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My Rulebook To Rea-Living In Harry Potter? by inlovewithpadfoot
Chapter 9 : Rule #8: Dreams Are More Often Than Not, A Reality. Part I.
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“I can't eat this. The eggs look rancid. And the oat meal looks green. And the juice looks too orange.”


“You have to eat something. I can't have one of my Chasers going hungry out on the pitch.” James said to me forking down a mouthful of hashbrowns.


How does he do that?


Oh right, he's been doing it for six years.


Before my Soccer games, the only thing that used to calm me down was, ironically, a Harry Potter book.


Here I was, living in it. And I was about to pass out.


It's the morning of Gryffindor's first Quidditch game against Slytherin and I was trying not to think to much about it.


“I'm going to fuck it up. I won't make a single goal and I'll be knocked off my broom by a Bludger and then fall to my death. And we'll loose.”


“You won't die. Sirius and Andrea won't let a single Bludger come near you.” Remus said encouragingly.


“And I'll die hungry too! Because I can't eat this.” I said ignoring him and pushed my plate away.


“Which is why I brought you this.” Sirius, who had been missing at the table placed a large glass of-


“MOCHA!” I yelled and hugged him tightly.


Some people looked in my direction warily wondering what Mocha was.


Ignorant wizard-folk.


He chuckled, “Thought you'd like that.”


“Is that all you're going to have?” James asked incredulously.


“Yes! Oh my flipping god, you are a life saver. I love you Sirius Black,” I said hungrily sipping at the straw.


“So that's what it takes huh?” An amused voice asked me.


“Jace, hello!” I jumped at the voice.


I tried not to let my confusion show. He very rarely came over at the Gryffindor table. Usually we only talked in class, or to and from class.


“Hey, I just came over to wish you luck. I'm rooting for Gryffindor, in case you were wondering.”


His eyes sparkled when he spoke, as if there was something he knew about me. He always sported that look while around me, I'd begun to notice. He'd glance at me in a knowing fashion, and when I'd look up he'd quickly glance away to hide something. It was like he was sitting on a secret he wasn't ready to tell anyone just yet.


Or maybe, I was over analyzing things.


“I bet you are,” I heard Sirius mutter under his breath. “Ow! What?” He hissed.


“Shut up.” Marlene said.


I rolled my eyes at them, then smiled back at Jace, “Ignore my friends. They're a bit anxious about the match.”


“Of course,” Jace grinned. “Well, I'll see you later, Kayla.” He waved and walked out the Great Hall with his friends.


I turned back to finish my drink smiling slightly and looked up to find Alice, Lily, Mary and Marlene grinning at me.


“What?” I asked them.


“'I'll see you later Kayla'? Since when are you on first name basis with Bell?” Mary questioned.


“Since last week in Herbology.” I looked down at my ice blended, “We're just friends.”


Because we were; it wasn't like I liked him or anything. Sure, I thought he was nice, and he looked a lot more than just nice but...we were only friends.


“No. You and Potter are friends. You and Black are friends. You and Remus are friends.” Lily pointed at each of the boys. “You and Jace Bell are not friends.”


“Hey, why is Remus, Remus and I'm Potter?” James asked her with a peeved expression.


“Because Remus is nicer, and Prefect.”


“I'm nice, and Head Boy!”




I could tell she was teasing him. She had a hint of a smile playing on her lips and her green eyes danced in amusement. But I could also tell that James didn't see it that way; he was about to retort when I interrupted him.


“Oh look, James shouldn't we be heading to the field?” I said, not wanting the attention back on me and Jace Bell and also to avoid another James and Lily spat.


“Huh? Yeah...yeah, we should.” James said distractedly staring at Lily. He pushed away his half-full plate and got up.


“Hello ladies and gents, welcome to the- aw fuck it. It's the sixteenth. It's a Saturday, and it's a Quidditch match. We all know that, or else you wouldn't be here,” the announcer, a girl, said into the mouthpiece earning herself a detention from McGonagall for tomorrow.


The crowd sniggered.


