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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 10 : Shut up Brain!
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Fred Weasley was an idiot!  IDIOT I tell you! 


It had been three weeks.  Three whole weeks since I had shouted out Michelle’s undying love for him.  Admittedly he must have been a bit shocked at first but you would have thought that he would have grown a pair and asked her out already.  I really just would like to go over there and have a very heated discussion with him.  But I’m a Ravenclaw and Fred’s all big and muscly and Gryffindory and Weasley-ey. 


Don’t judge me; I’d like to see you confront him.


Yeah that’s what I thought!


I seem to be gathering courage though as I was very tempted to storm over to him today and scream at him to snog her already.  I am really quite sick of the love sick pining.


How often can you seriously talk about his eyes?  They aren’t even that gorgeous.


Potter’s eyes are nice. 


Shut up brain!  No one asked for your opinion.


Hmm.  It seems the stress of my life is turning me bonkers.  I have most recently started arguing with myself.  Mainly about Potter.  I mean come on; he is the most selfish, arrogant, annoying person on the face of this earth.  So why am I suddenly finding it so hard to hate him? 


It used to be so easy.  It was that stupid hug.  I know it was.  Stupid Potter and his stupid, wonderful (for god sake you stupid brain did I not just tell you to SHUT UP!) hugs.  It was a nice hug all cozy and safe.  He does have very attractive arms. 


“Ivy!” I heard my captain yell. 


I blinked suddenly startled out of my strange reverie.  I was on my broom in the air.  It was a clear, sunny day, perfect for quidditch.  That was why it was the perfect day for the first match of the season, Ravenclaw versus Hufflepuff.  Hufflepuff was winning.  I could have sworn we were getting better this year but obviously not.  I couldn’t really be bothered to care to be honest. 

“Watch for the snitch you idiot!  You’re practically asleep on your broom!”

“I am looking for the snitch,” I whined, “Someone stole it.”

She rolled her eyes, “Stop dreaming and keep looking Ivy.”

“Yes, mother.” I answered rolling my eyes and flying off in a huff.  She was right though I needed to stop dreaming off about Potter and look for the snitch. 


It was kind of impossible when every time I looked at the stupid audience he was right there.  Stupid, insane, quidditch fanatic who turns up to every single stupid quidditch match.  He is really tall which makes him easier to spot.


I have decided that I hate tall people.  With every fibre of my being, I HATE them. 


Wait a minute… Mr. Darcy is tall. 


God damn you and your tallness Mr. Darcy!  God damn you!


I love tall guys, especially if they have nice muscly arms and toned bodies.


It also really helps if they have dark hair and hazel eyes.  Mmm… HOT!  That does remind me of someone though.




I mean I hate that look; it is not attractive at all! 


Quidditch, quidditch, quidditch.

That is when I spotted it.  The snitch, right in front of my face.  It had been there for god knows how long before I had seen it but I had seen it and I was going to catch it.  I went to grab it but it flew just out of my reach and then quickly began to drop down.  I zoomed after it.  I was finally beginning to zone in on my surroundings and the game and could hear the commentator. 



I sped up keeping my eyes on the snitch.  I reached out.  My fingers were so close.  They just brushed the surface when the snitch began to fly back up.

“Damn it!” I muttered as I began to shoot back up to the sky.  I reached out again, pushing for just that little bit more speed and then I felt it.  Cold metal against my warm hand.  I smiled.  The snitch.




The crowd began to roar with excitement and I landed on the ground to be brought in by the rest of the team for a group hug.  We put each hand on top of the others and did a quick, 1, 2, 3, RAVENCLAW!  Everyone cheered and I grinned happily at the rest of my team mates.


I wrung out my wet hair with a towel and then left it loose to air dry.  The rest of my team mates were all in the locker room, listening to an end of game speech.  I was sure that it would be an incredibly wonderful speech if you listened past the first line.  Usually I began dreaming off about something.  That day I tried very hard to not dream off about something or someone and was determined to hear the speech.  It was impossible not to drift off though and immediately I began to think about him.  I could admit he was attractive, and he had an attractive voice.


And smell.


Not the point…


His personality was not so attractive, well at least not to me anyway.  He didn’t even like me.


Did I just detect a hint of longing?


I swear to god brain, if you don’t shut it…

Oh tut, tut don’t be such a baby!

Your face is a baby.


You’re an idiot.


Shut up brain!


I do hope there is a room booked at St. Mungos.


 As I drifted in and out of thoughts about the idiot and argued constantly with myself the speech continued and was finally finished.  We ran out of the locker room and began to rush up to the common room, where there was sure to be a party waiting for us.  It wasn’t everyday the Ravenclaw’s threw a party but when they did, it was something you didn’t want to miss out on.  I ran up the many stairs and out of breath answered the question.  The door swung open and I walked in.  My mouth fell open.


