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Harry Potter and The Powers of Old by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 1 : The Elite Platoon
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Please ensure that you are only reading this after reading my previous stories: Harry Potter and The Four Heirs, Harry Potter and The Kings of Magic and Harry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords. This is the sequel to The Rise of The New Lords, while being the fourth story in the set.

Chapter One: The Elite Platoon

The world was evolved around a secret concern over the world's security. They all knew something dark and evil was brewing in the world, but never spoke of it or displayed their anxiety.

There was only one person who was standing tall amidst the darkness, ready, able and prepared for any outcome ... Lord Harry Potter.

Harry was an accomplished wizard, beyond any other. He was the world's most powerful wizard, the Prince of Souls and the King of Earth. He was the son of a God and a god-elected King.

Harry found himself strolling through the deep and dark corridors of the Department of Mysteries. His senses were turned into the horrific surroundings, knowing it was a safe place but believing it was dark and evil.

Harry stormed into the large meeting room which had five doors coming off of it and waited until the door slammed behind him, silencing the room within and casting the room in appropriate lighting.

"We are at war," he said simply. "We are the platoon I have formed to make our own entry into the war Britain has been plunged into."

The room was silent, but filled entirely by fifty people, all waiting for Harry to continue his explanation as their leader and main combatant.

"We will be tasked with creating our own battles, eliminating key threats while aiding any other battles that may require our assistance," explained Harry calmly. "Our first course of action will be to formulate our platoon into appropriate sections to ensure everyone is clear in their expected tasks within our group."

"I have only ever worked with four of you here before me in a previous team tackling dark wizards and races. Therefore almost all of you before me I have no experience with and do not at this present time know how you will be with the tasks at hand. This also reflects your lack of knowledge of how I run my team," continued Harry, facing the group before him. "You will all come to understand that although I run a tight ship, no one will be forced into doing something they do not wish to do and that I will only order you to do something if I am willing to do it myself."

"First, we have our combatants. These are our soldiers, our fighters. The vast majority of these are Elite Aurors who have proven their experience and talent at being the best the British military have resulting in them being handpicked personally by myself. There are a few within this group of fighters which are not Elites but, on paper, prove to be exceptionally talented. These thirty will be responsible for the protection and the main fighting of the platoon, while being the frontline force in any combat situation. This, alongside with overall control, will be led by myself with Alastor Moody in second command," said Harry, beginning pacing in front of the desk. "On top of this we have ten Unspeakables whose tasks will be to provide knowledge and practice in a strictly non-combatant task. This may range from exploring realms and locating enchantments to providing knowledge of surrounding magical aspects. Each of them have their own personal expertise but are all generally talented. This will be led under me by Mark Clements, our leading Unspeakable."

"Further to these we do have three animal experts which will be organised myself but will be primarily operated by those three as we have no specific animal specialist with my direct approval. Ronald Weasley would have been my choice for this but his role in this war is entirely different to what we are tasked to do. We also have two Healers who will naturally be our members to heal any wounds our team may inflict while providing suitable living conditions throughout our tours. We also have three highly decorated Strategists who will be run by myself also and will be tasked with ensuring we have the upper hand in any situation we have while being our eyes in the unknown, by being our scouts throughout the battles. Finally we have two general operatives who will be responsible for our living requirements set by our Healers in areas. This involves cooking our food, cleaning and ensuring our equipment is sufficient for the tasks at hand."

The room began their introductions, talking to their new team mates and explaining their expertise and expectations of the platoon formed before them. All were eager to serve under Harry Potter and accomplish the great things that were destined with Harry Potter.

It was not long before the group were close and acquainted. They all were aware of each other's ability and knew if they needed something specific, they would know who to go to.

"Listen up you lot," growled Moody, silencing the room instantly. "When we are out there, there are certain things you all need to be aware of. For the most part, our operations are entirely secretive and must at all costs remain that way. So be aware, there are no discussions of our tasks or current mission to be done except in our camp which will be created shortly as our first ask."

"When we are out there, we may well be mingling within the people of our enemy and thus must blend in at any cost. If anything is being discussed, it is most likely in hinted ways. If I was to discuss how unfortunate it would be for a bridge to collapse and damage the supply lines to 'our' soldiers. Of course I am referring to getting the bridge to collapse to damage the supply lines of our enemy. If this is done, I mean - get it done and it is down to organisation for the task to get done," explained Moody. "It will be common practice for a simple glance from Harry to be a direct order, which must be followed. If there is anything that is ordered you do not wish to do, you must equally give a glance to a counterpart you know who will do it. All of this will come with practice as our platoon helps. Are there any questions?"

"When is our first mission?" asked a gentle voice from amidst the group.

"Now. All assemble on the stage, I will trigger it to transport us to our secure location. The location of this will be undisclosed to you in case of capture but once you have been there once, you will be able to apparate to that location but only when there is no force or risk in your arrival compromising our location. This is all done by an enchantment I have already put into action," replied Harry, standing on the stage and beginning his spell, while the others ensured they were entirely on the stage with all of their belongings.

