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Playground Nut by WhatAboutRegulus
Chapter 4 : Sorting Days
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Disclaimer- Anything you recognize belongs to JK Rowling, everything else belongs to me. :)Enjoy my fellow readers!_________________________________________________________________

Chapter 4

The train came to a stop. I grabbed my luggage and my owl and walked down the aisle to the exit of the train. I passed the compartment where I jinxed Potter and took a look inside. No one was there. ‘Dang it,’ I thought while letting out a heavy sigh, ‘Now I’m going to have to put up with him this year.’ I continued down the aisle to the exit of the train. I stepped down from the train and instantly lost my way. Students and teachers were pushing into me from all directions. When I almost fell down three times I decided that is was time to push back. I used my elbows to cut my way through the crowd. I got a couple of “ow!” and “hey!” and an occasional “A house elf just hit me I swear!” I usually hit those people again. LOL

“First years, follow me!” I heard a man call. I made my way down the platform elbowing and pushing people out of the way until I reached the source of the voice.

“This way first years come on!” He called again. This time I saw him when he called. My eyes were practically bugging out of my head. He had big bushy brown hair that reached just below his shoulders, and a beard that was the same length of his hair. He was at least 6 feet taller than me, maybe even more. Don’t end one of your descriptive sentences with an exclamation point. Someone told me it’s like laughing at your own joke. Only use them in dialogue.

“Come on first years this way!” he yelled for the third time. I followed him. I didn’t worry about getting lost in the crowd anymore because where ever I was I would be able to see him.

“Hey Lily!” someone screamed from behind me. I lifted my head up only to find myself putting it right back down. James Potter was the one who called my name. I quickly ducked into the crowd while weaving in and around them. I lost him easily in the crowd. I was almost to the front of the line when all of the sudden I ran into someone.

“Ouch! Hey watch where you’re going!” a voice said.

“Sorry!” I said. I lifted my head and found who I ran into.


“Lily!” he said while hugging me.

“I couldn’t find you on the train and then I kind of ran into a little problem with this kid, but I’m better now,” I said while smiling and letting go of him.

“You alright?” he asked me.

“Yea, I took care of it,” I was so glad that Sev was magical too. I didn’t want to come here by myself. Severus had been my friend before Hogwarts and I didn’t know that I was magical too until I got my letter. I smiled at him again. We kept walking down a long dirt path.

“Did you get all your supplies?” he asked me.

“Yup, and a few extras,” I said back to him. Just then we got to a pair of big rusty gates, and inside those gates were black carriages.

“All right first years, four a boat. In you go,” the giant man said. I walked over to the first boat and got in. I sat down on the seat with back facing the crowds of kids who were all pushing each other to get into the boats. Sev entered the boat followed by another girl with blonde hair, and a boy with brown hair. I looked at the boy and girl that sat across from me. They were talking enthusiastically about socks and I decided I would skip out on that conversation. I looked at Sev who was sitting next to me. Sev had long black hair, and pale skin. Although Sev was a little different, he was my best friend and always would be.

 I looked around the boat, analyzing it you could say. It was large and black; the seats had little purple cushions on them. I realized just then that there was nothing in the front to pull the boat. All of the sudden the boat started moving.

“Whoa!” I said with enthusiasm. I watched as the boat pulled itself down the dirt path.

“This is wicked!” I said to Sev.

“It’s all right,” Sev said, but there was a smile on his face.

“Sev I know you, you think it is cool,” I said to him.

“Yeah you’re right,” He said. The boy and girl on the opposite side of me were just starring at Sev and me. When I looked they gave me a glare and went back to talking.

“Don’t mind them, they’re purebloods and don’t give any attention to muggleborns,” Sev told me. I looked at the two kids in front of me. They completely ignored my gaze and Severus’s comment.

“How do you know that?” I said.

“I’ve seen them at parties I go to with my dad and mum,” He said. I looked at them again and looked back to Severus.

“Are you a pureblood?”

“No, I’m a half blood,”

“What does that mean?”

“What mean?” he asked.

“Half blood,” I said.

“I have one parent who is a full wizard and one that is a muggleborn, like you,” he said.

“What’s a muggleborn?” I asked.

“Someone with non magical parents,”

“Is that bad?” I asked.

“No, why would you think that?”

“Well they’re purebloods, and it doesn’t seem they like me very much,” I said while looking at them.

“Purebloods always think they are better than everyone. So they basically hate everyone,” he said to me.