“Right, sorry for that folks, the Professor has asked me to keep this strictly second year rated. Right well, it's the Gryffindor versus Slytherin match and both have exceptional teams picked this year. Here come the Slytherin team with Captain Flint, Rosier, Avery, LeStrange, Greengrass, Zabini, and Seeker Black. Regulus Black, obviously. And coming out now with his team is Potter, dashing as ever. Sorry professor, but he is! And Underwood, Johnson, McKinnon, Black (also very handsome-if only he'd go out with-yes, yes the match, I know), the mysterious new transferee seventh year Nichols, and Seeker Thomas.”


I kicked off from the ground and soared into the air nearly collapsing from the weight of all the eyes on me. My skin tingled from anticipation. The doubts were still there; from me and from those sitting in the crowd, but I could prove them wrong.


Even if I was still the new girl, the misfit, the 'mysterious new transferee'.


And I was about to play Quidditch.


Great., kill me now?


“The Captains are shaking, or rather squeezing the life out of each others' hands.”


I peered down at them. They did indeed look like they were trying to injure each other.


And the match hadn't even started yet.


The whistle blew and I saw the Quaffle. James had already taken possession of it and was being surrounded by the Slytherin Chasers and was passing it to Marlene who very quickly passed it to me and I was off.


“Looks like it's going to be a fast paced game. Potter, McKinnon and Nichols are passing the Quaffle around like it's on fire. Can Nichols really play the game or is she here just because James Potter has a soft spot for the new Gryffindor?”


Oh, she did not just say I was here out of pity.


She wants to know if I can play?


She'll find out.


I took the Quaffle from James and flew to the goal posts faster than I had ever flown.


Avery was smirking at me. He like everyone in the crowd thought I was here because I was friends with the Captain.


His smirk fueled my anger and I threw the Quaffle through the left hoop with as much force I could muster.


“And Nichols has made Gryffindor's first goal! 10-0 to Gryffindor. And it's Zabini in possession, but not for long, McKinnon has taken it and passed it to Nichols who-oh close call there with the Bludger. Good thing Black's around to protect his dame.”


I grinned at Sirius to thank him and then glared at the commentator for calling me a dame.


That commentator was so dead.


“The Quaffle is back in McKinnon's hands and she's going in for the- damn. Avery's blocked the Quaffle. But no worries, Gryffindor will make up for it. Greengrass has the Quaffle and she's passed it to Rosier who's passing it to Zabini going to the Gryffindor hoops and...Underwood's BLOCKED THE GOAL!”


And so it went on; Marlene to James to me to James and then back to Marlene.


After a while of playing like that (and earning more taunts from the commentator who was going to meet her untimely death by my hands after this match) and Gryffindor in the lead with 70-20 I was thanking James for all those hot summer days of practice.


“Thomas has spotted the Snitch and has Black on his tail, literally. They're both chasing it quiet fervently. And damn!- Thomas has caught the Snitch. Gryffindor WINS 220-20!”


The rest of the team flew down to the ground and hugged Michel.


I had a different agenda.


I turned my broom around and crashed into the commentator's podium.


Everyone turned to look up at us and laughed.


“Ms. Nichols, what is the meaning of this?” McGonagall asked enraged.


The commentator, a Ravenclaw, scowled at me from the podium floor.


That's right beeche. I don't take anything lying down.


“Sorry professor, lost control.” I said, and turned around and kicked off, 'accidentally' hitting the commentator in the shin.


Oops. My bad. Not.


“Party in the common room!” James shouted to the small crowd once the attention was off my exquisite crash landing.

By the time I had showered and returned back to the common room, the party was in full swing.

James had managed to procure the standard stock of Firewhiskey and Butterbeer.


My second Hogwarts's party and it wasn't even Halloween yet.


“Firewhiskey?” Sirius asked holding out the bottle for me. “Oh, sorry, forgot you like the Russian kind.”


I tapped the bottle, transfiguring the drink into Vodka and took it out of his hands.


“Cheers! To winning the house cup,” I said and took a swig.


“And crash landing into commentator's boxes,” He teased.


“She deserved it. She called me a dame. That's sexist,” I said. “And she implied that I wasn't good at it.”


