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Quidditch, Quaffles, and Quarrels by EW4eva
Chapter 8 : Floating Pumpkins and Mass Murderers
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything else JK Rowling has written. I own all the OCs including Alex, though I don't own her surname, Parkin.

Story: Quidditch, Quaffles, and Quarrels

Ch 8: Floating Pumpkins and Mass Murderers

October flew by very quickly, with the weather continuing to worsen by the day. This did not seem to bode well for neither Oliver nor myself. We were both becoming more and more distant as the month continued, too wrapped up in our own plans for the upcoming match, and perhaps even a bit paranoid that the other would try to steal our secret moves and plays.

Not that we were avoiding each other, it was just easy to not talk to someone when you weren’t in the same year nor house, and were not trying to seek the other out. Yet, the same could not be said for Davies. While, I definitely was not trying to find him, it seemed the same could not be said for him. I managed to run into him no less than nine times over the past week alone, and each time he would manage to make me blush and practically run away from him as fast as humanly possible.

One time in particular, I had been rounding the corner and managed to ram straight into him, nearly falling on my face. Only to have him catch me saying, “You think being a Quidditch player would have made you more graceful, but here you are, just as clumsy as ever.”

I glared, pushing myself off of him, while trying my best to ignore the well-defined muscled that I remembered all too well as I pressed my hands against his chest and said, “I am not uncoordinated, I just tend to lose my balance, when other people purposely run into me!”

“Purposely? Are you saying that I knew you would come hurtling around the corner at that exact moment? Smart and psychic are too completely different things Alex. I figured you would know that love, but then again you are a Hufflepuff…”

Davies laughed lightheartedly at his own joke. He had his trademark smirk on, but it didn’t seem as arrogant as it usually did, but that didn’t stop the glare that crept onto my face.

“And what the hell is that supposed to mean exactly?” I asked in a menacing tone.

His smirk changed into a small smile. “All right that was a low blow, I’m sorry.”

“You’re damn right you’re sorry! Do you always have to be such an arsehole, Davies? Or do you reserve all this shit especially for me?”

His smile faltered at my comment. A small frown slipped onto his face, but that wasn’t the worst part. It was his eyes that scared me, what was that in them… Sadness? Regret? I really didn’t want to know. I mean, I was used to him being a sod, it was what made it so easy to hate him, but it was moments like this, when he put his guard down that always got to me.

“You’re right, I really am an arse, and you above everyone else doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. I am so sorry for everything I’ve done to you, you deserve so much better than me, but I want you back so much it hurts. I hate seeing you with anyone else, especially sodding Wood.”

I blinked at him in shock. It was very rare to get any type of admission of feelings from Roger, so this was all a bit of an overload. I was so stunned that I didn’t even back away as he stepped closer. I just stared up at him like an idiot, as he lifted his hand to my chin, brushing his thumb lightly against my cheek. My eyes closed slightly at the touch, it had been so long, I had almost forgotten what his rough hands felt like.

“Please come back to me, I miss you more than you can imagine,” He leaned into me. It was when his lips were barely an inch from mine that I finally snapped out of it. I backed away quickly, tripping over one of my books that I had dropped when we had run into each other. Roger leaned forward and caught me once more. I felt hot and uncomfortable in the places where we made contact, so I quickly shot out of his arms. I tried to hide the sudden reddening of my cheeks by dropping to the floor to gather my books.

“Oh, let me help you with those,” but before Roger could bend down to assist me, a masculine voice called from behind, nearly making me fall over once more.

“Oi, Davies! I swear if you are bugging Alex I will beat the shit out of you personally.” My cheeks brightened even more as I busied myself with the task of collecting my books.

“Butt out Diggory, this matter is of no concern to you.” Davies said, and I could just hear the glare in his voice.

“Yeah, I think it is. I mean, it is my captain that you’re pestering. Just get over it already, you cheated on her because you were an idiot, and you need to get it in your head that you just lost the best girl this school has to offer.”