“That doesn’t seem right,” I said with a bit of anger in my voice. It’s rude to judge people before you get to know them. A few minutes passed, and the boat ride finally ended. We were stopped at the bottom of a hill. Sitting on top of the hill was a large grey castle.

“Sev! It’s Hogwarts!” I said excited now. Even the two kids across from me faces lit up with excitement. I hopped out of the boat and turned to him. He looked upset.

“What’s a matter Sev?” I asked. Whenever Sev was upset, I was upset.

“I don’t think I will fit in at this school,” he said sadly.

“I’ll be your friend, don’t worry,”

“You don’t know that. You could leave me for other friends,” he said.

“Sev,” I said in a tone that made him look at me. “Have I ever ditched you?”

“No,” He said a little scared by my tone.

“Then you have nothing to worry about,”

“Thanks Lily,” he said while smiling at me.

“No problem,” I said back.

“Now look at this school, is it not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life!” I said while turning excitedly to Sev.

“I guess,” he said while shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh come on, you know you like it!” I said while shaking his shoulder. A small smile appeared across his face and we walked up the steep dirt path that lead to the entrance of the castle. There were only a few of us walking up the hill because some of the kids were still on their way here in their carriages. I took a quick look behind me to see if Potter was there. He wasn’t, I sighed in relief and continued walking. We walked up the final steps that led into the castle and a lady with black robes was standing in front of a pair of gigantic doors.

“Hello first years, I am Professor McGonagall. We will wait here for the rest of the group, and then proceed to the Great Hall,” a few more kids came up the hill and joined our group, but I didn’t pay attention to them.

“Oi! Evans!” someone called. I turned to see who called my name. It was Potter. I turned my head the other way and started talking to Sev again.

“Evans!” Potter called again.

“Go away Potter, I’m not in the mood to hurt your self-esteem,” He ignored that comment and continued talking to me.

“You left me in the compartment, if a teacher didn’t come along I would have still been there!”

“Don’t be so dramatic, you were fine,” I said back to him.

“Yeah I know I was fine, but the teacher thought that I used magic and gave me detention,” he said.

“That’s nice,” I said while ignoring him. He looked at Sev who gave him a glare.

“Who’s this?” Potter asked.

“My best friend,”

“Are you sure? He doesn’t seem your type of friend… “

“And who do you suppose is my type of friend,” I asked in a cold tone.

“Me, of course,” he said as if it was obvious.

“We will never be friends, Potter,”

“You’ll come around, they always come around,” he said while looking at something far away. I followed his gaze but it only lead to a stone all. I looked back at him, he was still starring off.

“And who is this,”

“Uhh… You know, people around here,”

“That’s likely, and what the bloody hell are you starring at!” I asked while looking at the stonewall again.

“Nothing,” Just then professor McGonagall cut in with a cough, and gave Potter a death glare. He cowered to the back with his friends, I smirked.

“Follow me,” She said while leading us through the doors. We walked down a hallway that was covered in dozens of pictures and had gargoyles everywhere. It should have looked creepy, but I just thought of it as beautiful. It felt like home already.

“Excited Sev?” I asked him.

“Kind of,” Eventually we came to a stop in front of another set of huge doors; I suspect it was the Great Hall.

“Welcome to the great hall,” Professor McGonagall said. She then continued, “After this speech you will pass through these doors and will be sorted into your houses. There are Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Your house will be like your family, while in your house you will try and earn points for your house by showing good behavior, if you break rules you will lose points. At the end of the year the house with the most points will win something known as the House Cup. Now are there any questions?” She asked. Nobody answered.

“You may now proceed into the Great Hall,” she said while opening the doors. I walked through the doors, at little nervous. The first thing I noticed were four long tables stretching across the room, and a long table at the end of the room which I guessed was the professors table. I looked up at the ceiling to see floating candles scattered throughout the air.

“Sev look up!” I said excited. Sev’s eyes lit up with excitement, and a small smile stretched across his face. Everyone in the Great Hall was starring at us, but I didn’t care I was fascinated by everything. We stopped walking once we came to the end of the hall. I looked up to see a small stool with an old hat sitting on it just up four steps of stairs.

Professor McGonagall stood next to the stool and started talking, “When I call your name, you will come up and I will place the Sorting Hat on your head and you will be sorted into your houses,” I looked over at Sev with an excited look.

