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A New Beginning by LindaSnape
Chapter 1 : A New Beginning
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“Damn it, Victoire, stop asking me if I’m all right,” Dominique snapped, tears streaming down her cheeks. She wiped at them wildly, as if by brushing the tears away she would mend her heart in doing so. “I’m not,” she admitted, sniffing. It wasn’t often that she would admit to needing help, but now was one of those moments. All she could think about were all those times that she and Lysander spent on the beach, laying in the sand, kissing one another. She didn’t care if things had changed between them. She still wanted the touch of Lysander’s hand, for him to kiss her in that stupid leather jacket as they laid in the sand, and even all the needless drama he caused. Dominique hated that he had ditched her so easily. Told her that it was over - as if her heart was some unwanted possession that he wanted to throw into the darkest depths of the sea and forget about forever. How could he do this to her? “I don’t know why he’s done this to me, how could he have done this to me?”

“Because he’s a jackass,” Victoire said, most unhelpfully. Dominique was well aware of this fact. “Honestly, you’re better off without him,” she added, wistfully. “I know that you don’t think so, but your relationship was unhealthy, Dom.” She grimaced at the bruises on her sister’s face. “No need to cover him and say you fell down the stairs again. Merlin knows Louis is the clumsy one in this family, not you.”

Dominique put a hand to her cheek. “It wasn’t all bad, Vic. It wasn’t,” she repeated, as if trying to reassure herself of this fact. “He loved me once.” She sighed heavily. “I know that you wouldn’t understand why I would ever fall for someone like that, but he wasn’t that bad. Yes, he had a temper, but he was a good guy. He just didn’t know how to control himself especially if he had too much liquor. I’m not like you. I couldn’t fall for a golden boy like Teddy,” she snorted. “You know I’ve always been attracted to the bad boys.”

“And look where that’s gotten you,” Victoire snapped bitterly, narrowing her eyes sharply. “I know that you get sick of me mollycoddling you, but maybe it’s for your own good that I do,” she sighed, raking a hand through her long golden hair. She pulled out her wand and some cream. She handed the small container of facial product to her sister. “This should help with the swelling.” She sighed softly, gazing into her sister’s azure eyes. “Next time, please pick someone who treats you better. He doesn’t have to be a golden boy like Teddy, but someone that’s a little less physical and actually treats you like he loves you.”

“The heart wants what the heart wants,” Dominique persisted.

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to form attachments to men that are no good for you,” Victoire said, indignantly. She tried to pull Dom from her perch by her spot by the window, but it was too late. The damage had been done.

“You knew, didn’t you?” Dominique shrieked. She was beside herself with rage. She couldn’t believe that Molly would do this to her. Certainly, she had suspected that there was some sort of attraction between Lysander and Molly. She just hadn’t realized that it had sparked from anything other than friendship.

“About Molly and Lysander? Yes. I just didn’t want to tell you. You were so upset and still very hung up on him. I just wanted to protect you from the pain of missing him,” her sister sighed. Victoire could tell that Dominique wasn’t too keen on forgiving her. “Dom, you can’t blame Molly. It’s not her fault.” Dom gritted her teeth together, asking Victoire for her keys back. “Hell no, you’re not driving,” her sister said firmly, shaking her head. She didn’t back down, not even when Dominique gave her a dangerous look. “I don’t care how much you hate me right now, I’m not going to let you go right now. You’re upset. You’ll end up in some horrific car wreck. Lysander’s not worth that. I don’t want to see you dead.”