I couldn’t help it; I had to look up. I looked back and forth between Cedric, who was standing next to me with a menacing stance to Roger who was in front of me, a deadly glare on his face, his fists clenched tightly, his guard back up and stronger than ever. Without another word he turned and stalked away, frustration oozing out of him as he walked off. I watched him until he rounded the corner, and then turned back to Cedric, not sure what to say. Luckily for me, he was the first to speak.

“I can’t believe you almost let that scumbag kiss you! You’re lucky I was the only person around to witness that.”

My cheeks turned the shade of an overripe tomato and I decided it was a good time to gather my last two books, going as slow as I possibly could. Cedric waited patiently, as I grabbed them all and tried to stand up. But before I could, he scooped up all of my books in one hand and offered me his other to help me up. I took it, feeling awkward and mumbled a quick thank you after I straightened myself out, taking my books back.

“Come on Alex, you can’t still have feeling for him, can you? He cheated on you, and more than once, even if you weren’t aware of it at the time. And I bet you my whole life savings that if you took him back he would do it again.”

I managed a weak glare as I finally said, “I’m not going to take him back. I just… forgot for a moment I guess…”

He stared at me incredulously, “You forgot? How the hell do you forget something as big as that?”

“I…dunno. I guess I just fell into the old habit of being his girlfriend… It just felt so normal.”

He stared at me blankly for a moment, “Davies doesn’t deserve to even kiss your broomstick let alone your lips. You need to find someone else, someone who will treat you right,” He went quiet for a moment before continuing, “Why don’t you let me take you to Hogsmeade on Halloween? That way I can make sure that you don’t go slipping any more into ‘familiar’ territory.”

I stared at him for a moment, receiving my second shock of the day. Was Cedric asking me out, for real? I mean, I’m sure he meant it as a friend. Didn’t he? I pondered this for a moment, Cedric who had been waiting for my reply, shifted nervously from one foot to the other and after a short moment added with a small smile, “I promise not to step anywhere near that blasted teashop, either.”

My feeling of shock immediately melted into amusement as I burst out laughing at his comment. Cedric was one of the very few people that I had ended up telling about that horrible excuse for an anniversary with Davies, where I ended up paying once more. I was about to say, yes, when I suddenly remembered a very important thing, or rather, person.

“I’m sorry Diggory, but I make it a point not to date my fellow teammates. And even if I did, I already have a date, with someone who isn’t Roger Davies mind you, so don’t even try to pin that on me.”

I thought I saw a glimpse of sadness flit across Cedric’s face, but I couldn’t be certain because as soon as it appeared, it was gone, being replaced by a dazzling smile as he replied, “ I think it’s interesting that you refuse to date your teammates, but you have no problem going out with a member, not to mention Captain, of another team.”

I gasped slightly, “Oliver and I aren’t dating!”

Cedric’s smiled tenfold at my comment. He shook his head at me as he said, “Dearest Alex, I was talking about Davies.”

My cheeks flamed red at his omission, feeling stupid for jumping to conclusions.

“But in regards to Wood, I will just say what the rest of the school is saying, ‘It’s only a matter of time’.”

I stood open mouthed at Cedric as he turned and walked away from me, sending me a small wave and smile before he rounded the corner and was gone from site. Oh Merlin, was the whole school really assuming that Oliver and I would be a couple soon? Wait, what am I saying, that’s what I wanted isn’t it? Yeah, it is! I mean, Oliver is an amazing guy, good looking, and very sweet. And Roger was out of the picture… right? Yeah, of course he was, Rog- Davies is a good for nothing git, who deserved to have his bollocks chopped off so that he could never produce any other good for nothing spawns, and therefore be saving the world from such evil… Yeah, Davies was as good as forgotten as far as I was concerned, and no amount of pleading, or flowers, or anything else would change that fact… but those eyes…


“Oh this is a disaster, I have nothing to wear!” I looked up from my copy of Witch Weekly to see Cass flinging various items of clothes out of her closet frantically.

“Cass, you have more clothes than the female population of Hogwarts combined! There is no way you have nothing to wear.”

She stopped a moment to turn to me and reply tartly, “If I had that much clothes than I wouldn’t be having this problem. None of this stuff is nearly cute enough for Kevin.”