When they were transported they all felt the familiar crushing feeling of apparition except they were all being moved at once, something they have never experienced. The air around them was tight, almost non-existent.

However before they could run out of air, they felt the solid ground beneath them buckle their legs. The controlled and elegant of the group remained on their feet, but others slumped in piles on the ground.

'Welcome to our base of operations. This will be our home throughout the entire war. The large tent before us is our living quarters. As we enter you will notice that it is divided into many rooms, all of you will have your private bedroom while we have a privatised reading area and a combined lounge which is large enough to have your own location. The kitchen is exceptionally large to accompany personal cooking as well as group cooking. The dining room have private tables and one large table to hold us all," explained Harry, dumping his large bag beside a leather chair in front of a roaring fire. "As you can see, it's an amazing place to relax after a potentially bad day. I have no problems with relationships spawning but I know all those in relationships and will punish severely if adultery is committed. Go rest everyone, we will begin our first operation tomorrow morning."

Harry sat in his leather chair, contemplating and watching as the fire continued indefinitely burning. He was rarely disturbed and people sat away from him, noticing that he was not entirely with them for the time being.

The troops were huddled in their own groups. Some were on their own, reading or writing, while some were in small groups for one thing, usually focused around a specific type of magic or book, while there was large group sat on the floor, in front of the second fire talking aimlessly.

"Galleon for your thoughts, sir," said a gentle voice Harry knew he had heard somewhere. "Sorry if I disturbed you."

"There is nothing in my mind that will make you smile or be thankful you asked. My life may appeal highly to people but it truly it is actually far from that. It is filled with misery, bad memories and consistent troubles," replied Harry morbidly, looking to his left at the young, pretty and delicate woman beside him. "I apologise Private Natalie Hayworth, I did not mean to be so negative. I am just thinking of my family and the life I have left behind to be a part of the huge disaster we have found ourselves in."

"I have left my disabled mother to fend for herself, with some slight help from my other sister in order to serve for my country. It was actually partially her idea," said Natalie, proud to know her leader knew her name and was evidently focused on his work. "I have always been home schooled and so I have never truly experienced anything outside of that imposed upon me by my family. My father was a great explorer with a thirst to find a solution to defeat everything evil. It was unfortunately his downfall but his knowledge and expertise was what pushed me into this line of work."

"You are an Unspeakable and it was due to your father's experience and the statement of his personal tutoring of you which stood out when I selected you. As you said, you lack personal experience and so your talents and knowledge will truly be placed to the test," said Harry calmly. "Don't think of me underestimating you, it's a trait that has proven in my lifetime to be idiotic. However, I hope you can handle what we will go through and if you ever have problems or need support, you can just ask me."

"Although I know the tasks we're going to be doing will place my life in danger more than anything else I could possibly do, I know that under your leadership, I will have the best support and protection. If you do not mind, sir, I think I should head to get some rest for the start tomorrow," said Natalie innocently.

"Certainly, I think I'll do the same," said Harry simply, getting up and heading to his personal, larger quarters where he lay on the bed for a while, staring at the roof of the tent, thinking further before the lights went out.


The next morning everyone was yawning and finishing their breakfast, the five in the morning wake up call took them all by surprise. Harry decided to begin his first operation while everyone continued to eat.

"Morning everyone. Please continue to eat, but focus on the wall behind you," said Harry, standing with a glass of orange in front of the screen. "As you may notice, we are currently situated in Bulgaria, one of the hot spots for our enemies. We are presently situated within woodland and are completely secure, as previously stated. However surrounding us is the heart of the wizarding community of Bulgaria."

"What you will notice from the map before you is that to the east of us, is a city. This is entirely wizarding and has the government facilities in place. This will be a high danger zone as they are entirely mobilised for war, with the highest level security in place. However it will also be our main focus of infiltration, reconnaissance and sabotage," continued Harry, zooming to key buildings. "Our secondary objectives will be the surrounding towns and villages, all are rumoured to have military bases for overseas operations, especially the far east which have navy operations in place."

Harry allowed the platoon to review the map intensely and continue eating, while having something further for him to eat. After a few minutes, he moved back in front of the wall display.

"Each of you have been issued a folder with your briefing. Some of you may have the same and thus are in a team of your own. Our current focus is entirely reconnaissance. We must learn everything we can about our enemy to formulate a plan of action to limit their ability to fight and create the end result of their defeat," said Harry, changing the image to statistics. "Our leading missions are the government compound commissioned to manage all operations of the military. This will have the highest amount of troops focused on it, ensuring we know everything we can going on in that building while building a plan of elimination of anything that can benefit us, including people. We also have an exploration team planned to head to the north west, which is the current least threatening location of the country and a potential hotspot to bring British forces into action. We will ensure a secure area is created and eliminate any threats surrounding the north west, then inform the homeland to bring their troops in for an entire siege of the country. There are then several other teams who will focus on the eastern docks and two major towns in centralised to the country. I will leave you now to read your briefings and to begin your operations. Please ensure everything is reported back to myself at the end of the day, if you have any problems, return here immediately when it's safe."