“The first name I will call is Sirius Black,” Professor McGonagall said. The room went quiet. The boy with black hair that was hanging around with Potter strutted up the steps and sat down. He looked at me and gave me a devilish smile. My face turned red, and I looked behind me to see if he was looking at someone else. I turned back to him and watched as McGonagall placed the hat on his head.

There was a long pause before the hat screamed, “Gryffindor!” The Gryffindor house shouted, and Sirius got up from the stool and strutted to the Gryffindor table while giving a girl a nod as he passed. The girl giggled and turned bright red.

“Did that hat just talk?” I asked Sev.

“I think so,” it looked like that hat was looking at us, but I couldn’t tell.

“Remus Lupin,” McGonagall said. Remus went up and sat on the stool and McGonagall placed the hat on his head.

“Gryffindor!” the hat shouted.

“Is Gryffindor a good house?”

“It is for the courageous people supposedly,” Sev said while rolling his eyes, “Slytherin is the best,”

“Gryffindor doesn’t look so bad though,” I said while eyeing that table. McGonagall called the next name.

“Lily Evans,” My body tensed, I took a breath and calmed myself. I walked slowly up the stairs while looking at all the Professors. I turned to face the room, and sat down on the stool. I saw Potter looking anxiously at me. ‘As long as I’m not in the same house as him, I’m good.’ I thought, and the Professor then placed the hat on my head.

“Very bright girl,” the hat said in my mind, "and courageous. Very courageous,”

“Hmmm,” The hat said in my head. I felt the hat moving on my head, as it made its decision.

“Gryffindor!” the hat shouted I sighed with relief. The Gryffindor table cheered with excitement as I went and sat down next to Remus. My face filled with excitement as the people at the table introduced themselves to me. I could tell that the Gryffindors were a very nice bunch.

“James Potter,” McGonagall said. Potter walked up the stairs and sat on the stool. McGonagall then placed the hat on his head. ‘Anything but Gryffindor, anything but Gryffindor, anything but Gryffindor,’ I said over and over in my head. The hat finally spoke.

“Gryffindor!” the hat said. The whole table screamed with excitement. He practically jumped to the table and sat next to Sirius who was on the other side of the table as me.

“Looks like you’re going to have to live with me now Evans,” he said while batting his eyes at me. Sirius and Remus began laughing and my face turned red with anger. Potter gave a high five to Sirius and they started laughing again.

“Don’t get your hopes up Potter, and my name is Lily,” I said coldly.

“I know your name is Lily, but since you are calling me Potter, I’m calling you Evans,” He said with a smile.

“Whatever,” I said annoyed.

“Severus Snape,” McGonagall said.

“Looks like your Snivellus is going up next,” Potter said.

“His name is Severus, Potter,”

“Snivellus sounds better. Don’t you agree, Sirius?” He asked the boy next to me.

“Sounds just right, James,”

“Would you two shut it!” I said to them, I didn’t like the fact that they were making fun of my best friend.

“Yea guys! Snivellus is being sorted!” Potter said in a serious voice, but then started laughing with Sirius. I gave him a glare and he stopped. I watched as the hat sorted Sev. The hat finally spoke.

“Slytherin!” the hat screamed. The table on the complete opposite side of the room screamed as Sev went and sat down at the table. He stared at me as he walked by; I gave him a smile and turned my head back to my table.

“Looks like Snivellus was sorted into Slytherin,”

“Good job Potter, good to know you have some brains. And his name is Sev,” He ignored my last comment.

“Not what I meant. Slytherins have the reputation of being mean and ruthless. I guess Snivellus isn’t as nice as he appears,” He said.

“Sev is my best friend. Just because he is in a different house than me doesn’t mean I won’t be friends with him,” I said. Potter pursed his lips and stopped talking. The night went on, with Potter annoying the heck out of me and making fun of Severus. We got some more Gryffindor girls, and one more Gryffindor boy. But that was it. I wished Snape was in Gryffindor, but just because he wasn’t didn’t mean we couldn’t still talk. I sighed at the thought; he is my best friend of course we would hang out. Once the sorting finished an old man with a long grey beard and long grey hair, started talking.

“Hello first years. I’m professor Dumbledore, the headmaster. Before the feast I’d like to say two things. First welcome all to another year of Hogwarts and second the Forbidden Forest are off limits to everyone. I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. But let’s not talk all night; I’m sure you are all hungry. Let the feast begin,” Just then food appeared on plate’s right in front of my eyes.

“Whoa!” I said, and dug in. I took one of everything, mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken, cake, and so much more.