Dominique rolled her eyes. Victoire annoyed her, sometimes. She loved her sister, but she hated how much she worried. She was worse than Grandmother Weasley. To top that off, she was every poet’s dream. Delicate, tender, Victorian, prudish, beautiful, dainty, elegant, and graceful. She probably hadn’t done Teddy yet. Probably wouldn’t until they were married. The type of girl that went traipsing through the field in her bare feet or dancing through the tulips. Dom wasn’t that girl. She was as harsh and sharp as glass, cold and unrefined, and she would be more apt to cut herself on a rose’s thorn with high heeled feet rather than reveal her calloused feet to anyone. She was leather and denim when Victoire was silk and velvet. She was vodka whereas Victoire was butterbeer. She was obsidian whereas Victoire was ivory. She was a smoldering beauty whereas Victoire was the perfection of a  porcelain doll. “I love you, but I do hope that you know you’re being completely off base.” She sighed. “I’m going to the bar, Vic, and don’t even tell me that I’m not. It’s within walking distance of your house and it’s not like I can’t find my way home even if I do come back here drunk.” The bluntness of this statement made Victoire cringe, but Dominique had never been one that sugarcoated anything for anyone. Swinging off the chair she shoved open the door, briefly relishing the cool air as it brushed her lithe frame. The tall girl bounced down the stairs with renewed vigor. It was okay that Molly was with Lysander. She was going to find herself a babe that was so much better than idiot Scamander.

She waved sarcastically at her sister before she walked into the bar. She was surprised it was even open as it wasn’t yet five, but she didn’t care. It was a relief, really. She should be able to get sloshed whenever she well pleased. She narrowed her eyes coldly at the bartender that eyed her curiously. “It’s five o’clock, somewhere,” she grumbled. “Vodka, strongest stuff you have. All right?” she demanded. After another curious look and some minutes her drink was placed before her. “Thanks,” she said, throwing a few galleons on the table. She didn’t care that he was leering at her. She was used to it. She, Victoire, and Louis had to deal with it their whole lives. It was what came with the package of being the children of two very gorgeous people. She crossed her legs so tightly that it didn’t seem as if they would come undone at any time in the near future. Narrowing her sapphire eyes, she started looking around the establishment for anyone she might have known. Her eyes lit upon Scorpius, Rose’s boyfriend, and she was quite surprised. She hadn’t taken the suave blonde for an alcoholic. She hopped down from the stool and approached the young man with curiosity. She wanted to know just what exactly he was doing there. It may have been as innocent as he was waiting for Rose, but she knew that her cousin would never agree to come to a place like this. So this made her think that for whatever reason he was there, the reasoning couldn’t have been pure. She knew what it was like to be cheated on, to be betrayed, and she couldn’t allow this to happen to her cousin. Suddenly, she had a great empathy for Victoire and her need to mother everyone. It felt good to protect someone. She tapped him on the shoulder, ignoring the fact that he was talking to an attractive dark haired woman. He turned, and the woman walked off. This gave Dominique a sense of gratification. It was good to know that the hussy wasn’t going to put up a fight. She turned to her cousin’s lover with an arched brow. “So, Scorpius, what are you exactly doing in a pub, flirting with other girls? I don’t think Rose would approve,” she informed him with pursed lips. Though, she knew that Rose wasn’t the only one in opposition to his choice to come there that night.

“She ditched me, Dom,” Scorpius snapped. “But it’s good to know that you care about someone other than yourself.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

“Oh, stop playing the innocent damsel in distress,” Scorpius grumbled. “We all know that when you’re out with Lysander, that no one means anything to you. You’re obnoxious, you’re rude, and you don’t know when to stop acting like an idiot.”

“Well, there’s no fear of that happening ever again then,” Dominique retorted, wiping at her eyes again. “He’s ditched me for Molly,” she said sourly, slamming herself down in the seat beside him. “I hope you’re glad that my eyes burn and my mascara’s now a mess.”

“I didn’t know,” Scorpius frowned.

“Right.” She didn’t quite believe him. Why should she? It wasn’t like Lysander had bothered keeping it a secret. He had dumped her in front of her entire family. She was surprised that her brother and father hadn’t managed to kill him. Then again, no one seemed to hate her as much as she did. She then vaguely recalled that Scorpius had been kissing Rose. “Why did Rose ditch you? You seemed pretty close a week ago.”