“It what?” Sirius raised his eyebrow suggestively.


“Quidditch, you ass,” I shoved Sirius away from me with a disgusted look.


“Oh, I thought you were referring to a different it,” He smirked. My shove hadn't moved him an inch.


“I can assure you, I'm very good at that too,” I winked at him.


“Yeah? Prove it,” He leaned forward.


I looked at him carefully, trying to read his eyes and what they were truly asking. But as always, that proved to be impossible. So I did what I knew would surely annoy him.


“Okay. Hey Remus!” I called him over.


“Yes?” He said standing in front of me.


I probably shouldn't, but it was too good an opportunity of irritating Sirius that I couldn't pass it up.


Even though I had no intention of following through with it I stood up and put my arms around his neck, “Sirius wants me to prove I'm good at it.”


“It what?” he said glancing at Sirius.


“You know, it.” I murmured standing on tiptoes and leaning toward Remus.


Sirius suddenly stood up and pulled my arms away from Remus, “That's it. Break it up.”


I stepped away from Remus and grinned at Sirius. “Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you wanted me to prove it to you.”


“Yeah, not with my best mate.”


“Shame, I guess that rules out Peter and James too.” I said. “ I suppose I could go and find Jace.” I said casually walking to the portrait hole.


Remus laughed, and Sirius swiftly pulled me back by my wrist.


“Not a chance,” He said unevenly and let go of my wrist. “You're drunk.”


“I haven't even gone through half the bottle,” I pointed at my almost full bottle.


“It's late.”


“It's only eight thirty.”


“There might be Slytherins out there,” He breathed, stepping closer.


“It's a Saturday. They're probably doing the Dark Lord's bidding,” I hastily moved back, but dancing bodies blocked my path.


“You don't know that,” He gulped visibly, his Adam's apple moving.


“Yes, I do. I know a lot of things like that,” I said and immediately wished I hadn't.


I had been successfully skirting around the issue of how I knew about his family since my birthday.


“Is it later yet?” He looked at me intensely as if trying to pry the information out from my eyes.


I had to look away from his gray eyes.


“No...I said maybe later, remember?” I held my breath, hoping he wouldn't push it. Not now, not here.


“Oi! Padfoot, look what I have!” Salvation came via James Potter.


I looked at James with a grateful expression but stopped myself, and gave a loud groan.


James was holding up seven bright red identical team shirts. I didn't even want to know where he'd gotten them.


“We're all wearing them, yeah?”


“Hell yeah!” Sirius grinned with one last glance in my direction he jumped over people to get to the shirts.


James tossed one to me; it had a Quaffle on the front with my name on it in gold lettering and on the back it said-


“Property of James Potter, Quidditch Captain Extraordinaire,” I read incredulously as Remus gave a raucous laugh. “He's joking.”


“Nope, Prongs is absolutely hundred percent serious. Oh look, each one has a ball according to the position they play,” Remus pointed to Sirius who had already pulled the bright red and gold atrocity over his head and was laughing with James. His had a Bludger and a Beater's bat on it.


“ They are such a couple sometimes. What sane person would wear this in public? I mean come on, Property of James Potter?”


“Apparently they will,” Remus grinned.


“I said sane Remus. Not completely demented and lost in their bromancing.”


Remus laughed again, but soon changed his tone, “So that moment with Sirius earlier...that was-”


“Interesting?” I said taking another swig of my vodka.


The way this night was going, I would need a lot of vodkas.


“I was about to say arousing, but interesting works too.” He laughed.


I elbowed him in the ribs at the horrifying thought, “It was not.”


“Ouch.” He rubbed his side, “No need to get violent. I'm guessing you haven't told him then?”


“Nope, been avoiding it since my birthday. He tried to, but I, er...sort of just side-stepped it.”


“I don't understand why you don't just tell him and save us the awkwardness. I mean, you told me. He won't react any differently.”


“He might,” I sighed. “With you it's different Remus. You're like-”


“The brother you never had?” He smiled.


“I- he told you about that?” I narrowed my eyes at Sirius across the room.