“Wait, you’re going to Hogsmeade with Kevin O’Brien. When did this happen, and why in Merlin’s name am I only hearing about it now?”

“Because he only asked me last night in the library,” she said, turning back to her wardrobe, but continuing with her story, “He asked what my plans were for today, and when I said I had none, he told me that he didn’t either, so he asked if I wanted to go with him, which of course I said yes to.”

“I thought you were going to go with Ashley?” I asked confused, Cass had agreed to spend the day with Ashley Stone, a seventh year Hufflepuff, a few days ago when Kevin didn’t seem like he would ask her.

“Yes, well she more than understood, I mean this is Kevin O’Brien we are talking about!”

“Right,” I said in a slightly disapproving tone. Cass caught it, turning back around to face me.

“Look, it’s not like she is heartbroken over it. I think she only asked me because she knew that you were going with Oliver and she didn’t want me to go alone. It wasn’t just her anyway, I was basically just going to tag along with her and her seventh year friends.”

I thought this over for a moment before nodding, “Alright, as long as no feelings are hurt. I really am happy for you though; I knew he would ask you eventually. I saw the way he kept glancing at you at dinner every night when he thought no one was looking.”

Cass’s cheeks turned the slightest shade of pink, “No he didn’t! You’re just making that up.”

I scoffed, “Yeah, well you could always ask for confirmation from the rest of the girls who are currently violently stabbing voodoo dolls of you. He was definitely staring at you, and I wasn’t the only person to notice, but he was rather obvious about it. He even knocked over his goblet when you stood up and leaned over the table to get some potatoes. You really should button up your shirt some more sweetie, you nearly killed the poor boy.”

Cass was staring at me, mouth agape. The sight was quite amusing, and I had to force myself to turn back to my magazine to keep from laughing. It was very hard to make her speechless, after all.

“Come on Cass, you know you have something, just find some jeans and a nice shirt and you’re set.”

She scoffed at my optimism, “You know, only you would suggest something as casual as that for a first date. I am trying to make a good first impression, here!”

“First impression?” I asked confused, “But you’ve already met the lad. I think it’s a bit late for first impressions.”

She glared at me once more, “You know what I meant.” She turned back to her closet with a sigh and said, “I guess I will just settle with what I have.”

I smiled slightly and said, “Yeah that’s probably for the best, since you won’t be getting anything else anytime soon.”

She ignored me and went back to picking through her closet more slowly. After a few minutes of silence she turned to me once more, “Do you know what you’re going to wear for your date with Oliver.”

“Yep, what I’m wearing, and before you say anything, no I will not change. I want to be comfortable, and I don’t think Oliver will care what I wear either way.”

She grimaced at my outfit, a simple pair of dark jeans, and a black Wigtown Wanderers t-shirt.

“Please, I will make sure it’s still comfortable!” She pleaded, trying to save me from what ever social misery she felt I would be suffering from if I stepped foot outside the door in my chosen outfit.

I stared at her for a moment, and then sighed at the sight of her puppy dog eyes. That always seemed to get me. Damn, I’m such a softie, a fact that she knew very well.

“Fine, but the jeans stay, they are my favorite pair.”

Cass sighed at that, looking once more at my jeans with all their tears and holes. They were pretty old after all, and I was known to wear them to Quidditch practice sometimes.

“Ok, if you say so.” She then turned to my own wardrobe and riffled through it, in search of an ‘acceptable’ alternative. She settled for a revealing gray v-neck long-sleeved shirt paired with a black button up jacket and a pair of stylish black high-heeled boots.

I sighed but changed quickly, going to the bathroom to put on some light make-up. I didn’t look half bad actually. When I returned Cass was already changed into a cute, but short forest green dress coupled with a matching headband. She looked a right side better than me, but like I said, I wanted to be comfortable, and if she really wanted to freeze her arse off in this weather with that dress than more power to her.

