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The Proposal by ronhermione4evr
Chapter 5 : One True Love
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A/N: Last chapter! I wasn't too pleased about this, but I decided that I'd post it anyway!

“Ow! What was that for?” Ron cried, rubbing his cheek where you could see a red slap mark.

Hermione stood up. Though she was bleeding, she was still as strong as ever, and had slapped Ron across the face.

“Is that any way to treat your savior?” Ron asked teasingly.

Hermione turned to him with a smile. True, he had saved her, and though she was mad at him, she could never stay mad for long. She reached up using her toes and kissed him on the very same cheek that she had just slapped him on.

“Just keep in mind you have a lot of explaining to do when we get home.” She told him.

Harry and Ginny returned, done with their job of disposing the Death Eaters. Dead Rodolphus Lestrange had been thrown into a wastebasket and shipped to the Ministry. The other two newer recruits were sent to Azkaban.

“I haven’t seen you that mad since the Battle seven years ago.” Ginny said, in awe of her brother’s skill.

Ron smiled, and slipped his arm around Hermione. He pulled her outside, and all four of them apparated back to the Boys’ Apartment.

Once inside, Ginny prepared tea while Hermione took a shower. Hermione came out of the bathroom wearing Ron’s old Chudley Cannon sweater and a pair of his sweatpants. Ron thought she had never looked better.

All of them sat down with their cups of tea, waiting for someone to break the silence and ask about what had happened. Finally Hermione spoke.

“When were you planning on telling us?”

Harry and Ron exchanged a nervous glance. Were they really that obvious when planning to propose?

“Um….how did you find out?” Harry asked nervously, glancing at Ginny, who was now sitting with a scowl on her face and her hands folded across her chest.

Ginny pulled out her wand. “Accio pamphlets!” she cried, and two glossy folders slid under the door.

Pamphlets? What, were Harry and Ron’s love lives written in some kind of brochure now? Ron could picture the heading clearly.

Stupid Git Ron Weasley and Equally Stupid Harry Potter Screw Up Proposing to Their Girlfriends, and Now are Spending the Rest of Their Lives as Restroom Cleaners Who are Courting Millicent Bulstrode and Pansy Parkinson.

“But I don’t want to clean toilets!” Ron burst out loud, his over-active, completely messed-up imagination making him forget that he was sitting in a room with his sister, best mate, and girlfriend.

“Stop fooling around, Ronald Weasley!” Hermione cried.

Crap, she’s using my full name. Not a good sign.

Ron looked at the two folders Ginny was holding. He sat up straight when he recognized them.

“Those are our American Auror Training offers! What are you doing with them, Ginny?” Harry asked.

Ginny chose not to answer. “I thought we were meant to be, Harry! And now you are dumping me because you got some foreign application!”

“That’s not as bad as what Ronald did! He actually goes and circles all the good things about leaving us here! I trusted him, and this is what he does!” Hermione screeched.

Ron and Harry glanced at each other once again, and fully understood this whole dilemma.

“Shhh…..calm down. No one’s leaving anyone behind.” Ron began softly, putting down his tea and putting his arm around Hermione. “You guys didn’t hear our end of the story.”

Hermione wiped her eye on her sleeve and looked up at Ron.

“We got these applications about a week ago in the mail. The American Auror Facility is among the best in the world. I was seriously considering going, but there was one thing that held me back.”

Ron paused and looked down at Hermione.


Ginny gaped at the pair and Harry.

“So you’re not going to America?” she asked cautiously.

Harry shook his head, and left his chair to sit next to her. “We would never leave you two.” He said carefully.

Hermione fiddled with her sleeve again. “Then why did you have all those things circled?” She asked Ron.

“Circled?” Ron’s brow furrowed as he tried to remember. “Oh, that. You see, that bloke Perkins lost his application when he moved from the Ministry to our Auror Facility. Since I wouldn’t be using mine, I gave it to him. He must’ve changed his mind about going there, because it was left on my desk.”

Hermione smiled. “I don’t know how I could doubt you two. You would never leave us.”

Harry grinned, but his smile was nervous and he looked at Ron.

“Now would be a good time.”

Neither Ginny nor Hermione had any idea what Harry was talking about, but it suddenly dawned on Ron.

“Not now!” He pleaded with Harry. “This day has already been too eventful for them.”

“Now. Otherwise we’ll get all nervous and never do it. It’s now or never, mate.”

The girls were watching this exchange with puzzled expressions.

“Fine.” Ron sputtered. “Come on, Hermione. We need to…….go outside.”

Without waiting for his girlfriend to reply or protest, Ron dragged her out onto the balcony and closed the doors behind him.

“So…..Hermione.” Ron looked anywhere but Hermione, though he was trying desperately to make eye contact. “I have a….er……question.”

Inside Harry was having as tough of a time as Ron was. “Ginny.” He said slowly and carefully, wondering how he had seemed so confident about this moment earlier.

Ron leaned against the balcony, and felt his pocket. Yup, the ring was still there.

Be a man, Weasley, He told himself, Do this for her, or else some other loser is going to come and snag her before you get the chance to ask her this.

Ron cleared his throat and stood up. “Hermione…..” he began again.

“Ginny…..”Harry started once more.

“Would you……………” Harry got nervous halfway through and had to start over.

Ron wanted to do this properly, and remembering that romantic Muggle movie Hermione had taken him to one time, he knelt on one knee and opened the box that held the ring.

“Hermione Granger, I love you so much, and I never want anyone but you. Would you become my wife?” Ron said quickly, feeling his face go red.

“Ginny-will-you-marry-me?” Harry asked even quicker than Ron.

For a moment there was silence from the balcony to the living room. And then both girls shrieked.

“YES!” They screamed, loud enough so that Harry could hear Hermione and Ron could hear Ginny.

Ron slipped the Sapphire ring, Hermione’s birthstone, onto her finger, before he stood up and kissed her.

Harry pulled out the peridot ring from his pocket, which was Ginny’s birthstone, and slipped it onto her finger.

Ron and Hermione came inside, beaming and looking happier than Harry had seen either of them in a long time.

“Well, we finally got that off our shoulders, didn’t we mate?” Harry asked Ron as he stood up and put his arm around Ginny.

Ron sighed. “Yes, I can finally sleep in peace tonight.”

“Peace? Ron, you’ve got me as a fiancée. Sleeping peacefully isn’t an option.” Hermione joked.

There was an awkward silence.

“I suppose we should floo to the Burrow to tell Mum?” Ginny asked.

Harry and Hermione nodded but exchanged glances. Their adoptive mother was now their mother-in-law. They weren’t sure how she would take the news, but they took the floo powder and went to the Burros.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” Molly Weasley yelled, hugging both Ron and Hermione at the same time. Ron had just told him about the double engagement, and Mrs. Weasley looked like she was about to explode from happiness.

George stood behind his wife, the pregnant Angelina, and spoke what Ron had just realized.

“You know,  Ron, you can’t get rid of her now. You’re basically tied together through that ring now.” George motioned towards Hermione’s finger.

Hermione blushed, and Ron turned red. However, as he looked at Hermione, he smiled. Ron knew that he would never want to get rid of her. After all, she was his one true love, and no one would ever replace her.

A/N: Ta-da! And that concludes the short story The Proposal. I wasn’t too pleased about the ending, but I would like to know your thoughts on this story!



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The Proposal: One True Love


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