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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 10 : OI!
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Author's Note: Thank you guys so much for sticking with me this entire time. I am still a learning writer, which means I still haven't learned all that I can so, I am trying my best. This was a pretty quick update I guess. Please Review because that's how I get better, and it makes my day : ) Thanks.

Chapter 10

            As the snow fell down from the heavens, a young girl and her boyfriend sat in the corner of the sitting room. His arm was gently wrapped around her waist, pulling her body closer to his. Her head was leaning against his shoulder, her eyes closed. They had been sitting there for the past two hours, but Ginny had drifted off to sleep. Harry looked at her, and smiled. She looked so calm and peaceful. He laughed silently at the thought that she wasn’t going to be that way when she woke up.

            He sat there, while she slept, thinking of all the things that had happened in the past year. He had spent months upon months, searching for Horcruxes and risking his life to do so. He had almost been killed many times, along with being killed. But coming back to life minutes later. He had killed the darkest and most evil wizard of all time. But with that came many sacrifices. His owl Hedwig, Mad-Eye Moody, Fred, Remus and Tonks. He couldn’t even bear to think of all the others. 

            But a great, amazing thing also happened that year; He had gotten together with Ginny. He always knew in his heart, that she was the one that he wanted to spend his life with. But his mind just hadn’t realized it yet. Like he had said in his sixth year, they could’ve spent days, months, or more years together if he had realized. But if he had, things could also be different. He looked down at her once more, and kissed her head. 

            He saw Mr. Weasley, walking down the stairs, presents in hand. He saw Harry, and then saw his daughter, and smiled. 

            “You know,” He said, putting presents down in neat little piles. “If you ever wanted my permission, the answer would always be yes.” Harry was confused at what he was referring to, so he just asked him.

            “I’m sorry; I don’t know what you mean.” Harry said. Then he rethought about what he had said, and then felt like a total idiot. “Now I do.” Mr. Weasley smiled, and then sat down on the couch. 

            “Son, I know that you love her, and I know that you’d do anything for her. Even if that meant breaking the rules and sleeping in her bed, just to be with her.” He said, ratting Harry out in a friendly way. “Now, I have some rules to impose.” He said, walking over to the seat across from Harry. Harry was terrified. 

            “Just to be clear, you are okay with the switching room thing?” Harry asked.

            “I am, but Molly might not be as convinced. I know about Ron and Hermione as well, and I am also fine with that. But there is always one rule within our house that shall never be broken.” Mr. Weasley said, his hands pressed together as if symmetric. Harry just listened intently, hoping the rest of the conversation wasn’t awkward. “And that rule is, nothing goes on under these roofs, unless those two are married or set to wed within one year.” 

            Harry thought about that rule for a second, and then smiled. “Yes sir.” Harry said. Harry knew that Ron and Hermione had broken that same rule the night before. Even if you cast a silencing spell, something can still break it. 

            “Well, I have heard from Molly many times that you young ones want to move out. Good for you.” He said. “Now, Santa must go make Molly’s coffee.” He said, smiling. Ginny hadn’t moved one bit since Mr. Weasley had come in the room, but she moved as soon as he left the room.

            “Good morning.” Harry greeted her by kissing her. She kissed him back, with a little bit of sleep in her kiss. She was tired.

            “Same to you. Merry Christmas Harry.” She said, looking at him.
“Merry Christmas.” He muttered and kissed her again. This time it was deeper and more awakening. The pure passion just showed how much they loved each other, and how much they needed each other to live. Harry moved his hands from his side, one onto her thigh and one on her lower waist. 

            “OI! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER YOU LUNATIC!” Ron yelled. Harry and Ginny just broke apart, and laughed. “What’s so funny eh? Feeling up my sister is funny?” He questioned. 

            “Well Ron,” Ginny said, standing up and walking towards Ron, one step at a time. “I didn’t have that much of a problem with what Harry and I heard last night, so you shouldn’t have that much problem with Harry touching me.” She said, and by this time she was seven inches from his face, cocking her head to the side.