After an hour, only Harry and Moody were left in the base, sat around a table with a map, thinking over their plans and trying to formulate solid plans of action.

"It's pretty obvious we need to collapse the government. Corruption is out of the question, they are already corrupt. However their lower level officials will not be. We should have our teams focusing on the government compounds to focus on ministry officials who can either be corrupted or turned into spies for us. I am sure there are plenty who do not agree with the chosen course of action," said Harry, writing down the statement. "We must not get ahead of ourselves, we cannot win the war against Bulgaria, but we can reduce their ability to continue. I think our objective should be to damage their supply lines, ensure we know their entire capabilities and to eliminate any key threats to Britain. In doing so, the forces which will then arrive are entirely in the advantage."

"I agree. It's likely that low level clearance to mid level clearance can be corrupted. They may only have the ability to do such things as employ or access basic files, but that knowledge can be key to us. If we can get British forces infiltrated into government as staff, we would have immediate inside knowledge."

Before they continued, they heard bustling inside the tent, with hurried voices. Harry stood and left his military quarters to confront the problem brewing outside.

"We cannot do that, we have not been told or ordered to do it. Why did you even try to do it?" snapped Natalie, her anger being flared towards a tall man who was evidently fuming. "Sir, we have been compromised."


"Sergeant Crowford attempted to assassinate the foreign affairs minister, which backfired due to the high level security in place. A long story short, the foreign affairs minister has ordered a complete lockdown of the city with military personnel guarding the entire place and the intruder alert is at maximum."

Harry stared at them, not uttering a single word. He could not believe it, day one and they had been compromised. The enemy knew that intruders were in their country and attempting to assassinate figures of power.

"Sergeant, you will remain in the platoon but if you deviate from orders again you will be placed under a court marshal and tried for insubordination. Your day has ended, everyone remain on the base and ensure any others who return do not leave before consulting me beforehand. Colonel, let us talk," said Harry briefly, before turning his back on them and entering his military quarters. "Now what?"

"Our security in this place is impenetrable. We should remain inside and only have our scouts out looking at the damage done. There is nothing further we can do and we cannot risk having our troops compromised," said Moody simply, his eye turning into the back of his head. "Private Hayworth is outside, General."

Harry swung open the door, allowing the young Private enter and stand before them. Harry's arms were crossed, tense and impatient as he waited for her to speak. Her eyes were on the floor, avoiding causing any confrontation.

"I don't think that all is lost, sir," she said clearly. "We have made a massive mistake, there is no doubt about that. However I do have an idea where we can not only reverse the problem caused, but also make our tasks easier to fulfil."

"Go on."

"Do you know of a spell which can teach us to speak their language?" asked Natalie hopefully, looking up into Harry's eyes to make her point of seriousness. "If we can speak their language, we can fit in a lot easier. We will seem like one of them and gain trust far easier."

Harry stared at her for a moment, his mind spinning through spell after spell. He was stood there with his eyes furrowed in thought. Eventually he snapped out of it, his arms unfolding and a smile covering his face.

"Get the troops together, Private."

It took an hour for the entire platoon to be notified and gathered in the lounge, all waiting to know what the next course of action was now their original plans were compromised by a foolish mistake. Harry was stood in front of the fire, whispering hurriedly with Moody who was nodding now and then.

"Please all be silent. Although a catastrophic mistake has been made on our first day, we could not deny that problems were bound to happen. However Private Natalie Hayworth has come up with the perfect solution to our problem. You will all soon be able to speak Bulgarian fluently and with local accents," explained Harry briefly, withdrawing his wand smoothly. "Please all try to relax and do not move suddenly."

Harry's eyes closed as he began pulling on his powers from within. He was focused on the Bulgarian people and their country, focused on the way they talked and the actions they committed. Soon later a large white smoke began creeping from Harry's wand and spread amongst the platoon before him. As they inhaled the smoke was consumed and swirled around their body, stimulating their brains into learning a new language with immediate affect.

When the platoon began making noises he knew that enough magical smoke had been released as the oxygen was beginning to wear thin. He stopped his spell, his eyes still closed as his magic continued to flow through any remaining and then dispelling all remains of the spell.

"You can all now speak Bulgarian, use it whenever you are outside of this base, even when talking to one another. You will only ever refer to yourselves as Bulgarians when you are amongst the people," said Harry clearly, smiling at his work and heading to his quarters. "Start today's tasks again tomorrow and report to me with detailed results."


Thanks for reading! This is the first chapter of hopefully a action packed, dark, evil and fulfilling story. Please give me any and all feedback, I will always respond to every review.

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