“You ready?” She asked with a smile that she definitely wasn’t sporting earlier. “We’re already a bit behind schedule, I don’t want to make Kevin wait.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming!” I said heading towards the door, but before I reached it I doubled back, heading for my nightstand. I grabbed my beloved playbook and my pen (you know for a muggle item, it was quite handy while traveling) and shoved it in a black purse that I had grabbed from Cass’s wardrobe, “Yeah, now I’m ready.”

She pursed her lips at me, but didn’t say anything. My mind had been so preoccupied lately that I had taken to carrying my notebook with me for every time I got an idea and needed to jot it down. To tell you the truth, I really had no desire to go to Hogsmeade today. I mean Oliver was nice and everything, but this upcoming Quidditch match was a bit more critical in my books. Something that I knew Cass would probably kill me for if I ever mentioned out loud, and I’m sure she knew that she couldn’t get me to part with it this close to a match. So neither of us talked about the notebook as we walked down to the Entrance Hall to meet up with our dates.


I stared up blankly at the floating pumpkin that was hovering above our table, and then turned my attention back to Oliver whose face was screwed up in concentration. What the hell was he thinking about? I turned to the window and watched the raindrops slide down the glass. This weather was really going to screw up our chances at the match. What if it kept raining? The aerodynamics of my team’s brooms would be shifted significantly with the downfall of rain and the increase of heavy winds. How the hell were my players supposed to see in this? We would be dosed in a matter of seconds!

I looked at Oliver once more to see that he was tracing something with his finger onto the wood of the table. I smiled slightly and then a thought struck me. Oh course, we could just use that rain propelling charm that Oliver used on me that one day.

I rummaged into my bag and quickly pulled out my playbook and pen, writing down my idea along with the incantation. Now about the wind factor…

I heard a chuckle and glanced up to see Oliver staring at me with a bemused expression.

“What?” I asked confused.

“What are you doing?” He asked with interest.

It suddenly hit me exactly who was sitting across from me, and I hurriedly shut my notebook, perhaps a bit more paranoid than necessary and stuttered out, “No-nothing.”

He raised an eyebrow a small smile crossing his face, “Is that the famed Parkin playbook? I thought it was merely a myth.”

“So what if it is? It’s not like you would ever get a chance to look at it.”

His smile turned into a sly smirk at my comment, “So is that why you’ve been giving me the silent treatment this whole time? You’ve been coming up with new plays for next Friday?”

“What? I haven’t been ignoring you! If anything, it has been the other way around. You’ve been thinking this whole time, barely said two words to me from the start. Sorry if I have just been adapting.” I said defensively, crossing my arms tightly in front of my chest.

“Oh come on, you know that’s not true. Now just admit that you’re a Quidditch addict, and I’ll forgive you!”

“Me? What about you, Mr. I-Wanna-Marry-Quidditch-But-It’s-Not-Legal!”

“Oh that’s a good one, coming from you Parkin, the girl from the family who takes so much pride in the sport that you would probably be disowned if you became a Healer or even the Prime Minister!”

I gawked at him. “That isn’t true! Well, as long as I stilled played on the side, they would still love me! My great-grandma was a teacher after all!”

Oliver snorted at that, “Oh yeah, a flying instructor, after she retired from playing on the Wigtown Wanderers for a whole eight years!”

“Well… well! Fine!” I grabbed my purse and my notebook and stood up from the table, nearing knocking it over in my hurry. I stormed away in a huff, hearing a cursing Wood trying to call me back, but I ignored him.

Who the hell did he think he was? Did I take cheap shots at his family? Hell no, I didn’t! At this point, I had entered the pouring rain, completely forgetting to cast a spell around me, but I couldn’t care less.

I stared up at the sky, the dark clouds rolling about above me, and I felt my shoulders sagged as I continued to walk, the water weighing me down, but I pushed ahead. Where was I was going? I had no idea. I didn’t get very far before I felt two strong arms grab me by the arms and flip me around.

“What the hell do you think you are doing Wood?” I asked, anger seeping from every pore of my body.

“Alex, come on, I’m sorry! I didn’t think you would take me as seriously as you did!” He pleaded, holding me firmly by the shoulders at arms-length.