There was no one there.  No one except for the other members of my team.  They all looked equally astonished. Justin Long a chaser in fifth year was the first to speak.

“Where is everyone?”

“Not here.” Nathan his older brother (also a chaser) answered.

“No duh, Sherlock!” I muttered.

Nathan didn’t hear me, or at least chose to ignore me.  I heard Justin snort with laughter which he quickly covered up.  Nathan glared.  I giggled and flicked him on the cheek as I skipped further into the room.  I picked up a pillow and looked under them.  Hmm… no one there. 


They’re pillows of course there is no one there!  I really am going mental. 


I can’t.


 I’m too young to go mental!


Please somebody help me!


The silence in the room was heavy and awkward and I bit my lip wondering what to say.  Then I realized.  I felt myself smile before I shouted.




I know I don’t like lack of company and am probably in dire need of it with the way my brain has been acting lately but who would not be excited getting the common room to themselves.  I was going to trash it. 


I know it isn’t really showing house spirit trashing your own common room but I would clean it back up later.  I picked up a pillow and with a giggle that came out like more of a cackling, insane laugh I ripped it.  The other members of my team eyed me worriedly but did not take any step nearer; they didn’t want to get to close.  They probably thought insanity was contagious.


I think I agree with them.  It is spreading around the school with surprising speed.


I picked up another pillow ready to rip it but was stopped by an all too familiar voice.  It was Delilah Chantal.  Ravenclaws resident she-devil.  She smiled at me threateningly and I glared back.  She began to speak again but I ignored her not wanting to get her riled up until I had thought up the perfect revenge scheme for turning me temporarily blind.  I wasn’t the best schemer so would probably need some help with that.  She seemed surprised by my lack of bite, usually by now I would have snapped and attacked her but I had recently become the master of ignoring.


She stepped further into the common room and looked me straight in the eyes, I glared straight back.  The others in the room looked apprehensive but to their shock I asked as politely as I could manage where everyone else was.  Chantal smiled sickeningly back at me.

“They’re all in the room of requirement partying.” 

I forced myself to thank her and ran out of the common room counting backward in my head to keep calm.  I really had to get started on that revenge.  I decided to skip the room of requirement party and headed to the library.  In the library I found myself some parchment, ink and a quill and began my planning.


It did not go well.


At all. 


By the end of it my parchment had a bunch of scribbled pictures and my signature written over and over again.  In the very corner I had written revenge scheming sucks in big bold letters.  I really needed help but I couldn’t think about revenge at that moment so I decided to go to the party and see what was happening.


I arrived at the room of requirement with two Ravenclaw fifth years who had been heading to it as well.  It wasn’t everyday there was a Ravenclaw party.  Usually they were extremely boring until someone from a different house crashed it then it got really fun.  When they did crash it Ravenclaw parties were the BEST! 


I felt my face split into a massive grin as I walked into the room of requirement.  It was decorated with Ravenclaw banners and someone had charmed tiny glass broomsticks to fly around the room.  It was so nice and pretty.  And very crowded.  The room was full of people and it didn’t surprise me in the least that most of them were from Gryffindor.  I scanned the room looking for Michelle and quickly spotted her light blue pumps with cute little bows.  She looked dazzling in her light blue baby doll dress.  As I looked around the room looking at the different outfits I suddenly became much more aware of my incredibly worn skinny jeans and oversized Holyhead Harpies jersey.  After a while of studying everyone else I decided I didn’t particularly give a damn and shoved my way through the crowd to my best friend.  When Michelle turned to me she gave me a massive smile looking me up and down.  She laughed seeing what I was wearing but I could tell it was forced.


I quickly lead her out of the crowd and to the bathroom where she immediately began to cry on my shoulder. 

“What is it?” I asked rocking her back and forth and rubbing her back.

“I just saw Fred snogging Malory Carmichael!” she sobbed her voice coming out surprisingly clear and controlled.  I immediately felt anger surge through me but did my best to keep composed as I continued listening to her.

“He just walked in with her a bit before you came and they were dancing and then I went to go get a quick drink and when I turned back around he was snogging her!”  I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything, just let her cry.  When she looked back up at me she smiled at me sweetly and she immediately put on her puppy dog eyes.  I could tell she was still upset about Fred but was trying to suppress it and I knew that she had something evil planned for me to help her take her mind off of things. 

“What are you thinking?” I asked suspiciously, not really wanting to know. 

She giggled and then took from her book bag a strapless gold baby doll dress and really pretty, strappy gold high heel shoes.  I raised my eyebrow immediately know what she had in mind.

“You will never get me in that thing.”

“Please,” she whined, “I promise I won’t put any make up on you.”  One glance at the puppy dog face and I was faltering.

“Fine,” I finally grumbled, “But no make up!”