“Yeah, he told us about your uh...moment in the lake.”


I flushed red, “Us?”


“Peter, James, and me. Don't take it personally. There's very little you can hide from people you've lived with and known for seven years. It was pretty obvious something had happened.”


“Nothing happened, we-I-it-we're just friends,” I stammered. “I can't believe he told you guys. All of it?”


I really couldn't. First of all, I myself didn't know what that...thing by the lake had been. Sirius had no right going around telling people about it.


Albeit, the Marauders were just people-but still!


“I don't know. What part are you talking about? You might have to jog my memory,” he grinned down at me.


“Remus, I'd kill you, but unfortunately you have a bigger role than just sitting here and making fun of me,” I made do with a punch to his arm.


“Do I?” He asked curiously, rubbing his arm.


His tone suggested he didn't believe me.


“Don't belittle yourself, Remus. You and I both know that you're a great wizard.”

“Yeah, load useful that's going to be once I get out of here,” he said bitterly.


I smiled sympathetically, “It may seem pointless right now. But, when the time comes, you'll be known as a hero.”


He sighed, sitting back down and I sat next to him leaning my head on his shoulder.


“I'm going to die early aren't I?” He asked without fear in his voice.


I paused before answering his question. I couldn't lie to him, he'd know. Nor could I have give him the outright truth.


“Trust me Remus, you'll live a longer and fuller life than most in our year.”


He breathed deeply, like the knowledge that he would die early had lifted some of the weight off his shoulders which seemed odd. Why would he feel better about dying early?


“I can see why he cares about you so much.”


“Who?” I asked .with intrigue.


He chuckled and I felt the vibrations in his shoulders.


“Kayla, for someone who knows about everyone's fate, you sure are clueless about yours.”


The fact made me laugh. It was so true. I wasn't sure what I was doing here, or where I was supposed to go from here. All I knew was that I was here, and I had to make to most of it.


Talking to Remus about death had made me realize that I could save more than half the people in this room. I knew how Voldemort needed to be destroyed, and I could relay that information to Dumbledore.


If the future could be changed for the better, then what was the harm in that?


“That I am, Remus, and don't I know it.” I sighed closing my eyes, but not before seeing a pair of gray ones across the room.


It was the night before the first Hogsmead trip of the year. For the normal people who didn't work there every weekend at least and the common room was almost empty.

I was reading Pride and Prejudice and all throughout I tried not to think to much of the face illustrated as my Mr. Darcy. It embarrassed me too much.


Instead, I tried to think about the story, and not other things.


Like how I was contemplating unleashing a lifetime of spoilers on Dumbledore. I still hadn't told him. I wasn't sure how he would take it, and I wasn't sure I wanted to tell him all I knew.


Call me petty, but if the future changed, there would be no Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. Then there was also the matter that the books and this world might not be related at all. Maybe they were independent of one another.


I shook my head to get rid of these thoughts. I was reading to forget about the turmoil in my brain.


I was about to turn the page when James, in his pathetic attempt at trying to sneak up on me fell over a stray back pack.


I turned around to find him sprawled on the ground and let out a small giggle.


“Very suave, Potter. If only Lily could see you right now.” I told him.


“Why thank you,” he said smiling back at me, lightly brushing himself off like his fall on the common room carpet made him dirty, as he strode over to me. He looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing. “Is that the book Lily gave you? The one with illustrations?”


“Yeah, it's one of my favorite books.”


“Yeah, it's really interesting. Hey is that me?” He asked pointing at Mr. Darcy.


“I don't know, I see someone else. It's supposed to be the face of the person you love most. Well, him for me, but for you would be the girl.” I told him.


“Oh, so who do you see then?”


“I'll tell you after you tell me. Who's face does that person have for you?” I asked him pointing at Elizabeth Bennett.


He didn't say anything.


“I think I know who it might be,” I said smiling.


“Really? Who do you reckon it is?”


“Lily,” He turned red. “See, told you I knew.”


“Don't tell her,” He croaked, looking at me pleadingly.


“Why would I tell her?” I blinked in confusion.


“I dunno, don't you girls have some sort of unwritten rule for that kind of stuff?”