“How could I not take you seriously, Oliver? You think I just let people go around and make cracks about my family? Yeah, I know we aren’t all that ordinary, but who the hell wants that anyway?” I asked, starting to shiver from the cold air and water. I could feel the anger departing from me, leaving me feeling practically naked against the icy winds.

“You’re right, and I’m so sorry. To tell you the truth, I would give anything to have a family like yours,” Oliver said, his head turning slightly downwards, “I don’t know if you remember my family, but my father is in the Ministry, and has always expected me to follow in his footsteps. I told him once that I wanted to play Quidditch professionally, when I was twelve, and he scolded me for nearly two hours, saying how illogical and unwise my decision was.

“My mother just thinks I will grow out of it, and then follow my father. But I don’t think I ever will willingly. A life in the Ministry might kill me. To tell you the truth Alex, I am so jealous of you and your family. You have so much support from them to do what you love, and I know they would let you become whatever you wanted, even if they weren’t happy with your decision.” Oliver dropped his arms from my shoulders and stepped back slightly.

I stared at him with a deepening curiosity, wondering if what he said was true. I remembered his father, not very well, but I still remembered the very stiff man with his fancy dress robes, and slicked back hair. He looked like an older Oliver, but never held the same look of excitement and happiness that seemed to appear in his eyes every time Oliver saw me. Not even when he looked at his wife, he was just so… formal.

And then there was my family, completely laid-back and down to earth. I couldn’t remember the last time they dressed up for anything. Even when they had parties to go to for the Wanderers or even the Ministry ones held by the Department of Magical Games and Sports. No one cared either; I mean could you expect any more from ex-Quidditch stars?

Then I thought about his comment about my future. True, my dad would nearly die if I told him I didn’t want to play Quidditch, and my mom might purse her lips in disappointment, but I don’t think that they would seriously disown me. Even that had not happened in a long time in the Parkin line, and really they were already having family troubles when it happened. But really, Oliver was right, and that made every last bit of anger fly out of me quickly, making me feel weary and sad.

“Oliver, I’m so sorry about your family. They should always support you no matter what, and I know I am so lucky to have mine. I am sure your father will eventually give in to the idea once you become a huge star, and have a broomstick named after you, or something.” I had always been pretty good at cheering people up, but this topic was a bit beyond the usual boy troubles or dying pet.

Yet it seemed to be working, Oliver sent me a small smile and said, “I seriously doubt that they would name a broomstick after me… now perhaps a stadium? How about the one in Wigtown? Yes, I think that one would do nicely.”

I gawked at his cheekiness, “You bugger! That stadium shall be named for great, great, great, how many ever granddad till the end of time, and don’t you forget it!” I punched him lightly on the arm, and then returned my arms back to holding myself, as I stood there shivering.

Oliver noticed this and pulled off his own jacket, placing it over my shoulders gently. I noticed that it was nice and dry. He had to have put that repelling charm on it. Why do I always forget about that damn spell?

“Thanks… sorry about leaving you earlier. How about we just forget that it happened?” I asked feeling awkward about the whole thing.

“I agree. So what is this start-over number two?” He asked with a grin.

I scoffed, “We’re not starting over, just rewinding a bit.”

His grin widened at that, “Excellent, because I was making quite good progress if I say so myself.”

I rolled my eyes at his growing cheekiness, “Whatever helps you sleep at night, Ollie.”

We started walking again, noticing that the rain was lessening significantly with our growing steps.

“You think this will last?” I asked, gesturing towards the more favorable weather.

“Definitely not,” Oliver said, “I’m almost positive that conditions for game day will be utterly dreadful. At least it’s better to prepare for that then for good weather, keeps everyone sharp.”

“Yeah, your right. The best thing to do is STOP!”

We both halted immediately. Oliver a bit more shocked that anything.

“What is it? Oh, Quidditch? Sorry I didn’t mean to lead the topic that far, bu-“ He stopped and stared at me in amazement as I bent down and picked up a large, green caterpillar.

“Sorry, you were saying?” I asked as I straightened back up, looking for a suitable place to put the little bug.

