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New Beginnings by dracos_babe
Chapter 4 : The First God
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With a quick sweep of her eyes around the room Lily said, “Draco Malfoy.” The look of disgust became more pronounced on Lily’s face and she flinched as if waiting for everyone in the room to explode at her words. However, the entire room stayed quiet, every eye on her as they tried to process the information.  Slowly a low giggle started; Ron had started laughing. Ginny and Hermione gave him a reprimanding look.
“What? Oh come on that’s funny, as if she really expects us to join forces with Draco Malfoy, she’s obviously messing with us, I like her. So who’s the real first God Lily?” Lily looked at Ron with a steady gaze. “Lily?”

“Will you still like me when I tell you that Draco Malfoy really is the first God and I’m not messing with you?” she asked.
“That’s not possible Lily; I thought you said you’d been paying attention to my life at school?” Harry asked.
“I have been Harry, and I’m not kidding. Draco Malfoy is the first God, you saw him at the castle, he attacked me without a wand, his spell was able to penetrate my shield, I told you only other Gods have the ability to compete with our spells.” The more Lily talked about Draco Malfoy the more the disgust and anger showed on her face.

“I’m guessing you don’t like him much either?” Harry asked with a small smirk.
“No, I don’t, in fact if we didn’t need him I’d have killed him today at the castle when he let his guard down, the idiot.” She poured as much anger and hatred into the last word of her sentence as she possibly could.
“Okay, but how are we supposed to get him on our side? He hates us; he serves Voldemort for crying out loud!” It was obvious that Ron was starting to lose his cool under pressure.
“That’s true, and if he has the ability to see what we’re going to do then won’t he be prepared for everything?” Harry asked thinking about Draco’s ability as the first God.

“Yes, and I’m counting on that, in fact I’m sure he already knows what we’re going to do, but he doesn’t know when –”
“Until we decide when –”
“And we’re going to be using his ability to our advantage, him seeing the future is good because it will convince him of our motives so there can be no confusion and he can trust us without a huge fight and a hassle.” Lily looked like she enjoyed the idea of Draco trusting them about as much as she enjoyed being attacked by every single Death Eater earlier that night.
“I’m lost, our motives are to get him on our side to defeat the person he worships, if he knows that then isn’t he even less likely to trust us, not more?” Harry said trying to make sense of what his sister was saying, and then a suspicious look crossed his face. “Unless there’s something that you haven’t told us yet.”

“Very perceptive. Yes, there is something I haven’t told you. Draco doesn’t worship Voldemort, he doesn’t support Voldemort’s cause, he doesn’t even look up to his father. Everything that Draco has done in the past, everything he’s said, it was all an act. Sirius, your cousin, Narcissa, she didn’t marry Lucius Malfoy of her own accord, in fact she hated him, he tried to court her the entire time that they were at Hogwarts together, but she never wanted anything to do with him. When he left Hogwarts he was afraid that she would start to date someone else, move on, which she’d never done while he was at school because he’d always threatened to kill anyone who she dated. So when he graduated, Lucius put Narcissa under the Imperius curse, he made her agree to date him. That’s why their relationship seemed so sudden and out of nowhere to everyone else, they simply told everyone that they had kept it a secret for all those years but couldn’t do it anymore once he left Hogwarts. Lucius visited often in order to make sure that Narcissa was still safely under his spell and that his agenda was going according to plan. You see, Lucius was already in the employ of Voldemort at this time and everything that he was doing was Voldemort’s plan in order to ensure that one of the Gods was on his side.”

“What!” Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Sirius exclaimed.
“You mean my cousin was tricked into this, forced by that scum Lucius? I knew she was never like that, I knew something was wrong, she was always so nice, one of the few people in my family I got along with.” Sirius raged, he was visibly upset.

“Yes, as soon as Narcissa graduated from Hogwarts she married Lucius immediately, or Lucius married her anyway, she was still under the Imperius curse. Voldemort’s first plan, before he knew about the prophecy about you Harry, was to make the myth of the Gods come true. Before he was taken down he’d done extensive research into the myth, he believed it to be true, he believed that with the right timing, he could guarantee that one of the Gods became his. I don’t know the research he did, or what he found out, but somehow he was able to determine when the Gods would need to be reborn into the world, and using this timing, along with other gruesome methods, he was able to ensure that Lucius impregnated Narcissa at the right time, so that their child was born to be one of the all powerful Gods, that way, with Lucius as his right hand man, the heir to the Malfoy throne, heir to the place as Voldemort’s favorite would be one of the most powerful wizards in the world, and with him raised to serve Voldemort, he would never join the side of the light, and there would be no threat to Voldemort later on. The Imperius curse can only keep its strength for so long on a person, and it was getting weaker on Narcissa, so once she became pregnant Lucius took the Imperius curse off of her and kept her by his side as his faithful wife by threatening that should she ever do anything to betray him, he would kill her and their child. Lucius was very attracted to Narcissa; he also believed that with her he would produce a strong and attractive child, one worthy of the Malfoy name, which is why he went to such an extent to ensure that she stayed with him. He had no qualms with threatening their child either, and he would have killed it just to prove that he was superior, he would’ve found a way to have another child, and by threatening hers he knew that she would never defy him, that as a mother she would never put her child’s life in danger, she would sacrifice herself for him.