“She didn’t seem to think that we had the same dreams anymore, and thought it would be better if we just split up all together. Though, I’m sure it had nothing to do with her crush on Lorcan Scamander, the bachelor of the ages. I think it’s simply because he’s too stupid to string two words together properly. Rose finds him adorable and underestimated.” He rolled his slate grey eyes in annoyance.

“That sounds like my idiot cousin Rose for you,” Dominique admitted. As much as she loved Rose, she had to admit that she could be quite stupid. Especially for someone who had an IQ of one hundred seventy.     He looked surprised by her statement. She shrugged her shoulders simply. “It’s her loss, if she’s going to ditch you for a moron that can’t string two words together. Personally, I thought he was barbaric. He used to rip wings off of butterflies when we were at Hogwarts. It was rather disparaging.” She shrugged. She wasn’t one of those whimsical faerie princesses like her mother or sister, but she still respected the sanctity of life. Perhaps, the booze was talking, but he had beautiful granite eyes. She took his hand in her own. “Come on, we both could use a bit of cheering up, methinks.” Without waiting for his response to said comment, she pulled him outside into the pouring rain. She didn’t mind the precipitation, though. She then dragged him into the sidewalk and grinned at him impishly. “Come on, Scorpius, let’s dance in the rain.” He gave her a look that seemed to radiate that he was afraid for her sanity, but her smile didn’t falter. “Don’t be such a party pooper. Come on. I heard that you’re a good dancer. Of course, if that’s not true then do feel free to sit still and watch me dance, instead,” she grinned, knowing that this may just get him to dance. No man liked a bruising to his ego. She grinned as his face held a defiant expression. “Yes?”

“I’ll dance.”

“Don’t sound so enthused about it,” she grinned. The rain fell hard, slapping her face with a singing sensation, but she didn’t mind it so much. It actually felt good. As if, somehow, in this act she was washing the pain away. As if the evidence of her bad romance was flowing from her fingertips to be sucked up by the ever lustful ground. She danced, eyes closed. She had taken ballet when she was younger and she spun in a pirouette almost forgetting about Scorpius.

“Not bad,” he complimented her. “But watch this.” He then took to dancing some hip hop move, and she hated to admit that his talent rivaled Freddy’s. Fred would be so jealous if he knew. Roxanne might have found it quite attractive, though, but she shoved that thought aside. “However, I think you wanted a dance, no?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“That’s what I thought,” Scorpius grinned. He grabbed her hands into his, and kicked off her shoes. Somehow, for once, she wasn’t embarrassed of the callouses and corns that graced her heels and bottom of her feet. It was from years of dancing and running around in nothing but high heels. He grinned, dancing with her as if they were in a ballroom. She laughed when she lost her footing and fell on her bum. “Oh, get up,” he snorted. “We all know Louis is the clumsy one of your family.”

“You’re the second person that’s told me that today,” Dominique laughed. She stood to her feet and he held onto her arms with such strength she was surprised. “Are you afraid of losing me again?” she teased.

“It won’t happen again,” Scorpius assured her. They danced for a while in somber silence. He then smirked at her, suddenly, and she quirked a brow at her. Dominique felt herself spun towards him and she spun as long as she possibly could before she dizzily fell back into place and simply gazed into his eyes. He kissed her, and she didn’t protest, even running her own hands through his hair as he kissed her. When he pulled away, she merely looked into his eyes again.

The light in his eyes was almost blinding, and yet it was so beautiful. She had shed a bad romance, and this was one hell of a new beginning. “I’ve got to go,” she whispered. “It’s too soon.” He nodded in acknowledgment, and she didn’t know how she knew, but she knew that he would wait for her. 

She gripped shoes in her palms, and walked away to her sister’s house in her bare feet. She turned to glance at him one more time, damp hair brushing against her cheek. That was one heck of a new beginning, and she knew that she wouldn’t regret it.

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