Oliver just stared at me, jaw slack for a moment before he burst out laughing. “Some things never change…”

I raised an eyebrow at his statement, but he didn’t say anymore. “Uh, care to elaborate on that one?”

He tilted his head to one side, curiosity written plainly on his expression as he asked, “You don’t have a very good memory, do you?”

My other eyebrow rose at this, “It’s not bad, why?”

“Do you not remember the first time we met?”

I contemplated this for a moment, still holding the caterpillar, lightly in my left hand, and feeling it move around.

“Well, I remember making mud pies, toy broomsticks and playing hide-and-seek, but that’s about it.”

He shook his head at me in amazement, before looking down at the caterpillar in my hand, a smile appearing on his lips once more as he stared at it.

I was about to ask him once more to elaborate, but before I could get the chance he was talking again.

“You yelled at me,” He said, looking up at me, something I could not identify present in his gaze, “For almost stepping on one of these things. You called me… something along the lines of an uncaring, stupid little boy who never troubled to look down because he was too stuck up to see the world around him, but this was a long time ago so please forgive me if it is not word for word.”

“You cannot possibly be serious?” I asked incredulously, “How is it that you remember all these horrible memories of me, and I can’t even recall one of them. Maybe I just block out the bad?”

He smiled kindly at me, “Believe me Allie, it is far from being a horrible memory. You were very sweet as a kid, trying to save all the little critters from being squashed. Seems you never really lost that.”

I felt myself begin to blush at his observation of me. I tilted my head down modestly and stared at the cute, little caterpillar, which was still held protectively within my hand. I really should find a nice, safe place for it. Yet before I could start looking for such a place I felt my chin being lifted upwards.

I breathed in sharply as I was suddenly captured in Oliver’s deep brown gaze. For a moment, I became lost in his eyes, and I felt as if I couldn’t breath, as if time had stood still. What was wrong with me? People only said stuff like that in those silly romance novels that Karen Quinby, my dorm mate was always reading. That was really the last thing I needed.

Oliver’s smile paired with that look in his eyes made me slightly weak in the knees, and I leant into him to keep my balance. It was just so kind and heartwarming. He just made me feel so… safe when I was with him, nothing like with Roger. I was always slightly on edge with him, just waiting for our next fight.

“You know, you really are an amazing person,” He said, almost too softly for my liking. I felt myself leaning closer into him, as he did the same to me. I reveled in the wonderful warmth of his body heat as I neared him, only vaguely remembering that I had a passenger in my left hand that I had to be careful not to squash.

Our lips were mere inches away; we were drawing so close that I could smell his breath, like mint and butterbeer. Not usually that intoxicating of an aroma, but I still felt my intake of breath at it. I closed my eyes, ready for our lips to touch…

“Alex! Hey Alex!”

“Shit.” I couldn’t stop myself from saying rather loudly. I looked up to see that Oliver seemed to inwardly be saying the same thing.

I turned around, at the same time plastering on a smile as I replied to my so-called best friend. “Hey Cass, fancy meeting you here!”

Cass was hand in hand with the ever-handsome Kevin O’Brien, who looked more than thrilled at the current situation. Well maybe not meeting me, but definitely the hand contact.

“Kevin, this is my best friend, Alex Parkin, you know the one I was telling you about earlier,” she said gesturing to me with a dazzling smile.

“Oh yes, who doesn’t know the amazing Hufflepuff Captain? It’s a pleasure to meet you Alex,” He offered me his right hand to shake, a wide smile on his face.

Oh Merlin, did I even want to know what she had said about me? No, I really just wanted them to leave, so Oliver and I could get back to what we were doing… or about to do. But then again, the moment was totally ruined. So what was the point?

“Hi Kevin, it’s nice to finally meet Cass’s Arithmancy tutor” I said kindly, shaking his offered hand, and raising my left slightly to keep the poor caterpillar from slipping out. I really needed to get him on a tree or something.

Cass stood there for the next few hours, oh wait sorry minutes, discussing what they had been doing the whole day, and how happy she was that the weather was improving. It was as she said this that the huge downpour continued and they quickly excused themselves and ran hand-in-hand back towards the center of the village.