I frowned at him, “No...we don't. Not if the other person's a friend too. Why? Do you guys have something like that?”


James smiled mysteriously, straightening up, “That is for me to know and you to never find out.”


“Please,” I scoffed at his greater than thou expression. “Sirius will tell me.”


“Sirius will tell you what?” Remus asked coming over to sit with us.


“If you guys have some sort of unwritten rule for telling each other something if a girl says something about you.”


Remus looked amused, “He wouldn't tell you if we did have something like that.”


“Yes, he will.”

“No, he won't”


“Want to bet?” I asked both of them.


“You're on. Ten galleons. Each.” Remus smirked confidently.


James nodded to the terms.


“But I assure you he won't.”


“Who won't what?” The person in question asked and before the other two could answer him I spoke up.


“Sirius, just the guy I was looking for!”


“Really? And why would that be?” He asked sitting down next to Remus.


“Well, to ask you something.”


“Ask away.”


“Hypothetical situation; if I told you something about James that Lily told me, would you go tell James? Is that some sort of unwritten rule you guys have?”


“Um...” he glanced at his best friends. “I...”


I realized getting the answer would be a bit more difficult. And I needed him to tell me, because I couldn't give them twenty galleons. But, I had ways to get him to talk.


I walked over and sat on the armrest of the sofa, and spoke in my best womanly voice, “Yes?”


“Well...” Sirius shifted uncomfortably.


I slid down from the armrest to the small space between it and Sirius, and placed a hand on his thigh, “Do you?” I whispered in his ear letting my lips brush gently against his skin.


The touch sent a shock through me, but I didn't let it distract me. Sirius on the other hand, didn't fare as well. I held back a smirk and kept my best innocent girl look in place. easily distracted.


Sirius licked his lips, and stared at my hand for a long moment before stuttering out a, “Y-yes.”


I pulled back immediately and grinned at a gaping James and Remus.


“Cough up boys, I just got twenty galleons richer. Sweet, I don't have to work for two hours tomorrow.” I held out my palm to both of them.


“That's not fair! persuaded him to tell you,” James protested.


“You never said I couldn't,” I pointed, looking anywhere but Sirius.


My hand still tingled from the touch, and looking back on it, the moment had been too intimate.


Like the one by the lake, a small, nasal voice in the back of my mind pointed out.


“Am I missing something?” Sirius looked at James then Remus then back at me.


He didn't look like I had affected him at all.


But he was uncomfortable.


Maybe he had personal space issues.


“We bet her that you wouldn't tell her about the unwritten rule.” James said grudgingly trying to pull out ten galleons.




“Yeah. Well done mate.” Remus said mimicking James's action and placing the money in my hand.


“It's an unwritten rule for a reason Padfoot. You aren't supposed to tell people, especially girls!” James finally after much digging, (honestly are his pockets really that deep?) finally handed me the money.


“Thank you Sirius!” I jumped up from my seat and gave him a peck on the cheek, and ran up the stairs to the girls dormitory to deposit my twenty galleons.


The peck was more for to be able to get a reaction out of him. But he only sat in stunned silence.


When I came back James and Remus were sniggering at a pouting and defensive looking Sirius.


I took my seat in the comfortable chair across from him- after pushing James out of it- and resumed my reading trying to ignore the three boys.


It's an impossible feat, if you were wondering.


James who had been sitting on the arm of my chair looked down and addressed me, “Kay-Kay, what are you doing for your very first Hogsmead weekend?”


“James, I've been working in Hogsmead for the last four months now. I'm going to be working tomorrow as well.” I said without looking up from Pride and Prejudice.


“What? But it's Hogsmead weekend! You can't work.” James said, shocked that I would have to do something a meager as work.


“I don't want to work, but all of us don't have that luxury,” I meant it as a jibe at him, but he didn't catch on.


“James,” Remus tried to speak but James ignored him.


“Why do you have to work anyway?”


“James, leave it.” This time it was Sirius who spoke up before James could get another word in.


And as expected, he did as Sirius told.