She let out an excited squeal and jumped into my arms before shoving me into a toilet cubicle so I could get dressed.


I laughed to myself as I shrugged into the dress, the soft pretty material ended just above my knees and felt lovely against my skin.  I didn’t actually feel too uncomfortable wearing it.


The shoes however were an entirely different story.  They were gorgeous but completely impossible to walk in.  I was going to have to try though because I couldn’t wear the dress with my black converse.  I walked out of the toilet cubicle twirling to give Michelle the full view.  She squealed and hugged me again and then she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room.  I stumbled along as fast as I could behind her.  I hadn’t actually been planning to leave the bathroom once I had gotten the outfit on. 


Michelle’s latest obsession was baby doll dresses.  I know, strange.


I felt more uncomfortable as I stepped out in my outfit then I ever would have in what I had been wearing before but for Michelle’s sake I grinned and bared it.  I realized that I was dying of thirst so quickly led Michelle over to the bar where I asked for something non-alcoholic because I didn’t plan to get smashed off of my face.  I never got smashed off of my face.  Most people thought I was missing out on something but when I saw all of the drunken people at parties making fools of themselves and immediately regretting after woods I decided there wasn’t much fun to miss out on.


I scanned the room again this time looking for Fred.  He was standing next to Potter on the other side a drink in his hand and a girl clinging off of him. 


Stupid god damned flirt.  He would pay for making my friend sad and that is when I remembered my revenge scheme that had been put on hold and had an idea.  Who was the best prankster in this school, that all though would never admit it probably hated Delilah Chantal even more then he hated me? 


Without thinking it through I shoved my way through the crowd and over to the other side of the room where they stood.  Michelle following me and looking very worried.  When I got to them I stopped abruptly causing her to run straight into me.  Hearing Michelle’s curses, which were highly unladylike, they seemed to come out of a bored daze and looked down at us.  I raised my eyebrow an amused expression on my face as their eyes widened taking in my appearance.  I bit my lip slightly to keep my laughter in and swore that I saw Potter draw slightly closer.  Obviously he didn’t though it was just my eyes playing tricks on me.  Fred was the first to speak.

“Wow, Hardwick you look hot!”  I grimaced at this idiotic statement knowing that even this small compliment would hurt my fragile friend.  I tried not to show it then but grinned up at both of them and ignored him completely. 

“How do you feel about revenge?” I asked them smirking slightly at their curious expressions. 

“Revenge on who?” Fred asked leaning in a bit closer.

I immediately glanced over at Malory and she got the message quickly scurrying away.  I turned back to the both of them.

“Delilah Chantal.” 

“What did she do this time?” Potter asked a flicker of annoyance in his eyes. 

“She turned me blind.”

The boys nodded and seemed to be considering their options.  I looked over at Michelle.

“Will you help?” I asked putting on my own puppy dog eyes, she couldn’t resist.

“Sure, why not?” she answered with a grin and a quick hug.

“I’m in.” Fred immediately concluded and catching Potter rolling his eyes came to a most hilarious conclusion that I think was right.  Fred was so obviously wanting to join in now because he liked Hannah back but for some odd reason he seemed to think that I was just sprouting nonsense and she didn’t really like him at all.  I began to laugh manically at this causing them all to look at me with the expression that clearly said they were worried for my mental health.  I immediately composed myself and looked over at Potter expectantly.

“I’ll do it, on one condition.”

“One condition?”

“You have to tell me you need me because I am awesome and you wouldn’t be able to plan a killer prank without me.”

Fred snorted with laughter as I glared up at him.  He smirked and I knew that I would lose this one.


Because I needed him.


“Fine,” I grumbled after a few more moments of glaring, “James, I need you because you are awesome and I wouldn’t be able to plan a killer prank without you.” 

Michelle, Fred and Potter all looked extremely shocked and I wondered why.  I needed him to help me with the prank otherwise I would never get revenge!  Potter finally composed his face and smirked yet again.  He really seemed to like doing that.  I hated it. 

“Good, let’s get started again.”  He began to lead us through the crowd and out of the room. 


When I got out I was surprised by the quietness of the castle.  I could hear Michelle and my shoes on the floor and the quiet breathing of everyone else. We all walked silently until we reached a portrait of an overweight lady in a ridiculous frilly pink dress.

“Password?” she asked as we stopped in front of her.

“Dragon blood.” Fred said and the lady gave a slight nod as the door to the Gryffindor common room opened. We stepped inside.


Wow.” I breathed as I looked around.

I decided immediately that I loved the Gryffindor common room. 


Make sure you review!  You know, you want to.  Thankyou to the people who have already reviewed by the way I really enjoy reading them and appreciate it!  Shout out to IloveGeorgeWeasley I love you, you always review, YOU ARE THE BOMB and I don't even think I spelt your penname right, oh well I'm sure you know who you are... thanks!

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