However, what both Lucius and Voldemort failed to realize, was that because Narcissa was never in love with Lucius, because she didn’t support Voldemort, she had a profound impact on Draco’s development, with her as his mother he became attached to her, festering the hate for his father because Lucius never showed Draco any love while he was growing up, only hatred and abuse, which he claimed was to make him stronger. So Draco only learned to hate his father, and never wanted to be a part of anything to do with Voldemort. However he had to pretend that he supported Voldemort, pretend that he wanted everything that they were working for, that he wanted to become a Death Eater in order to save his own life and the life of his mother, the only person who ever cared for him, Draco loves her more than anyone else and he would never let any harm come to her, so he sacrificed himself and his happiness for her, just as she did for him. And Narcissa has continued to stay with Lucius for all these years because when Draco was born Lucius made a Vivificus charm, a powerful magical item that when made correctly is tied to a person’s life; it becomes literally their lifeline, should anything happen to the charm the person would die. Lucius keeps this on him at all times, that way if Narcissa should ever decide to betray him, try to leave him, or sway Draco away from the Death Eater lifestyle he would kill Draco, and should Draco do anything that displeases Lucius, he can kill him without being anywhere near him.”

“So basically Lucius holds all the cards, he has complete control over Narcissa and Draco, leaves them no way to get out, us no way to get them out, and yet we still have to somehow get Draco on our side to defeat Voldemort even though everything is set up so that he will never do anything like that.” Harry repeated.
“How exactly are we supposed to do that, because I can’t see any way around all of that?”
“Wait! How do you know all of this? How do you know that this is all true?” Sirius asked as if everything Lily had just said was too much to believe.

“Sirius, I can read minds remember, telepathy. I can get inside the minds of Voldemort, Lucius, Narcissa and Draco, know everything they think, everything they’ve done, everything that is inside of their heads I know, that’s how I know everything I just told you.”
“But I thought the Gods could withstand the telepathy from the other Gods, how come you can get inside Malfoy’s head?” Ron asked.
“Because Malfoy didn’t know that I exist, he had no idea that I was alive all these years. He knew Harry didn’t know about his powers, and thought that I was dead, so he had no reason to keep up his guard and he never realized that I was in his head as long as I was careful, so I was able to collect all of the information over the years.”

“How did Malfoy not know you were alive all these years if he can see the future?” Ginny inquired.
“Because Malfoy sees the future based on decisions, had we made a decision for my existence to be known at a particular time than Malfoy would have seen it and known, however no such decision was made, in fact no decision about me was ever made except for the one to keep me a secret years ago, and Malfoy was too young to remember the vision from back then, he wouldn’t have known about me until I made the decision to save you all today, and there were only a few seconds between me making that decision and me showing up at the castle, so he had no time to inform Voldemort.”

“So how are we supposed to get him on our side despite the fact that literally everything is working against us?” Harry asked again.
“First, I need to teach you to use your Mage powers, your spells will never be at their full capacity as a God if you continue using your wand, and you’ll never be as efficient in a fight with it. After that, we work on a plan to get both Draco and Narcissa out of Malfoy Manor, which is where Voldemort is hiding out now. And we need to simultaneously get the Vivificus charm away from Lucius so that he doesn’t have a chance to hurt Draco. And we need to do all of this quickly and on the first try and be able to guarantee it otherwise Malfoy will never put his mother’s life in danger.”
“Doesn’t he already know that we want to do this?”

“Yes. In fact he’s probably having a vision of the execution of this plan right now.”
“Does that mean that he’ll agree to the plan and join us?” Hermione asked.
“Well, I don’t know. To be honest he could be having a vision of something completely different, he’s seeing whatever this conversation will lead to.”
“But then he knows what you know, and that you want to get him on our side, and exactly how you plan on doing it.” Ginny observed.
“Yes, but he also knows that I want to save Narcissa, and get the Vivificus charm from Lucius. He knows that we have no hidden motives, no secret plan to double cross him because if we did then he would know about it. He knows that he has a legitimate opportunity at getting away from his father and saving his mother, something that he thought wasn’t possible. He wants to defeat Voldemort as much as we do, and be a part of it; he just never knew how to do it, how to get away from the life he’s been forced into so he doesn’t have to be miserable anymore.”

“And you think because he has a real chance at that he’ll take it, he won’t report us to Voldemort…like right now?” Ron asked skeptically.
“No.” Lily said simply with a smirk on her face, very similar to the one Malfoy would have when he knew something they didn’t.
“And why’s that?” Ron continued to be skeptical; he obviously still doubted Lily’s abilities.
“Because right now he’s searching my head to see what I said to cause the vision he just had.” The smirk grew wider on Lily’s face.
“What!” Everyone in the room exclaimed and stood up from their seats to stand in front of Lily, Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall included.

“Why don’t you shut him out?” Hermione asked flabbergasted.
“Because I have nothing to hide. He needs to know that I’m serious, that we have the ability to do this, and that we can keep both him and his mother safe once they’re with us.” Lily scrunched her eyebrows for a moment in questioning and then released them. “Well, that’s enough of that; he’s seen everything he needs to.”
“So now what do we do?” Harry asked turning to Lily, the entire story having been explained.
“Now we figure what we do with our lives from here on out, or more specifically, my life.”

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