Sophie, I love you.”

It was the most sincerest he had said it and I broke into a smile. “Sirius, I love you, too.”

Before I knew it I was on the bed, Sirius' lips on mine, our bodies aching to be near each other. Even though it was hard, I pushed him away slowly.

“Not now, Sirius,” I said gently.

I didn't know what Sirius was thinking, but I saw something flash through his eyes.

“Meet me in the common room tonight once everyone is asleep.”

I didn't question him and giving me one last kiss, Sirius helped me up and getting changed we headed back down to the guys.

*** *** ***

I stared nervously at Lily's clock as time ticked by. Not one of the girls was asleep yet, and it was nearly nine-thirty. He just had to ask me to sneak down on a weekend.

“So this is the iPod that Remus was talking about,” Lily said as she and Kim marvelled over it.

I nodded. “Yup! Do you want to hear it play?”

The girls both nodded and grabbing my speakers I'd fetched out of the trunk earlier on, I plug in my iPod and pressed play. Gimme the Light began playing the girls gasped in awe.

“This is the most advanced Muggle technology I've ever seen!” Lily said in pure amazement. “I mean it's not even a record player, how is it working?”

“It just is,” I replied smiling. “Over one-thousand songs in this baby.”

“I've got to go to Australia and get me one of these!” Kim said. “I also love how it is lime green - that is so cool!”

“What a strange song, it doesn't even make sense!” Lily said trying to catch the lyrics.

“He's Jamaican I think,” I said laughing.

“Ooh, get me some of this!” Mary said as she danced out of the bathroom in her PJ's, Heather followed shaking her hips. I laughed and Kim went to go join.

Lily smiled at me. “Soph, there is something I've been meaning to talk to you about,” she said nervously. “I just wanted to say-”

“Lily! Come dance!” Heather said, holding out her hand.

And much to my luck, they danced themselves tired and were in bed and asleep by ten-fifteen. Biting my lip I quickly snuck out and saw Sirius was already waiting. When he saw me he smiled and I saw the invisibility cloak draped over his arm. Taking hold of his outstretched hand, I smiled. 

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“You'll see,” Sirius replied and throwing the invisibility cloak over us, we made our way towards the exit.

A/N: And done :D  I hope you like it! I've got MANY more surprises to come - so keep an eye out my beautiful reviewers! I can't wait to hear your feedback! Until the next chappie!
XOXO WildFlower!

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