Honestly, if I didn't know they were straight I would think they were a couple from the way both of them listened to each other.


“So Remus, who're you going with to Hogsmead?” I winked at him in an obvious, and desperate change of subject.


He ducked his head and pretended to tie his already tied shoelaces. “No one.”


“Really? No one in mind?”


“Just these two arses probably,” he mumbled.


“Really? What about Peter?”


“Yes really, Kayla. And Peter has detention with Slughorn for the potions disaster.” He said looking up at me.


I winced at Peter's predicament.


“So, no short, blonde, blue eyed extremely star obsessed girl?” I asked him looking at James and Sirius who were grinning ear to ear at Remus' obvious discomfort.




“Aw, is that a blush I see Remy-poo?” Sirius said leaning over to pinch his cheek.


Remus turned a darker shade of red if possible.


“Shut up, Sirius.”


“Or what?” Sirius scoffed.


Remus looked at him steadily with a devilish grin, “Or I might just reveal who you've got your eye on.”


I looked between them and the look on Sirius' face was one of abject terror as he glanced at me quickly.


“You wouldn't,” He whispered hoarsely.


“Oh yes, I would. We both know it.” Remus smiled smugly with the knowledge that he had the upper hand.


James whistled, “Damn, he's got you there Padfoot.”


Now I wanted to know who this mystery girl was.


And I wanted to know now.


Who could it be that would make Sirius pale so quickly?


“Who is it?” I leaned forward, and when he didn't respond I continued. “I won't tell.”


“I don't think it's you telling anyone he has to be worried about,” Remus looked at me, still smug.


“Hey, I don't judge,” I held my hands, palm up in a universal gesture of innocene.


“You might feel differently if you found out, trust me.” James looked at Sirius to gauge his reaction to this statement.


He just sat silent without moving a muscle. Almost as if her were frozen.


“Is it anyone I know?” I said trying to make eye contact with Sirius.


Not that it would help, what with his eyes being unfathomable all the time.


Then as if someone had switched on a bulb in my head it occurred to me.


“Is it Andrea?” I asked with a horrified expression making Remus and James laugh even more.


“No. Why would you-no. No.”


“Then who- are you gay?” I asked excitedly thinking back to all the slash pairing comics and fanfictions I'd read.


I always did wonder about him. It would explain so much!


Remus and James went into fresh peals of laughter. James had rolled off the arm rest and was pounding the floor with his fist and Remus was clutching his stomach.


“No, I'm not gay. Why are you so excited at the prospect of me being gay anyway?” He snapped at me.


“Hey, I was just curious. No need to get all bitchy. And I've always wanted a gay friend ” I said holding up my hands defensively and grinning at the last part.


“I have complete right to be bitchy. You went from accusing me of liking a fifth year to thinking I was gay in two seconds flat. And you two shut your bloody traps.”


“Okay, fine. I won't ask. And in all fairness, you did kiss the bejesus out of her a couple of weeks ago. But, I will find out. I always do.” I told him getting up from my chair. “Anyway, goodnight guys. See you in Hogsmead tomorrow.”


I heard a chorus of goodnight from all three of them and then more laughing on James and Remus' part.

Leah? Leah, where are you?” A boy's voice called out cracking slightly.


He was afraid. It was dark and his and Leah's mother wanted them home an hour ago, but Leah had insisted on staying for ten more minutes.


Ten turned into twenty then thirty. And here they were and hour later, one hiding and the other seeking.


The girl, Leah, lay hidden in a branch of the tree to the right of the boy. She was exactly above him and if she timed it perfectly then her jump off the tree would make her land right in front of the boy.


And she knew how much it would startle him. The thought brought a smile to her face.


It wasn't that she was cruel, she was just a little eleven year old playing with her best friend.


No eleven year old is cruel.


With the agility of a cat she landed lightly on her feet right in front of the boy.


The boy was about to give a shout of surprise but she quickly clamped a hand over his mouth muffling his scream.


Shh. Don't shout, or they'll hear you,” She whispered dramatically.


Even in the dark she saw the fear in her friend's eyes and she knew he wouldn't scream anymore.


