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All in the Hips by PlatonistAmaya
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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At the feast it was clear that everyone was trying to be festive, however it was clear that there were people missing. The hall looked like there were too few people, even the staff group looked a bit small. Hagrid was still there, as was McGonagall who was currently the headmistress. Hermione’s eyes scanned the table and she spotted Flitwick, Slughorn, Trelawny, and surprisingly, the table had been arranged for Firenze to also attend the feast. Many were also surprised to see Grubbly-Plank, but none were surprised to see Vector, Babbling, Hooch or Binns. There were several new faces as well, and one familiar one that they did not expect.

            “Ginny, tell me I’m crazy. Do you see Harry up at the table?” Hermione was in shock.

            “I do, but that doesn’t make any sense! He took me into work with him one day!”

            “Hush you two,” Seamus commented, “Blimey, I’m sure McGongall’s going to tell us about it in a second.”

            The first years entered a moment later led by Sinistra.

            “She must be the new deputy headmistress,” Hermione thought to herself. The hat was placed upon the stool and began to sing. This time there was no warning in his song. It was full of celebration, requests to preserve the past, forgive the wrongs, and letting the wounds heal. The students were sorted and McGonagall stood to give a speech.

            “To those of you who are returning students, we are glad to have you back. For our first year students, we hope you grow to love this place like we do. I am sorry that we are missing some of our numbers, in both staff and students. We have all survived a dark time, and it is time to let new light filter in. There are some among the older students who might like to see old prejudices continue, but the time for that has passed. The time for stereotypes, distrust, and harsh attitudes is gone. It is time instead to let the past be the past, though we will always remember those we have lost. The friendly rivalries are fine, and will continue, but I would like each of you to be open minded this year and forever more. Wounds from the past will heal, and we begin anew.

            With that said,” McGonagall took a breath and paused, “I would like to introduce our teaching staff,” She began at the far end of the table and intended to move down the table, “Firenze, who will be teaching Divination and assisting the Astronomy department, Professor Sinistra, Astronomy, Professor Trelawny, who will also be teaching Divination, Professor Slughorn, Potions, I am Professor McGonagall and I teach Transfiguration, Hagrid who is our groundskeeper and will also teach Care of Magical Creatures, Professor Grubbly-Plank who will also be teaching Care of Magical Creature, Professor Sprout, Herbology…” Hermione, though she hated to admit it, tuned out until she heard the first new name, the woman sitting next to Harry, “Professors Davies and Potter will each be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts part time. These two are both Aurors and will be teaching whenever their schedules allow. It will be regular, however you will not attend this class as much as in past years. Some of you may be asked if you would sacrifice this class in order to make room for others, and possibly become teacher’s aides.  And finally, Professors Miranda and Miranda, who will be teaching the new dance class.” She took her seat and food appeared on the tables.

            Harry knew what the girls would do so before they could do something foolish he got up and walked over to the Gryffindor Table where the girls were already up and nearly tackled him.

            “Why didn’t you tell us?” They squealed at the same time. The entire hall was smiling, despite that this may not be exactly…. Appropriate. Harry kept his voice quiet.

            “I was sworn to secrecy. And Ginny, you and I can’t openly…. Minerva knows, she says just to keep it quiet.” They hugged him again, realized that everyone was staring at them, and scurried back to their table.

            “This year is going to be insane,” Ginny sighed as she stared at her now secret boyfriend, “We had to wait until after the war, got two months, and now we’re back where we started!”

            “You can say that again,” Hermione agreed.

            After the feast Professor Sinistra grabbed Hermione and Draco to lead them to their dorm.

            “…Change the password if you wish, invite people in here if you desire, in fact, you are welcome to eat in the kitchen as much as you like, however we would like to see you at meals to some extent. Honestly, we have no intention of monitoring you two, just be the responsible individuals that put you two in this position.” She turned on her heel and left, leaving the two students in the common room alone.    

            “Well… good night Draco,” Hermione said awkwardly and left the red and silver common room. She found her room to large with oak wood floors and matching queen size bed. The other furniture was also matching. The walls, Hermione recognized would change at her will and she set the walls to be a deep blue to match the blue and gold comforter she brought from home that was already made up on the bed. She had a large closet and upon looking in the bathroom realized she would be sharing it with Draco. Tired, she changed and fell asleep the moment her head touched the pillow.


The Next Morning

            Hermione woke early, as was her nature, and was happy to find that two schedules sat on their kitchen counter awaiting the head boy and girl. Being curious by nature, Hermione couldn’t help herself. She compared the two schedules. She and Draco would have dance together, potions, and transfiguration. The rest of her schedule looked great, and she did have a note at the bottom of hers.

             Ms. Granger,

                        Due to your experience we do not feel that you require the actual Defense Against The Dark Arts class in order to be prepared to take your NEWT, however we would very much appreciate if you would be willing to teach the class on days when Harry Potter and Roger Davies are unavailable. If this is acceptable please inform Mr. Potter or Mr. Davies.

            Professors McGonagall and Sinistra


            Draco’s schedule included a similar note, however his informed him that he would be assisting Hermione if she found it acceptable to teach. Hermione noted that she had Thursday and Friday completely free other than her first period double block dance class. She figured that the teachers thought that she didn’t the extra classes and she could use the empty periods to teach.

            Hermione finished her tea and bagel and realized that class started in just half an hour, and Draco wasn’t up yet. She grabbed his schedule and walked up the stairs to the level with their two bedrooms. She knocked softly on his door first, and then harder when there was no response. When the lack of response continued she opened his door slowly. Hermione was unsure of how he slept and didn’t want to upset him.

            She crept closer to the large bed at the center of the room and saw Draco’s bare torso on the right side of the bed. Hermione did not know how much of him bare and she didn’t really want to find out. She tapped his shoulder and received no reaction. She shook his shoulder a bit. Finally she realized that she was dealing with one crazy heavy sleeper.

            “Draco Malfoy it is time to wake up!” she said firmly and gave him a firm shake. That definitely woke him up. He grabbed his wand from apparently under the pillow, jerked around and had his wand at Hermione’s throat in seconds.

            “What! Who?” Draco muttered, not fully awake.

            “Malfoy, relax , it’s me, Hermione Granger, you over slept,” Hermione stated calmly. It took Draco a moment to process this, but once he had he lowered his wand quickly.

            “I’m sorry. Old habit from the war, I’m sure you understand. In the future, well… I guess there’s no safe way to wake me up, I’m sorry. Thank you for waking me up. If you would kindly leave though, I can’t really get out of bed until you do,” Draco commented sleepily. Hermione glanced down at him to realize that the bare hip jutting out was clearly an indicator that all of him was bare.

            “Right of course, forgive me, I mean…. Here’s your schedule, the elves brought it up,” Hermione darted from the room. She prepared her school bag and then threw anything she might need into her dance bag including a leotard, tights, jazz pants, a tank top, pointe shoes, character shoes, taps, and jazz shoes.

            By the time she was done Draco was coming out of his room ready to go. “Geez he is fast!” Hermione thought to herself.

            “We both have dance first,” Hermione informed him.

            “Well, let’s go then,” Draco replied quickly and without waiting on her he began walking out of their common room. She walked quickly to catch up with him.

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