            “That’s different Ginny.” Ron said.

            “How is that any different? You get to have sex with Hermione, and Harry and I can’t have any physical contact?” Ginny questioned him. 

            “YES! NO PHYSICAL CONTACT!” Ron yelled. 

            “I surely hope that you and Hermione have not had too much physical contact while under this roof Ronald Weasley.” Mrs. Weasley said, strolling down the stairs in her robe. 

            “Merry Christmas Darling.” Mr. Weasley greeted Mrs. Weasley at the bottom of the steps. He kissed her hand, and she just grinned. Ron just looked away in disgust and Ginny smiled, knowing that her parents loved each other. She walked over to Harry, who had moved into a chair. 

            “You showed him.” He whispered, kissing her cheek. Mrs. Weasley then walked into the room, a cup of steaming tea in her aging hand. 

            “Hey mum, when’s everyone gonna be here?” Ginny asked.

            “I just sent them all a message. They should all be here within five minutes.” She explained. 

            “Good morning everyone.” Hermione said, walking downstairs with a particular smile across her face. She walked straight into the kitchen and Ginny stood up and followed her right in. 

            “Why so smiley?” Ginny asked, sitting down on the bar stool. 

            “No reason. Would you like some tea?” She said, pouring out her own tea. Hermione sat across from her and Ginny leaned over the counter. 

            “You and Ron had sex last night and I know it.” She said. Hermione put on a very bad shocked look.

            “Why would you think that?” She asked.

            “Okay, a couple reasons. A: I haven’t seen you so smiley since you saw Professor Slughorn give extra credit for an extra roll of parchment. B: You and Ron gave that look to each other while you walked past him and into the kitchen and C: You guys really need to learn to cast better silencing charms.” Hermione just looked embarrassed.

            “Wow. I guess I’ll have to cast it next time.” She said laughing.

            “Yeah, I guess so.  So, you ready to open your presents?” She asked, getting up and pulling Hermione into the lounge. Almost everyone was there, except for Charlie, who had to work in Romania.  

            “Don’t think I have any. I mean, I’m just Ron’s fiancée.” She said, casually walking out.

            “Wait; did you just say what I thought you said?” Ginny asked. Hermione turned around, her hand held in the air. Her finger held a diamond ring, which Ginny was questioning how Ron could afford it. It look at least four karat, with a ruby on each side. 

            “Wow, Hermione. I’m so happy for you! And the ring is absolutely gorgeous!” Ginny said, gaping at the ring. Hermione just smiled, and withdrew her hand.

            “I know, I never would have guessed he would.” She said. “Please don’t tell anyone. We’re gonna tell everyone later in the day.” 

            “You can trust me.” Ginny said, walking out of the room. Bill and Fleur had arrived, and then they could open presents. Ginny walked over to her pile, which she was guessing someone had put next to Harry’s for specific reasons.

            “Merry Christmas Ginny!” Mrs. Weasley said, pulling Ginny into the infamous bone-crushing Mrs. Weasley hug. 

            “Merry Christmas mum.” She said, letting go and sitting down. 

            “Well, open up!” Mrs. Weasley said, ushering everyone to open their gifts. Ginny reached for her first one, which was a jumper from her mother, as always.

            “Thanks mum. It’s just what I wanted.” She said, knowing she had a whole box full of them she had never worn.

            “You’re welcome Ginny.” She said a smile upon her aging face. Ginny had opened all her presents, which included a book from Hermione, a box of chocolate frogs from Ron and so forth. 

            “Why haven’t you opened anything?” Ginny asked, Harry who had done just that.

            “I don’t know. Been watching everyone else I guess.” He said.

            “Well, open them!” She said, handing him his first present. It was a vest from Mrs. Weasley, his first vest out of all the other sweaters he had received. He went through all his presents, until he was down to a bulky envelope. 