When she had removed her hand he cast wary glances around the trees in the park suddenly wishing he hadn't let Leah have her way with hide and seek. It was getting dark and who knew what could be lurking in those trees.


Who'll hear me?” His accent stressed with a slight British tone.


The centaurs. This is their forest and if they find out we've come here, they'll kill us,” Leah was still whispering.


Now the boy knew she was playing around. “Leah, centaurs don't exist. They're just from stories. Like that bloke wrote,” Then he squinted at her, “You've been reading Harry Potter late at night again haven't you?”


No,” She lied, turning away from him.


Leah," he pulled her by her chin to look at her carefully. "I've known you for eight years. I can tell when you're lying.”


Okay, so yeah, I've been reading it again. But I can't wait for the next book. And they aren't just stories to me. They're real. I can feel it. Somewhere out there is a real world where Magic does exist and when I find that place, I'll be laughing in your face.”


Leah, you need to get out of your books once in a while,” Her friend said shaking his head in amusement.


My head is out of the books. I'm here with you aren't I?”


Yes, but you're still talking about Harry Potter. The way you go on about him and that other bloke...” He trailed off not wanting to finish that sentence.


She saw his fallen face and it tore at her that he was sad, because of her no less, “Okay, I'll stop. Here I have a gift for you. To say sorry.”


She smiled at him warmly and pulled his hand toward her and tied onto his wrist a simple purple ribbon with a charm slipped onto it.


So you'll always remember me no matter what. Even if you ever leave me,” She told him as he looked at the charm.


It was simple. Two letters, one for each of their initials, intertwined around each other to form one whole charm.


I would never leave you,” He said fingering the charm.


Yes, you will. Everyone does. Your parents will want to move back to England one day when your visa is over and then what?”


Then I will call you every night before going to bed and then every morning when I wake up and then after school and then-”


Leah laughed, “I get it. You'll call me. But promise me you'll never take that off except when you shower so the ribbon doesn't get damaged.” She touched his wrist where the ribbon rested.


Never,” He promised, proud that he had made her laugh once again.


Good. Now, let's go back home before our parents decide to be be boring and old and yell at us and give a lecture on sending us off to different boarding schools.” She said taking his hand.


They biked back all the way to the apartment building they lived and stopped a few times on their way to make sure the charm was still in place.


They parked their bicycles by the garage and took the elevator to their homes.


Leah got off on the seventeenth floor.


Just as she was about to walk out the elevator he held her back and gave her a quick but meaningful goodnight kiss on the lips.


It was their first.


When he pulled away, his face was red, and Leah's red tinge was hidden partly by her slightly darker skin and partly by her very long dark hair.


Goodnight.” She said to him, her black eyes looking at his gray ones backing out of the elevator slowly wanting to watch him until the doors shut.


When she finally stepped out he whispered a soft, “I love you, Kaleahni,” thinking she wouldn't hear.


She heard and smiled gently, “I love you too.”


The doors closed and continued up to the twentieth floor.


Leah went to bed smiling to herself thinking about her kiss. Her first kiss. With him. Just like she'd always wanted.


The next morning her mother woke her up with a rough shake.


Leah, Leah wake up,” She said.


Don't call me that, Mom,” she mumbled rubbing her eyes.


Her mother sighed sadly and sat on her bed holding her daughter's hand, “Sweetie, he's gone.”


What?” Leah asked, wide awake now.


They don't know what happened. He came home last night the same time you did and went to bed. But this morning he wasn't in bed. Police are looking everywhere, but they don't think he'll be found. The door wasn't forced open, or the window. It's like he vanished into thin air.”


No. He can't have. He- he promised me. He promised me mom,” Leah said fighting the lump in her throat.


I know sweetie, I know,” She held her daughter in her arms and felt the tears soak her shirt.


Mom I-” but the words wouldn't come out.


Shh, baby. I know.” Her mother rocked her back and forth until the sobs quieted.


Leah, Leah...Leah.”


Don't call me that,” Leah protested. “Not anymore.”




I woke with a start.

A/N: Hello hello hello!

What have we here?
A dream? Or a Nightmare?

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