I sighed and turned back to Oliver, who had remained silent the entire time. Then again, Cass didn’t really leave much room to talk.

“I’m so sorry about her,” I said gesturing in the direction they had run.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. Ever the gentleman, he raised his elbow for me to take, which I almost did, but the wriggling in my hand told me that it was about time to put the poor creature down.

“Hold on a second,” I then headed to the edge of the path, where a large herd of trees were present. I found a low-hanging branch and placed the caterpillar on top of a wet leaf. “There you go little guy. No death for you today!”

I then turned back to Oliver and took his offered arm, returning the sweet smile he sent me, and heading back to the village to find a nice store to escape the horrible weather.


The rest of the day went by much better than it had started. At least there was no more fighting… sort of. We ended up spending more time than necessary in the local Quidditch shop, arguing over the quality of the new Nimbus line of Keeper gloves versus the old Q series ones. I of course was in full support of Cass’s father’s product, while Oliver was firmly against them, saying that they were trying to be more flashy, but weren’t as well-made, because they weren’t made of dragon hide like the Q’s.

Then I told him that the new snakeskin gloves were better because they were much more flexible, and the only real benefit to the dragon hide ones were if the Quaffle caught on fire. Something that Oliver did not think was as amusing as I did. He then told me that I really had no idea what I was talking about since I was a chaser and not a keeper, and that he was the true expert. Then I asked if he had even tried the Nimbus pair, and he replied with, “I don’t need to because I know nothing is better than my pair of gloves.” Boys.

Besides that, the whole date went rather smoothly, considering neither of us could get our minds off Quidditch to begin with.

Plus we had the feast to add to our day as well. It was just as wonderful as always. The food was even more delicious than usual, and Cass spent the whole time telling me about the bits of her date that she couldn’t say in front of Kevin, like how he opened doors for her, and laughed every time she made a joke, stuff like that. And I of course commented where necessary.

It was after dinner that was the most interesting. Cass and I had already gotten back to our dorm and had started changing into our pajamas when we were told that we had to go back to the Great Hall, but they wouldn’t tell us why.

Though Cedric, being a prefect, knew a bit more than us and was able to tell us that Sirius Black had apparently tried to enter the Gryffindor Common Room and had slashed their portrait entrance.

My thoughts immediately turned to Oliver, and Cass sensing this comforted me with, “He’s fine, I’m sure Sirius was gone before he even left the Great Hall from dinner. She was right of course. All the Gryffindors were already there when we entered and I saw him on the other side of the room and waved.

“I can’t believe this has happened,” I said seriously, turning back to Cass, “How do you think he managed to get in? I figured Hogwarts was more safely guarded than the rest of Britain, what with Dumbledore as Headmaster and all.”

“I really have no idea,” Cass answered with a worried expression. “I don’t think anyone does.”

After that Dumbledore came in and informed us that we would be spending the night in the Great Hall while the castle was being searched. He then made hundreds of fluffy, purple sleeping bags appear and told us all to rest.

It was hard to try to fall asleep with the knowledge that a mass murderer might be lurking around the school, but somehow I managed, and after only a few minutes of hushed conversation with Cass, I practically passed out. What an interesting day indeed.

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Also important question! While I was at my grandparents I came up with this really cute scene with a caterpillar as their first meeting, as I am sure you have gathered from this chapter. I was going to put a flashback of it in here, but then I got another idea. What do you think of a prequel? Not novel length or anything, like 5 chapters max, all from Oliver’s POV. I wanted to put some of Oliver’s POV in this story, but I thought it wouldn’t fit right…

So good idea? Bad idea? Don’t care at all? Also anyone want to come up with a possible story title? All I can think of is “Caterpillars have feelings too” but I don’t know, any thoughts? I am kind of struggling here.

Next chapter will be the Hufflepuff/Gryffindor match, so watch out for that. Also please remember, most of the matches will not follow the book. I am actually going to throw in a whole new game that isn’t even in the book. So I am sorry if you wanted me to be super precise and follow all the rules of the Quidditch cup points and such. Anyway, please review for the longest chapter I have ever written in my life!

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