            “Oh Harry dear, Andromeda gave that to us and informed us that it was supposed to be given to you on your 17th birthday.” Mrs. Weasley said. Harry just nodded, and carefully opened a package. There was a tiny package within the package and two sealed envelopes. One read mum and the other read dad. Harry peeled open the first letter and began to read;

My little Harry,

            I cannot believe that you are all grown up! And I am very saddened that your father and I are not there to share it with you. When you read this, you while be surrounded by friends and family. And maybe even a girlfriend. Let’s just hope not any little Potter’s any time soon Harry. While I’m writing this letter, you are on my lap, trying to eat the parchment. If it hasn’t faded yet, maybe you can see in the right hand corner a little of your drool you left when you tried to eat it. 

            Here you are, reading this letter, a grown man, and also a young baby boy, trying to eat every possible thing in sight. Your father has yet to write his letter, because he thinks that we will make it. But I know we won’t. There will always be that little part of my heart that hopes that we make it. But reality shows different. I must go now, you have begun to cry. Harry, I love you. Don’t you ever forget that. 



            Harry looked at the corner and indeed there was a drool stain. He touched it, knowing that was from almost seventeen years ago considering he was a year old when his parents died and then he got the letter a year late. He carefully picked the second letter up and examined the scribbled handwriting. It was very similar to his, very similar indeed. He opened it and began to read the letter.


            I see no point in this letter, I’m sorry. Your mother thinks we won’t make it, but I know we will. Your mother seems to think that we are going to get found and murdered, but I know that’s not going to happen. And if it does, I might just have to die myself to save you and your mother. I don’t know if you know the story of how we met, but we used to hate each other. Well, she hated me and I loved her. Then she fell for me and my charming ways. This would usually be the place your mother would slap my arm for being so cocky. She prays that you won’t get that, but I hope you do.

            Now, you’re a man. Girls are very hard to impress, are they not? Especially red heads I’m telling yeah. Not all of them, but your mother was just a piece of work. I can only imagine you with a gorgeous red-head as beautiful as your mother. Heck, nobody is as beautiful as your mother! Sorry but nobody is. I have to leave now; your mother is throwing a fit because I didn’t do something like I was supposed to. Typical. Now, remember, three simple rules: Smile, Charm, and if you have to, use a little magic on her; if you know what I mean. Go get em’ son.


            There were parts in the letter which made Harry laugh, and made Harry think that his dad was physic. I mean, a girl as beautiful as his mum. Makes perfect sense. 

            “Thanks so much Harry.” Hermione said, holding up her new self-inking quill.

            “You’re Welcome.” Harry replied back. He then remembered that there was a little package that he had received in the envelope. He opened it to find two items, one for a child, and one for a man. In there, was a baby pacifier with a snitch engraved on the front.  The other item, was a diamond ring. Just a simple diamond set upon a gold band. He examined it, and put it back before anyone could think for a reason why he had that. 

            “So mum,” Ron said, clearing his throat. “Hermione and I have something to tell you.” He said, and Hermione stood up with him. She held out her hand and squealed. 

            “We’re getting married!” She said excitedly and Mrs. Weasley’s face was absolutely priceless. Her smile was from ear to ear, her eyes like a child when he or she see’s their birthday cake. The family then gathered around to say there congrats to the happy couple.


            A day later, Harry and Ginny were getting ready to board their plane to Paris. 

            “Look at all these muggles.” Ginny said amazed. “They dress so differently than we do.”  She said, staring a particular woman. The woman then noticed and looked back at her, wondering why she was staring. Ginny just shook her head away, and looked at Harry. 

            “Bloody Hell…” Harry muttered reaching in his pocket. “It’s work, I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.” He said, walking over to a corner where nobody could see him.

            “Hey Boss. I’m kinda getting ready to go on a plane right now.” Harry said.

            “What’s a plane? Well, anyways, get your luggage and get down here in the next hour. There’s a death eater rampage, and we need your help.”


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