“Jeez Evan’s you have an appetite,” Potter said while stuffing his face with mashed potatoes. I gave him a glare.

“You’re one to talk; I can’t even see your plate, pig,” I said while looking at him. A piece of potato fell out of his mouth and onto his pants. I made a disgusted face at him and went back to eating.

“Well…” he said.

“Potter you have nothing, just go back to eating your food and leave me alone,” Potter left me alone for a while, but started talking to me again. I tried to ignore him, but sometimes his comments were so stupid that I had to comment on them. Eventually the feast came to an end, and my belly was full from the feast.

“First years, you will follow the Head Boy and Girl to the common rooms,” Professor Dumbledore said.

“First year Gryffindors follow me!” A boy with brown hair and black robes said. A girl with blonde hair stood next to him. I walked over to them with Potter following behind with Sirius and Remus. I saw Sev leaving the Great Hall and I waved good-bye to him. He waved back and left.

“I can’t believe you are friends with a creepy kid like that,” Potter said.

“He isn’t creepy, he is my best friend. If you make fun of him one more time Potter you will regret it,”

“First years this way!” the boy said again. We walked out of the Great Hall and down a corridor. We came to a stone staircase.

“This is the Grand Stair Case; this is the most direct path to all of your classes. But be careful the stairs move.” He warned. ‘Move? What does he mean move?’ I thought to myself. I dismissed the thought as I looked at the walls, which had millions of pictures on them. I particularly liked a picture of a girl in a white dress.

“How do you do, miss?” The picture said.

“Whoa!” I said

“Cool isn’t it, I have a lot of moving pictures at my house, so I’m used to it,” Potter said.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” I snapped back.

“To me Evans, you’re always talking to me,” he said while smiling at me and I rolled my eyes. We walked up what seemed one million staircases until we came to a portrait. On the portrait there was a fat lady, dressed in a beautiful tan dress.

“Password,” The picture said.

“Fried Wormwood,” The head boy said. Suddenly the portrait swung open, and behind it was a room.

“In here first years,” the head boy said while leading us into the room. We all gathered around the common room.

“This is the Gryffindor common room. This will be your home at school for the next seven years. The boy’s dormitory is the first door on the left staircase, and the girls are the first door on the right. All of your school clothes and belongings are in your rooms. Bed time is in an hour,” and with that he left the room. I ran up the girl’s staircase and into the first room. My eyes took in my surroundings. There were 5 big beds in a circle around the room. Everyone’s stuff was in the middle of the room. I grabbed my luggage and claimed my bed. I laid down on it and looked at the room again. Everything was red and gold even my ties were red and gold. ‘It must be the Gryffindor colors’ I thought. Another girl walked in.

Her eyes filled with excitement, “This is bloody brilliant!” she said excited.

“Look at this bed! Look at this view! Look at this room! Look at these curtains!” she said excited. I giggled at her reaction. She looked at me while smiling.

“Hi, I’m Lily,” I said to her.

“I’m Mary,” she said still excited. She claimed the bed next to me and sat down.

“So I guess we are roomies!” she said.

“I guess so!” I said back

“I can tell we are going to be the best of friends!”

“I hope so, wouldn’t want a bad roommate living with me,”

“Me either,” She said.

“So, Lily have you seen any cute guys yet?” she asked.

“Not yet, but I’ll look around,”

“Yes we will. Our first order of business is to make a list of all the cute boys, and then we will mark them single or taken and then…” Mary went on and on. I could tell I was going to like Mary, she was always happy about everything. Plus she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. An hour or so later after the conversation died down, I walked back to the common room. I sat down on the couch that was in front of a fire. I could most definitely get used to this. I rested my back against the couch and rested for the first time today. The Gryffindor common room was very homey. It had big red couches and wooden floors. There was a fireplace with couches and chairs placed around it. There were tables all around the room, my guess for homework, and everything was gold and red. I sighed and sunk deeper into the couch, tomorrow would be a good, exciting day I could feel it.
_________________________________________________________________A/N: Here is my fourth chapter; now that everyone is all sorted I can really get into all the James and Lily encounters. I haven’t decided how many chapters the first year will be yet, but I think I’m extending this story till seventh year. Also I found a beta Thanks to TheBrightSide! So the chapters from now on should be free of mistakes and overall better. As always thank you so much for reading my story. Review with any thoughts you have about my story, questions, or just a comment and thank you so much for reading it. It means the world to me!! A special thanks to hp481516, littlemissmb, and LoveTomRiddle for commenting on my last chapter!

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